TenShun! Op Flash 2 Release Date, Video

The helicopter had a baby!

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising has a release date. According to Eurogamer, it will arrive on the UK shores/airdrop into our cities/invade this country/storm our beaches/infiltrate British stores/come on RPS you’re better than this/go on sale on the 9th of October. To commemorate this momentous announcement, Codies have released a new trailer showing off various weapon types which you can see below.

It appears the game’s assault is beginning in the US on the 6th October, then plans to go into mainland Europe on the 8th, and then finally arrive in Britain on the 9th. It’s the oddest Risk strategy I’ve ever seen. I would suggest releasing in Australia first, getting the easily defended two extra units there each turn, and then perhaps taking North and South America before the risky and vulnerable Europe. It’s up to them, of course, but my dad would wipe the floor with them had he a serious tactical shooter to release.


  1. Sam C. says:

    That trailer is fairly… underwhelming. And a little generic. Boo, hiss! Are they just depending on the Operation Flashpoint name to carry them through?

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    phuzz says:

    Underwhelming? I was childishly impressed with the shootyBANG, particularly in the second half, especially as it turns out I’m now too impatient to play Arma2 (I loved the original OpF, but now I just can’t be bothered with the complexity. Shame really.) Perhaps OpF2 will be the shooty game for me?

  3. nihohit says:

    If explosions are generic, than – yeah.
    It was one hell of a generic teaser. woo!

  4. teo says:

    This game epitomizes the consolisation and dumbing down of games

  5. Slippery Jim says:

    This looks OK. I’ll certainly try the demo. If only the fundamental flaws that ARMA2 has (which are often the simplest things) would be fixed soon, I won’t need to look at another FP: DR trailer in hope, only for it to be crushed again.

  6. Mike says:

    Teo – How so?

  7. Andy`` says:

    I suspect what teo’s sentence translates to is: this game epitomizes the consolisation and dumbing down of game publisher marketing departments.

    I think they’re forgetting they have competition. Or they’re trying the reversal everyone seems to love now – set expectations very low, then release a product that isn’t bad and watch people be pleasantly surprised.

  8. Jonas says:

    Looks good to me! Not like the lunatic ambition of ArmA2, but I might actually be able to play this – a dumbed down version of ArmA2 may in fact be just what I need.

  9. Joq says:

    I’m waiting for Bohemia to fix the multiplayer campaign issues of ArmA2. The only reason I bought the game was the co-op campaign, and it’s totally broken at the moment, at least for me and my friends.

    I think that even if OFP2 might not be as ambitious as ArmA2, at least it’s given that it will have less issues with multiplayer.

  10. AbyssUK says:

    ah drunken Risk much more fun than this rubbish.

  11. cullnean says:

    are any of the new shooters tacticaly better than ghost recon of yore?

    or rainbow 6 raven sheild for that matter?

  12. Vandelay says:

    I didn’t think the trailer looked particularly exciting either. Plenty of games have shooting and explosions, but some are able to do it with a bit of style, which this seemed to lack.

    That isn’t to say I’m interested in this. I’m hoping it will be a more accessible and more polished version of ArmA2. I know some may think that that equates to some dumbed console rubbish, but personally ArmA2 just looked far to hardcore for me. This looks like it may have more realism then most to set it apart, but not so overboard that it loses the fun.

  13. MrBejeebus says:

    I was thinking through the whole trailer, “pfft, ArmA 2 does this better”.

    And for people thinking ArmA 2 is “too hardcore” for them, it really isn’t, I mainly play TF2 and CSS or other shooters like that, and have never played a “realistic” shooter, it took me a few days to get used to it, but its alot of fun, shame my pc isn’t upto snuff

  14. Owen says:

    I suspect (hope!) this will be a lot more easily accessible than ARMA2, but only because it won’t be anywhere near as in-depth.

    Bear in mind I’ll be playing this and ARMA2 (when it comes out) on 360 though, but only because my PC wouldn’t be up for the task.

    I do hope it’s not too simplified though, as I really [i]need [/i]to get my teeth into a shooter that has more depth than most FPS’s. From a military perspective that is. ie. planning, vehicles, etc

  15. jackflash says:

    Looks like an arcade game. Arma 2 FTW.

  16. Dante says:

    Hopefully this’ll have the fun of ArmA with out the hardcore difficulty or bugs.

  17. bookworm8at says:

    I have nothing to judge this game on. All I know is that it is called after a popular military sim and that it will be multi platform. Wikipedia reveals some more info, like it having an editor (which is great of course). But it is unclear if this is the most difficult realistic hardcore simulation ever created or a fun action shooter, or if it is a sandbox or a more linear experience.

    Until I see at least 5 minutes of uncut gameplay I have nothing I can look forward to.

    As for Arma 2, I also think that it is not inaccessible in any way.
    I never played a military sim before and I had no difficulties playing this. You need about an hour to learn the controls and you can make the difficulty of the missions as easy as you like.

  18. Flappybat says:

    Arma2 has a lot of flaws that this could neatly clean up on.

    This does look a bit more arcade but with Arma 2’s laughable physics and pretty poor simulation detail it could actually be more realistic in general.

  19. Howard says:

    ARMA2 fanbois are rapidly becoming the most annoying thing on this site…

    The only thing “generic” here is the comments you people make. ARMA2 is no simulator people, its just not Quake either. There is no evidence to suggest that OFP2 could not be as much of a “sim” as ARMA2

  20. MrFake says:

    Oh, naturally it’s only a weapons teaser. I thought I was just looking at a pish-BOOM simulator.

  21. drakkheim says:

    Somehow I have a sneaking suspicion that the whole OFP vs Arma II drama is just in our minds. The real fight is going to be OFP vs CoD4 Modern Warfare 2. And in that fight, I think its actually got a shot, especially since it has a couple months lead time to build hype as the big shooty xmas present this year.

  22. Hoernchen says:

    The important question is: will ARMA 2 version 23.483 be bug free when ofp2 arrives ?

  23. freedom says:

    Is that fog or is the view distance 200m? Where are the long range engagements? Looks pretty good really otherwise.

    I bought ArmA 2 but it was a massive disappointment. Given how awful BIS customer support is I’m not expecting it to get better in the future either, so this might be the game ArmA 2 was supposed to be.

  24. skrat says:

    As a Flaspoint fan.

    TBH OFP2 is reminding me more of Battlefield 2, minus the dolphin diving…. Perhaps with a slight hint / layer of Project Reality….

    Its a huge relief ArmA II is as good as it is, especially compared to ArmA – as a follow up to Flashpoint.

  25. Gap Gen says:

    I think an early North American scheduling would make sense if Alaska wasn’t connected to Asia. Then again, no-one tries to release early to all of Asia, thanks to the relaxed attitude to copyright and difficult-to-defend borders.

    But, uh, yeah. One thing I notice is that the movement is a bit ArmA-like stilted. I suspect that the difference between the games may be reasonably small, with the main distinction being the depth of simulation you’re exposed to (so OF:DR won’t have you reading your grid location off a map, for example, I’d guess).

  26. bookworm8at says:

    “The real fight is going to be OFP vs CoD4 Modern Warfare 2”

    if the fight is about sales numbers, i don’t think so.

    The name ‘Operation Flashpoint’ does not mean much in the scripted action shooter genre, while both “call of duty” and “modern warfare” are very popular brands. Also, afaik Modern Warfare 2 is more ‘AAA’ (= bigger marketing budget).

    But sales-wise there is really not a fight between arma and opf either. OPF is cross platform, so it will sell more copies anyway.

    Of course, If the fight is about your personal buying decision, the winner might be unclear for now.

  27. Walsh says:

    Here’s where I think Arma2 will win, hands down:

    I can crank out a quick battle using the editor in 5 minutes and avoid the walking 5 km thing. Plop down two platoons of opposing forces and go at it. And there’s only one slider to adjust to make the opposing force spawn in a randomly location each time. It’s good for a quick fix of combat and you can set it up to let you switch to another soldier when you die.

    Its not fancy (I barely understand the editor) but its fun and you can play it differently each time. Also you can use it as a template and slowly add more complexity with waypoints and what not.

  28. Sam C. says:

    @Howard: You’re absolutely right, there’s no evidence that it’s any more or less of a ‘sim’. And I can’t really tell from that trailer what’s going to make this game stand out, or anything on the official Dragon Rising site. The Wikipedia article was a little vague, but it still sounds interesting. It’s possible the game could be great, even if they don’t go the ‘sim’ route, and I won’t discount it until I see more. The comment was aimed more at the trailer than the game. The trailer only tells me there will be shooting and vehicles. My original post was a little short, I didn’t mean to seem overly negative or come across as a ‘fanboi’.

  29. Howard says:

    @Sam C.
    You weren’t and you didn’t. =)
    My comments were not aimed at you.

  30. Dominic White says:

    There’s not much that can be said about the gameplay of OFP2 yet, but from what little gameplay footage HAS been released, someone else summed it up quite well – it looks/moves like Battlefield 2. There’s no body awareness. You’re not controlling a fully modelled soldier. You’re a Floating Gun Arm again, mysteriously holding your rifle so that it fills up a quarter of the screen even when firing from the hip.

    Watch a big chunk of actual gameplay here:
    link to youtube.com

    It just feels so much less ‘solid’ than ArmA2, or even the original OFP. To hell with grumpy people like Howard who will call me a ‘fanboy’ – if a supposed sequel manages to downgrade major elements compared to the original (which was released, what.. 6-7 years back now?), that’s pretty bad.

    Maybe it’s a good game, but the actual gameplay looks pretty divorced from OFP1.

  31. Howard says:

    @Dominic White
    What you say would be entirely fair comment if true but I see no evidence of this. In all of the videos I have seen of this game there has been VERY little First Person viewpoint action (ie, what it will actually look like when playing) and what there is of it seems absolutely fine. Sure it does not have the same “look ‘n feel” as ARMA2s character movement but that is probably a good thing as ARMA is very unrealistic in that respect.

  32. Dominic White says:

    Howard.. I provided a link to a lengthy chunk of gameplay footage that shows exactly what I’m talking about.

    And what kind of OFP fan would want a sequel WITHOUT the body-awareness that was so unique and immersive in the original all those years ago?

  33. PatriotMan says:

    Man that was bad…

  34. Spectre-7 says:

    The fact that the so-called body awareness is so important to you really baffles me. What you refer to as body awareness always just felt clunky and awkward to me. I consider the lack of clunky and awkward to be a significant upgrade.

    As for firing from the hip, I can’t imagine any trained soldier ever doing that with an assault rifle. If you’re firing, the weapon should be properly butted up against your shoulder, which looks reasonably like the view you get in most games.

    The fact that ArmA lets you fire with pinpoint accuracy without using the weapon’s sights is a much more disconcerting issue in my opinion. I can’t for the life of me figure out what magic crosshairs and third-person perspective are doing in a game whose primary goal is realism.

    Each to their own, I suppose.

  35. bookwormat says:

    “Watch a big chunk of actual gameplay here:
    link to youtube.com

    Oh, so there is gameplay footage. Well, I like what I see. Looks very much like OFP/Arma/Arma2. I think there is a good chance that the interface is easier, and the game less buggy at release.

    I’m curious how the two games will compare in scope and AI. Arma2 has a lot to offer in terms of mission creation and the AI, while often buggy, does a lot of stuff right.

    Do we know if there is something like warfare mode in OPF?

  36. Serondal says:

    There ain’t no cross hair or third-person perspective in my Arm-A Specre-7, speak for yourself. What he is referring to as body awarness is the supposed realstic simulation of what it is like to be a human being instead of a etherla spirit floating around with a gun, more or less pimped out head bob ;P It is suposed to make you feel clunky and restricted because guess what, wearing a lot of body armor and gear DOES make you feel clunky. It is the same in AA, you can’t get your face 0 inchs from a wall and slowly slide out like your feet are wheels ect.

    Personally I don’t care which way the game goes, I love DoD which is etheral shoorter and Arm-A which is about as realstiic as it gets right now when the Ace mod installed. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen to the ground exhausted because I forgot I had a javelin missle launcher and tube on my back ;P now if I could just afford to get one of those smoke machines that shoots smoke in your face when you get shot at in the game.

  37. Spectre-7 says:


    Apologies. I was referring to ArmA II, which has both third-person perspective and magic crosshairs.

    As for the rest of your comment, I’m fully aware of what he’s referring to, but having marched outfitted in full kit before, it’s nothing half as awkward or clunky as ArmA II feels. If it were, I suspect there’d be a much higher incidence of suicide in the military.

    Oh, and incidentally, I was speaking for myself. If you thought I was speaking for someone else, you’re sadly mistaken, and somehow miraculously missed phrases like “to me” and “I consider”.

  38. Walsh says:

    The fact that ArmA lets you fire with pinpoint accuracy without using the weapon’s sights is a much more disconcerting issue in my opinion. I can’t for the life of me figure out what magic crosshairs and third-person perspective are doing in a game whose primary goal is realism.

    You conveniently leave out the fact you can turn off all of that stuff and its off by default when you select Veteran diffculty. It will even turn off the magic GPS icons in the map so you have to navigate using landmarks and a compass.

    Your comment on the magic crosshairs made it seem like you were speaking on behalf of the game, which Serondal pointed out you weren’t.

  39. Serondal says:

    Spectre-7 Ah you missed my point, I’m not trying to say anything you said is wrong. I was only joking because in my Modded version of Arm-A I’ve removed the cross hairs and 3rd person view ;P It actually IS in the origonal version that way (I’ve always found it strange to play 3rd person in a military shooter any how)

    I’m not trying to argue any point one way or another just trying to make it clear what was referring to. I’m sure real life is nothing half as clunky as Arm-A or the other games that try to get the feel right, I just think that is what they’re going for. Unlike such a time that they can realistic model what it is like to walk and have your feet really touch the ground ect I think the Arm-A , ghost recon type of clunky walking is fine but I don’t mind if it is smooth gliding like Quake or Halo either, either way it makes very little diffference. I do like the ability to use cover in Arm-a instead of having your character snapped to it but I think it’d be nice if there were a few more stances besides standing, kneeling, and crawling on your stomach. It’d be nice to be able to back up against a wall and lean out that way or just put your gun around a corner and shoot without exposing yourself (There are many situations where that could have saved my life where as putting my entire head out got me killed)

  40. Slippery Jim says:

    @Howard: You say these points:

    “ARMA’s movement is unrealistic”

    “there has been VERY little First Person viewpoint action (ie, what it will actually look like when playing) and what there is of it seems absolutely fine. Sure it does not have the same “look ‘n feel” as ARMA2s character movement but that is probably a good thing as ARMA is very unrealistic in that respect.”

    Now. Despite the fact I disagree somewhat, even though there are some elements of ARMA2’s movement that is unrealistic (although I’d be interested to hear specifics about what you see as “very unrealistic”), from the footage I’ve seen, DR’s movement has these features:

    – Rifle plastered to the shoulder unless sprinting. Even when jogging is the weapon facing forward.

    – When walking whilst in ironsight view, the weapon does not jolt or shake at all.

    Is this more realistic that ARMA2’smovement, and how exactly? I agree that ARMA2 isn’t a sim in some aspects of its gameplay, but it is in a vast amount of others. Likewise I expect FP: DR to simulate some things well, but if the fundamentals are “arcadey” – like aiming – does this not affect a large chunk of the overall experience?

  41. Spectre-7 says:


    At least in the version I played, crosshairs and third-person were both available on Veteran difficulty. I don’t know if that’s changed, but it was definitely the case.

    As for speaking on behalf of the game, I don’t recall claiming to work for Bohemia or any such thing, so I don’t know why anyone would think I’m speaking on the game’s behalf. I am however mentioning features the game has, and if there’s something taboo about that, I certainly apologize.


    No worries, and I totally understand what you’re getting at. As far as these things go, though, I found the movement in both Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon to be much more comfortable than what I’ve experienced in any of Bohemia’s products. There’s nothing wrong with them trying to simulate the feeling of being a real person with a whole body (in fact, that’s a feature I’ve lauded whenever its attempted in games)…. my problem is it feels like they’re simulating a clumsy person, and it definitely hampers my ability to enjoy their efforts.

  42. Larington says:

    The sooner the game is released the better. When that happens we need to lock all the people who prefer either game over the other in a room together, setup a regular delivery of food and regular waste extraction. And wait for the dust/explosions to settle.
    I confess, I might be one of the people in that room. If I’m gonna be a potential hypocrit I might as well admit it now.

  43. Serondal says:

    I love Rainbow 6 Raven Shield’s movement. It felt realistic without being over powering so it didn’t detract from the game. I need to download that from Direct2Drive next time I get the net back :P

  44. HidesHisEyes says:

    Just looks like a new BF2, which I can’t see as a bad thing. Arma2 was never going to be for some of us and I’m looking forward to this.

  45. Fat Zombie says:

    I see this as a Win-Win situation:

    1. If it’s as realistic as the original OFP or ARMA I/II, then woo yay! Realistic shootery fun that matches the spirit of the Operation Flashpoint name!
    2. If it’s NOT as realistic, and has been simplified for a wide audience, then woo yay! We get (for all intents and purposes) Battlefield 3 early, and can have fun driving C4-laden jeeps into enemy tanks. Whilst cackling.

    Also, if your PC can run this, then it can run Arma II. So just get that?

  46. Dominic White says:

    Oh, don’t get me wrong – if it’s a good game, it’s a good game – I’m just kinda irked they’re calling it OFP2 and going directly up against the original developers of OFP.

    It’s kinda like Far Cry 2 vs Crysis. FC2 may have had the name, but Crysis played much, much closer to the original game. I really liked FC2, but it really should have gone under a different name, as it was entirely unrelated.

  47. Fat Zombie says:

    @Dominic White:

    I see your point. It is a bit annoying that they use an established name to get publicity for a title which may or may not be similar to the original.

    But still. ‘SPLODES! Yaaay

  48. JKjoker says:

    i love the “realistic” ironsight that covers 80% of the screen rendering it completely useless, ahhh that reminds me of the days when games were more interested on gameplay than “realishum” and “immershum”, when you could actually aim weapons at something instead of firing wildly hoping to hit something

  49. blaargh says:

    @Dominic White: Discussing “bodily awareness” is sort of interesting, but I don’t think Arma’s way of doing it is that great. Aiming a cursor with a mouse doesn’t provide the same sort of feedback that aiming a rifle or whatever does. Controlling a human should feel natural, since being a human is pretty natural. I don’t want to feel like I’m driving a person.

    To be honest, I don’t think there’s much utility in trying to improve the fidelity of shooting guns. Accuracy is sort of a trivial skill in a tactical sense. That is to say, soldiers can be assumed to be able to aim and fire their weapons instinctively. Since this isn’t “Firing Range: The Game,” the attraction is in tactical engagements. The biggest gaps between reality and shooters have nothing to do with aiming mechanisms: the almost total absense of morale effects makes central concepts like suppression and shock irrelevent. There’s an important difference between a tactical simulator and a technical simulator.

  50. Dracko says:

    Have you played any of the Brothers in Arms games?

    or halo lol