Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Source

James Benson contacted us, saying after a hard day’s animating in Source, he decided to relax by creating an animation of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. James, we salute you.


  1. Dante says:

    I’ve always thought Rock Paper Shotgun was the beta version of Rock Paper Scissors. Before the shotgun was nerfed in 1.1 for balance reasons.

  2. sbs says:

    Fucking. Amazing.

  3. weirdcitizen says:

    Hilarious :)

  4. Shane says:


  5. Eric says:

    James Benson, you are a combine elite guard amongst men.

  6. Catastrophe says:

    That is awesome. How on Earth was it done?

  7. cassus says:

    taahaa :D That’s fricken funny! Predictable because of the topic of the post, but still hilarious.

  8. SPEEDCORE says:

    Awesome :D