L4D2: All The ComicCon Footage, And Some

The GameTrailers Flame-ringed Eye of Record-on was in attendance at San Diegeo Comic Con, and it happened to capture the soul of Valve’s Chet Faliszek, while also hoovering up tonnes of Left 4 Dead 2 in-game footage, which you can see below. Faliszek does the talky, while there’s also a load of shooty. And it rather reminds me why we love this game so much: violence, violence, quips and violence. The Charger is in there too. Beautiful stuff. I think you’re going to want to take a look…


  1. EyeMessiah says:

    Wow, crazy comments thread.

  2. Dominic White says:

    Looks like the Boycott Brigade have graduated from Trolling 101: Passive-agressive defense. If someone finds anything wrong with your constant and unwavering obsessive trolling no matter HOW many threads have been ruined, accuse THEM of being in the wrong and completely unreasonable, possibly as part of some unseen ‘conspiracy’ to destroy your spreading of your holy gospel, no matter how annoying it may be.

    By muddying the water in this way, you can slow the response of moderators, and ward away the indecisive from joining the attack on you by creating a false dichotomy, wherein those being trolled are just as guilty, if not moreso than the trolls themselves.

  3. Meat Circus says:


    I’m really not sure I can be blamed for your anger management issues.

    Thanks for noting my excellent spelling and grammar too.

  4. Meat Circus says:

    @Dominic White:

    I stress, once again, that the apologists seem to be the ones getting all shouty-angry-internet-man.

    One wonders what it implies about the malformedness of your theory of mind that you seem driven into such a helpless, undirected rage because a person you don’t know on the Internet has a different opinion from you over a game.

    It’s intriguing.

  5. T. Slothrop says:

    I wish after L4D2 the team who made this makes a proper retail product out of the Counter-Strike ‘Jailbreak’ maps.

    Unbelievable potential there. Basically it’s a ratio of prisoners to guards at 3:1, prisoners having only a knife and guards access to all weapons but have rules of engagement (you can only be a guard if you have a mic, need to audible warn people before shooting, have to search for any randomly spawned weapons on prisoners, cannot indiscriminately kill, etc).

    Each round consists of orders given by the guards to effect that they whittle down the prisoner population (Simon Says, last-reaction dies, races, even Jeopardy (a map has the set outside the prison where the inmates can be herded) as well as soccer, hockey, basketball, etc) and the prisoners have to rebel when they see the opportunity to either slip into a hallway unseen or shank a guard and start a critical mass of rebellion.

    With Valve’s quality assurance and their resources, this could -in my mind- be one of the best multilayer games period. The rush of being the lone prisoner who finds an M4 after sneaking away and watching from the shadows as guards humiliate your fellow prisoners is unparalleled. It’s fascinating to see how people internalise their roles, some even snitching to save themselves of the respawn time.

    Also I’ve never played L4D, but this certainly interests me, also in spite of the abundant stupidity in a lot of the boycott movement, they have applied pressure on Valve to at least defend their position publicly and possibly even to ensure L4D2 is a worthy sequel.

    Doug Lombardi is badass evil however for not allowing Gabe to say anything about Episode Three. I need to know anything.

  6. Jacques says:

    What I find amusing is if you’re so adamant that the game’s not for you, why do you feel the need to be so vocal about it?

    Surely the only way to show your position is by not buying the game when it comes out? Otherwise all you’re doing is being an annoying prick on the ‘net.

  7. mpuncekar says:

    I still find it non-valve esque for them to go the direction they did with l4d2. They’ve given me too much good for me to bash them now. The half-life series has given me far too many hours of enjoyment, and steam is a great utility now. I mean, when steam was in beta they let you play all their games free. They are a good company that prides themselves on being just that. Let them make the games for goodness sake, and quit judging so much until it is finished, and they have officially ended content for l4d1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these additions added to the older maps and such.

    Personally I’m not crazy about the weapons yet, but valve has a gift for balance. I’m sure in the end you will get one heck of a game whether you buy it or not, because that is what valve does, and has continually done.

  8. Psychopomp says:

    @ Lumpi

    I’m fine with people thinking it’s a rip off, even if I think it’s incredibly silly

    What I’m *not* fine with, is people throwing around insults, and ill thought out generalizations, over something as fickle as an opinion.

    And yes, this applies to the anti-boycott crowd too, Meat Circus just got on my nerves in particular.

    @Meat Circus

    “I stress, once again, that the apologists seem to be the ones getting all shouty-angry-internet-man.”

    This, in response to a post that contains…

    “If someone finds anything wrong with your constant and unwavering obsessive trolling no matter HOW many threads have been ruined, accuse THEM of being in the wrong and completely unreasonable”

    …makes me lol.

    It wasn’t until very recently that the anti-boycott group started shooting first.

  9. Collic says:

    Valve make consistently good games.

    So this will almost certainly be a good game, buy it or don’t.

  10. sebmojo says:


  11. coupsan says:


    They do make good games, but, honestly, what the hell happened to TF2? Yeah, it’s a great game to play, but they really complicated things. The game was more than fine before unlockable items and the very weird random “drop” system were implemented.

  12. lumpi says:

    I never threw out insults unprovoked. I am part of the “boycotter group”, although I wouldn’t give it that dramatic of a name. Why am I insulted and accused of trolling?

    The comments made against L4D2, agree with them or not, are as sophisticated (or stupid) as any other kind of comments on RPS. Yet they are treated like utter nonsense and trolling. In a totally out-of-proportion level of hatred and criticism-criticism meta-raging that has to be seen to be believed. No wonder people are getting stubborn.

    And to those saying that “complaining on the internet” never changed a thing… I am not entirely sure of that. 2,664 1-star reviews of Spore on Amazon ( link to amazon.com ) might have changed EA’s opinion of DRM slightly, for example ( link to wired.com ).

    When did having an opinion go out of fashion? You can call my arguments rubbish, if you feel entitled, but criticizing the fact that I’m criticizing at all is the highest form of trolling in my book.

    e-hugs for everyone too, my life won’t end over L4D2 being over-priced…

  13. Psychopomp says:


    “I never threw out insults unprovoked.”

    I never said *you* did.

    “The comments made against L4D2, agree with them or not, are as sophisticated (or stupid) as any other kind of comments on RPS. ”

    Are you *blind?*

    “When did having an opinion go out of fashion? ”

    It never did, but accusing someone of “breathless, dribbling sycophancy,” because they disagree with you was never in style, just the same of calling *every* boycotter a “spoiled rotten, prat.”

    Yes, there are people like that on their respective sides, but if their all like that, then I guess I must be an inbred racist hick, just like the rest of the south.

  14. blindpsychic says:

    I suppose I’ll add my theory to how this came about, which I think is fairly reasonable. Basically:
    We have little ol’ Turtlerock working on their zombie game, and Valve buys them up. We see how the game radically changes from the Valve influence. Largely the result, I think, of Valve’s wish to continue it guiding principles and to put into good use all the stuff they learned working on TF2.

    The result: A very hemmed down experience, each thing in its place with practically no fluff. Not a good or bad thing, it just left the game feeling very spartan because every little detail of the game was worked over for the Valve principle of Clarity, Direction, and Purpose.

    So flash ahead, L4D is done, the end product may or may not have been what the Turtlerock guys had wanted. They go to Gabe and ask if they can start on the sequel.
    Turtlerock’s reasoning: They can add back in all the stuff that the Valve distillation process took out. Most notably, the linking of the stories, which is now back in.
    Gabes reasoning: I think he was looking at the sales, and looking at the design pitches from the L4D team and thinking: “Hey, this did great on Consoles, our DLC model has failed on consoles, so this sequel might work.” Which would explain the lack of DLC beyond simple stuff for both PC and Console. They were limiting themselves in order to support both consoles on equal footing, something that TF2 has never bothered to do.

    I hope that make sense.

  15. Morti says:

    and THIS is why there shouldn’t be any fps on consoles.

  16. Psychopomp says:

    @ Vin, from the other thread

    “What’s that got to do with anything? For all your presence in those L4D2 threads you haven’t actually read the underlying concerns, have you?”

    That was a single argument, for a single concern

    “I don’t get nearly enough game play and enjoyment out of a single L4D map for it to warrant that price tag.”

    Well, as you’ve stated yourself, you didn’t enjoy L4D all that much anyway, but the amount of work that has to be put into a single campaign is a lot more than a map, say, TF2.

  17. Psychopomp says:


    Personally, I think all L4D threads should just be locked down the second someone brings up the boycott, or says the word “expansion pack.”

    They all go well, until that point.

  18. Vinraith says:


    Thanks for the transfer. While there are certainly a group of OMG IT SHOULD BE FREE idiots on the boycott side of things, I don’t think they constitute a majority.

    As to the amount of work that goes into a campaign map… I don’t know about that one way or the other. I can only speak to how much the end result appears to be “worth” to me personally. As I said, though, the price isn’t a matter of significant concern to me, I’m more concerned with the broader ramifications.

  19. Forscythe says:

    It does rather look for all the world like a mod for L4D1. And that shouldn’t be surprising – a year is about how long it takes to make a decent level pack/expansion for a modern game, and that’s exactly what we’re getting.

    And there’s nothing wrong with that. L4D is a great game, and I thought it was well worth the original $50. More of something good is fine.

    But, like a lot of people have said, we expect more from Valve. A year clearly wasn’t enough to do something really special and exciting with this game, and that’s what we’re used to getting with a Valve title.

  20. Psychopomp says:

    @ Vin

    I understand the concern about Valve, but one such happenstance isn’t going to send them to the darkside of the industry.

    Now, if L4D3 get’s announced anytime within the next two years, I’ll be on your side.

  21. Psychopomp says:

    “a year is about how long it takes to make a decent level pack/expansion for a modern game, and that’s exactly what we’re getting.”

    Expansion packs normally have more content than the original?

  22. Forscythe says:

    I think in this case it’s more because the original only came with an expansion pack’s worth of content.

  23. lumpi says:

    just the same of calling *every* boycotter a “spoiled rotten, prat.”

    And that seems to be a trend (yea, yea, not you…).

    All you have to do to get a flood of hate and fury spewn towards you is mentioning the mere fact that Valve could have possibly made a mistake.

    Criticizing the fact that game journalists seem to drop all doubts as a result of Dough Lombardi mentioning a handful of weak counter-arguments when asked the question in interviews is legitimate. It feels like it has become fashionable to speak positively about L4D2 out of courtesy. Sorry, but that’s what it looks like to some of us.

    Why isn’t there even a hint of skepticism in L4D2 related frontpage posts? When has criticizing it been declared blasphemous? Is there even an answer to that other than a snappy remark about Shutting TFU?

  24. AlexW says:

    I’m definitely on the ‘wait until later, if I feel the pressure at all’ point of the spectrum. I maintain hope that L4D2 is limited to a Valve South thing, where Turtle Rock didn’t integrate into the Valve way of doing things quite as well as they could have.

    My main problem, that cannot be solved by any amount of evidence that L4D2 will be a fun game (it will be, sure), is that they announced it before announcing or releasing one single campaign for the original, and I just got this instant and lasting reek indicating that they pretty much pulled all the level designers off of post-release L4D content to work on the sequel immediately. Whether or not it was the designers’ decision is immaterial, because no matter how you say it, they haven’t yet produced a single full campaign to extend the life of the original, and apparently feel the sequel is more important.

    I would also agree that the original design path was a less extravagant affair. This seems like a bit of a TF2-style “Games are fun!” design reroute, more comical and exaggerated, and that doesn’t mesh well with L4D’s existing visuals or setting. Sure, people would resort to humour to try to stave off insanity, but an abundance of contact grenades, ammo with all the punch but with added gallons of napalm, and woks that can send two professional wrestlers flying away? It just doesn’t fit.

    Also, the obligatory “I don’t associate with or fancy playing as a single one of the Southern character cast” comment.

  25. JoeDuck says:

    ok, the 23rd RPS published a news piece about a new video of L4D2 and some details of new weapons. The comments thread got inmediattely flooded with posts saying: “Dont buy, they lied and the must suffer our wrath”
    That thread has today 250 posts. Almost no useful comments are in there, just bashing and mudding and classic boring everyone to tears with circular arguments with no content, designed just to confuse.
    3 days later, a new RPS story comes out. This time it contains a bunch of gameplay videos. As I write it has 123 posts with the same people, saying the same things, over and over and over and over and over again.
    Nothing related to the content of the news story, of course.
    So of course it’s trolling and of course it’s a organized campaign and of course it’s going to be succesful so that no one can speak about the actual news story in peace.
    Still, I’m going to try, even if right afterwards they are just going to try to take 3 words from my post and interpret it so they can answer to something i did not say.
    First, the Xbox gameplay looks horrible, nothing to do with my pc experience.
    Second, the charger does not seem a game changer, specially if it does not come often. L4D1’s tank already trained us on dealing with this kind of threat, i think.
    Third, the Spitter DOES sound like a game changer, specially if she can fire without exposing herself. In that case, the closet tactic becomes suicidal. You would have to hunt her actively.
    Fourth, everything i’m reading seems to push the game to be faster, i do not know if i like that.
    We’ll see in November, in DAY ONE, when I will be playing this game.
    And now the trolling…

  26. Vinraith says:


    Fair enough, I certainly hope you’re right.

  27. Hunam says:


    I enjoy the comments of L4D2 articles, RPS seems to have got a great set up for L4D2 news yet the core readers want nothing to do with the game, it just makes me chuckle :)

  28. Forscythe says:


    I enjoy the meta conversation, but you’re right, it’s worthwhile to comment on the actual videos as well.

    I thought the axe looked like a good bit of bloody fun. The frying pan was ridiculously overpowered. The incendiary ammo seemed fairly gratuitous.

    The maps look quite open, maybe even more than the original game. I’m not sure this really works for a game like L4D, since whenever I play the game with my friends, who only play occasionally, they always get completely lost and separated from each other and me and it impairs the “jump in and start shooting” fun of the game. And at least in L4D1, I didn’t really find my experience enhanced by the fact that there were large open areas and multiple ways to go through each section (since people tend to pick their favorite route and always go that way). I had assumed this was a relic of the original, nonlinear design of L4D1, but there it is in L4D2 as well.

  29. Radiant says:

    You know what’s “a terrifying struggle for survival”?
    Reading this comments section.

  30. Sajmn says:

    More games need to have fire-axes in them.

  31. Radiant says:

    How does the bats and axes work? Do they take over the main slot till they break?
    I couldn’t see where in the interface they were stored.
    Also Forscythe is right the maps do seem really open; whilst corridor shooting isn’t much fine getting separated and roundly punished when some of your party scampered off was one of the worst things about l4d.

  32. Radiant says:

    fine = fun

  33. Radiant says:

    I agree with you; there wasn’t much wrong with L4D 1 that some ‘episodic’ content couldn’t extend the life of.
    A sequel so soon seems a bit weird… not hysterically ‘death to Valve bludclarts!’ weird just you know a bit unexpected.

  34. Miggs says:

    It’s the same game as L4D but with new stages and characters. Does that sound as DLC or what???

  35. lumpi says:

    @Radiant: You can only carry frying pans and such while you have them equipped. To use a gun, you have to throw them away.

    They don’t degenerate after being used for a longer time though, as originally announced.

  36. Stupoider says:

    @Miggs: What defines a sequel?

  37. Wirbelwind says:

    Why must every L4D2 news post result in long (and the same) boycott discussion again and again?

    Don’t give the boycotters reason to vent their frustrations every single time. They don’t understand sarcasm so don’t even hint about it.

  38. Y3k-Bug says:

    I don’t get how valve is thinking this sequel through in regards to Versus play balance.

    Incendiary ammo? Grenade launchers? I pity whoever is going to be playing tank online.

    And how is melee weaponry going to work in Expert? Oh I can’t shoot that group of zombies because this kid wants to him them with a frying pan. I see.

    Why does so much of what’s being added seem to be placed for the sake of being placed, rather then an actual need in terms of gameplay? This type of needless excess is very un-Valve.

  39. Y3k-Bug says:


    Best I can tell, the melee weapons replace your primary gun until you can pick up another primary gun down the line somewhere. At least every time I’ve seen it in videos thats how the exchange was handled.

  40. Muzman says:

    Not that I want to fuel the boytotters’ fire, but as a non player of this thing this looks like it has classic sequel-itis.
    It’s more attitude, more corn and more dakka. Which generally means all the effort on atmosphere and horror in the world won’t stop those aspects from being merely rote. It’s just a game now, rather than an experience (but that happens pretty much instantly with anything competetitve and multiplayer anyway, so…)
    Also, I could never get past the fact that zombies in these things aren’t trying to eat you. I wonder what it would take to animate that sort of thing well in first person and still make it playable?

  41. Y3k-Bug says:


    It worked for 28 Days Later, same concept here: the zombies aren’t trying to eat you, they’re trying to beat the shit out of you in a frenzied rage.

  42. Scalene says:

    I was sold on this line:

    Hey, coach, you got anything to say?
    Though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death…
    Yeah, I’m walking through the valley of death, and I’m kicking arse.


  43. Psychopomp says:


    I loved that line too

  44. Left4Lunch says:


    I prefer the Romero-ian zombies who crave flesh and brains as well. I like what’s supernatural about them rather than a bunch of normal humans infected by swine flu which is rather mundane.

  45. Muzman says:

    Y3k-Bug says:
    It worked for 28 Days Later, same concept here: the zombies aren’t trying to eat you, they’re trying to beat the shit out of you in a frenzied rage.

    With all the punching and kicking it’s probably the least frenzied rage I’ve seen. The 28days crowd were at least trying to claw your eyes out. Plus the time scale is different as they were trying to pass on virus with an incubation time of about 30 seconds.
    L4D is obviously pretty far removed from both those aspects. And that’s their thing. I am curious about gamifying “proper” zombie threats though: how you defend yourself against a violent crowd of ugly nuts in one thing. How you fight off things that will clamp on to your arm and try and bite chunks off you and possibly give you a terrible disease is another. I doubt it would be easy to do though.

    (I did type ‘boytotters’ up there didn’t I. That has entirely the wrong connotation)

  46. Y3k-Bug says:

    I have to admit I don’t quite get what you’re saying Muzman.

    It’s a videogame, I don’t quite think they’re going to waste time animating 25 different ways of communicating the fact that the zombies are trying to beat you to death.

    I also don’t get your point about defending against “different types of zombies.” I’d imagine you’d defend yourself the same way in a game. You would shoot them to death.

  47. Shadow says:

    Whilst I would be more inclined to purchase this if the original 4 characters made an appearance (or were even playable in versus/survival modes), I’m not immediately against L4D2. Just have to see what else is revealed as the release date approaches.

    That said, it WOULD be nice if the few kinks in L4D were ironed out in the process before all development attention is shifted to this.

  48. Muzman says:

    Yes y3k, you don’t get what I’m on about. I don’t want them to beat or fight you. I want them to eat you (in some other game that doesn’t exist yet).

  49. Psychopomp says:


    Man, there’s one chapter in Resi 5 that’s pretty much devoted to making old fans geek out…

    I was disappoint when no regular zombies showed up 8C