The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 24

It's a picture, on top of a post, all covered in writing, and smelling like toast.

What ho! A podcasting we did go. And a merry old blah blah something. Jim and John squeezed into the RPS telephone box to record a new podcast, where we not only mentioned subjects, but then went on to discuss them. Amongst that which exited our mouth was the nature of open world gaming, easter eggs in The Dig, why Bookworm Adventures was great, and what defines an MMO.

Jim’s been playing lots of GTA IV and Far Cry 2, while John’s been dwelling in the past with the likes of The Dig. Both have THINGS to say about them. But there’s other more important matters, like, hey, why are dustbins called dustbins? And why is RPS the number one search result for their origins. Find out how John cheated at Boggle! Find out how little Jim cares about Bookworm Adventures! Hear us discuss Scott Kevill’s Game Ranger!

There’s our important thoughts on the silly release schedules of silly publishers for the PC. There’s pondering on the prospects of Natal for PC. There’s supposition over the state of Alan Wake for the PC. It’s about PC games, see! Also a couple of words on the futuristic worlds where no one needs consoles or powerful computers. And then we meander aimlessly through the definition of the MMO. It’s all just bloody brilliant.

So get the mp3 directly from here, subscribe to it by RSS with this, or get it on iTunes from here.


  1. Sam says:

    Hooray! Another podcast from John and Jim! The Better Two.

  2. peter says:

    Harsh, very harsh.

  3. A Delicate Balance says:

    Hood, windshield, tom-ay-to, sidewalk, trunk, trash, garbage, intersection, store, elevator, gas, highway, mail, chips, fries, zuccini, egg plant, cell. These are the American-centric words I could think of before you mentioned Bookworm Adventures.

    My wife played through the whole thing before and really enjoyed it. I’ve mentioned to her that there’s another one coming out…

  4. John Walker says:

    It’s so different when you’re on the mic, man! (And we’re stupid)

  5. Rei Onryou says:

    You people should discuss THINGS regularly. Perhaps in a bi-weekly format that is shared over the internets. You could name it a podcast (if that’s your sort of thing). A shame that it’ll never catch on though.

    I look forward to hearing your ramblings. Of course, the London branch of RPS are so much ramblier. And nasal-y. And navel-gasing-y.

  6. Sovietmudkipz says:

    YESSSS. YESSSS! You guys are finally doing Podcasts again. Nerdiness beloved! <3 8==========D

  7. A Delicate Balance says:

    Also… game festival in spring! Awesome idea!

  8. A Delicate Balance says:

    …and John, if you’re talking about my list of words: not a criticism, I just have an interest in the difference between American and British English, what with living in Canada. Great ‘cast.

  9. Bobsy says:

    Listened while playing Bookworm Adventures. I like to feel somewhere a tiny cell of Jim was a bit annoyed by this.

  10. jalf says:

    If I type “origin of dustbin” into Google, I get Hotel Dustbin as #1.

    RPS is only listed as #9. You filthy liars!

  11. Sovietmudkipz says:

    Did anyone catch that game one of them said “you really must play it. Its brilliant!”?

    All i got was “Sephila ka pod cottage defense on (bleh bleh bleh)”?

  12. Serondal says:

    When I goggled RPS came up as third; P

  13. Serondal says:

    Er, to make my last post more clear. When I googled the dustbin thing RPS came up third in reference to a Wolverine game article O.o My last post makes little – no sense.

  14. nabeel says:

    Too bad it was so short. Nice, though.

  15. Bob says:

    Serondal, Jalf, Google localizes your search results depending on where you are doing the search from and your language settings, which is incredibly annoying and goes against my vision of what the internet should be.

  16. MrBejeebus says:

    I thank you for this wonderful podcas o’ RPS.

    Well I hope its good….

  17. MrBejeebus says:

    oh, and the name of dustbins are called dustbins cos they were actually originally used for dust, dissapointing eh?

  18. Nighthood says:

    Entirely unrelated, but it wasn’t mentioned on the podcat, what happened to the fuel compo?

    Good Podcat too, anyone else always listen while playing some sort of casual game?

  19. John Walker says:

    It seems that RPS is no longer number one for the origin of dustbins. But it totally was. I have four independent witnesses!

  20. Serondal says:

    You should totally post up something with the origon of dustbins as a full length post with the word Origon of and dustbin in it no less than 50 times a piece to retake and retain your standing ;)

  21. FunkyLlama says:

    Yes, I agree. I consider this a challenge to RPS from the rest of the internet.

  22. Scott Kevill says:

    Hahaha, cheers for the GameRanger mention, guys!

  23. Skyvik says:

    Searching UK sites on Google has RPS top for origin of dustbins, and to be honest I wouldn’t trust any non-UK site on the subject.

  24. Sagan says:

    Are you logged in to Google when you search for origin of dustbin? Maybe they just remember that you like RPS, and since they can’t find anything helpful, they just link you to a site you like.

    And Gaikai will have to work now. Because if it only works in 10 years, it will be completely outdated. At that point you will likely have quad cores and high end graphic cards in your cellphone. And I don’t expect there will be many developers who will use any more powerful hardware than what we use now. Most developers now seem happy with what hardware was like 5 years ago.

  25. aoanla says:

    The problem with Cloud Computing solutions to gaming is that the number of users scales badly with “centralised” resources (which is the irony about the use of the word “Cloud” to describe them). All the clever solutions to mass processing are now moving to BOINC style distributed processing, which is more like “p2p compute”, or a compute equivalent of what Skype does. So.
    (And Sagan is quite right, “10 years in the future” technology should be so good that everyone will be able to afford a cheap machine, or cellphone, that can play basically any reasonable game. Honestly, even modern cellphones are pretty awesome…)

  26. ZenArcade says:

    “Jim and John squeezed into the RPS telephone box”

    I love the idea of there being an RPS telephone box. Please make a real one.

  27. Tom says:

    GTA IV – cinematic! What?! Personally I thought that was the most disapointing aspect of the gameplay. The world is very cinematic but the events so small and localized. Best example being the bank hiest. Soon as the Irish dude said bank robbery I emmediately thought Heat! 6 cars outside the bank and running down back alleys and underground routes. Heat’s bank robbery is cinematic. GTA IV’s is so… small.

  28. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    @ John:

    It seems that RPS is no longer number one for the origin of dustbins. But it totally was. I have four independent witnesses!

    Fear not, you can take solace in the fact that you’re still number one for weighted companion cube slash fiction.

    Also that happy crack chappy who gives you $100 is part of the random character system. The random characters show up as a man shaped icon on the mini-map and trigger little side missions when approached. The chap in question has two or three further missions if you find him again.

  29. JKjoker says:

    ah, the Dig, i loved that game so much, i loved the music, the characters, exploring the weird alien planet thinking all the time “wth is that!?” and yet the puzzles weren’t *that* impossibly obscure……….. then one day i finished it………. the ending was sooooooooooooooo bad, the big “mystery” was so incredible stupid that it took all that love and turned into burning HATE! -_-

  30. Owen says:

    Another smashing podcaast chaps. Thank you both. Also I am ready for another one now, so please do one within the next 24 hours ok?

    Well go on! Stop reading this and damn well start recording.

  31. Alex says:

    I haven’t played Far Cry 2, but the way you describe NPCs not telling you stuff of you turn away from them reminds me of SWAT 1. If you tried clicking to skip a cutscene an FMV of an instructor lecturing you, he’d get annoyed and start over from the beginning.

    I guess some developer somewhere was rubbing his hands in glee about how immersive it would be, but I can live with a game reminding me it’s a game if it means I can get on with it.

  32. Sovietmudkipz says:

    Gameranger- giving pirates a way to play multiplayer since 2008 (lol macs don’t play games. wtf you talking aboot!)

  33. Masked Dave says:

    Re: Is APB an MMO?

    Despite what the name indicates, personally I have only one real criteria to differentiate between a standard multiplayer game and an MMO. Do I have to pay monthly?

  34. Owen says:

    Oh and RPS is again, numero unio for Dustbins.

    oh yes

  35. Comment system, what comment system? says:

    I can vouch for Owen’s statement.