Hammerfall Becomes Hammerfight: HAMMERFIGHT!


Remember Hammerfall? Around this time in 2007 it was gaining attention, picked as a finalist for the IGF Awards, and being generally rather a lot of fun. A physics-based 2D weapon-swinging game, it’s about aerial acrobatic combat. Or swinging your mouse around in circles. Two years have gone by, and the game is back on the horizon, now called The History Of Hammerfight. Fun-Motion spotted the new title, and indeed the accompanying demo.

The demo, and indeed the new website, are very much in Russian. It doesn’t make it impossible to play at all, but certainly mystifying to know what’s going on – there appears to be a lot of talking between the action. However, non-Russian speaks click past all that and you get to enjoy some of the hammer-swinging antics.

There’s a trailer to accompany this on the game’s site, but sadly it appears to almost not work at all. Fortunately the constantly splendid Matthew at Fun-Motion has not only mirrored the demo, but also the trailer, for your eye-based entertainment.


  1. Antlia says:

    Splendid. I loved Hammerfall and played through it many times. There is a nice little trick that lets you play more than one hour.

  2. FunkyLlama says:

    Oh wow. I never expected this one to see the light of day.

  3. hydra9 says:

    I just finished the demo. Can’t wait for the full release!

    Top tip!
    * When the game starts, you’ll be asked to press the left mouse button. Then a bar will appear in the centre of the screen. Waggle the mouse around until the bar fills up – It’s determining the input sensitivity. Then you should be good to go!

  4. sfury says:

    Russian-speak is delighted!

  5. hydra9 says:

    A lovely tip:
    * You can steal your enemies’ weapons. If you see a loose hammer flying through the air, get near to it and press LMB. Prongs will come out of your fight-copter and with a bit of luck, you’ll grab it.

  6. sfury says:

    also you can get in an armory/shop with Enter or Space (not sure which one was) – didn’t get if I could buy anything in the demo but there is an impressive weapon rack if you go to the right – that game has some potential for upgrading/customizing freaks

    the art is lovely, but for some reason it starts in Windowed Mode in default for me, managed to put it in Fullscreen but there is no indication of the resolution and I suspect it isn’t very big

    I also soon discovered that I totally suck at that game so will be trying it more later… :) (though I liked what I saw so far, great indie effort!)

  7. hydra9 says:

    @sfury: It runs at 800×600. You can change this in the config.ini, though it seemed to work best at the default resolution.

    After you finish a level, you can press Enter to go to the shop or LMB to continue/retry.

  8. hydra9 says:

    Also, you can hold down ALT during gameplay to see a list of commands/actions (in Russian, obviously).

  9. Dominic White says:

    Hammerfalls demo was excellent – it had a real learning curve, where you started out just flailing wildly and blaming all your mistakes on the physics, but before long you could accurately disarm most of your enemies. I was rather dissapointed when it went silent after that release, though. Great that it’s back.

    Now all I need to know is a price so that I can buy the thing. An english translation would be nice, but I’d be willing to buy it just for the gameplay.

  10. jives says:

    I collected four flail things

    it wasn’t as powerful as I would have thought.. i seemed to lose all balance

  11. MrBejeebus says:

    Looks awesome, the russianness wont be the only language in the full game will it?

  12. Duckmeister says:

    Uh, how do I play it? I did the whole mouse-wiggle thing, but when I try to click on what looks to be a level, it just pops up some text and I can only get out of it by press esc.

  13. Dominic White says:

    @MrBejeebus – the previous demo (a looong time ago) had babelfished english, so I’m assuming that they’re not going Russian-only for this one.

    I do hope they actually get in a proper translator for it, though. It seemed like there was actually a fairly interesting plot, but it was absolutely incoherent.

  14. keelids says:

    really strange game…doesn’t seem to make much sense. Setting is weird, characters are weird, and the game-play is definitely very very weird.

  15. hydra9 says:

    You have to create a profile first. Next to the circle with the word ‘solo’ in it (which lets you select a mode), there are a selection of circles with ‘plus’ buttons in them. Click on any of those and a default player name will pop up. Either press ‘Enter’ to select it, or press backspace and type your own name. Now you’ve created the profile, you’ll see a picture of your copter, with a ‘play’ button below it. Press that to begin.

  16. Pags says:

    Loved the original demo of this, very steep learning curve but ultimately a very satisfying little thing. Nice to see it back in existence again.

  17. Dominic White says:

    They definitely seem to have added a lot of style and polish to the game since the last version. One thing I particularly like is how your helicopter now feels like a vehicle, rather than a weighted mouse cursor. The engine pops and stutters as you move around, and revs violently, shaking the machine and spewing out smoke as you pull it into a high-torque swing.

    I’m kinda on the fence about the title though – while The History of Hammerfight IS totally awesome (and would also make for the best history book ever – the history of dudes hitting dudes with hammers), Hammerfall had a slightly classy edge to it.

  18. KBKarma says:

    Hooray! It came back! I am happy about this.

  19. roBurky says:

    I really liked the demo of this way back when it was last posted. I didn’t realise it wasn’t actually released. I was getting my money card out of my wallet as I was playing the demo, then hit a level that I couldn’t beat, so didn’t go to try to buy it. Not much point buying a game if you can’t get past the demo. :)

  20. Fat says:

    Ah i recently wondered about this game, i remember playing the demo. It seems so long ago i actually expected the full game to be out already, must play again!

  21. Anton says:

    The English translation is in the process right now. When an English demo will be released – I do not know, depends on Konstantin, yet as far as I know he hopes to do it as soon as possible.

    It is tough, doing a game on your own, especially with such level of detail.

  22. a says:

    Well none of this makes any sense, of course, but I’m interested in seeing this in a language I comprehend. Good work, Russian gave developers!

  23. mcguinty says:

    @dominic white: Yeah I liked hammerfall too but it’s also the name of a metal band so he probably needed to avoid trademark problems

    the .21 release’s english though shoddy helped me understand the game a lot more

  24. Dominic White says:

    Bumping this for a heads-up.. the game has been released! Complete, full, intact and ON STEAM.

    It also has a pretty solid translation. There’s some odd phrasing and vocabulary in places, but it’s perfectly coherent and understandable.

    link to store.steampowered.com – $10/7 Euros, probably around £5

    Get it now. Oh, it also has same-system multiplayer if you plug in multiple USB mice.

  25. Diabloste says:

    Is there a way to turn down the quality? Im lagging every 4 seconds when i play the game