Spore Creature Creator Goes Asymmetric, Exports

Then animate!

A new patch for Spore has made a few interesting tweaks possible. Perhaps the most immediately interesting is the ability to build asymmetric creatures. No longer to features have to be applied in pairs, which enormously opens up the possibilities for creature design. And once you’ve designed your creature, as spotted by Offworld, there’s now the ability to export it to your favourite Collada 3D modelling program to experiment with at your leisure.

Along with various bug fixes and tweaks, there’s also some more in-depth changes applied to the Space Game, rebalancing the difficulty and reducing disaster rates across all difficulty levels.

But for the artistic, it’s the asymmetry and ability to export to Maya et al that will be most attractive. Now by holding down A when hovering the mouse over the bit you want to move, it will become freed from any partner and be placed where you please. Or indeed you can hold A to select just one half of a pair from the menu. This applies across the creature editor and outfitter, as well as all vehicle editors and the UFO editor.

Once you’ve created something you love, those familiar with 3D modelling will be delighted to learn that using a new “cheat” made available in the patch, you can export the creature as a Collada model into Maya, or other similar applications. For all the details on this, check out Spore art director Ocean Quigley’s blog where he explains it all beautifully. Currently this only works with creatures, with the hopes that vehicles and buildings will follow some time in the future. There’s a step-by-step guide for creature conversion elsewhere on Quigley’s site, here, along with some fantastic examples of what can be achieved.

Create anything gorgeous? Link us to it below.


  1. Ian says:

    I dunno if I’ll go back to the actual game, but I might toy with the creator a bit more to see if this adds much to it. I’d hope so because I remember originally wanting to add more single features that weren’t in the middle.

  2. Theory says:

    Who said EA makes you pay for new features? This patch is great. :)

  3. Five says:

    That’s really quite beautiful!

  4. Mr Pink says:

    Does this mean that the less capable 3d modellers amongst us could use spore to create 3d assets for open source games? Or is that breaking a license agreement somewhere?

  5. Bobsy says:

    In-game clicking “What’s in the patch?” just tells you to go to Spore.com and find out for yourself. Charming.

  6. Bobsy says:

    @Mr Pink: Good question. I rather suspect that EA retains the rights on all Spore creations, but would they actually exercise those rights in such a case? Unlikely, but possible.

  7. Theory says:

    EA definitely own the rights of the individual components and textures.

  8. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    It’s quite nice that its been officially patched into the game, but there have been asymmetry mods knocking around for quite some time.

  9. Tei says:

    Nice to see some love with a 3D format. Now. what about X3D?

  10. Jacques says:

    Imagine the whole host of new penis creatures that’ll emerge.

  11. Alex says:

    This actually looks like a double-d*ck-headed penis-creature.

  12. Spored says:

    Looks like it’s sculpted out of excrement.

  13. G√ľnter says:

    My favorite alien dress-up simulator just got even better!

  14. bansama says:

    Ah the joys of patching Spore =/ Where you have a significantly higher chance of breaking your game than actually getting the patch to apply (unless you’re using a US English based version of Windows). Still, the contents of the patch sound nice so I guess it’s time to risk breaking the game again!

  15. BurningPet says:

    Mr Pink – yep, a very good question.

    heres the spore EULA:
    “EA owns all of the right, title and interest in the Software; to the assets included in the Software for building and animating creatures and for creating backgrounds and video clips; and to all derivative works comprised of those assets, including the Spore creatures that you create, animate, and capture in screen shots or video clips using the Spore Creature Creator.”

    however, since editing is now legit, which wasent with the original one, and since spore creations looks is a bit distinctive so directly taking one into a game is abit lame unless its a game set in the spore universe, there is no reason not to use the spore creature only as a basic mesh for further concept art, if by painting over the creation or by modifing it using any 3d modelling program or sculpting app, like z-brush, just to save some time.

  16. jsutcliffe says:

    Though I still have no real interest in Spore as a game the model exporter sounds like a lot of fun, especially with everything rigged and ready to go. I suck at rigging, but love to animate.

  17. Tei says:

    A model export could help the machinima and the likes guys to make some crazy movies, or just render it with highquality shadows, reflections and stuff.

  18. JKjoker says:

    Actually, being able to port designs sounds pretty nice.

    I always thought that if EA really wants to keep squeezing money out of that crap excuse of a game called Spore they need to drop the crap, make the creator as portable as possible and use it on other games to make a cheap method of character modeling and this is a nice first step

    i wonder if you could create a dick monster and port it into Dragon Age, it would probably be a lot more menacing than their dragons …

  19. Schmung says:

    Wow, all rigged and with the maps and everything. It’ll be mere days before they are Garrys mod and the like I imagine.

  20. shinygerbil says:

    Ahhh, patching Spore.

    A risky business, as my Captain BAD_DATA of the planet BAD_DATA in the star system BAD_DATA can readily attest.

  21. Alex says:

    Yesss, I can finally create my Moties.

  22. The Right to Arm Bears says:

    Ha, I read that whole article and completely missed that it was a free patch on the game instead of a paid DLC. Pleasant surprise, really, but what does that say about the publisher if I just naturally assumed that? …

  23. The Right to Arm Bears says:

    Alternatively, what does it say about me? :P

  24. Serondal says:

    This is good news indeed. I was going crazy because I like my space ships to be asymmetricaltastic. The creatures being that way is nice too of course but I think it will be most useful for space ships. People have already created some INSANE space ships just imagine what they’ll look like now ^_^ OF course even I stopped playing Spore after about 3 days because it is such a simple game.

  25. adam says:

    I’m quite frustrated:
    “Mac users check back soon”
    Why the hell wouldn’t the patch be ready for the OS X users as well?
    Everything else was launched mac & pc simulataneously, as it should be.

  26. Dave L. says:

    @Alex: My thoughts exactly.

  27. jonfitt says:

    Are we now finally able to make the elusive Triple-Wang Beast of Rigel 4?

  28. Starky says:

    JK Joker, I utterly agree with you, I’ve no intrest what so ever in actually playing spore, it holds no intrest for me…

    But I’d LOVE a more robust version of it’s creature creator as an actual modelling program.

    Hell I’d even give them $100 for it were that to happen, maybe more if the library of items too choose from and textures were massively updated.
    You here me EA? Team up with Autodesk RIGHT NOW and turn that into a fully featured modelling program, I say Autodesk because I think it would fit right along side the pure awesome that is Mudbox (which was good before Autodesk bought it, but they made it brilliant).

  29. Starky says:

    Hear damn it, hear…

    Oh ye ode to an edit function, play your sorrowful melody.

  30. Starky says:

    Testing this avatar thingy out…

  31. We Fly Spitfires - MMORPG Blog says:

    I stick by my feeling that the creature creator aspect of Spore was far better than the game itself :)

  32. Calabi says:

    Thats good news this should make my attempts to learn modeling a bit easier.

    I’ve managed to get it to work in Daz studio, sadly the mesh and skeleton arent applied to one another(so you cant animate it). Even so its still really good.

    link to yfrog.com

  33. Klaus says:

    Goodness, I hate asymmetrical things. I don’t know how I feel about this. I guess, I’ll just deal with it. *sigh*

  34. Dominic White says:


    Attacked by a fiddler crab as a child?

  35. Railick says:

    @Dominic White – lmao

    The tiny claw makes me puke!

  36. Devan says:

    Heh, I remember seeing workarounds to the bi-symmetry constraint right from launch. Since the engine was clearly capable of it from the beginning, it’s strange that it’s taken them this long to add a proper way to do it.

    Still, the collada export sure is cool. I’m not sure what it would be good for, but it’s cool.

  37. Klaus says:

    The smaller claw does looks pretty grotesque. I think Kikaider started my dislike, with his/it’s weird head which I found weird. Even looking at it now bugs me.

    I like creativity more though so I can get over this, but I don’t have Spore installed at the moment and have no idea where I stashed the game. Woe is me.

  38. caramelcarrot says:

    One thing I was hoping for the most is the ability to make auto-trading ships in space mode. The Anno system of trade routes/ships is pretty much ideal.

    That said, once you start running into that sort of level of sophistication needed the game does start to get a bit monotonous, exploring keeps turning up the same stuff.

  39. Calabi says:

    @Devan I believe it was due to the animation, I dont know but am guessing that the animation in those hacks was glitched in certain cases.

    I can see this would be good for anything that requires creatures or monsters of any kind. You could mock up a creature in less time that it would take to do in any other software and have it all ready to use straight away, and in whatever you want.

  40. Tagert says:

    So now we’ll be able to have one of the balls hang lower?

    In all fairness, it is a good patch. It probably should have been in from the start, but!