Flamethrowers And Zeppelins, Together At Last

Raven’s reworking of the old lone Wolf will soon be upon us, August 18 for North American and August 21 for Europe. I’ve post the two most recent game-footage trailers below, in which we seen BJ using his supernatural vision and a flamethrower to clear the decks of a Zeppelin. I’m wondering whether that bit of the game ends in an explosion. It’s a fair bet, eh? More on this, no doubt, when we take a look later in the month of August. There’s a bunch more information over on the official Wolfenstein site, obviously.



  1. Howard says:

    Hmm…still doubtful about this. Hopefully its just the shoddy 360 graphics putting me off. Also, is it just me of does the flame-thrower in this vid look less impressive than the, much vaunted, one in the last Wolf game?

  2. Alec Meer says:

    My Care-o-meter is barely flickering about this one.

  3. Lack_26 says:

    Looks quite fun, the shooting is solid, as is to be expected from Raven (especially since they played that demo on a console). Not sure about the Veil transition effect though but I’m fairly sure I’ll pick this one up at some point.

    Also, Evil Occult Nazi Zeppelins, doesn’t get much better.

  4. Jacques says:

    The flamethrower looks worse than Kingpin’s.

  5. Howard says:

    Yeah, it looks really bad, doesn’t it? Its just puffing red sprites out in a chain. Most poor…

  6. MacBeth says:

    A gun battle involving a flamethrower in a Zeppelin would be likely to end in an explosion VERY QUICKLY…

  7. l1ddl3monkey says:

    I liked the previous incarnations of Blaskowitz but I have a feeling I’m going to end up buying this simply because there are no other shooters out at the moment and my FPS gland is sorely understimulated.

    This years crop of shooters has been fairly lacklustre (I’m being polite), and this looks set to continue that trend.

  8. Dracko says:

    Wait, so you’re going to buy another lacklustre shooter because you feel there’s been a lacklustre output so far?

  9. Fenchurch says:

    @Alec Meer

    So say we all. x-D

  10. Rinox says:

    I feel compelled to make a remark about the nineties calling, saying they want their cutting-edge shooter back.

  11. Senethro says:

    This game has suffered from the spat between id/activision that has pushed id into zenimax. The multiplayer mode looks to be a bit of an afterthought as well.

  12. Rick says:

    Looks fun. It’s a Raven game; Raven don’t tend to aim for making groundbreaking games, just something that’s fun to play for its duration – Elite Force, Jedi Knight II, Soldier of Fortune II. That’s what they’re good at. Nazi shooting might be getting old, but occult Nazi zombie demon shooting hasn’t yet.

    I don’t see what’s wrong with the flamethrower, it reminds me of the TF2 one. However, do bear in mind the id Tech 4 engine (ie Doom 3) is six years old now. Considering that, it strikes me as holding up quite well.

  13. Alez says:

    I’ve been playing battlefield heroes for a while now, before that i’m sure i played some other ww2 game. Now i got death to spies…another ww2 game.

    Seriously, what the fuck man? This game seems decent, kinda like necrovision or something but WORLD FUCKING WAR 2 again?

    The most pathetic sell out universe to put a game in.

    I can’t think of ONE game that actually needed the world war 2 theme. It might as well just be a skin or a mod to every game out there.
    Every game will probably ship out with a ww2 button soon.

    Playing WOW and got tired of elves and orcks? Press a button and fight nazi elves and nazi orcks!

  14. Alez says:

    Forgot to add that i never played the original wolfenstein but i guess i understand why they can’t have this game in anything other than ww2 but…the hell with them anyway.

  15. teo says:

    I’m pissed off about this
    RTCW was a great game and now we get console shooter generico #5 as a sequel =(

  16. Carra says:

    RTCW single player wasn’t much fun to me. The multiplayer however, that sure owned! First game that got me playing up to “wow, is it already 3 am?”.

    If the multiplayer is as good as in the previous installment, I don’t really care about the singleplayer.

  17. drewski says:


  18. Wilson says:

    I remember the flamethrower from RTCW. It looked amazing, but it took like five seconds to ignite enemies, like they were all wearing flame-retardant suits or something. Very irritating, especially as you’d go up in flames at the merest whiff of one of the enemy flamers.

    Still a pretty decent game though. I’m not really bothered about this new version.

  19. Tei says:

    You can use helio in a zeppelin. Is expensive, but inflammable.

    I love the “UP” movie.

  20. TotalBiscuit says:

    When was the last time Raven made a bad FPS?



  21. MacBeth says:

    Tei, you’ve been caught by the flammable/inflammable trap. Both words mean ‘will burn’ – there’s been a half-hearted attempt to make inflammable mean ‘will not burn’ but it’s unlikely to really catch on…

    Anyway the Germans couldn’t get hold of enough helium in WWII – it’s rare and not easy to extract, and the US has almost all of the resources. Perhaps they use evil occult helium generators in this game though.

  22. Dracko says:

    TB: When was the last time they made a good one, though?

  23. Koopa says:

    Looks like some solid old school fun. Not enough occult stuff in most games with nazis in them.

  24. l1ddl3monkey says:

    @ Dracko: Yeah, I keep buying them in the hope that one of them will live up to it’s hype and since all reviews nowadays are either subjective or bought and paid for I can only know whether I will like it or not by playing it.

    The one thing that gives me a glimmer of hope about this game is that it’s Raven and SOFII is still the game that has, for my money, the best gunfights ever committed to polygons so I am hoping this might be better than it initially looks.

  25. Dracko says:


  26. Saul says:

    Looks alright. I probably won’t play it, but who knows?

  27. Alex says:

    Alez , I don’t think you’ll find many people here saying that WW2 is an under-utilized setting, but calling it the “most pathetic sell out universe to put a game in” is nonsensical.

  28. Alez says:

    alex, but that’s a fact. Like saying grass is green and water is wet.

    Lazy developers or piece of shit ones, use world war 2 as an escape from creativity.

  29. airtekh says:

    I might be more interested in this if I hadn’t already played RTCW. This seems like RTCW 2.0 with extra sparkliness.

  30. Acosta says:

    Alez needs to take some happy pills.

  31. Alex says:

    I still don’t follow- what does laziness have to do with selling out? You can certainly be called both, but one doesn’t guarantee the other.

  32. Clovus says:

    WW2 isn’t just used because of laziness. It used because it has weaponry that matches perfectly with the gameplay of FPSs, and is the last major war that you can portray without getting into many morally problematic area. Hitler bad, we kill. Nice and simple.

    I don’t really want to play through Vietnam, and I suppose Brits don’t want to do the Falkland Islands War in a game. WWI would be pretty boring.

    I think it is still possible to do a fresh WWII game. This game isn’t it though.

    It is just as lazy to do an FPS in the future that has weapons that are analogues to WWII weaponry. I guess that’s what we normally get though.

  33. bruno says:

    It looks boring. And I thought the same about the flame thrower. It’s worse than in the previous game.

  34. Jad says:

    I thoroughly understand ragging on a new game franchise set in WWII (although I do think there are still some fresh angles that have not been explored — the Saboteur looks interesting, at least) — but already established ones?

    Arguing that the world does not need a new Wolfenstein game is a legitimate opinion, but once you’ve accepted a new Wolf, you’ve accepted another WWII game.

    Wolfenstein is occult/sci-fi Nazis, and anything else would not be a Wolfenstein game.

    Anyway, I don’t have the money for this game (already have at least three or four full-price games that I want this fall, and if some other games that I’m keeping an eye on turn out good I’ll have even more), but this is bringing back happy memories of RTCW. I’ll probably pick it up after the price falls sub-$20.

  35. TotalBiscuit says:

    @Dracko – Well…

    Heretic (1994)
    Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders (1994)
    HeXen (1995)
    HeXen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel (1996)
    HeXen II (1997)
    HeXen II: Portal of Praevus (1998)
    Heretic II (1998)
    Soldier of Fortune (2000)
    Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force (2000)
    Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (2002)
    Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix (2002)
    Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (2003)
    Quake 4 (2005)

    Why yes, all of these were good FPS’s.

  36. A-Scale says:

    These videos actually made me care about this game. Looks frantic and fun.

  37. Serenegoose says:

    I liked that trailer. Looked fun. I’d pay about £15-20 for it. The flamethrower did look poopy, though the rest of the guns looked fun enough.

  38. eni1 says:

    Happy pills don’t work. Alez you need to get some chocolate.

  39. mujadaddy says:

    Alez: “nazi elves”

    Shadowrun WW2? I’m in!

    RTCW was decent. Multiplayer was godly. RTCW:ET, multiplayer only, is God.

    If Raven doesn’t neglect the multiplayer aspect, the series could stand this sparkly upgrade.