Fevered: Left 4 Dead 2 Heads To The Swamp

This week’s Comic Con sees Valve revealing new sections of Left 4 Dead 2 to the public. We’ve already seen the daytime levels set in New Orleans for The Parish campaign. Now comes Swamp Fever, with its misty, boggy setting, putting at ease those who were afraid the game wouldn’t be dark enough. This will reveal the new Boss Infected, The Spitter. We’re told, “The female Spitter has an area attack that can split up Survivors or flush them out of their hiding spots.” They’ll also show the new uncommon Infected, the Mudman (seen below), along with the cricket bat, AK47, and grenade launcher. So if you’re there, go play it! New images of the game are below.


  1. lumpi says:

    Valve, to my knowledge, do not use the term “DLC”, at least not with Steam. That’s what I like about them. Over the years the company has become famous for delivering a little bit more than what customers paid for. And they became awfully rich doing just that.

    In return, Half Life and its successor have the most active custom content community in existence. Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Day of Defeat and most recently Garry’s Mod are all the result of dedicated fans working for Valve – for free!

    Yes, just like the communists!

    Millions of custom maps make even their year-old games still enjoyable. Clans buy their own servers privately – yet open them for public (for free!!!111one).

    Don’t give me BS about a campaign being “premium DLC” and costing $10, thus making a 5-chapter game a $50 title by default. L4D2 is the most un-Valve game they have released so far. It’s a mission pack, a year of work sold as a full-price title while L4D buyers who hoped for continuous support from Valve didn’t even get A F#&%ING SDK until- what? – 3 months ago? That means custom content wasn’t even ALLOWED to be produced, or at least no priority…

    L4D2 is OK, no big deal.

    But just like a high stock that suddenly drops significantly makes investors panic, many Valve fans see a severe drop in value-per-dollar for Valve products. If that is a business decision on Valve’s side, OK, it’s their company. But I don’t see why people disappointed with that are told to shut up? That’s not really the job of a consumer, is it?

    PS: Dig the Depeche Mode shirt…

  2. Matt says:

    I’m a little confused about the idea of boss infected. I thought the idea behind L4D1 was the unpredictability of horde and special infected spawns. Doesn’t a boss infected introduce predictability into the game? Or is it “at the end of a map, but you don’t know which map on a campaign”?

  3. CMaster says:

    @Matt – I think The Tank is a boss infected. They could come in principle at any time (although actually there seem to be points where they are most likley to come, and you always get 2 during the finale). Now as well as the possibility of a tank coming, there is a chance of a Spitter coming – thats how I read it anyway.

  4. Dave says:

    You know what I don’t hate? Pink Depeche Mode t-shirts.

    Helps go against the stereotype that I feared was inevitable for a pissed-off-looking southern black woman. She’s my new favorite character (among these four, anyway).

  5. RagManX says:

    I’ve played an unhealthy amount of L4D. I will play an unhealthy amount of L4D2. I just wish Valve would put up a pre-order page for it so I can commit my money now rather than squandering it on some lesser game and finding I need to wait a couple weeks to buy it when it is finally available. I don’t get why folks are so upset about ia full-blown, costs-real-money sequel. As I hear more about the game, I am more convinced that it will be worth the money. I also haven’t given up hope for free content add-ons from Valve for L4D, but those aren’t a deal-breaker for me since I’ve found some really well-done community campaigns to play instead (Death Aboard FTW!)

  6. LQB says:

    I love it when L4D2 comes up in discussion, because it makes people say the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen.

  7. Vandelay says:

    Looks like it has to be said once again: L4D was available for £17.99 from both Play and Amazon on Pre-order and day of release. Steam is a rip off for brand new AAA titles as they always go with the RRP. If you spent the extortionate amount on it without looking for any cheaper alternatives then you only have yourself to blame.

    @Matt: When they say boss, I assume they mean special. What is more interesting is which of these new infected are going to be playable in Versus and if we have more than the 3 (excluding tank) infected to use how many players will be on the infected team? I’m assuming it will remain 4 and the selection will be randomised. Hopefully they won’t use the annoying system of selecting the initial class depending on how fast you load up. Having a fairly fast computer meant that I would always have either the smoker or boomer (smoker is given to the fastest, boomer to second.) I rarely got the hunter at the start of a level. The problem was particular annoying when playing with mates, as it meant I would always get a boomer to begin with. Again, this something else that just made the longevity of the game suffer.

    The more we hear on this, the more promising the amount of content is sounding. Already we have 3 completely new infected types being added, as well as the variant on the Witch. The Mudman sounds as if it is specific to the swamp levels, so maybe we will be getting a different special for each of the campaigns.

  8. Tei says:

    @Lumpi: link to store.steampowered.com

    link to store.steampowered.com
    “This Downloadable Content requires the base game Empire: Total War™ in order to play.”

    link to en.wikipedia.org
    Example of use:
    link to en.wikipedia.org

    Seems to use Expansion pack, too:
    link to store.steampowered.com
    link to store.steampowered.com
    “Argos Naval Yard is an expansion pack that requires you own Sword of the Stars Ultimate Collection or A Murder of Crows.”

    Only the editor of steam store know the difference from DLC to expansion pack.

  9. CMaster says:

    @Vanderly – you sure? Because I played £27 from Play 2 weeks or so after release (just checked my Play history) – and the reason I hesitated initally was price. There may have been a big pre-order discount but I don’t recall it.

  10. pignoli says:

    @Tei: Can’t look at the links at work, but none of the games you mention are Valve games…

  11. Jamie says:

    “I played £27 from Play” like i said – £25

  12. psyk says:

    Anyone know where to get the movie posters in high res?

  13. T. Slothrop says:

    Everybody just be quiet for one moment please, shhh, yes even you. SHHH! You all miss what should be the key point of discussion; the man who voices the black dude played Dennis ‘Cutty’ Wise on The Wire. That’s all I need.


    Apologies if this is historical pedantry and a lengthy digression but the console market is more like totalitarianism or Stalinism, see 1930’s Spain for the only example of genuine anarcho-syndicalism or libtertarian socialism. Russia claimed it was communist because the working classes of Europe thought it was an inspirational idea and critics of Russia claimed it was communist because it would sully the noble egalitarian ideals of communism (Abraham Lincoln coincidently thought that the ‘spirit of the new age’ -wage slavery- was no different to chattel slavery (what is the difference between selling yourself and renting yourself?), it was truly the climate of the time in which Marx’s ideas were formed).

  14. Vandelay says:

    CMaster – oh, maybe not Play then. But certainly through Amazon it was.

  15. CMaster says:

    @Vandelay – damn, missed that one then. Suprised that LewieP wouldn’t have covered that kind of deal. Also sorry for mispelling your name earlier.

  16. JoeDuck says:

    You’re right, maybe those examples were not the best because they were too console centric.
    In that case, let’s compare L4D to other PC titles with long content at launch time and free updates that are certainly NOT getting yearly updates that need to be paid, for example, Call of Duty 4. Or Crysis. Or the extra units of Empire. Or, dare I say it, WOW.
    My point is that Valve, even with L4D (I do not see L4D as short or under supported, but I will accept this is my personal perception) is still head and shoulders above everyone else of the big boys. Yes, even in the “capitalistic” PC market.
    I see what you mean with this “pleasing to everybody”,
    it’s a compelling argument, that Valve are actually just greedy grey suits selling out to the monopolistic forces of the console. If that is the case and that hinders some persons from enjoying the game, then we are spending too much time on the internets and have lost our innocence.
    I for one will try to enjoy the best games available to me, in the present and in the future.
    Today L4D is one of those.
    I see nothing to tell me that L4D2 will not be another one.

  17. Tworak says:

    Can’t you just play L4D1 to see what’s in L4D2?

  18. Jamie says:

    “Can’t you just play L4D1 to see what’s in L4D2?”

    “I love it when L4D2 comes up in discussion, because it makes people say the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen.”

  19. lumpi says:

    Why exactly do we have to compare Valve to Crysis, Fallout 3, COD4 or GTA4?

    Why the hell can’t we judge one of the best PC games company on the planet by its own standards? Please compare the Orange Box to L4D2 and try to tell me with a straight face that they are equal deals?

  20. A-Scale says:

    I learned my lesson on L4D. I won’t be buying this.

  21. cullnean says:

    so im all like

    “ill just drop by rps and have a quick read and stuff”

    see’s L4D2 post

    “actually lets not go there tis a very silly place”

    see’s bbc micro thread

    “hmm ill stick around”

  22. Jamie says:

    I cant compare L4D2 with the orange box but L4D1 is far superior to it. Though Portal is something new it takes all of 2 hours to finish, as does episode 2. And TF2 is so dull.

  23. Tetheral says:

    Wow, valve must be happy about all the complaints generating so much talk about the game :)

  24. JoeDuck says:

    Could you please develop your point?
    What lesson did you learn on L4D?

  25. Jamie says:

    he means he thought he was gonna get another load of free campaigns. fool me once… he said to himself

  26. JoeDuck says:

    I loved, really loved the OB. But think it again. They released 3 of the best games in history in one box. Portal was there for filling up a little, for god’s sake.
    What do you want next, Valve’s Purple Box with 4 of the best games in history?
    Yes, L4D was such a let down, it was only ONE freaking amazing game.
    When do we stop raising the bar and enjoying the freaking games?

  27. Pie21 says:

    Spot on Tetheral, because they know how insignificant the whole boycott is going to become post-launch. At present, every new features Valve announces for L4D2 gives the boycott more fuel to complain about (go figure, hate fuelled by features), but once it launches, 90% of the boycotters will buy it, and the rest will just be left picketing Valve for more L4D1 content.

    I’m positive they’ll manage to reconcile the two communities, as this is probably their top priority in terms of quenching the hatred.

    And for those who haven’t figured it out yet, the mudman is the equivalent of the hazmat suit zombie – fire resistant. John even says it himself, “uncommon infected”. I’m interested to see how the Spitter will function, because she looks creepy as hell!

  28. j c says:

    Left 4 Dead 2 has a lot more stuff in it than all of Left 4 Dead + the Survival pack put together. That’s all there is to it, all there has to be. Left 4 Dead was easily worth my money, and if Left 4 Dead 2 has more new stuff in it than Left 4 Dead 1 had, I’d say it has a damned good chance at being with the money too.

    Left 4 Dead 2 is cohesively put together. Every single campaign is designed from the ground-up to support brand new boss monsters, brand new items, brand new AI capabilities, brand new graphics engine capabilities, and a brand new gameplay mode that hasn’t been revealed yet.

    -If new boss zombies were released as DLC, every old campaign would need to be significantly overhauled to support them

    -If new weapons were introduced, they couldn’t do anything significantly different, because the existing AI and level designs would need to be overhauled to take advantage of them

    -If new campaigns were released one-by-one, there would be no point in bringing out new gameplay elements that are only supported by the new campaigns. Whoopie, a single new campaign here and there with new stuff that the old levels don’t support. Unless, as before, they go and overhaul the original campaigns to support all of them.

    -If the new AI director improvements were implemented in Left 4 Dead 1, again, it would require overhauling the existing campaigns to support every new feature

    And every time new incremental DLC was released, it would require yet another pass of the old stuff to make sure the new stuff is compatible with it, and that the old stuff has enough opportunities put into it to use the new stuff in.

    Could it be done as incremental DLC? Yeah, probably. But thanks to all the overhead that incremental DLC presents instead of the opportunity to bring out everything in one fell swoop, it would be many many years before we saw anything anywhere near Left 4 Dead 2’s content.

    In the meantime, there’s still more campaigns and stuff coming to Left 4 Dead 1 during the Summer, as Valve has said countless times, so that fills the gap of new campaigns with the same gameplay elements we’re used to now, not introducing new stuff that would require redesigning the old campaigns.

  29. Gorgeras says:

    The Spitter is basically a solution to the problem that exists with closet and corner camping in L4D. So they’re not going to fix it, just stick it in the sequel.

    Those that think the sequel was a good idea don’t have a leg to stand on. Give up already, we were taken for mugs and robbed and shouldn’t pay for this.

  30. j c says:

    Interesting. Left 4 Dead 2 is out already? It’s already been released, already fixed problems in the original game? Valve is already charging people $50 for the sequel, already “robbing” you? You’ve already been “taken for mugs”?

    Funny, I could have sworn that it’s still 4 months away, with Valve saying that there’s more stuff coming to Left 4 Dead well before Left 4 Dead 2 comes out. It’s november already? When did that happen?

  31. Vinraith says:


    “90% of the boycotters will buy it, and the rest will just be left picketing Valve for more L4D1 content.”

    While I’ve no doubt some of the boycotters will buy it, you’re forgetting the significant percentage of us that are so disgusted by the entire mess we’ve pretty much already shaken our heads and walked away. I can’t even work up any hate anymore, I’m just sad to see a good company go the “full price for incremental updates, diddly for existing customers” route so beautifully pioneered by EA.

    Is it impossible Valve will surprise me and change my opinion of them with regards to all this? Sure. Then again, it’s pretty clear that doing this isn’t really going to impact their bottom line negatively, look at all he ardent defenders (and all the detractors that are all talk) after all. I fully expect to see Left 4 Dead 3 announced for July 2010.

  32. Miker says:

    Has anybody followed the Steam updates for L4D recently? They added a lobby browser only…you can’t pick your lobby. Oh, and this is eight months after release. If there’s one thing I want in L4D2, it’s a real server browser.

  33. j c says:

    I think it’s pretty sad to work up any amount of hatred, especially so much to be “disgusted” at a sequel that we haven’t even seen half of yet.

    But hey, that’s just one man’s opinion. Damn you guys take this shit personally. A decade of amazing support, and you guys take an *announcement* so personally that it’s now Valve’s responsibility to prove themselves? Even as they continue updating Team Fortress 2? Even as they continue updating Left 4 Dead?

    God damn people, get a life.

  34. sigma83 says:

    Whatever it is, I just want more movie posters from Valve. Those rock.

  35. j c says:

    Hmm, I wasn’t completely clear. Let me reiterate my confusion and ask more clearly:

    Here we have Valve. They’ve been producing incredible games for more than a decade. They’re continuing to support Team Fortress 2, it’s been almost 2 years since that came out. They’re continuing to support Left 4 Dead, and have said that more content is on the way for that game this Summer. Not as impressive as Team Fortress 2’s support, of course, but still there. They didn’t fulfill every lofty promise they made, but hey, no company is perfect, and I sure as hell still got my money’s worth out of the game.

    So there’s all that, a decade of incredible support. Now they go and announce a sequel, which to me – someone who got an extremely enjoyable 40+ hours out of Left 4 Dead, with more to come in the future – sounds like it’ll have a huge amount of stuff. More stuff than the original game had, in fact. More stuff than the original game had even after the survival pack was released. More stuff than the original game will have even after this future content is released this Summer.

    So one announcement. One single game announcement, as they continue to support their other games.

    One single game announcement, and they haven’t even talked about half of the stuff that will be in that game yet.

    One single game announcement, and now you’re “disgusted”? Even as they continue to support their other games, the burden of proof is on VALVE again? That’s it? That’s how jaded gamers have become? That’s how spoiled, pathetic, and hopelessly unreasonable “fans” are these days?


  36. Bobsy says:

    Surprisingly few complainers seem willing to articulate the crux of the matter. Yes, Valve have released DLC for L4D1. But that DLC has not included a new campaign, which I think everyone was rooting for.

  37. clive dunn says:

    J C ftw frankly Mr Shankly

  38. Vinraith says:

    I think it’s particularly funny how the defenders accuse those of us that are sad about this of being “too worked up” about it, but several of them are in fact far more vocal, animated, and hostile about the issue than any detractor I’ve yet seen. It’s one reason I’m absolutely certain Valve will have no trouble selling most anything they like.

  39. Funky Badger says:

    the man who voices the black dude played Dennis ‘Cutty’ Wise on The Wire

    That deserved repeating. Oh yes.

    And will that bastard Mike Patton be on squealing duties? He gives me the heebies-jeebies something fierce.

  40. Vinraith says:

    Incidentally, in what wacky, upside-down world is the burden of proof ever NOT on the game developer?

  41. Funky Badger says:

    Bobsy: my copy of L4D1 says it comes with 4 campaigns, which is exactly the number it has so, whaddaya talkin’ about?

  42. Dominic White says:

    So, from what I’m seing, L4D2 will be:

    Longer than the first game
    More plot-driven, with a stronger cast of characters
    Have way more weapons/enemy types
    New gameplay elements
    Backwards-compatibility with L4D

    This sounds like not only a full sequel, but a very good sequel at that. I’m fairly sure that Halo 2 offered less over Halo 1 than this. Valve have/are supporting the first game, and modders are now churning out maps, it has a traditional server browser now…

    I am, at worst, mildly irked that Valve haven’t released any new monsters/weapons for L4D, but I’ve gotten plenty of play out of the first, and if the sequel can improve on that in pretty much every respect, I’ll be buying it.

    I can’t even imagine being furious over this. It just strikes me as the most childish and immature thing gamers could do.

  43. MacBeth says:

    I’d just like to point out that the parachute harness is abysmal. You hang from the shoulders…

    Other than that, BRING IT ON. My £/hr for L4D must be approaching zero…

  44. Funky Badger says:

    It just strikes me as the most childish and immature thing gamers could do.

    Now, now… ttht’s a preeeeeeety big claim right there, mister.

  45. MacBeth says:

    Is that all?

    Games played
    Infected killed

  46. MacBeth says:

    Quote fail.

    JoeDuck said: …my stats say 190 games of L4D, 90 hours of gameplay and 18000 (yes, 18000) zombies killed up to now.

  47. jonfitt says:

    @Miker L4D has had a server browser since the demo. Just type ‘openserverbrowser’ into the console (~). It’s the same browser as TF2 et al.
    It’s just hidden away since L4D’s lobby system is much more useful when everyone wants to start a game at the same time.

  48. jonfitt says:

    It just strikes me as the most childish and immature thing gamers could do.

    That seems more like a challenge than a complaint.

  49. Psychopomp says:


    You appear to have missed the post above you.


    I, for one, am not going to get up in arms about a business acting like a business, as I got over that when I realized capitalism is here to stay.

    And anyone who wipes their hands of Valve, because of L4D2 a good kick in the rear from reality.

  50. ZenMetzger says:

    Sometimes It is so good to be the drooling simpleton easily distracted by lights and noises…

    My only conscious though after seeing L4D2 was: “Moar zombies, uh, and melee weapons! YES!”

    Why do smart people must overcomplicate everything… Its is a new zombie game with chainsaws and gore and stuff, and not made in japan… that’s good, no?