Role, Playing, Shooter: Borderlands Trailer

Looks like Gamespot managed to get first dibs on the new Borderlands trailer – I’ve posted it below. Lots of splattery monster killing, some bits and pieces of game footage, and plenty of random post-apocalyptic carnage. There also appears to be a comedy robot. Borderlands is, as someone pointed out in the previous release-date post, being sold as a role-playing shooter: an RPS.

Does that bode well? Go take a look.


  1. Bobsy says:

    Not until October? MAN! I need something now!

    Anyway, Fallout 3 with a sense of fun would be very, very welcome. Also, I’d love to make my first playthrough of this co-op.

  2. Sajmn says:

    Looks rather promising.

  3. MatureAge says:

    I’m still waiting for reviews first on this one. It could be the next Hellgate: London.

  4. The Hammer says:

    That’s one funky trailer.

  5. Bobsy says:

    Apparently there’s only 9 types of alien creature? Hrm.

    But right now my main query is character customisation. All the media Gearbox have released seems to feature the same four uninspiring characters: Big Guy, Black Guy, Pretty Girl and Rock Chick Girl. The more say I have in who I am in-game, the better.

  6. Jockie says:

    Interesting that they’ve decided to make numbers pop out of the enemies heads when you shoot them, I assume to reinforce that the game is an rpg. Hope the gunplay is good however, traditionally in RPS’s (are we accepting that as a proper genre now?) the shooting feels a wee bit clunky.

    Game seems to have a sense of style and a sense of humour, now all it needs is to be good!

  7. Sitting Duck says:

    that 4 player co-op section of the video sounds like the characters are firing staple guns. And are they ant-lions i see?

  8. Nighthood says:

    @Jockie: You think Stalker’s shooting was clunky? I beg to differ.

  9. Elos says:

    I still think the old look was better, somehow that new comic shit they’ve got going on seems forced.

  10. Ian says:

    Everybody knows it’ll only be, like, 10 bazillion guns in different colours.


  11. Sartoris says:

    Now that’s how you make a fun trailer! Learn from this, Dragon Age people.

  12. schizoslayer says:

    It’ll be shit.

  13. M.P. says:

    Cool soundtrack!

  14. derFeef says:

    @ Bobsy
    Its only one girl.

  15. Clockwork Harlequin says:

    I’m a sucker for RPSs. But I’ll never be able to play another one without some disappointment; Stalker set the bar too high.

  16. Captain Bland says:

    In singleplayer will you be accompanied by 3 AI at all times, or will the other characters only appear for the co-op? Does anyone know?

  17. MrBejeebus says:

    87 bazillion guns you say? i want a picture of each one.

    *going to buy*

  18. ImperialCreed says:

    Anyone know the name of the music track used in the trailer?

    Borderlands has been a day one purchase for me since they changed the art style. Looks to be shaping up nicely.

  19. Bobsy says:

    @derfeef: Er. Really? Whoops.

    I should probably ring my girlfriend. I need to check something.

    @schizoslayer: Well I WAS going to invite you in on the co-op, but not now.

    @MrBejeebus: Most of them are untextured AK-47s.

  20. The Sombrero Kid says:

    it’s just diablo with guns lol, no seriously this is going to be amazing!!!!!!

  21. c-Row says:

    DJ Champion – No Heaven

  22. Azradesh says:

    Hmm I hope this is good, I want this to be good. Looks smashing :D

  23. schizoslayer says:

    @Bobsy: This is not the post-apocalyptic Mad Max Game you are looking for.

    Seriously that Trailer couldn’t have made me want to play the game any less. It just seemed very pedestrian and unambiguously average throughout.

  24. Okami says:

    Bah.. It’s just Morrowind with guns…

  25. Jockie says:

    @Nighthood: I don’t consider Stalker to really be an RPG, the only RPG-esque bits were customizing your weapons, and a bit of selling/trading. No levelling up, no actual character stats, no customization of the character you play.

    I was referring more to games like System shock 2, Deus ex 1&2, Hellgate: London etc (IE RPG first, shooter second, whereas Stalker was shooter first, RPG about 9th). Other similarity with Hellgate is that Hellgate too boasted loads of weapons and they were all rubbish!

  26. Howard says:

    Still leaves me utterly cold. Neither moved by it nor repulsed: just…meh

  27. ZenMetzger says:

    Wow, it looks kinda like fallout 3, but you know, with combat that doesn’t suck and less brown.

    The graphic style and tone of the trailers give me this tingly feeling I had before TF2 was released.

  28. Aphotique says:

    That 8 minute long gameplay video linked in the release thread did a lot more toward making this a must buy for me then any of these theatrical trailers would.

    It can be total ass (I don’t think it will be personally) and I’d still play it and probably enjoy it. I enjoyed Hellgate for the same reasons as I’ll probably enjoy this, so bring it on I say. Plus…running over enemies with vehicles? Come on? Who didn’t want to run down some possessed in diablo?

  29. FinDude says:


  30. Aphotique says:

    If by possessed I mean Fallen. I should never be awake this early.

  31. airtekh says:

    While I don’t base my opinions of unreleased games on trailers, I have to admit that a coop FPS RPG with comedy robots has me intrigued…

  32. hJ says:

    This looks promising, can’t wait !
    Though it’s interesting to see a change in “musical mood” of games, recently. I mean, for years it was hiphop/rap/gangsta or techno for some.
    But for sure never rock/metal style : finally, brutal legend was put to “trash” because of that, being asked to make it in a more popular music style, like hiphop, or maybe country.

    And now, not sure why, brutal legend is highly expected, this Borderlands is in the same kind of “mood”, it’s fun to see such changes.

    What happened ?
    Was that all because of the Guitar heroes and sons ?
    Because I don’t think that the musical tastes of gamers really changed recently, so what ? Publishers noticed that there is a public for that only since last years ?

  33. catmorbid says:

    This game went a helluva lot worse when they changed the art-style from realistic to cartoonish. Now it looks like fucking WoW with guns, and with all the fucking damage numbers floating around a huge fucking level up signs telling you what’s obvious. I guess I’ll have to wait for Rage to get my gritty post-apocalyptic shooter-driver then, this in my view this one was made for the kids. I feel angry now.

  34. matin says:

    For those asking, soundtrack is “No Heaven” from Champion, a Canadian indie. Google “djchampion”.

  35. hJ says:

    @catmorbid : Yeah, because only kids appreciate cellshaded cartoony-style…

  36. NuZZ says:

    Anyone else wishing this was REALLY the baby of diablo and [great FPS game here] merged?

    Likely it will be lacking and forgotten ;(. Well, I’m at least trying before im buying. Perhaps I will only be trying though.

  37. Paul Moloney says:

    That looks like fun, and I’m now officially intrigued by this game.

  38. torchedEARTH says:

    With so many good things going for it, and quite frankly cel-shading is a boon compared to the realistic grey and brown worlds I’ve been living in, I can’t see how they will mess this one up enough for me not to want to buy it.

  39. tekDragon says:

    Nice one on the DJ Champion tune.

  40. torchedEARTH says:

    @catmorbid : guess I’ll have to wait for Rage

    Oh yeah, Rage, whatever happened to that game?

  41. Kadayi says:

    I like the cel shaded effect, however I’m not so sure about the exaggerated character models. The big guy just looks ridiculous. Probably getting this for the look, assuming it holds up under review.

  42. CMaster says:

    Like others have said, I hope the shooter bit is solid enough and not too cluky, and the online element easy enough to set up. If so, this could be just the game for me for a while.

    As I’ve said before though, the fact that it’s Gearbox makes me a little nervous.

  43. Jason says:

    i like the way it looks. But the game play looked, confused. I loved the animations in-between though, the robot rocked. and YES to different art style and YES to people not liking them. we are not all meant to like the same things, embrace this art directors.

  44. l1ddl3monkey says:

    NAME THAT TUNE (I win): Champion “No Heaven”

    link to

    Awesome trailer

  45. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Ok – I win apart from that other guy who got there first. Didn’t the same guy also do some music for Dirt?

  46. N-Al says:

    @ hJ:

    Yes, it is because of GH and sons.

  47. Optimaximal says:

    This game went a helluva lot worse when they changed the art-style from realistic to cartoonish. Now it looks like fucking WoW with guns, and with all the fucking damage numbers floating around a huge fucking level up signs telling you what’s obvious.

    Because it would have looked so much better with the realistic art style and numbers still flying around?

  48. Flint says:

    The mixture of Diablo and FPS still sounds like the most awesome thing ever to my ears.

  49. lumpi says:

    Heh, yea, they do not really “get” that TF2 style, do they?

    I absolutely welcome the return of apocalyptic wastelands to gaming, though. This, Rage, the new Fallout…