Hat-Off: Lunatic Flashpoint 2 Special Edition

The Modern Warfare 2 Ultro-Nerd Edition famously comes with a pair of functioning night-vision goggles, and now it seems the Uber-Geek Edition of Codemaster’s not-actually-Operation-Flashpoint-2-is-it Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising will come similarly laden with head-mounted silliness. Specifically, a full-size army helmet that’s roughly 48 million times larger than the game CD itself. What next – Mafia 2 Special Edition, complete with freshly-severed real horse’s head?

I quite enjoy the trinkets to be found in special editions of games – my Big Daddy statuette still stands proudly on my desk for instance, even if the odds of my playing Bioshock through again are somewhere up there with my learning to type with my nipples. There’s a level of practicality, though – I don’t want enormous items I’ll never, ever find a use for taking up space in my home. That said, the night vision goggles I can understand, even if they’re openly ridiculous – there’s a use to them. There isn’t a definable use to an army helmet. Sorry, Codies.

What I do wonder, though, is the purpose of this enormo-tchotchke trend. Is it simply to inflate the price of special editions? Is it to increase hype by making easily-amazed bloggers (hello!) publicly point and laugh at them? Or is it something to do with trying to refinforce the idea of boxed videogames as something with physical value that the unstoppable tide of download services could never match?

I really do miss physical game maps. Can’t we just have those back, and hang all the soundtrack CDs and dogtags? That said, do let’s hear your suggestions for other crazy special edition items…

(Helmetorama via Kotaku).


  1. Dracko says:

    ODST‘s special edition should come bundled with a caseless SMG.

  2. Mike says:

    There isn’t a definable use to an army helmet? You, sir, have no imagination.

  3. Oak says:

    You’re supposed to eat ice cream out of it while waiting for the game to install.

  4. unclebulgaria says:

    I have a plan with a buddy to go out clubbing later this summer in a pith helmet. There are plenty of uses for helmets. Have you never heard of Google?

  5. Über Nerd says:

    Seriously, what’s next? A grenade? A rifle? Or better yet it’d be hilarious if they give away American Army 3 in box with pre-filled applications and they come and pick you up when you install the game. Or the new Alien game coming with a pet facehugger…

  6. Über Nerd says:

    …the new Alien game with pet facehugger would be awesome though…

  7. Bobsy says:

    Defcon with plutonium for everyone!

  8. Frans Coehoorn says:

    If you have the OpFlash 2 special edition, you are ready for war. So only the people who buy that edition will survive. Darwin would be so proud……. really!

  9. McGhee says:

    FUEL comes with…well…fuel.

  10. Sweedums says:

    how about a new hitman game with some fibre wire… that way you could sneak around at night with your newly obtained night vision goggles and garotte people… i mean pretend to garotte people

  11. Über Nerd says:

    L4D2 has to come with “Pills!” to compete.

  12. Dominic White says:

    Best collectors edition I’ve seen lately was for Anno 1404. Only a few quid more than the basic jewel-cased version, and it comes in a shoebox-sized ornate wooden treasure chest.

    I’m not joking. The thing is seriously fancy. Engraved detailing, metal studs and stitched faux-leather straps.

    Inside this remarkably detailed chest is the game, a soundtrack/bonus disc, a hardback art-book, a poster, a similarly compass, and a small cloth bag full of almond seeds, as they can be planeted to grow yourself a forest, should you actually be a settler from the 1400s.

  13. Railick says:

    Fallout 3 Isane F@#$@ Special Edition with working Pipboy that, among other things, connects to the GPS netowrk and gives you live directions, has a calcuator, and also measures your heart rate, body mass index, serves a a step counter, has a laser light, has a taser, and an I-phone interface built into it for listening to music watching videos calling people ect.

  14. Krondonian says:

    I’m holding out on one of these (link to defensetech.org) being included in HAWX 2, or something.

  15. Railick says:

    @Krondonian OMFG That is insane O.o I’ve never heard of such a helmet before. HAWX 2 Special edition will probably cost a few million dollars if you want it to come with that :P

  16. Fat says:

    A few more war game special editions and we’ll be ready to fight IRL. =/

    I’m looking forward to OFP2 though, it can’t be any worse tha ArmA 2, which was a huge letdown.

    I’ve followed the OFP series since the first one was released, have gold editions of the previous games, but my God… ArmA 2 SUCKED. It could have been great had it not been released in an ”almost” Beta state. I say almost, because it was more like Alpha.

  17. Gap Gen says:

    ArmA 2 was patched today, but yeah, the campaign is (was?) horribly bugged.

  18. KP says:

    A real kevlar probably costs less. :/
    How is the arma2 campaign bugged? I played through co-op just fine. It was a BLAST. :D

  19. Railick says:

    Did you beat it KP?

  20. Nelson says:

    I like nice retail packages if the stuff is usefull. Maps, tech-tree posters, stickers, soundtrack discs are ok, massive manuals, a well put together tri-fold, glossy, oversized, hefty box maybe. Things that would look nice on a shelf. Who has room for ginormous helmets or Halo figurines, etc?

  21. Serph says:

    Mass Effect 2 with a real, working mini-Mass Relay!*

    *may or may not lead to Reaper invasion

  22. El Stevo says:

    Do you mean you don’t dress up when you play games?

  23. The Colonel says:

    My good friend regrets buying stupid edition of Oblivion with coin to this day. It’s only worth it if the game is worth remembering. AvP will have to go some to compete with the film “quadrilogy” being served in a fresh alien head. I’m personally happy with a cardboard or metal case that is a little more interesting than a normal DVD box. If, however, the game is more complex to get out than a normal DVD box, it should just run without the disk. And yes, I am aware that one cannot parenthesise “however”. Kisses.

  24. Mo says:

    It’s nice to see “proper” collectors editions making a come-back, but yeah, more practical please. I’m up for: art book, soundtrack, fancy (ie: tin) casing, and of course, a cloth map. I’d also like small trinkets, models (like the Big Daddy) and posters that could practically fit on my desk.

    I have absolutely no use for a helmet and night vision goggles.

  25. Jazmeister says:

    Cloth maps with games.

    Cloth maps with games?


  26. Peter says:

    I’ve been waiting for a flight sim deluxe edition that includes something like this.

  27. DigitalSignalX says:

    The Anno package sounds awesome, the perfect sort of thing I’d spend more on. All the little trinkets and stuff that comes with games I end up re-gifting to someone with kids etc, but a nice treasure box would be sweet.

  28. Fat says:

    @ Gap Gen – Will have to check that out. Last i read they were working on graphical stuff, not the bugs that seemed to pounce on me and my buddies.

    @ KP – Managed to get to about the 4th mission, after that, completing the mission wouldn’t let us pass. Had to use a level cheat to skip to the next one after we completed it. Then any missions we went on following it, just ended up crashing randomly. Tried 3 different hosts. Still no joy.

    Had no problems in single player, just MP. Online non-coop stuff seemed somehow less exciting than in ArmA or Op Flashpoint, too. Myself and friends were waiting for the next patch, so maybe we’ll try that out sometime. In all honesty though, we’ll probably wait a few more months until some beefier patches are out.

  29. ThornFalconeye says:

    My god Jazmeister….. you are on to something:
    giving people items that will actually last long enough for them to use them without being gaudy??

    Screw the CD for operation flashpoint- just put your serial code on that dog tag they hand out and have it work with steam… or maybe engrave it into the hat so you can officially use it to play OFP2.

  30. Moonracer says:

    For outlandish, yet sort of functional special edition items how about a unique keyboard/controller designed specifically for the game? What was that Mechwarrior type game that had a 300 button joystick?

  31. Über Nerd says:

    link to en.wikipedia.org

    There have been talks about a usb peripheral that doubles as a drm device and a ui interface. Basically it would hold all the nasty driver stuff and contain some of the games code and have a little LCD screen that would show heatlh/mana/blink on target lock on… etc. But I think is abandoned quickly since not everyone places their case so they can easily see it. But I guess the dongle drm/whole game on dongle stuff is still around, just still not financially feasible…

  32. Serph says:

    At least the Steel Battallion controller was useful, and made the game more fun – not to mention it’s compatible with other games. Getting an army helmet is only useful to stick on a shelf in your fallout shelter…or maybe Halloween?

  33. Koopa says:

    Gamers are being equipped with army gear, so when the Revolution comes, we’ll be ready.

  34. Serph says:

    But the Revolution already came…*ba dum pssh*

  35. Muzman says:

    It needs to come with a special can of goo that moments before was your best friend’s face to pour into it.
    (small print at the bottom of the can says: Contents consist of no actual (human) face. Contents may contain nuts.)

  36. GekkoX says:

    The new metal gear solid game just comes in a huge box.

  37. FupDuk says:

    I’d like to see the return of large cardboard box pc games. With maps and bits, these could be the special editions.

  38. Bob says:

    ARMA2 Special Edition with complimentary M1 Abrahms!

  39. Lack_26 says:

    Shame that the NVG edition of Modern Warefare 2 is coming out for PC. That and the helmet, well, I’ll be almost prepared for the next stage.

    Now to wait for Doom 4 with real BFG.

    Yeah, I preferred it when game boxes where the size of large books. I still keep the Mechwarrior 4, B17 and CC: IoN boxes around for comfort.

  40. jsgxfn says:

    I’ll say!

  41. Darren T says:

    I won a copy of CoD World At War Special Edition, which came with a hip flask.

    Cool, I thought.

    Until I looked more closely at it and I noticed the lid was glued on, and there was a label on it saying that it was not to be used to consume beverages and was for “decorative effect” only.

    It did make a good noise when it landed in the bin though…

  42. Demon Beaver says:

    @ GekkoX: That’s an amazing idea! Maybe throw in a pack of cigarettes and watch the authorities wail

  43. Lack_26 says:

    Sims 3 special edition, features an actual Person (or token for mail order bride).

  44. Kommissar Nicko says:

    Fallout 3’s “Pip Boy” was a real disappointment, in that it was large, kind of ugly, and in addition to not allowing me to heal headwounds by jamming a red-goo-filled syringe into my skull, it wasn’t a very good clock either (seemed to go through batteries like a hooker through blow).

    Anyway, I’m hoping that Tropico 3 comes with a box of Cuban cigars. Or Cubans. Maybe a Swiss bank account.

  45. TeeJay says:

    More games shoud come with: link to spafinder.co.uk

    (to get rid of the gf/bf to allow a monster session and buy some brownie points)

  46. Bruut says:

    Everyday when I sit at my desk I’m being greeted by the jolly smile of my vaultboy bobblehead. And everytime you just have to make it bobble around for a bit.

    Also, I too was not impressed with the oblivion boxset. Coin was nice and all but I think I lost it somewhere. And the map was rubbish compared to the one that came with Morrowind (which was excellent!)

  47. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    I hear the Dragon Age special edition will come with a book for wooing the ladies.

  48. Gap Gen says:

    KP: “How is the arma2 campaign bugged? I played through co-op just fine. It was a BLAST. :D”

    Ah, so you never experienced the joy of Razor squad’s AI? That was actually my biggest irk. That, and on one mission squad Boomerang was supposed to back you up and never did, causing you to have to fight an entire base, complete with tanks, with 4 guys and no AT.

  49. Richard Clayton says:

    Leisure Suit Larry SE comes with a dose of clap… or at least should do…

  50. pepper says:

    The next LockOn: Modern Air Combat(LOMAC) will ship with a full fledged working russian high tech Mikojan-Goerevitsj MiG-29 Fullcrum fighter jet.