The RPS Bargain Bucket – Gooey Brothers

Sorry, we’re a bit late with this because the world ended yesterday. What, you didn’t notice? Guess the shining ghost of Elvis didn’t restore your memory when he rewound time itself to undo the apocalyptic damage caused to the Earth’s core by the invasion of the hamster-demons from Xerces XII. Tcch. Oh well. Put it out your mind and play some bargain-price videogames instead – selected as always by Savygamer‘s LewieP.

Brothers in Arms Pack – £12.99/€19.99/$19.99
The complete trilogy of Gearbox’s world-war-two-eff-pee-ess. The biggest different between BIA and other similar games is that you command a bunch of other guys indirectly as well, not just one mr floaty gun. Not played any of these (apart from the dreadful DS spin off), and if I am perfectly honest, I probably am not going to. Gearbox make mostly good games though, so I don’t doubt these are solid. You can buy them individually at similar discounts if you prefer. RPS coverage here.

Droplitz – £3.06/€3.54/$4.99
Puzzler about turning dials, published by Atlus of all people (when did they start doing PC games?). No mention of this one on RPS so far, and I hadn’t even heard of it till it went on special offer (job done marketing department), but Rich at peoww seemed to like the XBLA version. Let me know if any of you go for it.

Cogs – £3.50/$4.95
Gorgeous 3D puzzle game. It’s a steampunk sliding tile game, and it is fantastic. Very friendly difficulty curve, but some of the later puzzles are just fiendish. Take a gamble on this one, even if you don’t think it is your thing, everyone I have forced to play it has ended up loving it. Lots of replayability. Johns impressions here and demo here.

Braid – £6.06/€7.05/$9.95
Gorgeous 2D puzzle game, presented as a platformer. Looks pretty too. It is full of eureka moments, where you know that you have overcome a very intelligently designed challenge, and it all seems to obvious afterwards. To quote from my review “Braid is a game about rules, about learning to understand rules, and controlling the world around you with these rules.” A few spots of frustration do little to tarnish what is essentially an excellent videogame. RPS coverage here, demo here and walkthrough here.

Deal of the week
World of Goo – £6.09/€7.08/$9.99
Another gorgeous 2D puzzle game. It’s my Mum’s 2nd favourite game too, it even inspired her to paint this. It’s a game about getting things from A to B. The reason it is so special is that it is ridiculously inventive in how it makes you get said things from A to B, world 4 will blow your mind. It also has a brilliant sense of humour too. I personally prefer it on the Wii (it has multiplayer, which is pretty crazy), but on any platform it is the definition of a must-play. It’s an AAAAAAA indie game. That’s 7 As folks. My review here, RPS coverage here and demo here.

Also of note:
Steam family game sale. Including Plants vs Zombies for cheap.
Puzzle Quests (disappointing) sequel for cheap.
Tom Clancy promo at GOG.
‘Nations’ Promo at GOG.


  1. Wedge says:

    Whoa wait whose mom made a World of Goo painting? That looks awesome.

  2. bansama says:

    Those in the UK and EU can also take advantage of the UK’s D2D site selling several EA games at 50% off. And out of that bunch I would highly suggest grabbing Mirror’s Edge at £7.50.

    And for today only, you can get King’s Bounty for 50% off too over at GamersGate. It’s got SecuROM on it, but I wouldn’t let that stand in the way of an enjoyable game.

  3. Mark O'Brien says:

    LewieP’s mum, I imagine. And agreed, it’s a great picture! Did the guys at 2DBoy see it?

  4. M_the_C says:

    I’m definitely considering Braid, but I’m very afraid it won’t live up to the hype.

    The other one I’m considering this weekend is Plants vs. Zombies for on Steam at the moment.


  5. M_the_C says:

    Not again…

    That was meant to be £5.24.

  6. Lorc says:

    If you can, try to ignore the hype. Whatever else people might make of it, at its heart Braid is a really solid, fun and inventive game.

  7. Sander Bos says:

    @M the C: Braid’s hype comes from the product, not from some outside hype machine. Also, the lowered price means there is less of a risk.

    (I found the Braid ‘story’ to be ridiculous and unfollowable without an Internet investigative team, but the puzzles/ mechanics are brilliant (and since there are actually a number of quite different ones, you are bound to be tickled by at least one (World 3 FTW!))

  8. Mark O'Brien says:

    @Bansama: Thanks for the recommendation. I’m downloading Mirror’s Edge right now!

    @M_the_C: I like Braid a lot, but it’s probably not as awesome as the hype would have you believe. It’s got some great ideas, and has fun with subverting your expectations. It’s not, however, a terribly warm game, in the way that say World of Goo is. It’s more precise and cerebral, but less joyous. Definitely worth playing.

    Plants Vs Zombies is a lot of fun, and it’s pretty funny. It is however still very much a casual game, and there isn’t much challenge there. I didn’t regret buying it though, and my girlfriend enjoyed it too (she doesn’t usually like games other than Sudoku).

  9. Feet says:

    Strangely enough the only thing I’m tempted to buy this week is Lewis P’s mums WoG painting. Really very nice, I’d have it on my wall.

  10. Dominic White says:

    Anyone who thinks Braids plot is impossible to follow is trying to WAY overthink things. The story it tells is largely to be taken at face value. The gameplay itself is full of metaphors tying into the story being told, but the story itself is just what it is.

    Yes, there’s alternate text that is viewable on a second playthrough, but it’s meant to be alternate metaphors that play into the themes covered, not the actual TRUE story.

    If you really push yourself looking for hidden meanings, you’ll find them whether they’re there or not, but you’ll probably be missing the point, and getting increasingly frustrated at your inability to find one solid theory.

  11. Heliocentric says:

    On brothers in arms:
    Forget the newer game, the older 2 are better, earned in blood being the peak of the series. £3 each for the older games on steam. There are a few ai aggression mods and wider command set mods which drastically extend the games premise in a way hell’s highway never did.

  12. Sander Bos says:

    @Dominic: Here I am talking more about the Braid story while for me the story is irrelevant to the game enjoyment (I really enjoyed it).
    However, it is not as simple as you say to simply ignore the deeper story. The booktables with the inane (IMHO) texts are there and I cannot see how you prevent reading them and trying to discern some meaning from them while playing the game (unless you read some helpful forum comment, saying: For your enjoyment, do yourself a favor and skip right past those book tables).

    And I also did not get frustrated, because I already spoke of good investigative Internet teams, especially the Steam forum had an excellent topic on the story, just don’t know how the large majority of players could be expected to make head or tails of it without outside explanation.

  13. Plasticman says:

    The penumbra series is also going for £5 (last day today) works on Windows, Linux and MAC.

    Great First person horror adventure (and you cant go wrong with 3 games for a fiver)

    Buy it

  14. Plasticman says:

    Suppose the link would be handy :)

    link to

  15. bansama says:

    You can also get Penumbra for Mac/PC for about $5 on GamersGate as well. Not only that but all the SpellForce games are 30% off over there as well although they didn’t advertise it.

    @Bansama: Thanks for the recommendation. I’m downloading Mirror’s Edge right now!

    It’s damned fine game and worth every penny of the full price, so you’ve just snagged a great bargain =)

  16. Krondonian says:

    I don’t have any bank money at the moment, so digital downloads are out of the question.

    However, I do have some Amazon vouchers and World of Goo recently got a retail release. For those interested in some boxed Goo, it’s £10 (free delivery).

  17. MeestaNob! says:

    So, VERDICT TIME people. Are the Brothers in Arms games with $25 for all three? What games are they similar to?

  18. Phil Armstrong says:

    There’s multiplayer in the Linux version of WoG too, although you have to turn it on by editing config files.

  19. leederkrenon says:

    the first Brothers in Arms game is a bit long in the tooth, but decent enough. the second one is a good un, i really enjoyed the 3rd but i know that is not necessarily the popular opinion. to be honest, unless you are really interested in WWII shooters, i’d say just pick up the 3rd one. although it does have a really shitty level in a hospital where it tries to be spooky.

  20. Andresito says:

    Amazing deals this week

  21. DarthInsinuate says:

    The closest thing I would compare Brothers in Arms to is Full Spectrum Warrior and at a stretch SWAT 4. I think I played through the first game without ever really shooting anyone.

    I played through the second one again recently, I think the narrow field of view gave me a bit of motion sickness.

  22. Sander Bos says:

    @MeestaNob: Band of Brothers is a WWII based FPS with squad based mechanics. Relatively light squad based mechanics compared to say rainbow six, but heavier than the squad based parts of half life 2. You (usually) tell your 2 teams where to go and what to shoot at, while you do the dirty work (in theory you can also play the other way around). The third game also uses the now common cover system heavily. And there are elaborate cut-scenes which tries to make you really care about your team (I still have no problems sending them out into noman’s land on a whim).

    The first game Road to Hill 30 was actually my personal ‘game of the year’ two years ago when I first played it, I see at as an FPS with a difference, where the squad based stuff is really intuitive to control. You don’t get to shoot tons and tons of enemies, because they are mostly shooting at you from hiding (you are supposed to flank them, but this is not something I excel at). I think it is recommended highly for the FPS fan who wants something a little different but still very FPS.

    So I said I really liked the first one, but if you buy all three at the same time you are probably going to start with the third one, and then I think the other two will look (I have just bought the second one this weekend and have not really played it, in the first one many scenes look like bush and wallbased labyrinths) and feel (no cover system, which really suits these games) very dated (so you will only play those if you love the third one).

  23. Sander Bos says:

    It is not a bargain strictly speaking, but if you want to spend 10 bucks or so on a game and played/ liked the original back in the day, I recommend the remake of the first Monkey Island game (plus how much cheaper can this become, probably will only end up in package bargains).

    Wonderful nostalgia for me, a lot of love obviously went into this remake. The controls are somewhat annoying (I had a lot of problems just selecting lines of dialog…), but the new graphics (go nicely with my sugarcoated memories of how the game looked) and hearing those famous lines being spoken aloud gave me many warm feelings.

  24. The Codicier says:

    Both Braid & world of 2 who i’ve been waiting to appear at a nice bargain price to get them both in one weekend is certainly no bad thing :D

    As M_the_C points out PvZ is a great game although the price reduction isn’t a huge one it was already a bargain so its all good

    Picked up the Penumbra series in a previous bargin weekend from steam. Atmospheric games to be sure but the control system can take a little getting used to

  25. Bhazor says:

    Boo! Shame on everyone who hasn’t tried Brothers in Arms!

    The latest is probably my favourite, the tactical combat is still the best out there and the difficulty ramps up nicely . It also tell a wonderfully brutal story which systematically destroys every glimmer of hope and sees the main character become a bit of an unhappy bunny. Just a shame about the bloody cover mechanics which I’ve never been able to get used to and the AI is sometimes utterly broken.

  26. A-Scale says:

    The Brothers in Arms game Hells Highway is brilliant. It’s not a perfect game, but it’s as close as I’ve seen any game come to realistic tactics and shooting in a WW2 game. I recommend it to anyone interested in FPS games, tactical combat or WW2.

  27. A-Scale says:

    @Sander Bos

    Band of Brothers is a WWII based FPS with squad based mechanics.

    Band of Brothers was a HBO miniseries. Brothers in Arms is the game set.

  28. Viskernus says:

    Hmm, mirror’s edge.
    What’s Direct2Drive’s inevitable DRM like? Any better than securom?

  29. Bob says:

    Pretty poor week for sales :-(

  30. Vinraith says:

    Brothers in Arms is basically Ghost Recon: WW2. Personally, because it’s emphasis is towards realism (get shot a couple of times at most and your dead) and squad tactics it’s massively better than any of the run and gun type WW2 shooters. Anyone that enjoys Tom Clancy games (especially the older ones, back when health didn’t respawn from taking cover and all that idiocity) should definitely check it out.

    Anyone know anything about the “Nation” games on GOG? I’ve never heard of them before, but they look sort of interesting. Are they as Tropico-like as they appear?

  31. Carra says:

    I’d be buying Braid if my credit card wasn’t compromised…

  32. Bhazor says:

    I’m a big fan of Atlus so seeing them move into PC publishing is great. Hopefully we’ll start to see some in house stuff from them like a Persona port for Steam. That said Droplitz was developed by the guys who did The Burger King games, so take from that what you will.

    Reply to Vinraith

    They’re really just a rip-off of Settlers. Fun in a way and those things are always kinda cute but nothing special. Still, the Amazon’s have smashing knockers.

  33. oceanclub says:

    “@Bansama: Thanks for the recommendation. I’m downloading Mirror’s Edge right now!”

    So am I, at a speedtastic 20KBps. At this rate, it’ll take me 40 hours. Is D2D always this bad?


  34. Vinraith says:


    D2D, from my single experience with it, seems to be pretty light on DRM. There’s no client, and nothing obvious tied to the download. It wouldn’t surprise me if the installer phones home the first time you run it, but D2D downloaded games certainly run fine without an internet connection. What I CAN tell you is that D2D games often retain their 3rd party DRM, so in the case of Mirror’s Edge you’re probably still looking at an install limit simply because the retail version has one.

  35. Hulk Hogan says:

    While I claim to hate scat-play I just can’t get enough of those delicious chocolate covered bananas.

    I didn’t like Braid all that much though.

  36. malkav11 says:

    If you’ve somehow managed to avoid the 30 or so other times King’s Bounty: The Legend has been on sale, it’s GamersGate’s deal of the day.

    I’m kind of disappointed with that feature, to be honest. A lot of things that have already been on sale, recently, for about the same price.

  37. Vinraith says:


    Thanks, sounds like a pass then.

  38. Mark O'Brien says:


    My Mirror’s Edge download took between five and five and a half hours, so it was a lot faster than 40 kBps for me. Might be your ISP throttling it for some reason?

  39. Wedge says:

    You obviously didn’t play the Burger King games then. They were amazing.

  40. DarkNoghri says:

    For those in the US (does GoGamer ship to the UK?), there are a couple of games on sale for under 10$. DOD:S is 6$, as are Mercs 2, the new Prince of Persia, and Mirror’s Edge. Shipping is usually a couple bucks.

  41. DarkNoghri says:

    Also, I’m fairly certain one of the retail Brothers in Arms games had Starforce DRM. Hopefully removed for Steam.

  42. LewieP says:

    Prince of Persia is pretty terrible. They pissed away anything that was good about the sands of time trilogy, and replaced it with fluff. It’s like the whole game is one long QTE that you can switch your brain off for. Mirror’s Edge is what you should play if you want a game that expands on the good recent POP games.

    And yeah, it was my Mum who did that World of Goo painting. I am pretty sure she emailed 2Dboy to ask permission to paint it (it’s for charity), and they were excited to see the finished painting.

    I know that David Hellman has seen the painting of Braid that she did.

    I’ve posted a link to her paintings here before, but in case any of you missed it first time round, click here.

  43. Bhazor says:

    Reply to DarkNoghri
    Well I aint sure of Road to Hill 30 (played the xbox version) but Earned in Blood and Hells Highway don’t even use disc checks.

    Also “The PC version of [Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood] contains the controversial StarForce DRM which may interfere with some CD/DVD burners, burning software and disk mounting software.

    Purchasing the game on Valve’s Steam does not include StarForce.” But again I’ve got it installed right now from a disk and there is no CD check.

  44. Wooly says:

    What a great week for sales! If only I didn’t already own almost all of them… =/

    “So, VERDICT TIME people. Are the Brothers in Arms games with $25 for all three? What games are they similar to?”

    ABSOLUTELY YES. Like has been said, it’s rather like Ghost Recon in WWII, but it also has a great story, especially for an action game. The third one came out at the same time as CoD5, and doesn’t have a multiplayer component that’s as interesting as CoD’s. However, its Single player is way better than CoD World atinfinitelyrespawningsoldiers War’s shitty campaign.

    I thought the first 2 were better, but the third’s great too.

  45. KilgoreTrout XL says:

    You really should try Braid if you haven’t yet- it’s a pretty fucking amazing game. One hell of a soundtrack too.

    World of goo was entertaining as well.