Gates of Andaron Is On

Greased Lightning!

News reached us that the Gates of Andaron was opened up yesterday. We waited for today to post it as… er… maybe we wanted to give you something to play at the weekend? Yeah, that sounds likely. Anyway, this is a free Fantasy MMO which includes all the usual RPG race and class gubbins (e.g. The Rekamies “…have the ability to perform both white and black magic.” Which must be handy. All of RPS can only cast either black or white magic. We can barely dream of a world where we could have both). Most interesting features look like the Realm Versus Realm stuff plus the large scale battles where you can play as a commander in conflicts of up to 49 players. Which sounds fancy. Anyway, if you fancy some MMOing of the free variety,you can download the client from here. If you need more, there’s some early user videos below.

Though they’re of people running around creating trains of monsters and then leading them towards someone with an Area Effect power. This is totally how Aragorn should have taken down the orcs at Helm deap. Run, Gimli, Run! Run as fast as your tiny legs can carry you.

I say “free” by which I mean “I presume there’s some micropayments in here somewhere”.

Anyone played this yet? Any thoughts?


  1. coupsan says:

    Looks like another free and generic MMO.

    So I’ll totally try it.

  2. MacBeth says:

    OK then – so clearly Kieron would be black magic, but what about the other three?

  3. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    I’m pretty sure John’s not the black magic type. Can’t say the same about Alec.

    Jim is what Jim does.

  4. Railick says:

    My magic skills seem to lie in the realm of the fertility gods. Does that fall under white magic or black magic or is it more a cleric type of thing ? :)

  5. DrStrangelove says:

    I don’t like the art style but I’ll try at as I’m cheap

  6. Kieron Gillen says:

    Dorian: Jim may be a Rekamie.


  7. Heliocentric says:

    Alec seems like he’d be fine drawing forth either force. Probably black, for efficency reasons.

  8. Carra says:

    I could swear from seeing that clip that this is a poorly executed WoW expansion.

    When will developers learn that the WoW GUI/interface sucks. They’re much better of taking a look at what the community did with their interfaces. 3d, rotatable portraits for each party member or monster for example.

  9. ChampionHyena says:

    Gnuh. Ever since I latched onto DDO Unlimited, I swore that it was great enough that I wouldn’t need any other free MMOs. But I can’t help it! I have some kind of mysterious free-MMO-hoarding instinct! Requiem, Runes of Magic, Dungeon Runners, and mountains of old Korean MMOs from way back in the day. I eat ’em like candy.

    I have a problem.

    wait why is the client downloading i don’t even remember clicking

  10. heartless_ says:


    When 12 million people stop playing WoW?

  11. Dave says:

    How much gameplay value or usability do 3D rotatable portraits add?

  12. bleeps says:

    “3d, rotatable portraits for each party member or monster for example.”

    How does rotating a 3D portrait make for a better user interface?

  13. Heliocentric says:

    @Dave 18.72%

  14. Frye says:

    I noticed no bugs and it played fine and responsive (something Warhammer never managed). I didn’t play the game long enough to say much about the lands or the classes but it looks dated: huge trees popping up out of thin air when you’re walking about, crappy textures etc. I lost interest after i had a look at the shop. Turns out you can buy ‘moonstones’ for real money and exchange them for XP, mounts and other stuff. Bit like BF heroes but far more intrusive. I’d never play a game like that, but i did enjoy my one hour with it.

  15. Gutter says:

    Wow, does anyone need any reasons other than those awful video not to play that game?

  16. Dominic White says:

    It looks like a very generic MMO. I’ve found that the best of the free ones are the ones that do things differently. Navy Field (naval artillery combat), Ace Online (third-person spacey shooter), Atlantica Online (turn-based large scale combat – reminds me a lot of King’s Bounty) or DDO (small-scale, high-focus questing for smaller groups) all have their unique niches, and stand out because they don’t fall into the exact same traps as every other MMO.

    This one just looks samey.

  17. Konky Dong says:

    Am I the only one noticing that this game steals art assets from WoW? Go look at the screenshots on their official site, a lot of those environmental textures and models are lifted straight from WoW.

  18. Scandalon says:

    Yes, but do you have to press “Shift” to (un)holster your weapon?

    /me ducks

  19. Stromko says:

    Dominic White: I second those examples, though I haven’t played Navy Field or Ace Online in ages and don’t know how they’re doing now. Atlantica Online I tried in beta, I believe, the party-based and turn-based combat was certainly refreshing.

    I didn’t know DDO Unlimited was out of beta yet, I decided to skip said beta since .. why the hell would I beta a free-to-play version of a game I’ve already bought? :)

    I have no feeling about Gates of Andaron, no idea why I should be the least bit interested in playing it. That it’s mentioned on RPS lifts its esteem, but it starts at ‘thinly veiled hatred for cookie-cutter MMORPGs’ and is now at ‘neutral’.

    I’d rather fill my weekend with tea and masturbation, if it were either that or Gates of Andaron.

  20. Skalpadda says:

    The environments really do look copy pasted from WoW, although the textures look a lot worse. Also, what’s up with those footstep sounds in the 3rd vid, is the lad using tap shoes? :)

  21. Tei says:

    I wish generic mmos plays more like this one. But don’t. Generic mmos play more like assian grinders, maybe because are assian grinders made in korea. This one feel like a western production, and It has a 1% flavour in it. For one second I felt like in a RPG, but that one second died. I still (probably) the most westener mmo you can play. But Runes of Magic has more polish, so If you want to play a F2P, you sould probably bet on RoM. This one has …interesting things… combat is more predictble (less RNG?), there are more area of effect attacks, and theres a talent tree.

    I am looking forward for Allods Online.

  22. DSX says:

    RPS hivemind strikes again.. woke up this AM thinking “I should start a MMO today, single player games are getting lonely…” It’s a seasonal cycle thing, I play online till disgust at TEH OMGZ FAG LOLS internet citizens reaches a summit and then gratefully return to single player games…

  23. Eschatos says:

    Warhammer Online and Planetside fulfill all my massive online fight quota.

  24. Rosen says:

    I just cant be arsed to play another free MMO. I have seen what they can offer. Hell even MMOs in general, i couldnt care less anymore, untill they manage to integrate intresting quests, perhaps actual stat choosing and actual changing gameworld..i dont care.

    Lets see just what i can remember from my free MMO list:
    Rappelz, check.
    Dragonica, check.
    Runes of Magic, check.
    Flyff, check.
    Perfect World, check
    The list goes on and on and on, i cant even remember all of them.
    I never play a free MMO really long, at most i play 2 weeks, and then i quit and never play again because i get bored as the grind goes insane, and the first fun wears off. So i decided to screw it for good.
    The KOREAN DEATHGRINDER MMOs are the worst. You can barely even stand them, there nothing masking the GRIND.

  25. Sovietmudkipz says:

    Looks exactly like WoW.

  26. Tei says:

    It seems a USA server for a existing game called “4story”.
    Even the webpage looks similar.

    Here is the spanish version:
    link to

  27. megaman says:

    I wonder why noone mentioned Eternal Lands so far. Am I the only one here who tried it?
    More on-topic: It doesn’t look or sound like it would be worth playing it. But then again, I’m currently not seeing the point in playing MMORPGs in general. I’m just tired of the grind, and I think well-made single player games (Oblivion, ..) are doing a better job of making it fun to play.

  28. mr.awesomesuace says:

    archers FTW

  29. Biophage says:

    I happened to download this the day it was made, without even knowing it was new. It seems a bit laggy, but my computer isn’t fast. The mage seems boring, the spells aren’t strategic. I’ve yet to try anything else.

  30. savbygrace says:


  31. savbygrace says:

    Well so far all I’ve gathered from this forum is that you all have the “free mmorpg” blues. LawL!

    Maybe one or two people that have commented have actually even PLAYED G.O.A. yet, so needless to say you’re not helping much.

    Biophage, thanks for some real feedback. I have actually downloaded G.O.A. and started playing it too. I’m not exactally prepared to put it on a pedestal, however, I have my opinion.

    With consideration that it was just released…

    I now have a level 12, Mage:
    1. I like the gameplay, music, and the story line is catching on.
    2. If you are still playing WoW, then you may not care for this one because WoW obviously has more funding, enough said. But if you want the WoW experience without the monthly fee, this could be for you. (although RPS has mentioned wisely that there are small fee’s for stuff like moonstones, to fancy your armor, etc).
    3. I like the fact that I can get a head start in a fun adventure game, so that if it does take off – I’m at the forefront.

    Other than the good; here are some other thoughts:
    1. There is a little bit of a grind from time to time, but than again it’s actually a little fun because the quest sequences allow you not just kill the same mobs over and over. You get a variety.
    2. Probally the biggest upset was that I logged into my character recently and I was missing skill points and some spells that I just activated. Obviously a “new game” bug. I reported it promptly and they have already responded, helping me work it out.

    Well, if you decide to play hit me up. -Savbygrace

  32. Chelsea says:

    i heart WoW and will always heart WoW. this game won’t even work on my computer, rofl:)

  33. soulackt0r says:

    its cool but its get harder when we level so im kinda stuck in 29 ;p many exp is needed :) its cool thou..

  34. Justin Burton says:

    Are you serious? They create a FREE MMO based on the WoW UI and you complain that they don’t have fully 3D rotatable portraits of party members and monsters?

    There are things needed to play a game and there are bells and whistles. You sir are a bells and whistles man.

  35. Thoraxe THE IMPAILOR! says:

    anyone no a site to get addons and mods for GOA?