The RPS Bargain Bucket: Price Of War!

Welcome all, to the blog post that will add to the pile of games you bought for cheap, and still haven’t got time to play. Yes, it’s the weekly whiff of all things bargainous, as tracked down by the sale-snout of the splendid LewieP, chief bloodhound of the Savygamer kennels. Go visit his site, it’s packed with more ways to spend save money.

Men Of War. MEN OF WAR. Men Of War is cheap on Steam, £6.25 or $7.50 or €7. The RPS team love this multi-faceted strategy from the Eastern Front, and this is cheap. (And I’m going to butt in at this point and say, just buy it, please – Jim.)

Space/Kings Quest Collection – £7.49/€7.49/$14.99
I remember playing the demo of one of the Kings Quest games (possibly 2 or 3) over and over again on the Amiga. It was an adventure game, I washed up on a beach, and there was a prices, a ribbon, a tree and a bird. I had fun toying with the player character. I would make him walk into the water, and then he would die. Fun times. A friend of mine grew up on the Space Quest games, and he swears by them. Is he a nostalgia blinded fool, or are they good?

Dawn of War II – £14.95 or $24.95
Actually a better deal to get it retail in the UK, and you can stick the serial into Steam and it will get added to your Steam account. It’s the video game version of those little toy soldiers you can buy from Games Workshop that you have to paint yourself. Alec had these words to say about it. Demo here and RPS coverage here.

Aces of The Galaxy – £7.49/€7.49/$7.49
Loved the demo of this on the 360, but didn’t even know it existed on the PC till just now. It’s a bit like a modern take on Starwings. In fact, it is a lot like a modern take on Starwings. Good enough concept for me. Check out the demo here. Activision are really on form when it comes to regional gouging, in just one week they have managed to say that £7.49 = €7.49 = $7.49, £7.49 = €14.99 = $14.99 and £7.49 = €7.49 = $14.99. Bravo.

Children of the Nile: Complete – £7.87/€9.15/$12.95
Also available as part of the similarly discounted Tilted Mill Complete bundle, this includes Children of the Nile and the Alexandria expansion. I don’t know much about these Egyptian strategy/sims, but they certainly sound neat, and I love me a bit of Egyptian history. How are they anyone? Demo here.

Deal of the week
Paradox games 50% off
You can get them in Steam, Impulse and GamerGate flavour, so take your pick. Prices are roughly the same across all three, but there is some variation, although GamersGate has the biggest selection. Obvious highlights for me include Mount & Blade, Sword of the Stars, Elven Legacy and King’s Bounty: The Legend, but there is tonnes of great games to be had for cheap. RPS coverage on their games here.

Also of note:
50% off THQ games at D2D UK/USA
Some racing games or something at GOG
You might want to take a look at this if you use Steam a lot too.

If that lot’s not enough for you, do check out for constantly-updated bargains across all formats.


  1. Vinraith says:

    Does MoW on Steam support the dynamic campaign mod?

  2. runcrash says:

    Do those Sierra Adventures have the same copy protection where you have to look up words in the manual or are they newer versions?

  3. Xercies says:

    Hmm Aces of The galaxy sounds very interesting. I do like a bit of space shoot em up.

  4. Fat Zombie says:

    NEIN! I will not buy Men of War! It does not run on my PC! So There!

  5. MrBejeebus says:

    Unlucky Fat Zomb :(

    I might buy MoW again, just to have it on steam, I hate D2D….

    Decide my fate!

  6. FhnuZoag says:

    Dammit, RPS, stop showing me these good deals! I have a pile of games on my hard drive that I’m yet to play, and pretty soon I’m going to be pretty much buried in them!

  7. jonfitt says:

    Beware that the Sierra collections are the original games just bundled with DosBox. Your Vista and 64-bit OS mileage may vary.

  8. abhishek says:

    Men of War seemed like an automatic purchase for me after hearing so many good things about it on this blog. However, on the steam store page for the game, it specifically mentions that Vista 64 is not supported. This is a problem for me. I’ve been reading around a bit and it seems that most people managed to run it on a 64bit OS, but i’d appreciate it if the RPS readers could chime in as well. Trying to get the maximum amount of feedback on the issue.

  9. Bob Bobson says:

    I love reading RPS when something really tugs at your enthusiasm (which seems to be most weeks) but I don’t always go out and spend my hard earned on something like MoW just cause you love it. But £6 – count me in!

  10. toni says:

    what, steam is expensive ? and has a discriminating price schema on europe ? NO WAY ! THIS IS NEWS !

  11. Railick says:

    If you buy Men of War beware it will slaughter you if you’ve never played it’s ilk before, however the way it is set up is so good that the learning curve is more like a very short cliff. at first it is very steep but once you get far enough it levels off into a nice steady rise :) Also the Losing is Fun motto from Dwarf Fortress is applied well to this game.

  12. jonfitt says:

    Oi-oi! Careful where you tug at your enthusiasm: you could get into trouble.

  13. Kirilax says:

    Steam just told me that Terran Conflict is 50% off this weekend.

  14. Heliocentric says:

    Does Men of War evenly crisp my toast on both sides without burning the crust?

  15. Dan Milburn says:

    abhishek: I just bought it from Steam without having looked at the thing about Vista 64. It’s working fine for me so far.

  16. PaulMorel says:

    Buy King’s Bounty.

    That is all.

  17. leederkrenon says:

    men of war at that price is silly. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT FOOLS BUY IT!

  18. juv3nal says:

    ooh King’s Bounty for cheap. Might have to buckle down and get it.

  19. Dominic White says:

    Personally, I can’t reccomend Aces of The Galaxy. I got it back when it launched on the 360, and while fun for a while, it really doesn’t have any of the subtlety or detail of Starfox.

    Don’t say it’s just nostalgia – I’ve got Starfox on the Wii, and replay it every now adn then. It’s still great to this day, mainly due to the variety of enemies, levels and bosses. Aces of The Galaxy sadly devolves into an exercise in mashing the fire buttons as fast as you can, which is sad, as there’s potential for a lot of depth in the genre.

  20. Mortiphago says:

    abhishek: I’ve seen it run on Windows7 flawlessy, so I guess it should run on Vista64 also

  21. Collic says:

    About the x64 bit regarding Men of War. I have XP x64 (also not officially supported) by the game. And it runs perfectly.

    I would look on that as this is a small dev so can’t afford to test/ support x64, not that it does’nt work. It does. So buy it !

  22. jonfitt says:

    I’m looking forward to Men of War. Lovely, lovely, sales.

    What’s the current best price for Demigod? I want to pick that up, but am waiting for a good price drop as I’m feeling cheap.

  23. Collic says:

    EDIT : In the unlikely event you run into problems, just don’t tell them you have an x64 OS :)

  24. AW says:

    Have to agree with FhnuZoag, when the bargain bucket was on hiatus for a few weeks while LewisP was somewhere wandering blighty, I was just itching for deals. Now I’m thinking I’m going to have to go to a marriage counselor.

    Plus Steam is like crack.

  25. says:

    I’m buying Men of War. I have no idea why – I just got the urge to buy Ground Control (with the expansion, which I hadn’t played) from GOG, so it’s not like I’ll be able to play MoW for ages…

    *shakes fist at LewieP*

  26. M_the_C says:

    As Kirilax mentioned X3: Terran Conflict is only £11.49 on Steam, which is a little less than retail. But you can also get the X3\X3:TC bundle for £14.99. Still not quite sure about this, I am not buying any game with activation limits, but they have said they will remove the protection at some point so I could just hold onto it.

    Also wanted to give a little recommendation for Children of the Nile. The price isn’t that cheap but it’s a good game, if you like a more laid back pace. All the people have little lives that they live and it can be fun just watching them go about their daily lives.

    Oh and finally, it’s not a deal but a Tropico bundle has recently been released. Works out best from Impulse and Steam at £9.99.

  27. Dominic White says:

    Terran Conflict is basically X3, upgraded with a new (and SO much better) UI and combined with XTended, the fan-made expansion that the developers liked so much, they bought it and hired its creators. Aside from the really naff singleplayer campaign of the original X3, there’s no reason to own it if you have TC.

  28. We Fly Spitfires - MMORPG Blog says:

    I heard Dawn of War is very good. I’d also recommend Sins of a Solar Empire on Impulse for anyone who hasn’t played it. It’s a truly awesome game.

  29. Wirbelwind says:

    Dawn of War 2 is great, grab it – I say.

  30. Vinraith says:

    The original Dawn of War was great, Dawn of War 2 is… not. For anyone interested, I’d highly recommend the demo, it talked me right out of a purchase.

    And as to Sins of a Solar Empire, quite possible the most overrated, over-hyped mediocre RTS of this century so far, I STRONGLY recommend the demo before making a purchase.

  31. Psychopomp says:

    I bought Men of War about three months ago.

    I still have yet to play past the fifth mission in the campaign, and I’m terrified of going online, but it’s absolutely lovely.

  32. Psychopomp says:

    I also love Dawn of War 2, but it pales in comparison to Men of War.

    Both of them aren’t for everyone. Men of War is balls hard, and Dawn of War’s single player can get a bit repetitive on the lower difficulties, and multiplayer is dreadful without a good team.

    They’re both very much micro level games, with macro being almost non-existant, which I like. Dawn of War 2 is like Men of War’s prettier, sci-fi cousin, whereas Men of War is the worn, battle hardened man with a funny accent, and some really, really great war stories to tell.

    That damn left-click still throws me off in Men of War, though.

  33. Hoernchen says:

    Space quest ? Burlesque mode !

  34. SwiftRanger says:

    DoW II is awesome, singleplayer becomes boring after the first 20 campaign days or so but it’s fresh enough and easily beats the linear campaign of the original and the multiracial template campaigns of DC and SS (WA still is the most memorable DoW experience though, can’t beat the General). Multiplayer/skirmish is another game almost, a better one even, despite Live troubles sometimes.

  35. Smike says:

    Anyone know anything about Knights of Honor? Is it worth the the $7.50 on Steam?

  36. Vinraith says:


    I humbly suggest that Crusader Kings with the Deus Vult expansion is the better option for that time period. It’s also got a couple of nice mods.

  37. fuggles says:

    Dawn of War 2 seems to have settled at a permanent £10 on

    Is it a reflection of a games’ quality that it is budget price so quickly? Well, no, because it’s still not worth that in my book.

  38. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Got me some cheap Penumbra as I like scaring myself to death, originality and doing puzzley type things and this appears to fit all three of those bills…

  39. Jad says:

    I’ve heard your calls to purchase Men of War before, and I’m temped by the low low price this time, but the comments on its difficulty have turned me off somewhat.

    Its not that I dislike RTSes, its just that I’m truly awful at them. Multi-tasking under a time limit is definitely not a strong suit of mine — I tend to hyper-focus on a couple of units to the detriment of my army and economy as a whole.

    So I take it that MoW does not have any kind of InsultinglyEasyMode? Can you pause it and still give orders, making it pseudo-turn based? Can you succeed by focusing only on a couple of units?

    (a note: I expect the answers to the above questions to be “No”, and I’m fine with that. It just means that MoW is a good game, just one that is Not For Me.)

  40. Railick says:

    @Vinraith Dawn of War II is my all time favorite RTS game ever from the start of time forward to this current day (and I’ve played literally every RTS ever released as I’m an RTS nut) It has the best story and game play I’ve ever had. The ending was fantastic and I’m hoping to God there is an expansion soon. I loved Dawn of War as well and got all the expansions for that, they are two totally diffrent games though (and I like that) it also like the difference between Warhammer 40k and Warhammer 40k Epic.

    I’m not commenting on multiplayer, only single player.

  41. Dominic White says:

    Some of you may have missed it, but Dawn of War 2 was recently notable for having the entire multiplayer game (which is really a seperate game altogether from singleplayer – they share art assets and not much else) reworked, because Relic weren’t happy with how it turned out.

    As of the ‘There Is Only War’ megapatch, it’s a far better multiplayer game, and much more Warhammery-feeling, especially in a heated 3v3 match, where the first half of the match will be infantry slugging it out in inconclusive skirmishes, until one side has the resources and nerve to try a push with armor.

  42. jonfitt says:

    DoW2 is great. The SP campaign was really good, and the MP is a blast. I’m waiting for the new mega update to drop before I go back to it and really get into the MP.

    I can’t wait for the inevitable expansions with new campaigns.

  43. jonfitt says:

    @Dominic White
    I watched the gameplay videos of the megapatch and it looked really good. I’m just waiting for it to go final before I invest time in learning the changes. Any idea when they say that’ll be?

  44. DMJ says:

    I obey, masters.

  45. jalf says:

    Eh, I’m not too hooked on the new patch. I understand what they’re trying to do, and the basic idea is good. But in practice, it’s just turned the game into an even more pronounced slippery slope, where once you’re in the lead, you’ve got all the advantages and virtually nothing can stop you from winning. I’ve really gotten annoyed with the MP lately. It’s far too competitive and punishing, and just not much *fun*. It suffered a bit from this even at launch (when compared to the first game), but the big patch definitely emphasized it further.

    But like jonfitt said, definitely looking forward to new campaigns in expansions.

  46. Railick says:

    @Jad YES! For the most part you CAN win some of the missions by focusing on 1 dude if you really want to, at least on the missions where you’re assaulting. That is the way I’ve always played it, control one take or one guy at a time and take out the enemy as slowly as possible. OF course the defence missions that isn’t going to work (I always lose those for the same exact reason you mention, I’m focused on 1 guy at a time while the enemy is destroying the flank I didn’t even know I had) But in that respect even if you do lose a couple of times you can get the hang of it very quickly. The AI is smart enough for your soliders that if you put them in the right place at the right time they will defend themselves very well. (in my opinion)

    And there are tons of little hero moments where you sneak one guy out of the battle line and use him to destroy a tank that is mauling your forces suddenly turning the tide of battle.

  47. Vinraith says:


    To each their own. Single player was my only concern as well, and I found it terribly uninvolving and dull.

    Regardless, though, surely we can agree that anyone interested is always well served to try the demo first. If it’s their type of game it’ll be no hindrance, and if it’s not it’ll save them some cash.

  48. Heliocentric says:

    Just get the game band box your soldiers and send them off to get massacred, just like a real soviet general.

    I too own this game on D2D, and regret the store choice. £6 quid might just be a call to buy the game twice, at least i can set up lan games with my 2 keys?

    Eh, i’m gonna go and investigate the mod compatibility with steam, its kinda critical.

  49. MrBejeebus says:

    got my friend to buy MoW, yay now im not alone!

    is kings bounty any good?