Man Vs, Well, Everyone: AvP Marines Revealed

Try giving him a hug


We’ve seen the Predator at play already – and in fact I sat through a live demo of ol’ crab-face in action just last week. In short – he’s a lot more agile, a lot more outdoorsy and a lot more assassiny than the tank-like role he took in Rebellion’s original Aliens vs Predator. Also, the spinal cord-removal death move is one of the most gruesome things I’ve ever seen a videogame do. Even so, I don’t really give a single facehugger poo about the Predator. Always thought there was something oddly boring about him, at least when he’s not wrestling with Arnie. For me, AvP is about the age-old conflict between the Aliens and the Marines. The latter may be the most vanilla of the three races, but survival horror always suited this IP better than anything else – so Marine is the campaign I know I’ll be playing first. Bidee-bee… Bidee-bee… Bidde-bee…

And here’s Mr Marine in action. Well, briefly – this trailer isn’t an attempt to prove that the jarheads share equal baddassery-billing with the Xenos and Preds. Poor fella.

On that note – why still a fella (apparently)? The Aliens movies have always been about female protagonists, so it’s a real shame that we’re here defaulting to textbook macho yet again: it was a golden excuse for a woman character without resorting to base sex-appeal. Ah well. Perhaps I’ll yet be surprised.

Here’s the footage, anyway: I reckon it does a stand-up job of evoking the incredigood original game whilst also showing off its super-sparklo-graphics.


  1. unique_identifier says:

    obligatory quote # 471: `Get away from her, you bitch!’
    ( link to )

  2. Erlam says:

    The Predator looks like a mix of a Spy and Sniper, to me.

    While I think the Predator will likely be the best of the three choices, that’s hardly new.

    I am so psyched to play some Marine meatbags. Such fond memories of letting Aliens sneak up, then 180ing them just as they were in range… good times.

  3. Antsy says:

    Anyone remember Aliens on the C64? God I used to fill my drawers when the face huggers suddenly filled my screen!

  4. unique_identifier says:

    re: Erlam’s “the predator looks like a mix of a spy and sniper, to me.”

    hehe, i catch myself analysing other shooters through tf2 goggles all the time. (neotokyo’s recon class? scout crossed with a spy crossed with a sniper, and a bit of demoman)

  5. teo says:



  6. Psychopomp says:

    I think Alien 3 was the best one

    There, I said it.

  7. Psychopomp says:

    “Celsius says:

    Wow! This game really looks cool. I have been a fan of Alien Vs Predators and to find some game like this is the next best thing that happened. I guess I can take a break from grinding wow gold and raiding in Ulduar with my friends and just grab my own copy and start playing!”

    It appears we have gold spammers now…

    You know you’ve hit it big when…

  8. Scundoo says:

    I think Alien 3 was the best one

    There, I said it.

    I agree. The “director’s cut” of Alien 3 is the best of the franchise

  9. The Colonel says:

    This game shouldn’t be playable on a console because you shouldn’t be able to be quick enough to hit anything with a mouse, let alone a keyboard. The solution would be full-screen auto-aim. And yes, I know that’s what a smart gun is. 1999 was a good year for games, no?

    @Serondal: Ash calls them “survivors” in the first film when he’s talking about them being the “perfect organism” and adapting to any environment. That film is a lot shitter than I remember. It just descends into standard horror film fare after the first 40 minutes.

    @Dominic White: Really? Interesting. Don’t really remember all that stuff in the AvP game, but it was a long time ago. Goldeneye still is THE console FPS. AvP definitely had the edge over the second “colourful” affair. The marine storyline in that one was superb though.

  10. The Colonel says:

    EDIT: you shouldn’t be able to be quick enough to hit anything with a mouse, let alone a controller stick.

  11. Nick says:

    Just makes me want a Colonial Marines only game. ¬_¬

    Still, I’ll take what’s released, naturally.

  12. TheSombreroKid says:

    Oh My Holy Fucking Jesus Christ of Nazareth! i want this game.
    the Alien films affected me permanently, i’m just plain not atracted to a girl unless i think she’ll be able to flush a xenomorph out an airlock.

  13. Howard says:

    It’s about time that this franchise got another game. The advancements we have had in game engines, particularly those centred around lighitng and shadows, really have been crying out for another trip to LV426 (or similar).
    While I am excited about this I will reserve any judgement until I actually see in game footage. That video may be “in engine” but sure as hell ain’t someone playing it. Also I have a VERY sneaking suspicion that 360 will get its claws in this and we will be as deep in QTEs al the time.
    Just as long as Rebelion stick to their own guns (ugh) and ignore everything that was done in the shambolic AVP2 game we’ll be okay I guess. How anyone thinks that game was anything other than atrocious is beyond me…

  14. Howard says:

    EDIT: “Ass deep” not “As deep”… (sigh)

  15. Psychopomp says:

    “That film is a lot shitter than I remember. It just descends into standard horror film fare after the first 40 minutes.”

    link to

    # Alien and its sequels. It looks like a clichéd movie, but invented or popularised most of the relevant tropes for that genre.

    * This troper wouldn’t go quite so far as to label Alien “clichéd”, as it is still widely regarded as one of the scariest films of all time. Even later sequels like Alien III or Alien Resurrection fail to diminish how truly frightening the first movie was.

  16. Larington says:

    I feel I should also say that this is crying out for a marine survival mode with placed sentry guns and such where you try to last for as long as possible.

    It’s funny how folks now use analogies from character classes in other games to describe the different species in the game, as opposed to previously where TF2 hadn’t rooted itself into the public subconcious so much.

    Good point on the goldeneye-esque structuring as well.

  17. DSX says:

    “Guess she didn’t like the corn bread either.”

    Contrary to the excitogasmic reactions above.. this trailer was slanted imho: The marine seems to get a tracker, and perhaps an auto-turret (brief scene of one) but none of the stuff needed to take on preds, (UV, IR, endless supply of chalk stick flares to throw at shadows lol). I know marines were supposed to be the underdog, but at least the pred wasn’t god-like vs. marines in the first game.

  18. l1ddl3monkey says:

    Will there be tactical smart missiles? Phase-plasma pulse rifles, RPGs, sonic electronic ball breakers? Nukes? Knives? Sharp sticks?

  19. torchedEARTH says:

    Maybe they don’t show up on the 360 at all.

  20. Sunjammer says:

    As much as i dug the first one, calling it “incredigood” is a little off my map at least. It scared my balls clean off my body, but i’m not sure that actually makes the game any good. I really did miss a story, a little bit of coherence, and a semblance of a human story beyond “i’m going to die soon if i don’t watch out”. I think AvP2 absolutely curbstomped the first game in all these regards, and came out as more memorable for it.

    This, coupled with the utter shitsandwich Rebellion has been consistently serving up wince AvP (a collection of titles so abysmal their Judge Dredd game stands out as a quality title relatively speaking); color me cautiously optimistic.

  21. Ian says:

    @ Poita: I thought you said “Arnie Get Your Gun.”

    I’d totally go and see that.

  22. Subject 706 says:

    @Scundoo, @The Colonel
    I’d say that the first movie is heads and shoulders above the rest, especially when it comes to the creture model.

    Numero 3 comes second though.

  23. MonkeyMonster says:

    Guns, lots of guns :D I’ll have a medium-rare want with a side salad of want and some want fries too.
    You do indeed have to love the sound of pulse rifle – though the smart gun sounded better imho.

  24. Morph says:

    What are we supposed to use, harsh language?

  25. GenuineEntropy says:

    My interest in this title has doubled since RPS posted footage.

    Lots of pro-rine sentiment from you guys.
    Am I alone in that my fondest memories of the first two games were skulking about as a lone alien, destroying lights and picking off marines in AVP2 SP… (That’s after having face-hugged a sleeping man, chewed my way out of his chest and fed on rodents till I was big enough to bite peoples heads off)… Maybe it’s just me then. :P

  26. Karry says:

    WTF, AGIAN ?!? How come everyone just lost the ability to add numbers to sequels ? What if i want to find info about original game, how hard will i have to look because of their numbering disability ?

    Also, consoles.

  27. klumhru says:

    @AvP1 proponents
    Strange, I played AvP1 all the way through on release primarily by way of a dearth of other games to play and on the basis of its license. I found that AvP2 blew it away in all respects, most especially with the alien campaign, where you played all the way from birth. The other two parallel campaigns were weaker imo, more so the pred campaign, but still very very much better than anything avp1 offered…

    Regarding the movies, the single-xeno’s (1 / 3) stand out for me, always, while Aliens is a nice action movie. 4 and the avp’s, well….

    Regarding this game. The QTE’s need to be really sparse, and the aimed jumping, wtf is that? It’s like you’re remote controlling the pred, not actually playing it. Haven’t seen alien or marine game play yet, so can’t speak to that…

  28. Psychopomp says:



  29. Chaz says:

    Bloody hell that is looking tasty.

  30. Psychopomp says:

    “As usual I hope and pray that consolification doesn’t do away with the hardcore-ness of the original, especially where difficulty is concerned.”

    Consoles gave us Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, Ghosts’n’Goblins, Godhand, and Viewtiful Joe to name a few.

    Of all the things some people worry about when it comes to consolification, difficulty shouldn’t be one.

  31. Karry says:

    What ? Its the fucking consoles again, they got rid of number 3 so more people will want to pick it up. Dumb console crowd, not knowing about the first two games…
    I mean, they did this shit with Prince of Persia TWICE, first everyone called “Sands of Time” just “Prince of Persia”, now there is yet ANOTHER straight “Prince of Persia” ? WTH ?!?
    And this new Mechwarrior thing, why, why not just call it MW5 ? Console crowd, thats why. Dumb.

    Also, Rebelmind ? There isnt a single person there now from the original AVP team, and lately they released mostly trash, so my expectations arent that high. Not to mention…consoles. In original game Alien was freakin fast, i cant imagine anyone being able to play that with a controller, which means Aliens will be seriously gimped, so that kiddies in front of TVs can follow and actually aim and kill them.

  32. Psychopomp says:


    So, in short “consoletards” ruin everything?

    Get a grip.

  33. EvaUnit02 says:


    If you end up as another mute FPS protagonist with zero personality, does the character’s gender really matter at all?

  34. TooNu says:


  35. Owen says:

    Now all we need is a deck of cards.

  36. reaper47 says:

    @EvaUnit02: Point taken.

    Also, If you look at the “booth babe” discussion below, you’ll see that gender mainstreaming in games usually doesn’t work out that well, either. A videogame Ripley would be cool, but you know what we would actually get…

    So what’s worse? A male emotionless space marine ass-kicker stereotype? Or a hyper-sexed assassin with over-sized breasts in skimpy clothes? Isn’t the former almost less offensive to women? (I know, it’s a loose-loose situation)

  37. The Colonel says:

    @ Psychopomp: I didn’t say the film was copying anything else. I was criticising the whole model. Reviewing the film now, the reaction to a seriously powerful evil monster who begins killing crewmembers is to wander around alone, follow cats around the ship whilst not being armed and not even shoot it when it appears. That doesn’t create an atmosphere of tension, just inevitability. It quickly becomes clear the characters are there to be killed one by one. Very entertaining I’m sure but doesn’t make high quality horror.

    I’m not talking about old consoles. Consoles and their gamers have changed a lot in the last 5 years. Their current problems are…. the problem.

  38. Richard Beer says:

    Oh pleeeease get this right Rebellion. I will reward you with actual money in exchange for your software if you do!

  39. Demiath says:

    I found that AvP2 blew it away in all respects […] The other two parallel campaigns were weaker imo, more so the pred campaign, but still very very much better than anything avp1 offered…

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. I can’t for the life of me remember even as much as one second of the entire AvP 2 singleplayer experience, whereas many of the simple but intensely atmospheric Marine and Aliens levels from the first game have been permanently etched into my memory. From the look of the embedded gameplay video above the new AvP game seems closer to Monolith’s exceedingly generic game in style and execution, but I really hope that Rebellion also manages to return to that eerie, foreboding quality which set the original game apart from just about every other FPS on the market.

  40. Nick says:

    It’s not the people playing consoles, its the people marketing it to consoles who have no faith whatsoever in any form of basic human intelligence. Although reading some PC gamer comment threads I have the same feeling at times.

  41. Psychopomp says:



    I’ve seen my fair share of PC gamers who fail to realize the “shakespeare” scene in DMC4 is *supposed* to be a hilariously large ham.


  42. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Man, that trailer pushes my buttons a little too easily. As soon as I hear the ping of the motion tracker the hairs on the back of my neck stand right up, and the thunderous roar of the M41A pulse rifle spewing 10mm caseless all over the shop just makes me weak at the knees.

    The proof, as ever, will be in the pudding. I’ll need to get my hands on a demo of some sort to see if this will deliver the same level of atmosphere as Rebellion’s last AvP effort.

    @ The Colonel: Yeah, Alien is fairly heavy on the old horror tropes. It isn’t referred to as a haunted house movie in space for nothing. Still a great film though.

    You are somewhat misrepresenting the film, however. When the crew is first hunting the Alien they’re expecting the cat-sized chestburster not a man-sized death dealer. It’s not until Brett buys it that they quite realise what they’re dealing with, at which point they make a concerted effort to trap and kill it.

    It’s also worth noting that, as a bunch of space truckers, the crew doesn’t have access to any weaponry. The tools they use to hunt the alien in the film are, if I recall correctly, all jury-rigged by the engineers.

  43. Comment system, what comment system? says:

    So colonial marines is dead right?

  44. Greg Wild says:

    Apparently still in development, Comment, according to Randy. Can’t remember where I read about it though.

    Also just noticed: there’s at least 1 woman marine in that trailer. And I have a feeling the Smartgunner is a Vasquez-a-like too. So it’s not entirely without the bussomed ones.

  45. DK says:

    “I’ve seen my fair share of PC gamers who fail to realize the “shakespeare” scene in DMC4 is *supposed* to be a hilariously large ham.”
    What does not getting that DMC doesn’t take itself seriously have to with PC or Console gaming?

  46. klumhru says:


    I have the reverse recollection. I couldn’t remember a single thing from avp1 when I first gave it a bit of thought, but I could probably recite most of the plot points of avp2 from memory.

    Interesting how people’s experiences differ :)

  47. G_Man says:

    @Diogo Ribeiro,

    When he said Tank, Im pretty sure he as referring to the Predator.

    The game is looking awesome BTW.

  48. Pod says:

    I have a gutiar tuner that makes the exact same “pock….pock….pock” noise that the motion sensors make.

  49. Sunjammer says:

    Demiath, If you can’t remember eating your way out of a dude’s chest, or the way the music swells from James Horner type Aliens bombast into a very Predator 2 inspired tribal drive as you’re chasing down Rykov as the Predator, or rushing into an alien hive trying to save your friend but coming too late, then i pity you. AvP2 had an absolutely killer storytelling device in its 3 intersecting timelines, and while the engine was so-so, the sound work smashed AvP1 to bits.

    The worst thing i can say about AvP1 is that it didn’t capitalize on the potential of its protagonists. It has little to keep you coming back other than novelty.

  50. dsmart says:

    And this had better come out for the PC in good shape because no way in hell I’m getting this on inferior console platforms.