Warcraft Movie Going Ahead, Raimi To Direct

Sam Raimi is to make a Warcraft movie. So, everyone probably has an opinion on that. The maker of two good Spider-Man films and one astonishingly awful one, along with some of the greatest cult horrors of all time, he’s obviously someone who can do both BIG and NICHE, which would seem appropriate for the license. If indeed it’s an appropriate license. You can read all the details of who’s producing what over on GI.biz.

But rather than an explosion of hate over a) there being a WoW movie, b) people complaining there’s going to be a Warcraft movie, and c) my saying Spider-Man 2 was good which it was, let’s instead put that energy to good. Which is the game that you really believe should be made into a movie, who should make it, and who should star in it?


  1. Ian says:

    It should be clarified that, to my knowledge, this is a Warcraft movie rather than a WoW movie. Which may or may not prove significant to the story.

    Also, Spider-Man 2 was immense, and people who disagree are Wrong, with a capital wuh.

    As for which game should be made into a movie, Plants vs. Zombies directed by George Romero and starring Dolph Lundgren as Tall-Nut.

  2. TotalBiscuit says:

    Deus Ex – Christian ‘Gravelvoice’ Bale. Nuff said.

    A BOMB!

  3. trioptimum says:

    TF2. Valve. The existing cast.

    I know it’s a glaringly obvious suggestion. But it’s no less true.

  4. Blast Hardcheese says:

    That uh.


  5. Alex McLarty says:

    Raimi? Odd choice.

  6. Mark says:

    Nocturne. I don’t care who, I don’t care how, but The Stranger must be seen on the big screen. We must open the files of Spookhouse right now, zombies must invade small american towns under the direction of eldritch horrors from ancient times and Al Capone’s horde of undead mobsters must be stopped.

  7. cullnean says:


    Joe pasqule and stan boardman

    a film by uwe boll

  8. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    Max Payne… oh wait, they already tried and failed. I still don’t understand how turning a game that was already written like a film into a movie managed to go tits up. Oh yeah, it’s because THE SCREENWRITERS WERE IDIOTS.

  9. wvanh says:

    I think the Mass Effect universe and the Fallout universe would lend themselves well to a movie. In some ways I hope “The Road”, will be a little fallout-ish in it’s art direction.

  10. rei says:

    Thief. And Stephen Russell, obviously. In a heavy cloak at all times.

  11. Captain Haplo says:

    Europa Universalis 2, the Game.

    Kidding, of course. (Or am I?)

    I wouldn’t mind seeing, say, Fallout or DoW2. Of course, a lot of my games are really rather non-linear and awkward to *think* of adapting to the silver screen.

  12. CMaster says:

    James Cameron.

  13. Rinox says:

    Baldur’s Gate 2, if only for the figure of Jon Irenicus and assuming that the actual acting will be as strong as the voice acting in the game.

  14. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    Quest For Glory/Uwe Boll/Tim Curry as the narrator, probably some random less-known blonde bloke would be best for the Hero :)
    It could be set in the German mountains (as in 1) and the sequel could be Transylvania (~Mordavia in 4)…And hey, Coppola or Foley (or both) could be in it! :)

  15. Demon Beaver says:

    At first, I always thought that Thief had an engaging enough storyline for a movie. But as AvP proved, you can’t have a movie take place wholly in the dark, the action is anti-climactic.
    Maybe NOLF, directed by anyone who had nothing to do with Austin Powers.

  16. jon_hill987 says:

    I’m with TotalBiscuit, it has to be Deus Ex. The plot is there and most of the dialogue is already written. In addition to Bale as the lead I would suggest that they try and persuade Arnold Schwarzenegger to return to acting one last time to take the part of Gunther Hermann.

  17. jon_hill987 says:

    On second thought I would appreciate it if they left Deus Ex alone. They would only go and change things, more than likely for the worse.

  18. Stense says:

    Curious. I’m a Raimi fan so I’m sure I’ll be checking it out. Never played WoW (not got anything against it, it just doesn’t interest me) so not really sure what to expect story wise, but this could be interesting. Maybe the fabled good game-film will finally come to pass?

    Oh and yes, a Thief film would be aces. Or a Freedom Force film.

  19. inanimotion says:

    Mass Effect Trilogy

    With anyone but Vin Deisel as Shepard.

  20. cullnean says:

    peggle by lars von teir

    oh and monkey island, with sam rockwell just becaues he is ace in everything especaily galaxcy quest and moon

  21. Wolfman says:

    CGI animated Starcraft movie.
    KOTOR live action


  22. inanimotion says:

    And I’m going to have to agree with whoever said this before.

    It’s a Warcraft movie not a WoW movie.
    Seeing as WoW doesn’t have a story, it being an MMO with no timeline. The Warcraft story, however, is very well made.

  23. Wolfman says:

    Oh, I should add – only a Starcraft movie if it retains the humour.


  24. Rinox says:

    Stense’s avatar reminded me of Psychonauts. Give it to Tim Burton and see how he works that funk, s’what I say!

  25. greenB says:

    Diablo 2, starring Jason Statham. Basically 5 minutes of dicking about in the Camp, then just monsters being reduced to monster jelly, monster cutlets and monster self-rising flour.

  26. Schaulustiger says:

    I had high hopes for the Max Payne adaption (at least before I saw the first trailer) as it was always my top pick for a movie based on a game. And I could still rage at the total fiasco that film was. I mean… aaargh, Ibetter calm down.

    Well, a Warcraft film is also high on my list. At least on my “this is realistic-list”. Warcraft has a strong, richly coloured universe, that is both easy to adapt for a non-gaming universe (just stick with the alliance) but can also feature lots of insider stuff for the fans. Plus, Sam Raimi isn’t the worst choice, neither is Legendary Pictures. For me, this is one of the most promising games-on-the-big-screen-films.

    I second Team Fortress 2, but I don’t want a movie, I WANT A F’ING ANIMATED SERIES! NOW! NO, MAKE THAT YESTERDAY! Go Valve! I’d even pay money for that. Seriously. Now go make it.

    Well, there’s lots of games I’d like to see in theatres, but let’s pick one more: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.! Take some russian director, make him play the game and talk to the devs and it could result in a dark, atmospheric film masterpiece. Man, I’d really love to see that.

  27. Demon Beaver says:

    Grim Fandango – CGI, original voice actors, and some director who gets the style

  28. TotalBiscuit says:

    “Seeing as WoW doesn’t have a story, it being an MMO with no timeline”

    What? I’m pretty sure it does in fact, have a story, regardless of it’s MMO limitations.

  29. MonktonGaz says:

    In light of the Lucasarts/Steam retro-love-in, perhaps they could make a Sam & Max film? A naughty bunny causing death and destruction in the name of the law must surely be a winner.

  30. CMaster says:

    I really don’t think a Deus Ex movie is a good idea.
    What made Deus Ex so good was the way it played, the opportunities it gave you etc – that and all the little side coversations, quips and little secret notes as well as the philosophical elements. None of that would transfer well over to a movie – all you’d see was a silly sci-fi action film with a very, very OTT conspiracy-led plot.

  31. Carra says:

    Max payne could have been great but ended up mediocre to bad.

    I’ll put my money on a Starcraft epic movie.

  32. Theoban says:

    Planescape Torment with Ron Perlman as the Nameless One

    Half-Life with no-one in the main role, you’re a pair of hands and a crowbar, nothing else.

  33. mister k says:

    I’d like a version of half life 2, but from the point of view of other characters. Gordon would be a cypher, someone who had disappeared and now returns, bringing hope, a stoic character, clearly troubled by his past.

    A monkey island film would be lovely, of course, as long as it included a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle.

  34. Alex says:

    link to youtube.com

    Old, but still funny.

  35. Fede says:

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis of course :)

  36. Kast says:

    Having just finished it, perhaps Far Cry 2 could be adapted. Might actually make a better film than the game.

    I’ve always thought a Half-Life universe film could work if they didn’t include any major character for more than one shot. There’s no reason why a film of the Seven Hour War couldn’t work.

    Psychonauts could make a great animated series, so long as it keeps the undercurrent of mature realities (Milla’s nightmares).

    Stalker… I’m a little sceptical about that one. It would require a major re-working of the characters… so that there actually are some. And of course the practicalities of filming in the Zone – how else do you find the iconic locations and buildings? – and cultural sensitivities means it would require some real creative thinking to even get off the ground.

  37. PetitPiteux says:

    Ok, as nobody mentioned it I will:

    EvE online

    The two Clear Sky machinima paved the way, as did the firefly/serenity stuff (which admittedly where not a huge success, but still), there is a strong and rather interesting background and I would have some confidence in CCP choosing the right people to adapt their baby…

  38. Gap Gen says:

    Rather than express my general skepticism with the whole license whoring thing, I’m going to say…
    – Ground Control: Would make a nice explosion-laden SF story.
    – Any of the Total Wars: Historical films are fun, although I don’t know if the alternate-history thing that TW necessarily engenders would work with a linear story. The question: “What if Venice conquered the entire world?” isn’t the most interesting question to ask, perhaps. It depends.
    – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Because it’s going to happen sooner or later, and it’s basically an action flick already
    – Halo: See above
    – Bioshock: Because they’d have to make it more interesting than “hit everything until it dies”.

    I think in many of these, the question of how to make the mute game avatar work as an acted character, even one as iconic as Gordon ‘Gordan’ Freeman, is probably a deal-breaker. You’d have to change the story so that it wasn’t just following them, I guess (or maybe not at all – the existing HL2-based stories don’t follow Gordon Freeman) – so a Halo film wouldn’t just be Master Chief murdering monkey-aliens with squeaky voices for two hours.

  39. Angel Dust says:

    Stalker was a film before it was a game by the way. Albeit an art film by the master of glacial pacing that is Andrei Tarkovsky that bears little resemblance to the game or book!

    Grim Fandango – Brad Bird
    Doom – James Cameron
    Thief – Christopher Nolan

  40. Stense says:

    @Rinox: Thats because Stense’s avatar is of Lili from Psychonauts :) A game that would also be a good film candidate I’d say, it does have a very Burton like feel to it.

  41. Apotheosis says:

    Schaulustiger: Stalker is already a movie. From 1979 at that, made by Tarkovsky. And it is a monumental bore (and I like art cinema). The movie was most definately an inspiration for the game.

  42. Bobsy says:

    Civilisation (rom-com).
    Spore: Creature Creator.
    Oblivion (make sure you cast Patrick Stewert in a wig)
    Lemmings (rom-com).
    Quake (including the line “Damn, that Quake bastard works fast!”).
    Star Wars: Rebel Assault (just the cutscenes though).
    Zeno Clash.
    The Dig (maybe we can sell the concept to Stephen Spielberg?).
    Plants vs Zombies (starring Cam “Cam Clarke” Clarke as the voice of Sunflower).
    The Sims (subtitled).
    Quake 3 (rom-com).
    Delta Force: Black Hawk Down.
    MDK (in 3D for the sniper helmet bits).
    King Kong.
    Peggle (using Bjorn in multiple Blade Runner references).
    Speedball II (rom-com).
    Halo School Musical.
    Defcon (starring Signourney Weaver as The Lady Who Coughs a Bit).
    Tron 2.0.
    Leisure Suit Larry (Uwe Boll).
    Battlecruiser 3000 (rom-com).
    Elite (in classic black and white).
    Black and White (in classic black and white).
    Repton (rom-com).
    Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals.
    Indiana Jones’s Desktop Adventures.
    Custer’s Revenge (rom co- actually, no).

  43. mandrill says:

    EVE Online
    Directed by: Darren Aronofsky
    Harrison Ford
    Angelina Jolie
    Vin Diesel
    And using the current Engine for the special effects/ Space Battles etc.

  44. Clovus says:


  45. Jak B. says:

    Dare I say Braid? Nah, I actually think it should be made into a book, would seem to fit that medium better. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say “Beyond Good & Evil” simply cause the story is very good in my opinion, and if done correctly it could be a film which is “for the whole family”, as it has mature themes wrapped in a kid friendly wrapper…

    Sadly, I don’t think Hollywood could produce that kind of balance, seeing as how they seem to muck up the easiest things… *cough*Max Payne*cough*

  46. MrRud says:

    – Metal Gear Solid with Kurt Russel as middle-age Snake (placed between MGS2 and MGS4)
    – Serious Sam with The Rock
    – Freelancer, Mass Effect or Anachronox with Gerald Butler
    – Tekken with Paul as the protagonist, played by Josh Holloway
    – Total Overdose with Freddy Rodriguez

  47. jon_hill987 says:

    Fede says:
    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis of course :)

    Yes, I wonder if they will ever make a fourth Indiana Jones film…

  48. Schaulustiger says:

    @Angeldust & Apotheosis:

    I know the Tarkofsky flick (and found it rather strange). The film itself, by the way, is an adaption of a Strugatzky book (I only know the german title “Picknick am Wegesrand”) which I found way better than the film.

    What I want is a real adaption of the game, not centering around philosophical questions and a clearly metaphorical “zone” but depicting the real zone around Chernobyl with numerous factions that struggle to accomplish their goals. I’d like it to have a pace similar to the “Apocalypse Now Redux” version. Make the entry in the zone action-y and stuff and the deeper our hero steps into it, the more of a mental struggle it should become, resulting in a great final in the reactor.

    Sorry for my bad english, it’s hard to describe, but I want a Stalker film based on the game, not a Stalker film based on the old film. Since the latter would be quite useless.

  49. Über Nerd says:

    FEAR. It’s like a movie already, just convert some of the messages/pdas into beliviable conversations and you don’t even need a screenwriter.

  50. mpk says:

    Trials 2, featuring an all volunteer, all amatuer cast, scripted as a reality TV show.