Explosionistas: Raven Squad Trailer

Bombastic strategy-FPS hybrid Raven Squad is set for release on the 11th of August, and to celebrate that fact Evolved Games have released a cheese-tastic movie-style trailer, which sets the scene for this unusual take on the jungle man-shoot with some troubling dialogue. There might be a top-down strategy tactics and co-op cleverness in here, but for now they’re focusing on the explosions, of which there are many. The game proper looks moderately entertaining, thanks to the way the action swings between strategy and twitch run-n-gun, so perhaps we’ll take a closer look when it hits. In the meantime, go examine the action with your eyes.


  1. Rabbitsoup says:

    “I’ve got grenades and the holy mother, I’m ready to go!”


    mind you “I’m gonna toast some burritos (Mexicans)” isn’t so cool.

  2. Bobsy says:

    FINALLY, a game where I can live out my fantasies of being a man with a gun.

  3. Ian says:

    Hope this works.

  4. Hi!! says:

    “Find out why this game won some awards at E3”. LOL.

  5. Heliocentric says:

    You don’t even toast burrito’s. Hurrah for racists being represented as idiots in videogames! What do you mean that wasn’t the intended effect.

  6. Lack_26 says:

    There aren’t enough games with men and guns, it’s a surprisingly undeveloped niche.

  7. Heliocentric says:

    Yo dawg i heard you don’t like foreigners, so i put casual racism in your strategy so you can strategise while you hate.

  8. Jim Rossignol says:

    I missed that burrito line when I watched it. Christ.

  9. CMaster says:

    That was hilarious, I think intentionally.

  10. Captain Haplo says:

    “FINALLY, a game where I can live out my fantasies of being a man with a gun.”

    Oh snap! :D

  11. Tom Armitage says:

    I mean, I can see what they’re going for… but it’s really just a bit too close to so many shitty action games, not to mention a bunch of things that make videogames crap – casual racism, lousy voice acting, general incoherence – that I’m worried it might actually be, you know, representative.

  12. TeeJay says:

    Rabbitsoup: “mind you “I’m gonna toast some burritos (Mexicans)” isn’t so cool.”

    …not cool *and* a bit wierd as they crash-land in Brazil.

  13. D says:

    Don’t know how many of you saw this, but the green screen of PREVIEW at the beginning said:

    The game advertised has been rated:
    UE Unnecessary Explotions
    Some meterial is just really inappropriate
    Terrible voice acting, awful one liners, kick ass gameplay.

  14. TeeJay says:

    The official website mentions:

    “Hilarious campy dialogue paying homage to classic 1980s action films”

  15. TeeJay says:

    I was browsing imdb for examples of trashy action movies set in south america. I failed with the 1980s but did find this 2009 turkey (eg. see the ‘user comments’ section): link to imdb.com

  16. Kommissar Nicko says:

    @TeeJay: I was concerned about the guy saying “amigo,” but then I found out it’s the same in Portuguese as it is in Spanish. Also, maybe they eat burritos in Brazil? Jaguar burritos.

  17. FunkyB says:

    I think the ‘racism’ is clearly there to lambaste racists, no need to fly off the handle.

    Or is this homophobic?

  18. Kieron Gillen says:

    FunkyB: You really saying that this is as well done a satire as Brass Eye?


  19. Vandelay says:

    I’m not really sure what made you think that the use of casual racism was meant to be satirical, or that it could really be compared to the genius Brass Eye. Perhaps in the context of the game there is a reason for it, but the trailer didn’t give much indication.

    That aside, could be interesting. The mix of FPS and strategy could work out quite well, but depends how useful it turns out to be. If it is also very linear in its interpretation (think Brothers in Arms repetitive pin down while I flank) then it could get stale.

    What is the engine being used? Kind of reminded me of Crysis, but the quality wasn’t great. May have been the compression on the video, or it is different engine.

  20. Tei says:

    The renderer looks somewhat “busy” and “dirty”, there are too much pixels everywhere doing “nothing”. It need more focus, and maybe better textures. I don’t know how the gameplay of strategy/arcade thing will work. Is hard to innovate here. Too much games tried to invent new genres… only a few really “work” enough.

    The racist thing. Well… If you make a movie about Nazis killing Jew, you will add some swearing like “dirty jew” or stuff like that. So I think just fit. Is more a comentary *against* USA mercenaries than against latino people.

  21. FunkyB says:

    KG: No of course not, but I’m reminded that at the time Brass Eye annoyed a great many people who either didn’t realise it was satirical, or didn’t care. Off the top of my head, the paedophile special ;) “They don’t deserve punishment, they deserve gunishment!”

    Vandelay: I believe it is satirical because it is so ridiculous, because it states at the beginning it has terrible one-liners, and because it is clearly not to be taken seriously. I could be wrong, but I hope I’m not.

    However you’ve both slightly misunderstood me. Just because I think it is satire doesn’t mean I think it is *good* satire :) But conceded, once we see the entire game we’ll see if they are racist because it is ‘cool’ or racist because they’re lampooning racists.

  22. JKjoker says:

    its really cheesy, and i love it, unlike the dragon age trailers this one has style

    they should fire (and probably impale and other tortures) the guy who makes trailers in bioware and get this guy

  23. l1ddl3monkey says:

    I don’t think it is racism aimed at Mexicans, I think one of the squad is Hispanic.

    The “Holy Mother” comment is exactly the sort of stereotypical arse that scriptwriters usually have Hispanic characters coming out with.

    The game looks interesting, apart from the super accurate infinite ammo Uzi…

  24. Sartoris says:

    Loved the preview screen, and the campy one liners, and the racism jokes. It’s satire. You just have to pass an obviously HUGE intelligence check to realize it.

  25. Poita says:

    Won ‘some’ awards at E3. He he. Cheesayyy. Is it supposed to be one of those planet terror/Death proof style trailers?

    and . . please devs. Stop putting the hud towards the center of the screen. I guess you think it makes it quicker for us to glance at it when we are in the action but it just pisses us off. Is it so hard for game designers to make HUD’s totally customisable? I want to be able to move the HUD icons around like i do icons on my windows desk top and have them be automatically saved in that position.

  26. Shalrath says:

    “mind you “I’m gonna toast some burritos (Mexicans)” isn’t so cool.”

    Who the fuck ‘toasts’ burritos? Hahahaha…

  27. Wooly says:

    Everything should be rated “UE.”

  28. Fumarole says:

    I for one had a burrito just yesterday with a slightly toasted tortilla. Delicious.

  29. Heliocentric says:

    You racist bastard!

    Oh wait… That sounds yum.

  30. Nerd Rage says:

    “TeeJay says:

    I was browsing imdb for examples of trashy action movies set in south america. I failed with the 1980s”

    Never heard of Predator have you?

  31. Breaker Morant's ghost says:

    Predator is most definitely NOT trashy. It is the most perfect union of form and meaning ever put to film.

  32. Mike Arthur says:

    Wasn’t Predator set near Cambodia?

  33. Monkeybreadman says:

    Well, and i quote,

    Sergeant Mac Eliot: Goddamn! Shew. Buddy buddy-buddy-buddy-buddy. I’ve seen some bad-ass bush before, man, but nothin’ like this.
    Blain: I hear ya. This shit’s somethin’. Makes Cambodia look like Kansas.
    Sergeant Mac Eliot: Hey, que pasa, amigo? Little taste of home.
    Blain: You lose it here, you’re in a world of hurt.

    Arnie’s best film ever – FACT

  34. JKjoker says:

    @Mike Arthur: Wikipedia says its set in Guatemala but filmed around mexico (so maybe the predator did off some burritos)

  35. aldo_14 says:

    I thought Predator was set in a fictional South/Central American country? Something generic sounding like San Marco.

  36. D says:

    Ooooh. More of comment threads turning into Predator discussions, please guys. :)

  37. aldo_14 says:

    I thought Predator was set in a fictional South/Central American country? Something generic sounding like San Marco.

    Turns it it was ‘Val Verde’.

  38. Shadowcat says:

    I think the bit that needed highlighting was: Some material is just really inappropriate. Or maybe “Where are you going, amigo? We’re going to toast some burritos.” genuinely was a confusing invitation to lunch.

    That’s why it’s a strategy game as well as an action game.

  39. mashakos says:

    an fps and strategy game in one?
    I know of only one other thing in the universe as awesome as this. The corn dog.