Man Vs, Well, Everyone: AvP Marines Revealed

Try giving him a hug


We’ve seen the Predator at play already – and in fact I sat through a live demo of ol’ crab-face in action just last week. In short – he’s a lot more agile, a lot more outdoorsy and a lot more assassiny than the tank-like role he took in Rebellion’s original Aliens vs Predator. Also, the spinal cord-removal death move is one of the most gruesome things I’ve ever seen a videogame do. Even so, I don’t really give a single facehugger poo about the Predator. Always thought there was something oddly boring about him, at least when he’s not wrestling with Arnie. For me, AvP is about the age-old conflict between the Aliens and the Marines. The latter may be the most vanilla of the three races, but survival horror always suited this IP better than anything else – so Marine is the campaign I know I’ll be playing first. Bidee-bee… Bidee-bee… Bidde-bee…

And here’s Mr Marine in action. Well, briefly – this trailer isn’t an attempt to prove that the jarheads share equal baddassery-billing with the Xenos and Preds. Poor fella.

On that note – why still a fella (apparently)? The Aliens movies have always been about female protagonists, so it’s a real shame that we’re here defaulting to textbook macho yet again: it was a golden excuse for a woman character without resorting to base sex-appeal. Ah well. Perhaps I’ll yet be surprised.

Here’s the footage, anyway: I reckon it does a stand-up job of evoking the incredigood original game whilst also showing off its super-sparklo-graphics.


  1. SuperNashwan says:

    The first game was indeed excellent, more of that with modern graphics providing enhanced atmosphere would be well worth a few of my notes. Any word on if they’re planning interesting online stuff with this?
    Also, the pulse rifle is one of the finest bits of sound design ever, I love that noise so much.

  2. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Tank? I always thought the Alien was a bit more Scout-like, with the Predator being the closest to the Spy (come to think of it, I always had a tendency to go “Gentlemen” when cloaking and sneaking – it all makes sense now!).

    The Marine was obviously the Engineer, though, hiding behind the gadgets he carried.

  3. The Colonel says:

    I hope that encounter with the Predator at the end isn’t just a scripted moment in the game. It would be amazing to finish a firefight with some aliens and turn around to find a Predator had been standing behind you all along. As usual I hope and pray that consolification doesn’t do away with the hardcore-ness of the original, especially where difficulty is concerned. At least this game surely won’t have much use for boring cover systems? Looking promising, but the real test will be the immersion and real feeling of being hunted that the other games created.

  4. Pavel says:

    Looks great.I hope they will not fuck it up like they did Shellshock.Also they better have good writers, AvP1 sucked in story department.

  5. Andrew Dunn says:

    Fucking WANT.

    God this looks so perfect.

  6. Diogo Ribeiro says:

    Also, minor nitpick: the Dropship seems to take off way too fast in the trailer. Other than that, looking quite good. Better than I expected, actually. Although it seems the Aliens are going to be like CoD4’s dogs or something?

  7. Gorgeras says:

    Wait, wait, wait. We need to sort this out first before ANYTHING else can be discussed regarding this game.

    Predator = Hunter
    Alien = Survivor
    Marine = Prey


  8. Diogo Ribeiro says:


    AvP didn’t need a good story. It’s just one huge interspecies gang bang. In fact, there was one single excellent piece of writing in the entire game – a Marine level where the objective was, bluntly put:

    “Go out there and kill things”.

  9. Serondal says:

    @Gorgeras Preadtor = Hunter/Prey Alien = Hunter/Prey and Marine =Prey . The alien hunts the predator and the human, the preadtor hunts the alien and the human, and the human just tries to survive :P

    I agree in the first AVP games the pred had to tank most of the time due to his cloak not even working against aliens. There were a few good spots in AVP 2 where you could be a ninja but not enough for my taste

  10. Vexor says:

    This game is made for the LAN parties. Can’t wait!

  11. Lack_26 says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t that a female to his left? But yeah a female lead would have made more sense.

  12. Pavel says:

    Diogo Ribeiro – Wrong. Every game can use a good story.It was perfectly seen with AvP 1 and 2.1 sucked in story department and thus had no great impact, 2 rocked in story department and I loved all three campaign.

  13. sigma83 says:

    I think the Hunter / Survivor / Prey thing refers to the ‘Which of these will you become, playing as your chosen race?’ rather than pigeonholing them into anything.

  14. LionsPhil says:

    Hmm. I’m unimpressed by the way that the Marines give up on you the moment you cloak in that Predator gameplay vid. “Oh, he just vanished right there on that branch, we’d best stop shooting and look the other way, ignoring the series of thump sounds and rattling foliage around it.”

    Also, aye, dropship’s too nippy, and let’s have some female marines in there. “You always were an asshole, Gorman.”

  15. Schmung says:

    Looks jolly good. I loved the original – one of the msot genuinely terrifying games of all time IMO

  16. reaper47 says:

    Looking authentic. AvP 1&2 were excellent.

    Let’s hope 1:07 isn’t an indication of quick-time-events (“Press A-B-A to wrestle the Alien!”).

  17. TOOTR says:

    Not wishing to rename the site Rock Paper Modgun but as with the great Morrowind graphic enhancement mods – is there anything similar for the original AVP game?

    P.S obligatory quote – ‘Why don’t you put her in charge?’

  18. Fumarole says:

    “This game is made for the LAN parties. Can’t wait!”


  19. Serondal says:

    What Lan be disabled like in Starcraft :P

    What I’d really love to see is a game that only focuses on the Marine and gives you a really in depth story where you’re in an alien vs predator situation and caught in the middle of the battle so they can really focus on the experice and make it as scary and claustrphobic as possible. I know the first time I watched Alien towards the end I felt like there was a weight on my chest waiting for that freaking thing to pop out and eat someone, I figure they could do even better with a proper video game. Also would like to see a predator open world game where you are free to hunt what you wish across many planets, allowing you to decide where your space ship goes ect and gain prestige among your clan and allowing you to keep a room for trophies that you can arrange as you like.

  20. Antsy says:

    This does look good but what I’d really like to see is these two IPs being explored separately both in games and in movies. Theres a whole lot of background to both Alien and Predator that has been ignored.

  21. Diogo Ribeiro says:


    Perhaps, but I can tell you that at the time, whatever story AvP had left no impression whatsoever. I’m not sure I’d pay attention to it if the story was better. It’s a theme that probably does not need one. Most people will be familiar with the characters, and it actually works out as a sort of mash-up. “Aliens and Predators duke it out”. Does anything else need to be said? It’s as manly a sport as Street Fighter before they began shoving “backstories” into them. Who needs information like blood type, favourite food and love interests? All I care about is taking that floating Indian now before I’m BBQ, thanks.

    PS: This is all in jest, my good man :P

  22. JKjoker says:

    watching this video made me think two things:

    is there any chance of the weapons *not* obscuring 1/4 of the screen ?

    great, he encounters an alien –> QTE, he encounters a predator –> QTE, oh im sure everyone is going to love that innovative piece of gameplay and it will never get annoying, never i tell you!

  23. Poita says:

    Damn. Do I upgrade my 5yo PC for a well patched Arma2/OpFlash2 combo or do I wait for this beast? I hope it’s not all Doom3ish though.

    Fact, Alien, Aliens & Predator 1 were awesome. Predator 2 was ok but every Aliens since are really, really bad. AVP 1&2 are soooooooooo bad.

    I once met Brian Glover in a chip shop in Edinburgh. He was performing in ‘Annie get your gun’. Strangely, although he was wearing an overcoat and flat cap I actually recognised him from the bald section of the back of his head between his coat collar and cap. Being from Yorkshire I said I was pleased to meet him. Then I told him Aliens 3 was aweful but Yank weirwolf in London was great and he agreed.

  24. Dominic White says:

    @The Colonel – Funnily, what you claim to be PC-styled hardcoreness was actually almost all directly cribbed from Goldeneye, *THE* console FPS of the time.

    Almost all of the original AvP’s structure was taken from that game. The bonus objectives, the increasing mission complexity on higher difficulty settings, the punishing checkpoint-free levels, etc.

    I just hope they haven’t forgotten just how well that structure worked.

  25. RiptoR says:

    @SuperNashwan: watch the Predator movie linked in this post, they mention something about multiplayer stuff.

  26. Jad says:

    @Serondal and Antsy:
    Gearbox is making an Aliens universe game focusing on the marines called Colonial Marines, so that might cover your requests. Although it seems to be more of a squad-based shooter like Brothers in Arms than survival horror, and sounds a bit console-y with QTEs and all. Anyway, we’ll see.

    As for AvP, yeah, I’m pretty excited about this. As for difficulty, I really hope they have a bunch of widely differentiated difficulty levels. They’ll need an easy mode for the modern kids (and I’ll admit, I might play on that mode, too — I can be kinda wimpy when it comes to scary games), but I still hope they have some punishingly hard mode for the old-school gamers.

  27. Walsh says:

    Story in AvP1?

    All I remember was the game made me pee myself about 1 thousand times.

  28. fullbleed says:

    There is a genuinely pleasurable feeling from hearing the bleep of the motion tracker or the burst of the pulse rifle. I really can’t wait for this game, I hope it doesn’t have a story as it would be entirely pointless, everyone knows the plot of predator and alien movies.

    Vasquez: “Look, man. I only need to know one thing: where they are.”

  29. Scundoo says:

    Ripley: I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.
    Hudson: Fuckin’ A…

  30. We Fly Spitfires - MMORPG Blog says:

    I’m absolutely a marine man myself. Never had much interest in playing as an Alien or Predator. Marines FTW!

  31. GreatUncleBaal says:

    The first AvP nearly gave me a cardiac arrest just when a LIFT moved, setting off my motion tracker, let alone when the first alien showed up. This looks like it’s coming along very nicely, and will further shorten my lifespan. Cool.
    “How could they cut the power, man? They’re animals!”

  32. jonfitt says:

    The Predator was always the odd man out in the AvP games. They had him as the Swiss-Army Tank of the game with some very deadly weapons and high health, but limited by battery power.

    The Marines were deadly at range, but fragile and weak (and tasty) close up, and the Alien obviously excelled close up, and had the option to come from anywhere, but was vulnerable when out of claw range. They perfectly balanced each other.

    The Predator on the other hand, could dish out damage at all ranges, hide from Marines, and take sizeable damage. My guess is the battery power thing was added because he was just completely OP otherwise. You could even attack while cloaked if I remember rightly.

  33. Duckmeister says:

    I really only get scared in a game when something gets in my face. Like the Berserker in Condemned, or something like that. So, give me all of your aliens crawling at me, but don’t give me an alien going all “graaaah” as it gets all in my face and being ugly and all that. Yeah.

  34. Celsius says:

    Wow! This game really looks cool. I have been a fan of Alien Vs Predators and to find some game like this is the next best thing that happened. I guess I can take a break from grinding wow gold and raiding in Ulduar with my friends and just grab my own copy and start playing!

  35. Heroic Zero says:

    I’m hopeful for this one. The earlier games really had great atmosphere.

    Playing as a marine was almost too spooky, especially at the start of the campaign. I think a lot of that has to do with the sound, actually.

    The predator campaign was the first one I finished though. I found his abilities the most satisfying, although the campaign itself wasn’t very innovative. Very sniper-ly, though.

    The alien campaign was just brilliant (starting out exiting a chest, trying to survive until you grew large enough). It had some really good moments.

    Multiplayer was all about playing as an alien though. :) Zipping along the ceilings and walls never got old.

  36. Dominic White says:

    Just to remind people, Rebellion did AvP1, not AvP2. Personally, I vastly preferred the first game, which had very much a feel of its own – the second one felt a lot more like a standard PC FPS, at least to me.

  37. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    Is this another bug hunt?

    There was not enough overconfident wisecracking in that trailer – hell, there was none at all! :(

  38. dsmart says:


  39. c-Row says:


    AvP1 (and to a certain extent, System Shock 2 and Dead Space) was the only game ever that made me stop and aim at a corner, virtual hands shaking. For 20 seconds. Not around the corner, but at the corner. And the motion tracker was a horrible thing to include. Well, in a good “horrible” way of course.

  40. G Hallberg says:

    I remember playing the marine tutorial in one of the old versions, I dumped several magasines of ammo on doors and lifts.

    That level didn’t have a single enemy on it.

    I loved that game, gotta buy it and replay the marine campaigns some day.

  41. DMJ says:

    Marines? Vanilla? Multiplayer original AvP was closest to the movie tension by a long shot. In that game you really are hunted by a creature as smart as you.

    Or alternatively you’re hunting prey which carries an assault rifle and motion tracker…

    Few games let you get into the head of a movie character like that.

  42. DMJ says:

    Opinion: Supplementary.

    This game just topped my excite-o-meter and has surpassed Modern Warfare 2 in the “if I have to only buy one game for the rest of the year based on impressions…” stakes.

  43. Timofee says:

    Looking forward to this one.

    Also lots of you are going on about female marines, isn’t there one right at the beginning to the right of middle – has a pony tail and looks distictly female. Also I thought the one with a smart gun at 33secs looked like a woman? I don’t know, I don’t care as long as it has a survivor mode where you have sentries and the like to place before hand and then have to hold out for as long as possible I’m happy.

  44. GlennS says:

    Predator has its moments: play predator tag, where there is one predator who can score points and everyone else is marines trying to kill him, at which point they become him. It is a fantastic combination of high speed gunning and sneakiness, and one of the most intense, nerve-wracking experiences I have played. It always leaves me drenched in sweat every time.

    The multiplayer from either of the previous games (both great), with better net code would do me.

  45. dsmart says:

    Marine all the way for me. I LOVE being the underdog with a nice glow-in-the-dark bullseye on my back. *G*

  46. A-Scale says:

    Never got a chance to play AvP when it was still hot, so I’m very much looking forward to this. If the quality of the game matches that of the trailer, we are in for a nice ride.

  47. PureUncut says:

    It seems space travel has vastly outpaced torch technology.

  48. Nerd Rage says:

    “Poita says:

    Damn. Do I upgrade my 5yo PC for a well patched Arma2/OpFlash2 combo or do I wait for this beast? I hope it’s not all Doom3ish though.”

    One of the things I liked about the original AvP game from Rebellion was that it ran really damn well on my not-so-top-of-the-line PC. And the Marine gameplay in that game is still better than all of Doom 3, even if it doesn’t look quite so flashy. So whichever way you meant that Doom 3 comment to be taken, I’m as confident as an outsider can be that Rebellion will pull it off.

  49. DK says:

    I hope they go the AvP1 route with random enemies that have access to their own, entire-level-spanning vent system so you can never be sure where and when that Alien/Predator will attack. That one piece of design made the first one so much more replayable than the second.

  50. Gorgeras says:

    The second non-Rebellion game was terribad. The Alien had ZERO stealth and unlike the first I wasn’t able to hide at all. I have fond memories of the first level of the first game smashing all the lights in the lab and hiding on the ceiling just inches from the investigating Marines. As long as it was dark, you could hide right in front of them just as the Alien is supposed to.

    They were all given spider senses and telepathic communication in the second one.