DIRT 2: The Trailers

I don’t know how many of you saw Ken Block showing off on Top Gear the other week, but it strikes me that his crazy rally action course was pretty much what Codies are aiming for with Dirt 2. The two recent trailers back up that idea, with a Utah dirt-track sequence, and a look at one of the over-the-top rallycross events, in this case a course built around Battersea power station. I had a play on one of these super-urban tracks the other week – having just played a very traditional Croatian backwoods rallytrack previously – and it was looking incredibly snazzy, and definitely a big step up from the original game – something that wasn’t totally clear on the woodland track.


  1. nakke says:

    “Lyrics, mild suggestive themes”


  2. demonarm says:

    Where have all the boobs and tats gone?

  3. Schaulustiger says:

    The lyrics were quite offensive. I’m still shocked.

  4. Howard says:

    While I am still hopeful about this game I am reticent to be too hopeful. DiRT offered a fair amount of fun but the RAID and Buggy sections of that game where so bad it staggered the mind and the fact that its sequel seems to be even more obsessed with such events is a concern…

  5. groovychainsaw says:

    I thought the first video looks better myself – the frame rate seems choppy in the second (could be vid compression) and the course is less inspiring- more like GRID than DIRT. The high-speed stuff on the utah track looked a lot more fun to race

  6. Optimaximal says:

    Unfortunately, the parity with that Ken Block video highlights what is wrong with Codies current output – high octane thrillz featuring xtreme sportz starz.

    The original DiRT was at least a proper rally sim (regardless of Travis Pastrami wholesale shitting on Colin McRae’s name) – yes, it had a arcadey campaign (?) structure but you had to pay attention whilst driving.

    On the other hand, GRID was a brilliantly entertaining yet ultimately shallow effort catered wholesale for the lowest of the commonest denominator console crowd.

    I fear for the F1 game :(

  7. LewieP says:

    Pretty cheap preorder here:
    DiRT 2, PC – £17.99 DELiVERED

  8. nine says:

    didn’t #1 only come out recently?

  9. LewieP says:

    June 2007

  10. AlabasterSlim says:

    If this hits Steam I’ll be getting it. Looks like a lot of fun. I really enjoyed GRID (still do)

  11. Nafe says:

    Did anyone notice the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Man in vid 2?

    Route 2 in Weekapaug!!

  12. mrmud says:

    I kind of prefer the real rally tracks like the one in the first video

  13. Graham says:

    Is it just me, or does the Monster logo seem to be slapped on everywhere?

  14. Monchberter says:

    Yay, DIRT. I got into it off the back of GRID, and i preferred the rally sections to the very spongey buggy and off road handling.

    Very much looking forward to the sequel. I heared somewhere you can update the original DIRT with the GRID engine code. Am i mistaken?

  15. teo says:

    The second video had a terrible frame rate

  16. Sweedums says:

    my only worry with this game is that there are going to be very few actual rally tracks, and that it will all be races alongside other drivers like the buggy ones from the first game… while i dont dislike those races, I absolutely loved the proper rally tracks… i just hope the multiplayer suite offers both types

  17. A Delicate Balance says:

    I fell in love with racing games through Colin McRae games and even got my Dad to play DiRT! Love the rallying aspect and although the off-road parts in DiRT were enjoyable, I really just want more rallying!

    Oh and although it’s unrealistic, simlutaneous multiplayer where you can crash into the other players would be fun (as an option).

  18. Ziv says:

    Gonna buy this one just to check on the physics changes from GRID. One of the things I hated the most about GRID was how that if even just one wheel of your car would get off the road the car would start spinning uncontrollably, I would understand that if it was a Le Mans car (which actually happens much less in the Le Manses ) but it happens mostly w/ touring cars (ie: laceti and 320i) which is really stupid, these amongst all the cars should behave the best off the track since they are mad originally for being off the track (not off roading but not only on smooth asphalt). now my question is what happens if in this game you sway off the track?

  19. Gutter says:

    I’m not touching another 4 letter racer after FUEL!

  20. DerangedStoat says:

    The Z4 coupe rallying on gravel complete with massive front splitter and a couple of inches ground clearance, pretty much sums up how I think this game is going to turn out. Fantastic looking, but not realistic.

    Also why do all Codemasters racers have to be ‘Xtreme!!1’ to be exciting. Simply get the tracks and the driving physics correct and refined, and you wouldn’t need all the overwrought fanfare to have fantastic and exciting game.

    Regardless I will probably play DiRT2, and no doubt have fun doing it, but I’m still to be convinced that my beloved F1 isn’t going to be completely butchered by them…

  21. Phinor says:

    The original DiRT was not a proper rally sim and I doubt this will be either. I mean certainly rally racing includes much more more than WRC but that’s not the problem with these games, it’s the physics involved. They release these four letter super hyped titles left and right (and they sell well) but none of the developers have bothered to put proper physics into their game. Proper physics does NOT mean it needs to be hardcore sim racing – proper physics means it feels like you are driving a car that has a weight and somewhat realistic grip.

    iRacing is the easiest racing game (well they call it simulator) I have ever played. Guess why? Because the physics are top notch. You don’t have to learn the rules and physics of that particular game or game engine because you already know them from real life. Now I’m not saying I’m any good at iRacing because I’m not. I’m saying it was the easiest racing game ever to learn (but not to master) because basically I didn’t have to learn anything.

    Yeah, I know, people play games because they want to get out of their real lives and just want to enjoy these games eating popcorn on their sofa while driving 300mph into steel walls. That’s where game settings come into play, you can easily turn a game from a sim racing game into an arcade racing game if you first do the engine and physics properly. Just putting arcade and sim modes into your game settings is not really doing it properly like some of these games have done, you have to actually include the sim version, too.

    If you want to experience WRC rally racing, there’s only one title out there for this. It’s Richard Burns Rally. It’s five years old and it doesn’t really include an arcade mode. I’ll challenge any developer to include anything close to that game, just the physics mind you, into their rally game and I’m completely sold. Because god knows, RBR is running out of tracks, juice and it doesn’t even play properly on newer operating systems. We need something new.

    I’m not sure at what point did I lose my original point but.. don’t use the word sim in your game unless you bother to implement physics into your game. On the rally racing front it’s easy, just match five year old RBR and you are all done. On the track racing front, competition is a bit tougher nowadays…

  22. LewieP says:


    What about Blur?

  23. triple_a says:

    Totally agree with Phinor about RBR being the only rally driving SIM out there. It just feels incredibly ‘right’. The car has a feeling of mass and the the game conveys the feeling of grip extremely well.

    Bought the first Dirt a couple of weeks ago for 7€ from a sale bin. The physics feel extremely unnatural, you really have to learn the ‘rules of the game’. For example the brakes are way too powerful, you can just head aggressively to a corner, then make a full lock last minute brake and go through the corner with no problems. In RBR you would end up in the gutter with a broken car.

    Another thing I don’t like about rally driving games is the lack of dirt. In the first video of this article for example the cloud of dirt dies of way too quickly. Even in RBR there sn’t enough smoke, but you can at least add a mod that partially addresses this issue. Just look at real WRC footage where they drive on dirt. There is a huge cloud of dirt behind the cars.