Section 8: Footage And Glimpse Of Story

While I’ve been having a right old laugh in the beta for Section 8, as detailed here, we’ve not heard much about the single player game, until today. ‘Neath the click is a trailer that SouthPeak sent over, which features the TimeGate team talking about their single player campaign. It’s not clear how linear it’ll be, as it looks like it’ll be a bot-driven series of objective-based battles to intro you to the game concepts, and the story of the battle between the two factions. The game footage in this clip has it looking fairly awesome, anyway, with some serious robo-stomp tango. They’re obviously proud of the mech smashing humanoid opponents, and I was pretty stunned when I saw that happen for the first time in-game.

However, in maximal face-palming news, the “open” beta is for Fileplanet subscribers only. Not open, then, eh? I really hope there’s some wider access to this, or a demo, or it’s going to be shooting itself in the foot on PC.


  1. Azhrarn says:

    Well a “Demo” tag is present on the download page of the Section 8 homepage, so I assume one will become available in the near future.

    But I really don’t get the Fileplanet Exclusive beta’s, I assume GameSpy is paying the devs/publisher to do this to wring some more subscriptions out of the hyped masses?

  2. Surgeon says:

    Loving the RPS branded embedded technical wizardry!

    I’m really looking forward to giving this a whirl, so hopefully they’ll open the Beta up or get a demo released.
    And yep, subscription based Beta’s suck balls.

  3. James Allen says:

    The open beta will open up to everyone “soon”, whatever that means. Closed beta keys work in the open beta, FYI.

  4. xtinctionevent says:

    So by failing to mention that only Fileplanet subscribers can gain access to the beta before we signed up, they’ve effectively collected what I’d imagine to be a substantial list of email addresses for future marketing efforts?


  5. Dominic White says:

    There are advantages for developers in Fileplanet-controlled betas. It ensures that the entrants are all real people, it lets them control exactly how many people are brought in and when, and it lets them region-screen as well. It’s also good cross-promotion. Fileplanet get to put up a big exclusive beta on their site, but the developers also get advertised as a big exclusive beta.

    Not great for us guys who like free stuff, but there are quite a few reasons for it.

  6. DigitalSignalX says:

    Media isn’t playing for me in Firefox, this might be similar?

    link to

  7. Flappybat says:

    Fileplanet is getting more and more North America only betas, it used to be quite rare but they nearly had three going on at once.

    anyway, Section 8. fairly solid with some nice ideas but doesn’t expand enough upon them. A few deployables, a few weapons, a few things to do but without particularly sastifying combat. At close range life or death appears to be arbitrary, at long range health drops slowly enough that usually no-one dies.

    It lacks the refinement of Battlefield or Tribes and will no doubt meet the same lukewarm fate of Frontline.

  8. Jim Rossignol says:

    DigitalSignalX: Are you running adblock?

  9. DK says:

    Wish they’d just drop the singleplayer and focus on the multi – and release at a 30 currency of choice pricetag instead of full price. They’d have a real shot at amassing a good playerbase that way.

    But fullprice, with diluted attention between campaign and multiplayer is bound to underperform (not fail, though).

  10. DK says:

    By which I mean the multiplayer is a whole boatload of fun, and if the developer could keep up the level of support they had for that into the retail I’d be thrilled.

  11. Howard says:

    As this appears to be the only even vaguely Tribes-alike on the horizon I think I’m just gonna close my eyes and start clicking the old heels together.

    Either that or take up a religion.

    It does look pretty good but as was said further up the comments, it seems to lack some depth. We shall see I suppose….

  12. MrBejeebus says:

    loving the branded player, makes me feel special :D

  13. DigitalSignalX says:

    Disabling adblock fixed it, thanks (=

  14. Miker says:

    Games for Windows?


  15. MacBeth says:

    Looks like fun, and also looks like they’ve put every obstacle they good between me and getting into it… Fileplanet? GFWL? All it needs is some horrendous DRM and it will be forever lost to me…

  16. Wisq says:

    Section 8 … District 9 … is this the summer of numbers or what?

    Of course, both are missing the point. More Section 9!

  17. Lars Westergren says:

    Is it physically impossible for characters to walk in games these days without an exaggerated macho swagger?

    The graphics were good and the action looked appropriately actionny. But the artwork didn’t do it for me. Same stubbly grizzled faces in power armor that Crysis, Gears of War and almost all action games have these days. Be original – let it be an all female military unit for once.

    Also: Games for Windows – hate.

  18. Lars Westergren says:

    Something the devs said – he is going to have two sergeants who helps him transition into more of a leader figure.

    So he is going to have to military father figures who teaches him about killing, sacrifice, and other things important to Become a Real Man. That does sound vaguely familiar. If one of them betrays him, I want everyone to know I called it.

  19. Owen says:

    Jim’s previous article got my attention, thus I signed up for the beta. I’m also not impressed that it’s Fileplanet subs only AND the fact it doesn’t mention this on sign-up.

  20. Jim Rossignol says:

    Yeah, I had no idea, obviously. I loathe Fileplanet promotions.

  21. Melf_Himself says:

    “I really hope there’s some wider access to this, or a demo, or it’s going to be shooting itself in the foot on PC.”

    I thought only the MMO-o-philes complained about this stuff. Seriously, they can open their beta to whoever they want to.

  22. Shadow Aspect says:

    I for one am not bothered they’ve gone GFWL.

  23. Lars Westergren says:

    @Shadow Aspect

    Maybe GFWL has improved. I got a very negative first impression of it with Gears of War for PC. If you lost your online connection (happened very often), your progress wasn’t saved. And finally it managed to corrupt my save on the remote server when I was 75% through the game. Since you can’t save the game locally and you only get one save slot, I would have had to restart the whole game from the tutorial…
    Also don’t like the huge “made for TV” fonts and menus, and that it assumes that everyone uses a 360 controller. Consolitis.

  24. Tei says:

    GFWL seems designed to be intrusive. To use games to advertise himself. This will not change. Also, will be a component on windows severlly tied to other components like .NET. If you have a problem somewhere, It will rapidly grown to games with GFWL not working. Say whatever you want to GameSpy or Steam, but are standalones and may work even on a system half-broken.
    GFWL is not minor, because is not a minor main, is a mayor pain. You don’ t hate it enough.

  25. DK says:

    GFWL is bullshit for singleplayer. It does however work flawlessly for multiplayer – atleast compared to all other systems. (Gamespy, ugh…)

  26. Azhrarn says:

    Depending on how the game implements it, GfWL will generally save profiles off-line anyway, achievements are tracked on-line though.
    As for being intrusive, a small bar during launch indicating you’ve logged on, and invisible for the rest of the time isn’t intrusive. You can call it out at any time by pressing “home” but that’s all. It won’t show or interfere otherwise.

    Fallout 3 works fine with GfWL disabled, saving games in the base savegame folder rather than in a profile specific one.
    And should you decide to turn of GfWL later (for instance for the DLC) you can move your saves to your profile folder and it’ll load them just fine.

    Dawn of War 2 works in a similar fashion, if it can’t log on, it’ll just run in off-line mode. It won’t update achievements until it can get on-line again, but it will work. Saving works fine off-line too.

    Universe at War: Earth Assault functions in a similar fashion to DoW2, working just fine if it can’t connect to GfWL, but not updating achievement data.

    As verification systems go, GfWL isn’t giving me any headaches. :) There are far nastier ones out there, this is almost Steam-overlay type quiet.

  27. Malibu Stacey says:

    GFWL is bullshit for singleplayer. It does however work flawlessly for multiplayer – atleast compared to all other systems. (Gamespy, ugh…)
    link to

  28. DK says:

    Yes, Steam would be the better alternative to GFWL. But for a multiplatform game, it’s not an option.

  29. Stalker says:

    Hey guys, I checked few minutes Fileplanet page and now everybody can grab his open beta key! You don’t have to be subscriber to join open beta :)