L4D2: All The ComicCon Footage, And Some

The GameTrailers Flame-ringed Eye of Record-on was in attendance at San Diegeo Comic Con, and it happened to capture the soul of Valve’s Chet Faliszek, while also hoovering up tonnes of Left 4 Dead 2 in-game footage, which you can see below. Faliszek does the talky, while there’s also a load of shooty. And it rather reminds me why we love this game so much: violence, violence, quips and violence. The Charger is in there too. Beautiful stuff. I think you’re going to want to take a look…


  1. Fuzzdad says:

    The funny thing is the boycott has apparently done nothing to slow the sales for L4D and has raised the overall awareness that L4D2 is coming out. I think the casual gamer looks on with a smile on their face and might decide that getting a new game once a year (even if you have to pay for it) isn’t so bad…they’ve been doing it for years with Madden and the other franchises.

    In the end the boycott group might end end being remembered as assisting sales…wouldn’t that be interesting.

  2. Psychopomp says:


    ALL publicity is good publicity

  3. Y3k-Bug says:

    I find Valve’s statement that L4D2 has larger pre-order numbers than the original game did at this point last year slightly disingenuous considering the fact that at this point last year the game had no release date. It was a long delayed thing, with a release date that moved about all year.

    And are those pre-order numbers PC, or PC with xbox?

  4. Y3k-Bug says:


    I have no intention of getting the game due to my feeling that it’s something of a rip off, but lets be honest here, only crazy people bother signing up to those boycott-a-game dealies.

    I would be shocked if more than 20% of the people who signed up to that Steam group didn’t end up buying the game on release. They WANT the damn thing. They’re just stamping their feet about it. Come time for the commercials and the huge marketing push in November, they’ll all cave. None of them will admit it, but they will cave.

  5. luminosity says:

    Hmm, I’m not convinced by the melee weapons, but it’s hard to tell whether it’s just because the people in the videos are bad, or because the weapons themselves are flawed, but:

    * They don’t seem to offer a compelling advantage over meleeing zombies away when they get close, then shooting them. In fact in that scenario you get to kill some at a distance and only deal with the survivors up close, now you have to deal with them all but they don’t seem to offer any better pushback protection than the usual melee.
    * If you’re using one and everyone else is using ranged, you’re in a lot more danger of taking friendly fire since you’ll be up in the front with the zombies, which will make them especially bad on expert.
    * The time to save friends who are incapped dramatically worsens most of the time. Look at the pounce in one of those videos when the player has a frying pan, is close, but still another player shoots it off before he gets close enough. Bad on vs, even worse on expert where you can’t let people take damage from special infected or they die quickly.

    And in exchange you get… what, exactly?

  6. Dagda#Mor says:

    You get infected dying when you melee them, rather than staggering back and then rushing forward again two seconds later. And presumably you don’t get tired so easily.

    Tactically, seems like a case of hedging your bets. Can’t kill them all at a distance, but more resistant to getting overwhelmed by a steady stream of small numbers of infected and probably a bit better against large swarms as well.

  7. Dagda says:

    Also, the spitter’s design captures the same awesomely deranged down-south feel that suffuses the rest of this product. I flat-out love it.

  8. Psychopomp says:

    “* If you’re using one and everyone else is using ranged, you’re in a lot more danger of taking friendly fire since you’ll be up in the front with the zombies, which will make them especially bad on expert.”

    As long as you’re crouching, it shouldn’t be a problem, bar the people using guns panicking.

    That being said, I don’t plan on *ever* picking up a melee weapon in a pub game. These are the same people who think they have to strafe like crazy, get in my line of fire, then tell me to stop TK’ing -_-

  9. coupsan says:

    Maybe they could reduce FF damage on those who are wielding a melee weapon.

  10. Psychopomp says:


    If there’s anything L4D needs less of, it’s auto-shotty spam. On any difficulty besides versus that thing was/is ridiculous.

  11. Matzerath says:

    I am definitely not getting this sequel, for the — I think — reasonable observation that it looks just like left4dead 1 with some new stuff — the engine doesn’t appear enhanced at all. When you buy a sequel you might be OK with the game mechanics remaining the same, but I think there’s a tacit implication that the engine itself is improved — the difference between Quake games, for instance, or Grand Theft Auto. People have accused the original Left4Dead of being a glorified mod, so following that line of reasoning, the sequel is looking like a mod of a mod. For 50 bucks.
    I think what we’re seeing is the death throes of the glorious Source engine. A zombie game is appropriate.

  12. coupsan says:

    I don’t see how that’s so. It’s powerful, but it’s not the be-all-and-end-all of the game’s weaponry because of its reload time.

    I wouldn’t want to crouch every time I felt like killing zombies with melee weapons simply because my teammates are reckless. Sure, I could play with more skilled players–friends, for example–but what about those who are up at night, friends asleep, and feel like playing in a public game?

    I can see crouching encouraging an element of team play, but it seems more like a chore, really.

  13. Joseph says:

    Wow. The voice acting is really bad compared to L4D1. This is going to make playing it heaps annoying. Especially if people can spam voice like in L4D1.

    Also, horde music is crap. I’d prefer they just re-used the old music like they did with the common-infected voices/sounds. Hopefully there’ll be a mod to use L4D1 music.

    On a positive note, the spitter is a nice addition, as is the charger. Couldn’t care less about anything but the new special infected… would prefer the old survivors and the new weapons are fluff to me.

  14. coupsan says:


    Engine upgrades for sequels are usually only truly implied for games that have had a development cycle of many years. Really, L4D2 doesn’t fit the role of a sequel very well. It is, as many people have said, more like a content update.

  15. Joseph says:

    Oh and the new maps… new maps and new CI/SI is what matters.

    The new characters and weapons are crappy and meaningless as far as I can tell.


  16. sigma83 says:

    I want incindiraearerryryryeyry rounds to be available for my pistols, please. If not, an incindierarerery grenade in my grenade launcher please.

    I like the grenade launcher as a weapon idea. Single shot, low refire rate, high damage weapon with massive potential for friendly fire, including death to self. This immediately pegs it as more of a support weapon than say a shotgun, and with the projectile speed and explosive radius shown in the video it looks like it will be great for taking out hordes at medium range (which is a hole in the current L4D arsenal, as the carbine can’t effectively mow them all down fast enough)

    Combine with the fact that these new environments seem kind of claustrophobic if not in sense of actual space then in atmosphere and you’ve got a tangible ‘to fire or not to fire’ fear running through your head. On the one hand, if I shoot that Charger now, I may kill it, but if it charges us, the grenade will go off as its in the group and we will all die horrible horrible explosive deaths.

    I also really enjoy the new Glock pistol models. The M1911-ey models from the original always seemed a bit peashooter-esque to me. What I would really enjoy is random weapon skins, like a mishmash of (functionally identical) pistols, so you can be dual wielding a mixed set of Glock and M92 Beretta, or a Five-seveN and the previous, etc.

    For primary weapons this skinning idea could happen with battle damaged weapons, or weapons with identity scratches or decals; weapons missing part of their iron sights, duct taped stocks and magazines, etc. None of which will affect weapon functionality, but would go a long way towards improving look and feel imo.

    Also, did I hear correctly about an ammo pack that replaces health packs? Ammo wasn’t really a problem in the original game so unless they’re going to be hitting us with way more infected between weapon spawnpoints (which would be great btw, ammunition is a resource much like health and pills are) I feel that ammo packs are unnecessary.

    Now, a portable sentry gun that replaces med pack? That I want.

  17. RobF says:

    I’m seriously loving the look of this now. Then again, I was totally sold at the idea of being able to bop zombies about the bonce with a frying pan. Give me that and I’m happy for life.

    This sort of seems like, really bad analogy ahoy, Left4Dead: The Eighties Movie Edition.

    The first one had a great gritty sort of late 70’s horror thing going on, 4 survivors against the odds in a post apocalyptic world with no happy endings whereas this seems to be going for the bigger! harder! faster! more! OTT BIG GUNS AND WHITE SUITS! thing.

    Give it a Brad Fiedel soundtrack and job’s a good ‘un.

    I can live with that and the more I see, the more I’m glad the two are separate entities. I like the purity of L4D, but a slap happy big bang companion piece is definitely welcome.

  18. JoeDuck says:

    About opening the levels, I have to say that the swamp looks awfully difficult to defend, specially if the hunters can climb the trees to regenerate and then pounce down.
    In L4D1 versus when you had open spaces that made the hordes effective, you could not approach the survivors, a decent team can protect itself from boomers and hunters without problems. In close quarters the boomer will hit, but the resulting hordes are quite easily neutralized. Now, when I look at that swamp as a zombie I see low visibility, open area so not defined vector of attack AND altitude advantages. All good news for the zombies… as it should be.
    In L4D1 versus, normally the survivors will get safely through the level. It requires a lot of skill and luck to kill a team of competent people.
    My proposal would have been to make the zombies in versus have expert level stats and behaviour, instead of normal level.
    That would have made a team’s survival a worthy event…

  19. Andrew Wills says:

    Man, I’m getting so excited for this now. It looks better and better everytime I see new footage/screenshots/media. I’ve had so much fun with L4D1. Nothing beats the wife and me taking on the zombie hordes of an evening!

    And lol @ the boycotters! They do make me chuckle!

  20. Demikaze says:

    Can we talk about the videos in the article please? Rather than a talk about Valve’s business model? It would be nice, for once. We understand – there are some who are really looking forward to the game, and others who are concerned about it and its supposed implications. Ok – but the article here linked to some quite fun looking videos.

    I’m not entirely sure about the grenade launcher – things like a frying pan I can accept, but a grenade launcher seems to be a step a little too far. It seems just a little over-the-top. I know people are saying that in the previous game you could carry hundreds of rounds and molotovs and pipe bombs, etc, but it all seemed ‘grounded’ in a way. Maybe the move to the South has allowed them to a bit more goofy – unleash a bit of that southern spirit – but a grenade launcher seems a bit like overkill. Firstly, I’m not sure how effective it will be – the hunters and chargers will be in close proxmity most of the time, at that range the grenade launcher isn’t viable. Unless they’ve made it so that firing a grenade at a pinned surviver will kill the infected but won’t damage your team-mate. But then that would just be silly. I think that’s my singular complaint so far though – an evolved version of L4D is exactly what I’d like at the mo.

    Nope, thought of one more thing I’m not that keen on and that would be the moving parts to the weapons. Like the Uzi’s magazine shaking and the rifle’s grip wobbling. It’s a bit aggravating and I don’t know why…

  21. The Fanciest of Pants says:

    This thread needs more comments about the actual content.

    Looks good to me. Here’s hoping valve release the SDK for it post haste this time. That would really allay much of the problems L4D 1 had.

    I mean imagine if we saw the first(fully functional) community maps, cosmetic weapon replacements, sounds tweaks, new characters etc(I’m not talking about texture swaps. That barely counts as modding), within a few weeks instead of er… still waiting for the SDK to be finished 8 months later?

    And whats with the Hivemind bashing? It’s their blog, sometimes they post about stuff I don’t give a shit about too, but I don’t go claiming that they’re sycophantic just because they happen to like something I think is bollocks. I scroll past it.

    Shit like that will make ’em want to post less about anything.

  22. sigma83 says:

    Demikaze: Yes, that’s precisely the tradeoff a grenade launcher has. It’s powerful but cannot be used in many common game situations

    Also re: the jiggling bits on weapons. I posit that it’s aggravating because the human eye is drawn to movement and so you’re drawn to the shaking bits and it’s causing irritation.

  23. Melf_Himself says:

    This game looks great, it’ll be even better than L4D1. Can’t wait to play it. Lol @ all the people who rage about it, have fun playing WoW.

  24. Demikaze says:


    You’re probably right. It’s also probably a bit of OCD – I just want to tell the survivors to take a minute and lock those moving parts down. Just sixy seconds of their time and no more jingle jangle!

  25. DK says:

    “Expansion packs normally have more content than the original?”
    Good ones, yes. See any Relic expansion ever made for example.

    The new additions in L4D2 are simply “dumb” and sound like they’re straight out of the ‘would be awesome’ notebook of a 13 year old: Grenade Launchers, fire bulllets!, gore!, zombies that are bulletproof on the front and can only killed from behind, chainsaw!, etc.

    They’re also diluting the nature of what the zombies are – they can’t be “Infected” if the run around with their entire torso missing. They’re magical undead at that point.

  26. merc says:

    Ugh. If your reaction to not liking it is to not buy it, that’s fine, no problem. If your reaction to not liking it is to try and organise a boycott and spam every thread on it with crying about how you’re boycotting it and how meeeaaan and unfaaaiiir Valve is, then you might want to think about how that might make you appear to be an obsessive whiny cock. Just sayin’.

  27. Tei says:

    I think future L4D games sould be more like OperationFlashpoint, in these things about be able to see your own body, not only your own feets. I like gore. Some gore that would be fun, is the ability for zombies to eat your arm. Imagine playing with only one arm, and be able to see your arm bleeding, with a trail of blood.

    Since theres explosives now (well.. more). It will be fun if explosives put on a “unconscient” state, where you are not dyiing, but you are vulnerable. Another option is to become deaf for few seconds. I think will fit the theme of the game.

    If we are about to add shilly weapons like fire bullets. Why no more no-letal weapons like a zapper? a pistol that can electrocute a tank, and make hime become uncoscient for a few seconds.

    I think “more weapons” vs “the only one weapon” model is a problem. Maybe the game sould be modified so you can have two weapons.

    Imagine playing with two double barreled shotguns, or with two M-16. Or with a uzi, and the baseball bat.

    My main point to play this game, If you can choose your character from *ALL 8 CHARACTERS*. Maybe I want to pick again Zoey, or Francis.

    Other people is commenting that L4D is a race game. So.. where is the Ghost mode? Imagine a “Ghost mode” for L4D, tryiing to run faster than your ghost :-)

    Theres soooooooooooooooooooooo much that can make this game better.

  28. Tei says:

    A infenced dog, or polar bear, will be **awesome**.

  29. JoeDuck says:

    I am wondering if what they are going to do is to create more weapons but make them part of the randomness. In L4D1 when you get tier1 weapons, you get both of them. The same happens with tier 2, you get to choose what you use from between the 3 options, every time (Except outside the church tower, I know…).
    I would like the AI director to say: “ok, this time you’ll have ONLY grenade launchers” or “only one ak47 for the whole group”, or whatever. That way a weapon would become something more precious and special and each round would have a lot more adaptation and uniqueness.
    Also, it would stop the (very valid, I have to say) concern of the “walking arsenal” that some people here have expressed.
    I have played some L4D1 mods in which you only had one weapon, not and infinite amount. I thought it was a good, realistic gameplay choice. In a public team, everyone would scramble for the gun. In a good, expert team, who takes what becomes a tactical choice…
    And if we go to the end of my argument, please, an achievement for doing a whole campaign using only frying pans would be awesome… :-)

  30. Metal_Circus says:

    MeatCircus is right.

    I’ve come to respect valve for what they’ve done, but releasing what appears to be at this stage an expansion pack for full price? Well that’s a bit cheeky. Will I buy it? Only when it drops in price. I don’t have a problem with the game itself, more than likely it’ll be yet more fun, it’s really not the game I have a problem with, it’s just a bit cheeky valve asking us to pay full price for this.

    There’s what, three new campaigns? New guns, new enemies? It’s a real cheap move to ask us to pay 40-50 quid for this, tbh. 20 quid maybe, but not 40.

  31. Dominic White says:

    @Metal_Circus – *Five* new campaigns (with more random elements/branches than the original *four*), new guns, new enemies – word is that it’s longer, more replayable and more story-driven than the original.

  32. Jacques says:

    40-50 quid? You can pre-order it from Amazon for 27. :\

  33. AbyssUK says:

    I am secretly hoping for a large left4dead 1 user discount on steam.

  34. JoeDuck says:

    Left4Dead 2 PC preorder in the UK, 26.99 pounds

    link to amazon.co.uk

    In the US it’s 47.99 also in Amazon, surprising…

    link to amazon.com

    but the most amazing thing, in Amazon Germany it’s 55.90 euros!!!

    link to amazon.de

    Wow, just wow…

  35. RobF says:

    “They’re also diluting the nature of what the zombies are – they can’t be “Infected” if the run around with their entire torso missing. They’re magical undead at that point.”

    I’m having a bizarre deja vu flashback about mummies here but zombies aren’t real, man. They’re fictional magical undead already!

  36. armlesscorps says:

    I hope they sort out the problems in versus with this game. They need to make a set amount of medipacks and pills each round rather than having it random like it is in left4dead 1, because it really takes all the skill out if your playing really well but then the opposing team gets the contents of boots to heal themselves with. Preferably it should be a very small amount of health boosts outside the saferoom.
    They also should make a proper server searching system so you can join servers you like, you should also be able to group up with friends properly. They should also design versus levels from the ground up ( or at least heavily modify the existing levels) to be interesting to play versus in, as it is I find the only versus level I like is the no mercy campaign because it has lots of hang up points you can grab the enemy in and ruin their game.
    Also they should make a mode where you can only play infected if people want to do that, and they should make an alternate versus mode consisting of shorter games where you can have a quick game with the same team instead of people raging after level 1, as an alternate to the lengthy versus modes. Oh and I want a really hard mode thats a step up from expert.

  37. Catastrophe says:

    I’m sorry but that should really just be a Addon for L4D.

    Its identical in every way apart from a few new weapons and new characters?

  38. Jacques says:

    Catastrophe, they’ve recoded the AI director, along with producing more than a few new art assets, and probably lots of other stuff.

  39. oceanclub says:

    For me, the problem with the original had nothing to do with gameplay; it was the fact that the ratio of good game sessions to mediocre ones was pretty low. A huge proportion of the time, I found that either my connection to the server died at some point during the game, or a couple of times I was kicked by arseholes. Very annoying.


  40. sigma83 says:

    Demikaze: Alas, as in Doom 3 the characters have not discovered the magic that is duct tape.

    Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

  41. Shadowcat says:

    A significant portion of the voice acting on show was weak.

    Of course we all know that it’s a game, and that if people shoot us in reality we don’t simply complain about it and carry on, however when you hear “someone’s shooting me” spoken in the kind of tone usually used to inform people of a mild headache, or perhaps the presence of a slightly annoying fly, it pretty much spoils the mood.

    Either those samples are just place-holders, or they are in real need of re-recording the characters.

  42. Meat Circus says:

    This game has been rated NON-U.

  43. Monchberter says:

    Have Valved licensed Goblin to do the music or something? (listen to the first video) I always thought the original L4D could have done with a Dawn of the Dead style prog schlock soundtrack or a John Carpenter-esque electronic score.

  44. Plant42 says:

    Same assets being reused, same engine, same ui, same gameplay, same game reskinned. A few new characters, levels and guns. You can even see the gameplay hitching just like the first game.

    And to add my voice to the horde: it should have been an expansion for the first game for $25. I wasn’t happy with the amount of content or patches for the first one, they clearly started work on this a few months after LfD1 shipped, and I won’t be picking this up until it’s $20 in the bargain Steam bin.

  45. Lukasz says:

    and since i loved every single valve game before I’ll just wait for it to be released before boycotting it now when i know practically nothing about it.

    But that’s me and people often call me crazy.

  46. JoeDuck says:

    Must be contagious, this craziness you have. :-)

    And what is this thing the spitter spits?
    It’s supposed to burn you, which is awful, but does it burn the zombies?
    And do you go on burning after walking away from the yellow spitted zone?

  47. sigma83 says:

    The stated intention for the spitter is to make the players split up, so I don’t think it will burn after they clear off (doesn’t appear that way in the video either)

  48. SwiftRanger says:

    The Spitter effect and graphics are just temporary according to Valve, so that grenade launcher explosion might be as well. The regular flames look great.

    You didn’t need to see the UI to realise this was the Xbox360 version being played…:)

  49. IvanHoeHo says:

    I don’t know what all the commotion around the grenade launcher is about. Anybody with half a brain and some kill with the mouse would use the sniper rifles instead, given their body penetration values; and the only real advantages of the ‘nade launcher are its ease of use (for noobs and poor people who can’t afford a video card, which seems reasonable) nd the potential for indirect fire.

  50. sigma83 says:

    IvanHoeHo: Don’t forget damage per shot, which against clusters the nade launcher almost certainly has the sniper rifle beat.