Mount & Blade: Warband Beta Sign Up

Open-world warrior favourite Mount & Blade is getting an expansion: Warband. This major overhaul is swollen with a gamut of new features, including additional graphical cleverness, better horses, and a 32-player multiplayer mode. Other extras include improved sieges, and a bunch of changes to combat. You can sign up and help with the beta testing here. If you haven’t played Mount & Blade yet then you will likely be castigated by your peers. To avoid humiliation you can download the trial version of the full game here. Do so.

Trailer below.


  1. Dominic White says:

    While I loved Mount & Blade, this video doesn’t exactly set my world on fire. I’d much rather have 2-8 players, each with a small force of AI troops on the field. Guess I’ll be waiting for Kingdom Under Fire 2 (coming out next year… sadface) for that experience.

  2. Heliocentric says:

    Beware, the people who will demand these features be add to mount and blade vanilla for free are coming!

  3. Fat says:

    I don’t mind paying a bit extra for multiplayer… considering i only paid about £4 for M&B. I picked it up waaaaay early in beta stage in 2005 as a ‘support the development’ kinda purchase. :)

  4. Tei says:

    I am very bad with the pole, and bad with the arrows. So I will play with 1H +shield. Or maybe have a bow for backup.

  5. El_MUERkO says:

    Signed up, not played mount and blade in a few months but like the sound of this update :)

  6. Jockie says:

    Yeah, I paid for M&B long before it’s release, and they held true to their word on continual updates for free. As such, I have no qualms about paying a bit extra for the new content, looking forward to seeing how the game plays out online.

  7. We Fly Spitfires - MMORPG Blog says:

    Never played M&B before but heard it was good. The video makes it look fun.

  8. Pags says:

    Not played M&B in a while but it’s a game I pretty much constantly find myself returning to so this ought to provide some extra impetus; while i’m really not that big on multiplayer usually, it’s something I had often thought would suit this game perfectly. Definitely not against paying extra for this.

  9. Nimic says:

    Sooo… where do I find my serial number?

  10. kafka7 says:

    Probably the best horse driving sim out there.

  11. M_the_C says:

    Gotta love couched lance damage.

    Probably won’t play the multiplayer much, but it’s nice to see and hopefully the other improvements will be good.

    Where did you buy it from? With Steam right-click on Mount & Blade in the games list and select ‘View game CD key’. If you used Gamersgate or Direct2Drive it should be on your account page on the site. Don’t know about buying it direct but if you had I would assume you’d know where that is. Also not sure about Impulse.

  12. Paradukes says:

    I have no problem paying for an expansion pack for a game as awesome as this one. I already bought about three copies of this game for various reasons (Don’t ask), although two of them were bought before the final release, and were quite cheap as a result.

  13. OJ287 says:

    TODO: Add music to trailer

    Looks alright but would be better with each player having a mini party of 3 or 4 npcs. It’ll be interesting to see how the players’ character stats are decided. Are you given a stock character or can you export your single player one?

  14. underdweller says:

    Doubt lances have much a chance against players. Headshots and shields are bound to dominate the play. Especially since the easiest way to kill a human would probably be starting with the horse. Shame for the two handed weapons.
    Should be fun seeing people scavenge them arrows and horses.

  15. Clovis says:

    Will sieges be fixed in Warband?? I loved everything about M&B until I tried to siege a particular castle and found out that it was impossible. Multiplayer seems like an obvious great idea. I wish M&B swordplay could find its way in to the next Elder Scrolls.

  16. Tei says:

    @OJ287: its strange to see a landscape like that, withouth crickets in background. It make everything feel strangey quiet…

  17. malkav11 says:

    If they want to add content in an expansion, I’m fine with that. If they want to -fix- content in an expansion without passing those fixes on through a patch to the main game, fuck that.

  18. EGTF says:

    I just wrote a semi-review of this, and just reading these comments I realised I forgot to go in depth about sieges or anything and couldn’t explain the brillance and frustration of the combat. I should stop writing about games.

    What are the changes to combat? Is there offical muskets yet?

  19. Andrew Dunn says:

    Just applied for this. Multiplayer M&B will just be the icing on the cake.

  20. Andrew Dunn says:

    Oh, and cheers for the pimping in that article, EGTF.

  21. jackflash says:

    Awesome. I really hope the multiplayer includes some co-op features, though, not just big deathmatch melees.

  22. Dominic White says:

    @malvak11 – The devs were frightfully honest during the development of M&B vanilla. You could get the game for as low as $10 in the early stages of development, and people were told time and time again that multiplayer will NOT be included in that price, and they had no plans to add it to the main game. V1.0 rolls round, the game gets a retail release, and there’s no multiplayer.

    And people are surprised somehow. Some people are even angry. Some people are FURIOUS that they’re doing multiplayer as a seperate product despite repeated statements going back YEARS.

    Being a game developer must be pretty depressing at times, as your audience are often worse than children – at least children have the excuse of being young.

  23. El Stevo says:

    @Dominic White:

    I think malvak11 is probably more talking about the fixing of the sieges, etc.

  24. Al3xand3r says:

    Depends how they’re “fixed”. Have you never played complete games that suffered in one area or another, that sequels possibly fixed? Brand-new AI algorithms may “fix” sieges, that doesn’t mean it should be given for free. Brand-new city scenes may also help fix sieges, that also doesn’t mean they should be given free. The game is what it is, and no game’s perfect…

  25. Tei says:

    What is the problem with sieges?
    Other than only one chocke points, and the way the enemy spawn, I don’t see as broken.

  26. archonsod says:

    One of the siege scenes had a malfunctioning ramp, but that was fixed in 1.011

  27. Stromko says:

    EGTF: I don’t think Native (unmodded) has any muskets still, but mods like Age of Blackpowder, or the much more polished and complete ‘The Eagle and the Radiant Cross’ have very good muskets, with gun smoke that lingers in the air and everything.

    I applied for the beta, thanks for bringing this to my attention Jim / RPS hivemind. :) I do really hope they add an army vs army mode (with NPCs) at some point, but the depth of the melee combat in Mount & Blade still kicks the pants off any online medieval game I can think of.

    If they could figure out the netcode for armies of 100 vs 100 controlled by a few player commanders, that would bring across the true epicness of Mount & Blade.

    Not to mention Mount & Blade is a bit of a niche product. I don’t know how the sales are going, but do they really think they can fill up a bunch of servers with 32 players? If they have player-commanded NPCs filling out the ranks, then just a handful of players could make for a really good big battle.

    But hey maybe that’s already in. I don’t know anything about where the beta’s at in the development process or what features it has, personally.

  28. Hulk Hogan says:

    I’ll probably end up not buying it. Multi-player tacked onto single-player games has rarely ever ended well.

    As of right now this sounds just like Civ 3: Play the Wiorld and I didn’t buy that either.

  29. sinister agent says:

    I can’t think of anything that would destroy my enjoyment of playing M&B faster than random internet nerds. I really wish they’d focus on fixing the single player instead.

  30. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    @Hulk Hogan: Yeah, I do wish singleplayer had a bit more things to do once you’d gotten lots of Renown and became one of the “big boys.”

    But Mount & Blade is one of those fight-heavy games that would lend itself well to multiplayer, at least during the fighting bits. Comparing this to a turn-based strategy game is a little off, don’t you think?

  31. DaJobat says:

    32 players? thats… almost exactly not what I was expecting. Much better would be a few lords with normal numbers of AI troops. Ho hum.

  32. Andy says:

    I’m looking forward to the largish numbers of players as M&B might be able to do what Age of Chivilary didn’t.

  33. Noc says:

    Hmm. Is this an expansion, in the sense that it’ll require the original to play? Or is it one of those expandalone-ly jobs?

    I ask because I (finally) got around to playing the demo, and it plays like exactly the sort of thing I’d want to do with friends. Charging around the field in formations, circling footsoldiers menacingly like hungry sharks, showing up as a mob of pikemen to surround and ventilate knights, etc – basically all of the fun stuff you can do with multiple people that single-player can’t quite provide.

    And I’m trying to figure out where the price tag’ll end up, since as fun as it is, the fact that we might need to pay for a game and a half makes it a tougher pitch. On the other hand, there’s always the inevitable Steam sale.

  34. Malagate says:

    To quote Underdweller, “Doubt lances have much a chance against players”, I would personally doubt that, especially as it seems couching has been given a little boost (or has already changed compared to my not-fully-patched M&B game) in that it looks like you can aim your couch charge independantly of where you horse is going. At least that’s what it looks like in the video. Just adds that little bit extra unpredictability, also a couch charge is still the best way to break shields and kill horses. You could just charge, kill the horse, break the shield, then circle around them whilst using a bow to turn them into a pin cushion.

    I’ve signed up for the beta, just waiting for them to get back to me now! If you have bought it direct from taleworlds, I hope you kept your confirmation email as that is where I found my key after forgetting where I wrote it down in the first place. I’m really hoping you can choose your load out and character stats in multi, I really want to show how deadly throwing weapons can be when you get good with them!

  35. antonymous says:

    Applied for the expansion of the best open-world beat-em-up ever.

    This game stills the basic motoric needs like Failblivion and other big-budget trash never could.

  36. Über Nerd says:

    “32 players? thats… almost exactly not what I was expecting. Much better would be a few lords with normal numbers of AI troops. Ho hum.”

    32 players + bots off the box
    64 players + bots with mods

    As I understand they are aiming for the most stable game modes on the box. With inevitable modders tinkering with net code and game modes. That’s pretty much what they have done so far (ie. Original Combat Size slider goes up to 100 with a simple hackery it goes up to 4000), M&B is a bigger curiousity for modders then gamers.

  37. OJ287 says:

    There’s several mods fixing sieges. Some require very minor changes to text files that change the number of waves of reinforcements, speed of the siege tower and how many hours it takes to build them and ladders.

    The best mod actually adds extra ladders to each siege scene.

    Text editing:
    link to

    Extra ladders download:
    link to

  38. Tei says:

    Extra ladders is actually nice.

    And catapults, maybe :-)

  39. GRIMDARK says:


    BTW horse archers will rape in MP

  40. underdweller says:

    @Malagate: circling some obstacle should provide ample protection from anyone not willing to get his horse stuck in it and good luck lancing mounted targets. Once dismounted, lance is a wasted weapon slot. You can’t have a bow, shield, onehander and a lance equipped at the same time. Certainly everyone loves one shot kills, but i think it’s too situational. We’ll see.
    I pretty much forgot about throwing weapons, never put points into them so i don’t know how much power they get, but they sure have some decent advantages in such a setting – quick, one slot, shield. Likely to be popular, aye.

  41. OJ287 says:


    People are making cannons too.

    If Warband took M&B to the seas that would be a real step up. Theres been a few ship mods but the AI doesnt work properly with them.

    Mount & Blade Pirates! mod with ship combat

  42. rohin says:

    i love this game

  43. Chris Key says:

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