Explosion! Demolition City

A IM client blinks , somewhere on the internet:
Dan: Wasting some time with Demolition City today.
Jim: Weird coincidence, I watched a program about demolition just last night.
Dan: Did it involve a Murder Death Kill?
Jim: No. Hey, when you’re finished with that, why not watch this video of bridge demolition set to opera.
Dan: Damn, this game’s mute button doesn’t work. Did you see this appear on the net the other day? Quite fun.
Jim: I wonder what you will think when you see I am typing this conversation up on RPS.


  1. dartt says:

    I’ll wish I’d said something wittier…

  2. MonkeyMonster says:

    I too caught that Miami demo program – makes you want to be a member of CDI and deliberately get it wrong and smash someone’s really bad car/house/hotel

    • aion kinah says:

      “Oddly enough the olde-adventure that most springs to mind is Beneath a Steel Sky.”

      Yes that’s also the first that popped into my head. I have fond memories of Beneath a Steel. Perhaps this will prove to be a good match for it.

  3. LewieP says:

    I got sick of demolition city when it got too hard.

  4. the affront says:

    Quit it once I got to the “don’t hit that building with debris” levels.
    Also, here’s one thing I really hate about physics puzzlers: it often seems way too random which way the parts go, and if you replay it the exact same way again it somehow works. That just pisses me right off.

  5. Dominic White says:

    Can’t say this one really resonated with me. Guess there’s no feeling of power to it – it feels like I’m blowing over a house of cards, rather than destabilizing and bringing down a huge structure.

    There are other demolition games that do provide that feeling of weight and impact – I just can’t remember their names right this second.

    I will say this, though – for knocking down buildings, nothing even comes CLOSE to Red Faction: Guerilla at the moment.

  6. Jim Rossignol says:

    There does need to be a high-quality demolition game with decent destruction physics, and dust/smoke.

  7. dartt says:


  8. airtekh says:

    Simple, addictive and satisfying.

    Bang goes any work I had planned to do this afternoon.

  9. JuJuCam says:

    Nice quick fun. Not satisfying destructionally (nothing will be until someone tops Red Faction) but never felt unfair or impossible either.

  10. Taillefer says:

    And done. Pretty fun little game.

    Hmm, a nice, 3D, more realistic building demolition sim could certainly be interesting.

  11. wiper says:

    Jim: anyone with a Dreamcast and a penchant for importing could do worse than to try Bomber Hehhe, a lovely 3D building-demolishing sim. Great fun!

    Anyone interested can find an old review of it here: link to ntsc-uk.com

  12. LewieP says:

    Blast Corps was pretty kickass too. Not sure how it has aged.

  13. MonkeyMonster says:

    The physics are not 100% newtonian I feel.

  14. Heliocentric says:

    Blast corps has aged well, but its more a smash em up than a demolition sim.

  15. yxxxx says:

    Played and completed the game yesterday on kongregate.

    much fun shame its a bit short thought.

  16. Howard says:

    That was great! Shame it was so short. Only took about 5 mins to play through =(

  17. Ben says:

    too easy. Smash the castle was more challenging and fun

  18. Ian says:

    Played some of this yesterday, liked it some but not enough to finish. Wish somebody would make a more elaborate version of this kinda thing.

  19. Persus-9 says:

    That appealed to me almost completely. I preferred it to Smash the Castle, the silly trebuchet stuff just got in the way for for me. It is a bit too short and easy as others have said but I played through it again trying to use the minimum of explosives and now I feel properly satisfied. I used 33 over the 20 levels if anyone else wants to have a go.

    11122 21112 22222 21222

    A proper demolition game rather than this house of cards stuff would be awesome, one with joints to weaken beforehand and delays on the explosives etc.

  20. Daniel Klein says:

    Yeah, agree with opinions above: great fun, but much too short. Me wants more! Anyone know similar flash games? Or if not, what else is good on Armor Games? Played some GemCraft before that became horribly boring, enjoyed Upgrade Complete! for the wtf factor inherent in it, but that’s about it I think.

  21. Schmung says:

    There’s a level near the end that’s obscenely hard, but the rest of the game is pretty much a doddle. A more fancimafied version should certainly be very welcome.

  22. Some Guy says:

    when red alert gurrila comes out on PC somone needs to make a castle crush mod

  23. Matt says:


    Yes! Perhaps a reverse Tower Defense mod.

  24. Nighthood says:

    I liked the title of this page. “Don’t push me because I’m close to the… Explosion!”

  25. pepper says:

    Schmung, the only way to flatten to building in that map is to go for the main column.

  26. Smurfy says:

    Oh, is that it? Took me about 20 minutes to complete. I WANT MORE :(

  27. drewski says:

    I knocked over the giant cock (I mean, come on) by overbalancing the very top, the weight as it came down knocked out the rest.

    Quiet a bit of fun, I enjoyed just using all the charges on every level to see how much mess I could make more than trying to bring it down efficiently. One of the “don’t hit the tower” levels was the best because I brought it down in one of those demolition movie implosions, right on top of itself with almost no scatter.

  28. Lucky Main Street says:

    @wiper That Bomber Hehhe looks pretty cool! I’d love to see something like that with some puzzle-strategy elements and TD-like upgrades.

  29. Mark says:

    I’m reminded of Operation Cleaner 2 – which looks a little more primitive and doesn’t have the same kind of physics setup, but was a lot more in depth.

  30. psyk says:

    @Mark same have wasted hours with that game.

  31. Persus-9 says:

    YES! I finally beat every level with only one explosive each.

    drewski, thanks for your solution to level 19, it worked a treat once I found the exact spot to plant the explosive.

  32. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    You can mute the game when its still loading :).

  33. Clovus says:

    This reminded me of some levels in Boom Blox. You had to place several explosive blocks and try to knock most of the building down. It was in 3D, had great controls, and great physics. This was fun, but short. I’m sure some of the RPS guys could enjoy Boom Blox; if you can get past the kid-friendliness of Peggle and Bookworm Adventures, I’m sure you’re a person who could enjoy it.

  34. Mortiphago says:

    well those were some decent spent 15 minutes.

  35. James Brophy says:

    Finished it in a half hour, Lovely little solid game. I look forward to the day when fps’s include these mechanics. so I can see the people run past me as is stand there with my flipping detonator going.. “No, Don’t worry, It’s going to fall the other way!”

  36. Tunips says:

    @Mark: Re: Operation Cleaner 2.
    I’ve spent the whole comments thread trying to remember that. It was glorious. And far better than this.

  37. mpuncekar says:

    Took a bit… but managed to use one dynamite on every level but two, where I had to use two.

    Those don’t hit the building ones are a pain, but level 5 gave me the most trouble finding a good weakspot to knock it down with one.

    Really wish there was a demo game with timed charges.

  38. Hypocee says:

    Very nice little game. Finally, a Flash game where I can sort of squirm in my chair as I realise I’ve just applied my expertise in the effects of pancaking in cantilevered structures.

  39. Mark says:

    @Tunips & Psyk : ‘Oh, look. Quite a small hut. Hmm. I’ve just started playing… oh, I know what RDX is! I’ve played Jagged Alliance! :D 25 of that…’

    *Five seconds later.*


    (By the way. You people who don’t know what I’m on about should seriously google ‘Operation Cleaner 2’, it’s still available and works on Vista!)

  40. chris hyde says:

    Entertaining. One of the few games I’ll get around to finishing this year.

  41. Baris says:

    *Sigh* I wonder should I be proud that only in my home country massive buildings roll all over the place.

  42. bill says:

    try Blast Miner in puzzle mode.
    (action mode is pointless).

    It used to be free on gametap, but probably isn’t anymore.

  43. moe64online says:

    i just wnat to know why demolition city dosent work again in all sites

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