Within The Grey Wardens: New Dragon Age Trailers

Let's not fight, let's just celebrate non-shit DA trailers!

A wad of Dragon Age: Origins trailers – that’s what you’re in the mood for. You weren’t sure, but now I’ve said it you realise that’s exactly it. How will they taste? Look below. There’s three of them, titled The Dwarf Commoner, The Human Noble and The Tower Of Ishal. I’d like to now say: oh thank goodness.

The Dwarf Commoner:

A good joke! In fact, a great joke, well delivered. With really decent acting. And then just a ton of chunky, well connecting violence.

The Human Noble:

Subtle infidelity, strong acting, entertaining blood splatters, and a sense of drama.

The Tower Of Ishal:

Gorgeous locations, really powerful looking magic, and a great looking boss fight!

Oh thank goodness’s goodness. Finally it’s the Dragon Age trailers I’ve been waiting for. They make the game not only look really entertaining, but also not something designed for horny adolescents. Notice something about all three trailers? Not a hint of screaming thrash metal in the background. In fact, no music at all, instead relying on the sound effects and dialogue. Hurrah, BioWare. HURRAH.


  1. sigma83 says:


  2. Psychopomp says:


    Also, I like this music-less approach…

    I might have to try turning off music in-game.

  3. negativedge says:

    I must say, this game still looks horrible.

  4. c-Row says:

    They make the game not only look really entertaining

    Uhm… no.

    but also not something designed for horny adolescents

    So the bloodlusting splatter fans are a more favourable demographic?

  5. ChaosSmurf says:

    The kill moves looked cool, everything else I thought was disconnected. Kinda disappointed that the combat seems to be “two sprites hit each other until a kill move triggers” but I guess it’d be silly to expect anything else.

    Also as a horny teenager I proffered the other trailer – there’s something about sex violence and rock and roll.

  6. ChaosSmurf says:

    Er, preferred.

  7. Psychopomp says:


    Bloodlusting slatter fans normally go hand in hand with Evil Dead fans, for one.

  8. Isometric says:

    finally some we get some real propper trailers

  9. skrat says:

    The characters certainly like playing with red paint.

  10. Dood says:

    John, you might be leaking sarcasm. You should se a doctor before you run dry. ;)

  11. Matt says:

    Dear God that looks awful :(

  12. ad_hominem says:

    I swear the game looked better when they first announced it…

  13. Daniel Rivas says:

    Strong acting? If you say so.

  14. Matt says:

    ad_hominem – probably because they announced it about 30 years ago.

  15. toni says:

    still lookin’ aweful. removing the music won’t help. I’d rather have turnbased combat like in King’s Bounty than this 80s shit.
    but ! we still don’t know the story, but bioware being bioware we sure have played the story in all of the previous games.
    spectre == grey wardens

  16. Sinnerman says:

    Improvement. It looks like I might actually play that game. Mass Effect turned me right off Bioware RPGs but this could be worth a try but might rent it on the 360 or something as I don’t feel like upgrading for this game.

  17. Stitched says:

    Wow! The acting was stiff and stilted; the facial animation, abysmal. What was up with the woman archer when she puts her hands to her face (I think they meant mouth)? Terrrrrible.

    How is it that this is the same studio that produced Mass Effect? John Lasseter is right; you can’t have two levels of quality in a studio. It’s a bad business strategy.

  18. Matt says:

    I’ve suspected since NWN that Bioware are beginning to develop a formula for the narratives of their games – though Mass Effect was great, it didn’t really disprove that… This just looks like the ultimate fruition of that – rehashing the same stale trope structure they’ve been peddling for a decade plus.

  19. ExplosiveCoot says:

    I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say the trailers make the game look really interesting, but at least they don’t make it look utterly rubbish.

    Actually, I think they look quite like a “Baldur’s Gate 3-D,” and lead me to expect Dragon Age to be a typical Bioware title with an excellent story and sub-par combat.

  20. ZenMetzger says:

    Well, I like the dwarf voice acting, the boss fight wasn’t so bad either. But other than that, it is still very underwhelming. cant put my finger on it, but there is just something wrong with visuals in this game. I think that generally art direction is just uninspired and boring, Its like they took the worst of realistic medieval style and generic fantasy aesthetic, and mashed it in something that is ridiculous and bland at the same time…

    But somehow I suspect that this game will be quite good when you actually play it. Maybe that’s a new marketing tactic they are experimenting with right now: Inverse-Hype: they are making DA look like crap in trailers, so when it is released, it will take players by surprise!

  21. John Walker says:

    No sarcasm. I thought those were strong clips, and the acting was a league better than we’ve seen before.

  22. gulag says:

    I’m sure it’s a grand game, playing to Bioware’s strengths, but despite their faults, at least the original trailers made sume effort to distinguish themselves from the competion.

    The above efforts just play straight down the middle, signaling to the already initiated that everything is alright, remain calm, don’t panic. That’s no way to reach new audiences.

  23. Sartoris says:

    Nope. Still awful. And the camera also looks like it’s going to be a bitch.

  24. Martin K says:

    I’m actually reticent to say this, but…that looks abysmal. I wish, wish so very hard, that I could say otherwise, but I can’t. The animation is stilted, as is the acting, and the combat looks desperately unsatisfactory. I could very well be wrong, wrong about it all, and Christ, how I hope I am.

  25. GreatUncleBaal says:

    Blimey, a dwarf without a Scottish accent! The graphics look pretty good to me, especially the magic effects. From the stuff I’ve seen so far, I’d say the acting seems pretty variable in quality, although nothing jaw-droppingly awful so far. Gimme a good story and lots to explore and I’ll forgive a poor combat system – I did for Mass Effect.

  26. c-Row says:

    Bloodlusting slatter fans normally go hand in hand with Evil Dead fans, for one.

    … and?

  27. MC says:

    OK I see blood, but I’m concerned there aren’t enough titties.

  28. MonkeyMonster says:

    I like the fact they use the shields offensively as you would.

  29. Stompbox says:

    I have nothing against breasts, infact I am an advocate for breasts, I think they’re great; I like them, especially if they are attached to a woman; if they are not attached obviously it’s more awkward there are silences, people become uncomfortable they are less likely to stay for coffee. That being said; why are people still designing armour with plungingish necklines? I know the whole ridiculous female armour thing is not new, but NWN 2 did it so much better with armour that looked distinctly like it might do something. I’ve talked this through with the local smithy and we really think this is the way forward, at the very least it looks far less tacky.

  30. Yeaargh says:

    The only thing that stood out for me was the clangy-squish sound of those getting hit (most prominent in the dwarf video). The audio department got that dead on.

  31. ZenMetzger says:

    @ Stompbox

    When you think about it, usually there is a strong correlation between amount of cleavage shown by female characters in a game, and how bad the game really is (i.e. Damnation effect). I’m starting to get worried.

  32. Tyndareus says:

    Hmm, I guess the string underwear in the “Human Noble” video is not a wink at “horny adolescents” (or adults, for that matter). Also, I’m not quite clear on whether the fully armored warrior cutting to pieces the men who murdered the naked woman seconds earlier, is actually the naked man who was lying next to her moments ago (in which case some gnome must have sold him a “potion of extra turbo fast clothing”) or some other, unrelated guy who just happened to be in the room of the naked couple…

    In other words, we’re talking about some poor scene editing or some even poorer design choices in yet another rather dodgy video there. Blood spilled in battle looks horribly fake, like big blobs of red fat, the movements are iffy…With every new video, I’m having more and more trouble remembering why I was so excited about this game a few months ago.

    Oh, I do hope I’m entirely wrong on this one…

  33. Azhrarn says:

    While I like these videos a lot more than the previous trailers, I’m still a bit concerned. The game doesn’t really have anything going for it in a striking visual sense. It’s just generic fantasy, the story could be nice, but I can’t really get exited over the game.

  34. c-Row says:

    @ ZenMetzger

    Inverse-Hype: they are making DA look like crap in trailers, so when it is released, it will take players by surprise!

    Looking bad and taking players by surprise? Sounds more like Rapist Marketing than Inverse Hype.

  35. Ian says:

    That’s. More. Like it.

  36. Stense says:

    If its not got a pseudo-scottish accent, its not a proper dwarf. Thats the law and we all know it.

  37. TeeJay says:

    Graphics? Cut scenes? Animations? Music?

    Frankly these aren’t what makes or breaks a game like this – its more down to inventory, spells, tactical combat, enemy AI, level design – all things that I haven’t really seen.

    When this was first announced they were talking up a party-based tactical pause-and-play isometric viewpoint “spiritual successor to the Baldur’s Gate”.

    On this last point, I think of BG as being full of loose cannon odd-ball group NPCs with various agendas who you somehow implausibly roped into your own story, which you could play as good or evil as you wanted.

    This seems to be full of am-dram luvvies and have 6 heavily pre-created player characters ‘backstories’ and a small number of ‘romance options’. I bet it has a fairly scripted ‘save the world’ plot as well and the variation will just chop-and-change bits and pieces.

    …it just doesn’t have the same anarchic and light-hearted feeling to it, it seems too contrived, too serious.

    I hope I am wrong.

  38. pzykozis says:

    ahh, looks like this will be like all of my bioware purchases wait for the price to come down and find it in a bargain bin somewhere.

  39. Nick says:

    “If its not got a pseudo-scottish accent, its not a proper dwarf. Thats the law and we all know it.”

    Dwarves should have North of England accents anyway, not this scottish nonsense.

  40. TotalBiscuit says:

    Nope, this still looks decidedly ‘meh’. Combat, aside from the finishing moves, looks like standard ‘flail at enemy’, which if anything is a step back from KOTOR.

  41. TeeJay says:

    I think they should have Brooklyn accents.

    I just spotted this on the Dragon Age wiki:

    “Dog is your faithful companion throughout the game. You will be able to change the name and kaddis of Dog if you so choose. He understands spoken words well enough to parse simple commands and basic intention. Dog is a full party member and levels up. He has warhound-specific abilities that he can learn, and character specific equipment. He also has party banter and interjections, as well as his own triggered events; such as a territory-marking exploration game. The details of this mini-game have not been clarified.” link to dragonage.wikia.com

    Territory-marking mini-game eh? :)

  42. Yeaargh says:

    When playing Wizardry 8, I had a party where my halfling rogue had a Brooklyn accent, and my Draconian fighter meatshield had this snooty French accent.

    Have very fond memories of Delwyn Swiftfoot and Gnassh Goreblade…

  43. Pavel says:

    Dragon Age – still looking shitty.

  44. Xercies says:

    That looks absolutely horrible, really. Yeah sure they took away the thrash metal. But the animation is clunky, the voice acting is rubbish and the combat is just horrible in the way it looks where nothing actually connects. Oh and that blood splatter in the second trailer was rubbish as well.

    So my Hype for this game went from quite high to very low because of all the trailers out now. I don’t think I will be buying this.

  45. Nick says:

    That slashing sound effect got old pretty fast too, although the rest of it didn’t really bother me.

  46. tomhet says:

    Look at this link to youtube.com

    All combat, REALLY bad animation, no dialog, no NPC interaction. My God, will this game suck.

  47. Rei Onryou says:

    A step in the right direction, but I’m still favouring Alpha Protocol. For a start, the attire of the woman waking up from bed still screams adolescent-imagination-grabbing. Would it have killed them for her to be wearing jammies?

  48. MatureAge says:

    They really need to a developer walkthrough type video to showcase the RPG non-new shite elements of the game.

    Something like Tim Schoeappher’s walkthrough the first hour of Brutal Legend.

  49. kyyninen says:

    Real dwarves should speak only NORWEGIAN.

  50. Owen says:

    I think it’s certainly an improvement. Regardless though, I’ll be waiting for John of Walker to play and review it before considering buying.