Fevered: Left 4 Dead 2 Heads To The Swamp

This week’s Comic Con sees Valve revealing new sections of Left 4 Dead 2 to the public. We’ve already seen the daytime levels set in New Orleans for The Parish campaign. Now comes Swamp Fever, with its misty, boggy setting, putting at ease those who were afraid the game wouldn’t be dark enough. This will reveal the new Boss Infected, The Spitter. We’re told, “The female Spitter has an area attack that can split up Survivors or flush them out of their hiding spots.” They’ll also show the new uncommon Infected, the Mudman (seen below), along with the cricket bat, AK47, and grenade launcher. So if you’re there, go play it! New images of the game are below.


  1. Gorgeras says:

    Ahem, none of your examples Psychopomp made their predecessors virtually obsolete like Left4Dead 2 will it’s predecessor.

    So, what is the actual criticism of the Boycott avatar? All I’ve seen so far are snide personal impressions elevated undeservedly to the same level as non-existent serious criticism of the avatar. It’s very hard to come away with any conclusion other than that there is absolutely no unique avatar that will not be a problem, simply because people want there to be a problem.

  2. Psychopomp says:


    “I have a problem with how the game is billed as a sequel, standalone full priced game.”

    “People who point out the ‘massive’ amount of new content in the next game when compared to the first seem to never mention or acknowledge that you are paying the same full price for a game running the same engine plus reskinned models and some gimmicks. Have you watched the gameplay videos? The shove animations are the same, the guns are simply reskinned so much of the game is just recycled l4d with ‘new and exciting’ scattered about.”

    “They just added in some new characters, maps, and weapons, recorded some new dialogue, and reskinned a bunch of shit.

    The lazy gits even re-used some of their old characters, *and* are using the same engine! WHAT DO THEY TAKE US FOR?”

    Read past the first sentence, champ.


    “Ahem, none of your examples Psychopomp made their predecessors virtually obsolete like Left4Dead 2 will it’s predecessor. ”

    Good luck finding a game of Dominions 2, Diablo 2, or about a million other games.

    “So, what is the actual criticism of the Boycott avatar?”

    It’s childish, arrogant, immature, and not in a good way, either. They’d be far better off with just “L4D2 Boycott” as their avatar, or some shit.

    Imagine you’re in the middle of a business negotiation with someone. Imagine you don’t like part of the deal, and flip them off.

    Imagine you’re in court, and someone is testifying against you. Imagine you flip them off.

    Do you get a good response from that?

    Or is giving someone the finger a mature way of expressing distaste all of the sudden?

    “It’s very hard to come away with any conclusion other than that there is absolutely no unique avatar that will not be a problem, simply because people want there to be a problem.”

    If it was something more mature, I might not view everyone in the steam group as a spoiled brat. Just the admin, whose posts reek of ignorance, and arrogance.

  3. Psychopomp says:

    Actually, now that I check the page again, he just made a post that basically said “guys, shut up, take off the tinfoil hats, they didn’t steal your idea,” to people claimed Valve had stolen their idea with the charger and spitter.

  4. Zally13 says:

    My god, sure they may have taken the idea of the Charger, or something else, but good god, that’s a good thing that they added it into the game to improve it.

  5. OrenjiKun says:

    @Jamie + CMaster:
    My only real complaint is that I’d just bought L4D almost 4 months ago for $30, and then they’re probably going to be asking for another $50 at launch. (~30 pounds?) Everyone of my friends who bought L4D at launch will certainly buy L4D2 ASAP, so then they won’t play the original with me.
    That’s my problem with L4D2 coming out so soon.

  6. Y3k-Bug says:

    See the reason why many people can’t see eye to eye with each other on this issue is due to all the hyperbole.

    I don’t feel Valve is giving me a fair shake with L4D2. I think its too soon after the first game, and the content of it is what should be in the first L4D.

    Does this mean I think L4D2 is “bullshit” or “not good” or “gimmicky”? Absolutely not. Do I think the people who will buy the sequel are “sheep” or “dumb” or “assholes”? Absolutely not.

    I just think the sequel is something of a ripoff. Will I be buying the game? No. I rather hope that others who feel the same as me will choose to tone down the rhetoric a bit, so our argument doesn’t sound so… crazy.

  7. Zally13 says:

    VALVe did not make L4D 1. Only some of the models and such. Turtlerock made it. Valve pretty much wants to do something that’s completely theirs.

  8. Bran says:

    Got a point about the medpack, And also…I wish valve would stick with the original characters…You know?
    It’s not like they all DIED…

  9. Lorc says:

    Yeah. I’m annoyed that Valve decided to make the L4D updates into a full-priced sequel. But I can see why they did it, and it /does/ look like it’ll be a really fun game.

    Just not a big enough leap to sway me.

  10. Evan says:

    Rochelle has a Depeche Mode T-Shirt! I now take away all negative comments I made about this game!

  11. Gentleman says:

    Greanade launcher :D

  12. Jixxi says:

    Whats with all the “i hate people that hide in a room tactics” ??!! If you don’t like it, then don’t f’***ing do it! -.- omg noobs.. and damn.. whats with that lady character?? she’s like way too feminin, who would run around looking like that in a zombieapokalypse, no scars or anything? it would be sooo easy to rip those earrings out, she looks like she is going to a club or something -.- damn i’m am soo gonna dl a skin 4 her…

  13. JoeDuck says:

    Ok, I get it, some people think that the game is too expensive. Good for them and vote with your dollars. Go find a better deal somewhere and good luck.
    Point taken. Position is clear.
    But now i’m going to ask the next question:
    Who cares about your ideas, specially if you are not buying the game?
    If you boycott, just boycott and stop the active politics, it’s childish and boring and creates useless noise in a already noisy internet.
    You are actively refusing to belong to the L4D2 community. Fine, now let US discuss the grenade launcher in peace, seesh. Go to the boycott thread and agree to each other or burn a flag or something.
    A friend of mine resumed his take on this very bluntly, he said: “these people need to get a girlfriend”
    And I think they do, because Valve left them and won’t return their calls anymore…

  14. medic! says:

    Medic! Need a Dispenser Here! Spy sappin my sentry!

  15. Jason says:

    yay for RPS being mentioned in my steam update news

  16. PILLS HERE! says:

    wtf happened to zombie in 3rd picture? he’s crazy…

  17. PILLS HERE! says:

    plz make the zombies a little bit crappier if not i’m not sure i can play it… lol

  18. PILLS HERE! says:

    i mean the graphics not zombies…

  19. German men says:

    A granade launcher ??!!^^ Cool

  20. Stupoider says:

    Epic fail Jixxi. I doubt the Infected would care enough about women wearing earrings to rip them off, they’d rather beat them up to be honest.

    And corner camping is just that, camping. Camping isn’t really much of an aspect of the game and seeing as Valve are implementing ways to prevent it I’d say they don’t want corner camping either.

  21. Krupo says:

    lol, I ctrl+f’d down to see if someone else had pointed out RPS getting hit up in the update news. :)

    I also find it amusing that there’s so much LfD/Steam boycott group discussion in this conversation – Valve seem to have nice thick skins, eh?

  22. Psychopomp says:

    “Whats with all the “i hate people that hide in a room tactics” ??!! If you don’t like it, then don’t f’***ing do it!”

    Yes, we can totally fucking stop the other team from being cheap fucks, and you totally won’t get votekicked from a public campaign game for not camping.


    Hint:That was sarcasm.

    What’s this about RPS in the steam update news? I don’t see it anywhere.

  23. Frye says:

    Yikes! What’s this smell of testosteron with a whiff of acne cream?

  24. Lukeee says:

    Coletrain, Some black woman, a scout and spy/scarface?

    Left 4 Fortress 2?

  25. defdam says:

    it should have been a fantomas or tomahawk t-shirt

  26. wrightkov says:

    ok i dont think a single person realizes how overpowered they made the infected, so in order to even it out a bit the gave charactors LIMITED special ammo that is probably very rare.

    Im pretty sure the max explosive shots you can get is 5 rounds

    and the flame shots dont do as much so there are more of those

  27. lumpi says:

    Who cares about your ideas[…]

    That’s OK. No one cares about your ideas either. Ideas? Pah… Who cares about them? The internet hates blog comments.

    Wait… a DEPECHE MODE SHIRT!!!!! OMYGAWZZZ!!!! I FUCKING LOVE DEPECHE MODE!!!! They’re my personal Jesus! Oh god, dude, did you see the DEPECHE MODE TSHIRT??!!?!?!

    Yea, saw it! Let me just make another 5 comments to praise the NEW DEPECHE MODE T-SHIRT! MGWZ, I found it: link to depechemode.shop.bravadousa.com (but only in white :((((( )

    Guys, guys… did you know that there will be a grenade launcher, too!

    NO F-ING WAY!?!?!?

  28. Psychopomp says:

    “ok i dont think a single person realizes how overpowered they made the infected”

    Oh, so you’ve played the game, I trust?

  29. DocCovington says:

    I’d love to see new scenarios for L4D1 instead of a sequel. :(

    That makes L4D1 the Windows Vista of this series, and L4D2 the Windows 7 release. *rolls eyes* You know, beta vs. final. ;)

  30. Vandelay says:

    “ok i dont think a single person realizes how overpowered they made the infected.”

    Good! The game may have initially seen really hard on expert mode, but after about a month it became very easy to rush through each of the campaigns in well under an hour. Excluding the final level, it was easy to get through without a single restart and the final level level was usually easily done in most cases when you found the maps sweet spot (the sloped ground behind the plane in Dead Air, the hallway of the first floor of the house/the room with the radio in Blood Harvest, etc.)

    As for in Versus mode, the balance really does need to be shifted more in the favour of the infected. Sprinting through the levels as survivors was a very viable strategy, which probably worked even more effectively than in campaign mode as it becomes much harder for the infected team to get into a good position. Levels such as Blood Harvest 4 could be over in about a minute with a decent survivor team, with the possibility of a tank being the only hope for infected.

    It is a zombie apocalypse, you should be fighting for lives to get through.

  31. Baris says:

    I agree Vandelay, especially about the infected being far too weak in Versus mode.

    It’s very frustrating when the survivor team has people that actually care about winning, just rushing past is a sure way of surviving in most cases.

  32. Julio says:

    This is a going to be a really good game. I can’t wait to play it with all my buddies.

  33. Niner says:

    This is going to be a good game with chainsaws, grenade launchers and other good stuff. Im just glad Valve doesnt go crazy with DLC/Expansion craze. Example: RE5 has versus that costs to access, COD: WAW has 2 $10 map packs for something that is free for PC. Bad thing is Valve hates ps3 so this isnt coming out on ps3. Maybe they might when Fallout 3 DLC becomes available on Ps3. (sigh)

  34. Niner says:

    I also live in Louisana myself and I thought I was safe from the zombie outbreak but I am not.

  35. Niner says:

    We are fighting for our very existence, but I if there are those who would deny our rightfull place in the world, we shall unleash such terrible vengence that generations not yet undead will cry out in anguish! They may shatter our bodies but they cannot break our spirits. WE WILL SMITE THE ZOMBIES FROM EXISTENCE! Though they sweep over streets like the winter snow never again will we live in fear, never again will we hide in Safe Rooms, never again will we stand divided, we will strike without mercy, fighting as one hand, one heart, one soul, drenching our families graves in their blood. As our last breaths tear thourgh their lunges, we shall rise from the ashes of our cities. And they shall know that Earth belongs to the True Humans.

  36. Niner says:

    that was modified from killzone 2

  37. brendanmint says:

    girl has a depche mode shirt ^_^

  38. DoctuhD says:

    No mentions about respawn closets yet…and I don’t see how you would find one in a swamp, so hopefully they are changing that system. At the moment, it is more practical to kill your injured teamates than to give them a nice refreshing health pack.

  39. nelson says:

    cant wait til this hits the shelf e mail this true fan about the dates of release

  40. Solid Snake says:

    I don’t get what all the fuss is about. even though Valve has come out with L4D2, they will still support L4D1. Kind of like when the PS3 came out. Even though it was a brand new and totally better system than the PS2 (the reverse compatible ones) Sony still made games for the PS2. Some of which where made for both the PS2 and the PS3.

    SO STOP YOUR FUCKING COMPLAINING AND JUST ENJOY THE FACT THAT VALVE EVEN MADE ANOTHER GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Solid Snake says:


    Stop commenting about the Depeche mode t-shirt. We all can see that. So good for you for seeing it and being Captain Obvious by telling everyone something that they all know.
    The two kinds of people i hate are stupid people (i mean the ones who ask you questions worthy of a “here’s your sign award”) and n00bs

  42. JonnyCox says:

    The guy on the right does look John Cusack-ish, but I’d regard his looks as more Dave Matthew-ish =)

    An acoustic guitar would be a great thing to break over a zombie’s head (if it could still be used as a weapon… perhaps it’d only take 5 hits and be gone? Hmm…)

  43. Boom head shot says:

    Lol on the girl in the pinks t-shirt it has gordan freeman ( very end shot) but this game look EPIC :D

  44. lolwut says:

    omg no pills in l4d2 :( tnx god louis is dead,or someting…

  45. Nsayne says:

    i love the pain pillz tho they save my but all the time in L4D

  46. German Kraut says:

    Very Good Game,i hope it will Top Part One.

  47. Tristan says:

    So we are paying another $50 for 4 more campaigns and new characters? Well darn.

  48. [GUI] Butterzz says:

    Personally I loved L4D1 aside from its somewhat boring hide in a corner forever and those pounces that seemed to go right thru someone yeah that was gay. But the point is Who doesnt want to blow a zombies brains out with an incendiary round I mean really or using a chainsaw to cut open them sure the charactors are kinda boring but who cares u get 5 new campaign maps a whole new aresenal of weapons and new zombies at least try it if u didnt like L4D not just cuz of dumbass pubbies or public players that dont know how to play but just the game itself now who didnt like it really it was a great game give L4D2 a try and dont keep bitchin’ about the money and how incendiary rounds are retarded and just play the damn game

  49. Psychopomp says:


    I like how you don’t read, or use logic.

  50. kami says:

    give me my francis and zoey back D: