On Cephalapods And Other Matters

Indie type Miguel Sternberg sends word of a new batch of games at Toronto-based Artsy Games Incubator (which I initially read as Arsey Games Incubator). These include a multiplayer sequel to his own Night of the Cephalopods, which I do like very much. The two-player game, Cephalopods Co-op Cottage Defence, sees “a lady scientist, her clockwork valet” – which looks like a cat in a hat and monocle – defending their cottage from floating evil octopi. Use a shotgun to kill the cephalapods, and a hammer to repair the barricades. Can you survive until dawn? Probably not if you’re playing two-handed like me. Best wait for housemates to turn up and play. In the meantime, go browse the rest of the Artsy games.


  1. Paul Moloney says:

    ” defending their cottage from floating evil octopi. Use a shotgun to kill the cephalapods, and a hammer to repair the barricades”

    Sounds very like the excellent Cottage of Doom:

    link to greatgamesexperiment.com

    I’m not sure would Cottage of Doom work as an online co-op FPS, but I would dearly love someone to try.


  2. Stromko says:

    This version of CCCD doesn’t have sound or dialogue yet. Neat preview, yes, and unexpectedly cool to find out there’s going to be more in this ‘universe’, but I expect the final version’s going to be more awesome and I don’t want to spoil it for myself.

    I hope you keep us posted for when the ‘deluxe’ version comes out though. :)

  3. roBurky says:

    Even despite the lack of sound and black box graphical glitch, co-op Cephalopods is awesome. Just had some very enjoyable games with my brother.

  4. David says:

    Hahaha, brilliant. My current high score is ~3000 with a co-worker of mine. I will be inviting more people to my desk throughout the day to deal with the Cephalopod menace!

  5. Alex May says:

    Nice – I’m working on a coop/multiplayer upgrade to Cottage Of Doom, so it’s interesting to get slightly beaten to the punch there.

    This game looks like it will be fun anyway. It’s interesting to give each player only one task.

  6. savingprivatesaryan says:

    DOOR CLONES!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Miguel S. says:

    @Paul @Alex I’d heard of Cottage of Doom but had put off playing it till I had a chance to get CCCD up and running. I’ll have to give it a try now!

    @Alex the players can actually swap tasks any time by trading their weapons. One of the key strategies is spreading out and swapping weapons to avoid loosing time walking across the cottage.

    I’m looking forward to playing your co-op version of Cottage of Doom and seeing the different approach you’ve taken to the same theme.

    @roBurky – That’s black box is an unfortunate Game Maker bug. The few times it’s happened to me I found rebooting fixed it. I’m looking into a better fix for later versions.

    @David my top is around 9000 though I’ve upped the difficulty a touch since then.

  8. Alex May says:

    @Miguel S. I hope you enjoy COD! I couldn’t play CCCD for too long as I had nobody to play with, I’ll try and get some coop in this weekend :)

    I would like to see Cottage Defense become a new genre to rival and possible eclipse and consume Tower Defense!

  9. Miguel S. says:

    @Alex Agreed, cottage defense should become the next big defense genre! Here’s another example of the C.D. idea: ‘The Scourge’. Craig who was part of the AGI this round did the artwork for it: link to tojam.ca

  10. Hybrid says:

    This is great!

  11. richmcc says:

    Managed to get to just over three thousand with my other half. Involved lots of shrieks of “black one!” and hammering of the windows button, but got there in the end.