Bleeping Bleep! It’s Mafia II Game Footage

I'll bleep your bleep in a bleep.

Catching up a bit here, but just before the weekend 2K released a new video for Mafia II. It’s not brand new, but rather the clip shown at E3 last… wow, it feels a long time ago, but only last month. In fact, it’s literally the E3 demo, with Denby Grace narrating it as it goes along. It’s like you’re there, man, like you’re in that stuffy little room with the uncomfortable park benches. It’s well worth a look, since it includes some really fantastic examples of the voice acting. Well, if you can hear it behind the bleeps.

I’m not entirely sure why 2K have felt the need to remove all the naughty words from this trailer, especially when you’re asked to lie to GameTrailers about being 109 years old before it starts. But still, you can see the slippy-slidey cars in the mid-40s, get some background on central character Vito, and the way action can play out. It also features some of the really smart direction in the cutscenes, interesting use of focus, and my favourite, the really awesome smoke effects.

It’s fifteen minutes of the game in action (compare it to what I wrote about it here), featuring about fourteen minutes of ear-hurting bleep sounds. But otherwise very enjoyable.

After that we need some swears:


  1. Guy says:

    Looking great. I hope this bodes well for a Hidden and Dangerous 3…

  2. FuckMeBitch says:

    What about system requirements? We all know that the game is great but is it better optimized than GTA IV? I don’t care about great graphic if it is unplayable on my computer. Is it DX10.1 game? I’m still waiting for good DX10.1 game.

  3. Aubrey says:

    Am I the only person who finds cover systems dull as ditchwater? It’s a license to repeat the same pseudo-cinematic shoot outs ad infinitum.

  4. Muzman says:

    Small aside: though about 9 minutes, that Sopranos video only covers the first two seasons.

  5. diziet sma says:

    Grand Theft Mafia then? If the story works this will be good. If not… meh. It will boil down to the gunplay and controls which have been lacking in every GTA game since they moved away from the top down stuff.

    Heh, I only just realised APB was by the original GTA guy.

  6. diziet sma says:

    Oh and to double post, once again, I have enjoyed the other GTA games. The most recent one on the 360 specifically. However the controls still hamper the gameplay. The perverse thing being I have absolutely no idea how to fix that given a joypad, and no idea what it’s like on a PC with a mouse/keyboard. I played the originals on the PC and the 3D ones on PS1/XBox/Xbox360.

  7. MS says:

    More swears from that ‘other’ HBO show:

  8. Megazver says:

    This bleeping bleep is bleep bleeping good. I can’t bleeping wait to bleep bleep bleeping bleep.

  9. airtekh says:

    The world of Empire Bay looks impressive, but the gameplay doesn’t exite me.

    I think enjoyment of Mafia 2 will hinge on the story.

  10. airtekh says:

    Oh, and the Wire is bleeping excellent.

  11. The Colonel says:

    God this looks like console-o-rama. What happened to the intelligent approach of the first one? Agree with Sartoris on the whack-a-mole thing. Cover system in this game would only work if they can work out a way to make it different every time. An AI routine which seems primarily built around “begin shooting when you are approaching the doorway they are facing (despite having no way of knowing you’re coming), empty a clip into nothing, stand very still in the open whilst reloading and don’t waver from this goal, even if you are interrupted by many bullets to the head”. Thought we’d come further than this. At least the driving looks as great at the original mafia. Better not drive too fast though, since the cars blow up massively with little or no provocation.

  12. Dominic White says:

    What intelligent approach of the first one? The combat in the original game was ‘Run into room, and pray that you fire first’. There was no AI to speak of, just a reaction test to shoot the other guy before you got shot.

  13. Jambe says:

    It’s been a while since I played Mafia; I don’t have my copy anymore. A search around indicates it is only available from, er, less than reputable dealers? What’s the story of Mafia’s publishing history? Isn’t it available as a download somewhere?

    regards Mafia II footage: yeah, that’s hot.

  14. JonnyBase says:

    Why is he saying ‘narrative’ that way?! Your British mate!

  15. jamie says:

    why cant they make it 1st person? That way the aiming is better and you can peak out from behind cover yourself. It looks exactly like a bland GTA4. Why dont they do 3rd person versions for the console retardos and 1st person for the sensible mouse users

  16. LionsPhil says:

    “Eventually, what could have been an open-ended hit, whereby you could have basically done it your own way (up close / far away / or even failed alltogether) was infact a linear scripted mission.”

    ^ This. Unfortunately, once again the player character is forced to be incompetent so that narrative can happen and Henry can get his balls shot off.

  17. bill says:

    cutscenes = meh

    open world + linear narrative = no no

    From what it looks like this “fat man” missions plays out exactly the same way every time. You can’t kill him with the machine gun, he runs off, you chase.

    Variation in how you approach each mission would help alot, and could still work with the linear narrative.

    Not that this makes it a bad game, but it certainly isn’t reaching.

  18. Dominic White says:

    Holy shit, the ‘OMG consolitis’ paranoia is hitting fever pitch here. Dear god, listen to yourselves. Now even third-person perspective is a sign of further console encroachment? Do I HAVE to provide a list of classic PC games with third-person cameras?

  19. Rei Onryou says:

    I love you.

    Seriously, @~1:25 in. Foulest language I ever did hear.