Order Of War Demo On Steam

Squeenix’s World War II RTS (you want to make a strategy game, set in World War II, are you sure?), Order Of War, has a demo up on Steam. Here it is. The 3D RTS boasts some bold scale, with “up 1000” troops being under your command and on screen at any one time, and it’s being developed by the chaps at Wargaming.net, the same developer behind Galactic Assault and the Massive Assault games, and it looks a bit clever. Unconvinced? Check out the snazzy trailer below.


  1. Gabanski83 says:

    Looks alright to me.

  2. ThornFalconeye says:

    Played through the mission twice(lost once)- and it seems a lot like Theatre of war. Except the camera is sluggish and my tanks do not seem to realize that when i want them to circle around the back of an AT gun emplacement, I dont want them to stop every 2 seconds to fire at it.

    I could not even stand to see if there was a mission after the first- prompty uninstalled the demo and went back to any of the other 50 company based WWII RTT’s.

  3. Javaguy says:

    One day someone will make a WW2 RTS with a sensible name and the world will be shocked. Faces of War was an odd name, Men of War slightly better. Order of War? Really? I suppose Company of Heroes makes a bit of sense, even if it sounds like a ’40s comic.

    I shall try the demo, however. It looks good, if possibly not the most unique game to see the light of day

  4. Jad says:

    I remember back when every FPS/action game seemed to be set in WWII, RTSes seemed to keeping more to the traditional sci-fi/fantasy settings. Now that WWII fever has died down for FPSes, it seems that strategy games are picking it up … isn’t R.U.S.E. set in WWII as well?

  5. Novotny says:

    Within the reccomended specs:

    ‘Increased performance will be noticed on an Alienware Area 51® X58 Desktop’

    Increased from what? If I have an identically-specced machine, but I call it Margaret, will it not perform as well?


  6. jon_hill987 says:

    @Novotny, that means Alienware gave them a free PC to test the game on.

    Still doesn’t make it right. Down with this sort of thing!

  7. TotalBiscuit says:

    “Works best on Intel!” – Same marketting crap, they get paid for this kind of thing.

    Can’t say I’m particularly thrilled by this, it didn’t seem to offer anything we haven’t seen before.

  8. Hermit says:

    It’s alright, Java. Eventually, they’ve got to run out of words they can couple with “War”. Either that or they’ll start coupling all the usual suspects together, and we’ll all be playing “Heroes of Allied Frontline Battles of World War II”

  9. Heliocentric says:

    I want an advert to say works best on the pentagon’s mainframe.

  10. Gap Gen says:

    Actually, it probably doesn’t work best on massive supercomputers. It’s only recently that massive parallel machines have been given GPUs, and frame rates on distributed machines probably suck, given the communication speeds between blades. Plus Intel may well have paid Square Enix a small amount to optimise their game for Intel processors.

    That said, the fastest supercomputer in the world as of last month uses Cell processors.

  11. Sajmn says:

    “Epic scale battle of the short-sighted armadas!”
    “Combat that takes place on ranges smaller than 50m!”

  12. MrBejeebus says:

    Have they forgotten how to be creative with namings? Pffft!

    Graphics look similar to MoW but the trailer does seem to have more tanks..

    I’ll stick with MoW/CoH for the time being.

    I think “Outfront” is a much better name than Men of War anyway…

  13. Fumarole says:

    Order of War is derived form the military term Order of Battle. It makes sense to be used as a game name. This was explained in detail in the first RPS article about this game.

  14. Heliocentric says:

    I want an order of war, with a side of fries.

  15. Chris says:

    1944 eh? So in other words keep bombing the already crumbling war machine into rubble and steamroll into Germany? Where’s the strategy in that?

  16. Archonsod says:

    WWII? Yawn.

  17. PaulMorel says:

    @Chris: you forget that this is a squeenix game. The strategy lies in picking your character’s androgynous clothes and hairstyle, then color coordinating your attacks appropriately.

    If you can bear the grind, I hear that you can earn some kick-ass capri pants for General Patton.

  18. CMP5 says:

    The demo mission made my inner Grognard quiver. Since when do P47’s get shot down by 88s? I don’t think the good strategy for taking a fortified hill like that is to charge it with tanks.

  19. Rosti says:

    They don’t like it up ’em, those 1000 troops. [/Dad’s Army]

  20. Hermit says:

    And don’t forget to complete all the side missions to unlock your Ultimate Tank Summon: link to en.wikipedia.org

  21. Shadrach says:

    I like the infographics a lot.
    Gameplay-wise I just hope there’s less micromanagement than Men of War.

  22. Jim says:

    Firstly, enough with the name bashing, yes they have silly names but do we need to go through this every time? Secondly, WWII is such an interesting period it’s no wonder there’s so many WWII based games out, I love them personally, if you want sci-fi or something else then just go play it, you don’t need to moan. The WWII setting still has lots and lots to give.

    But enough of that, on to the demo. That has to be the most boring demo I’ve ever played. It stuck well within the rule book for a generic RTS game and it’s just dull. It just feels like a game that didn’t really need to be made, everything you can do in it can be done in another RTS. Sure it has a lot of vehicles on screen at once, but that doesn’t save it at all for me.

    Men of War is still the best WWII RTS out there, this game with its awful explosion sprites, lack of physics and terrible camera could learn so much from playing it. Maybe i’m just tired.

  23. Javaguy says:

    So having tried the demo I’m a little less than impressed. It wasn’t a disaster, sure, but with CoH and MoW to contend with it felt a little lacking. It lacked the cinematic quality of CoH and the detail of MoW.

    If it had been released in 2005 it would have been pretty impressive, I suppose. Now though? I’m not sure it has quite enough going for it.

    It also ran at 15fps on mainly “Normal” settings, which wasn’t particularly super. Not game breaking, of course. Just didn’t help my impression :p

  24. unclelou says:

    Terrible demo. A cheap World in Conflict clone, down to the interface, that looks not nearly as nice, has annoying “accelerating” camera controls, a gimmicky “cinematic” cam, and not a single feature that is even worth mentioning.

  25. JB says:

    Just played the demo, not at all impressed. I’m going to fire up Men of War again now.

    I second Jim’s comments about it being dull. So there can be lots of troops/vehicles on screen, that doesn’t make it a great game. It mainly seemd like some pretty cutscenes interspersed with boring RTS stuff.

    Guys, this is bad.

  26. destroy.all.monsters says:

    It looks a bit like RUSE without the whole art of deception thing.

    I hope Best Way sues them over the “Of War” title. :)

  27. MD says:

    Heliocentric says:

    I want an order of war, with a side of fries.
    Haha, I was scrolling down to see if anyone had made that joke yet, hoping I would be the one to do the honours. Curse you! The only other comment I had (which has also already been made) was that with a name like “X of War” it should be another Best Way/1C game, which it isn’t.

  28. Carra says:

    Confusing name indeed, too easy to confues it with “men, soldiers, faces of war”. Thought it was the sequel when i first saw the name.

    And it makes me like the title “men of war”. Order of war, seriously?

  29. Sajmn says:

    Order of Men, War of Faces, Faces of Soldiers,…

  30. Darthy says:

    Demo is very underwhelming, compared to the plentiful number of other WW2 RTS games out there. I couldn’t figure out any tactical depth above flanking the enemy and making sure I had both tanks ‘and’ infantry in my army.