Zomb-arena: Nation Red Demo

Today is a good day. The sun is shining, the coffee is hot, and the internet coughs up a zombie game demo. In this particular instance of zombification it’s a kind of top-down, round-based Left 4 Dead or perhaps more like the splendid Larva Mortus. The zombies come a-charging, and you have to keep on collecting the power-ups to get through the level. The name of the game is Nation Red, by KaosKontrol and DiezelPower, and it will apparently be on full release next week on Direct2Drive and GamersGate. Enough wibbling: get it here, and splatter some undead.


  1. Crittbeast says:

    Sounds a lot like Killing Floor.

    Not necessarily a bad thing. =)

  2. Terr says:

    This reminds me a lot of the Boxhead The Zombie Wars flash game. Not necessarily a bad thing either.

  3. Matt says:

    The title has a deliberate double meaning I assume? Zombies in films are often used as a metaphor for a working class/socialist uprising and the website title picture has zombies wielding hammers. Lets kill those commbies!

  4. We Fly Spitfires says:

    Looks sweet. I’m in the mood for a good zombie game. Note the word ‘good’. Hope this one is!

  5. Schwerpunk says:

    Lol, ‘commbies’ lol. :)

    Downloading, now…

  6. Schwerpunk says:

    It was alright. Nice enough presentation. But it all seems muddled, somehow.

    Also, it steals blatantly from Crimsonland. But then, what top-down slaughterfest doesn’t these days?

  7. Arienette says:

    I found the movement speed to be just too excruciatingly slow. Otherwise interesting game.

  8. Markoff Chaney says:

    I really enjoyed Larva Mortus, even if it didn’t have the same frantic joy that the Alien/Zombie Shooters could produce. Downloading this demo now to try to turn some undead back to dead…

  9. Andresito says:

    I’ve enjoyed the demo. I’ll probably buy via Gamersgate (if they keep the 11€ price, of course)

  10. born2expire says:

    still waiting for a game with “real” (aka romero/brooks inspired) zombies, and i guess I’m putting all my hope in Dead Island still.

  11. malkav11 says:

    Ahhh, Crimsonland. I still maintain that game is head and shoulders above Left 4 Dead in terms of zombie shootery. (And alien, spider, and something else shootery as well.)

  12. keelids says:

    It’s available also directly RIGHT NOW from their website. They’re using REGNOW for the ecommercing part.
    @malkav11: Crimsonland is such a bitch to play well. Must’ve spent more time playing that game than the original Midtown Madness races, which is saying a lot.

  13. amoult says:

    As they are clearly ripping off one of my all time favourite game Crimsonland, I hope they also copy the alternative movement scheme from that. Player moves too slow and camera is too close. Anyway, I’m always good for another Z-shooter.

  14. Hunam says:

    I enjoyed the demo, but the prospect of only 10 quests didn’t excite and even with an extra mode it just seems to fall into nicer looking flash game territory.

  15. Powerhaus says:

    Seems fun, but the game (for me at least) appears to be stuck in some kind of fast forward mode that makes the game impossible. -_-

  16. bigblackjesus says:

    Wow this is exactly like Crimsonland from the UI to the names of the powerups. Can’t they get in legal trouble for this?

  17. Scott says:

    Do yourself a favor and buy Crimsonland instead. This game is horribly broken; you for some reason move slower than zombies, your roll-escape thing launches you in your aiming direction instead of your moving direction, for no readily apparent reason, the bullets and collision detection are far too shoddy for a game like this, your kick has a huge recharge, etc.

    I died my first time through the damn TUTORIAL. That is just wrong. After half an hour I still hadn’t passed the first mission. Epic balance fail.

  18. Morningoil says:


    Nah, I just wanted to say that I saw this and thought, ooh, Crimsonland homage surely; confirmed in the comments thread.

    And that Crimsonland was LIMITLESSLY AWESOME.

    Anyone who likes Crimsonland should play Shadowgrounds. Mobygames claims they’re written by different people, but I think they must be aliases or at least close friends – it’s ridiculously similar in many ways.

  19. DavidT says:

    Cool game. Liked it. Scott – LOL, you did during the tutorial?? You must be kidding, nobody’s that bad, surely?

  20. Scott says:

    Well, I wasn’t concentrating on survival, I was trying out the kick and dive moves. Using the dive quickly degenerates into you rolling back and forth through the same groups of zombies until you die.

  21. Über Nerd says:

    You have no idea…

  22. DavidT says:

    By the way the version I played is 1.07. They released this new version which speeds up your movement and some other gameplay adjustments. It’s on Gamershell’s front page. Crimsonland was good but the visuals look 20 years old. This kicks it’s ass big time.

  23. Matzerath says:

    Was it just me or was there no normal way to uninstall this?