Man Vs, Well, Everyone: AvP Marines Revealed

Try giving him a hug


We’ve seen the Predator at play already – and in fact I sat through a live demo of ol’ crab-face in action just last week. In short – he’s a lot more agile, a lot more outdoorsy and a lot more assassiny than the tank-like role he took in Rebellion’s original Aliens vs Predator. Also, the spinal cord-removal death move is one of the most gruesome things I’ve ever seen a videogame do. Even so, I don’t really give a single facehugger poo about the Predator. Always thought there was something oddly boring about him, at least when he’s not wrestling with Arnie. For me, AvP is about the age-old conflict between the Aliens and the Marines. The latter may be the most vanilla of the three races, but survival horror always suited this IP better than anything else – so Marine is the campaign I know I’ll be playing first. Bidee-bee… Bidee-bee… Bidde-bee…

And here’s Mr Marine in action. Well, briefly – this trailer isn’t an attempt to prove that the jarheads share equal baddassery-billing with the Xenos and Preds. Poor fella.

On that note – why still a fella (apparently)? The Aliens movies have always been about female protagonists, so it’s a real shame that we’re here defaulting to textbook macho yet again: it was a golden excuse for a woman character without resorting to base sex-appeal. Ah well. Perhaps I’ll yet be surprised.

Here’s the footage, anyway: I reckon it does a stand-up job of evoking the incredigood original game whilst also showing off its super-sparklo-graphics.


  1. The Colonel says:

    Maybe we’ll finally get the Aliens ability to buckle and break down doors unless you weld them shut promised for the second game ;). Deforming scenery?!

    I wonder if there will be another “ha ha look what a massive team of alien fuckers we are! We’ll cut through them like a knife through butt- oh no they’ve all been locked outside leaving me all on my own”.

    When is a mindless shooter not a mindless shooter? When you’re cowering in a corner gibbering and trying to pretend the little blip moving closer on your motion tracker is just a cat.

  2. D says:

    Magic 8-ball said to the question “Will AvP be entirely without NPC allies?” – Absolutely!

  3. caramelcarrot says:

    In AVP2 single player I spent the first level shitting myself every time a door shut because it came up on the motion tracker.

    Also, to agree, the pulse rifle sound is the best weapon sound ever.

  4. The Colonel says:

    One second watch those Aliens looks so ridiculously easy to fight. Hopefully that was CONSOLE gameplay and the PC version will be better (ie. good).

  5. Psychopomp says:

    ““I’ve seen my fair share of PC gamers who fail to realize the “shakespeare” scene in DMC4 is *supposed* to be a hilariously large ham.”
    What does not getting that DMC doesn’t take itself seriously have to with PC or Console gaming?”

    It’s one of many things that show many PC gamers are just as dense as console gamers, with an added sense of superiority.

  6. Will says:

    I have very fond memories of both the existing AvP games, particularly when played on a LAN at work. I thought the abilities and sometimes vertical level design in the second made for very good role-playing – sitting on top of poles as the Predator and shouting challenges, that kind of thing. I used to live for the girlish shrieks of one colleague (who I shan’t name…) when I netted him and cut his head off for a trophy.

    Anyway, what I really wished for and never got was a drool button for the aliens. It would be so much fun to go ‘drip drip’ when a marine comes past while you’re hanging on the ceiling – just to give them a quarter-second of despair before the clawing and biting :)

  7. R. says:


    Yes, and a hiss button would be handy in that regard as well. Throw in a wave your tail menacingly so it casts a shadow across the room one while you’re at it. No, I’m not being sarcastic, I just want to scare the shit out of people before I tear a hole in their head. The Predator hasn’t got anything on those creepy bastards in that regard, ugh.

    Well said.