Loss And Panic: Time Kfcu Trailer

Well I dunno.

Edmund “Meat Boy” McMillen’s next project, if you don’t count Super Meat Boy on Wii (oh, and Hitlers Must Die), is going by the cyclical name of Time Fkuc. Created as part of the Power Of Three competition on Newsgrounds, McMillen is co-creating Time Cukf with William Good and Justin Karpel. Not a great deal is know yet, beyond McMillen’s cryptic descriptions, that it’s going to be out on the 1st September, and that which can be gleaned from the teaser trailer below.

McMillen has written of the game:

“Time Cfuk is a game about stasis, its a game about perspective and viewing both sides of the story from afar, its a game about blocks, platforms, drinking, high school reunions and work time fun. Time Fcku is a puzzle platformer about finding logic in irrelevance, its a 1+1=2 formula that will ask more from you after you leave it alone, its a community experience about communication with people who you dont like.”

Which clears it all up. But take a look at the bits and pieces in the trailer – it certainly suggests the game will be intriguing.

When I asked McMillen to describe the game, he replied,



  1. The Fanciest of Pants says:

    Edmund’s stuff is always worth a look. Cheers for the heads up.

  2. LewieP says:

    Super Meat Boy is coming to PC too!

    Also – Have you seen the unlockable characters already announced? Tim from Braid, Alien Hominid from Alien Hominid, and Commander Video from the Bit.Trip series.


  3. Heliocentric says:

    Having Tim is really i misstep. It highlights the assbastardry of meatboy.

    Rewind mandatory in all games! It should be law.

  4. Mike says:

    That is the best way a designer can describe a game.

  5. kyyninen says:

    Somehow reminds me of Heinlein’s “By His Bootstraps”.

  6. GJLARP says:

    *sniff* looks amazing.

  7. Lucky Main Street says:

    I’m really digging that the colour scheme.

    That foreground/background shifting mechanic seems to be cropping up in a few games these days, no?

  8. Jazmeister says:

    Been looking forward to this. Looks like you’re collaborating with a past, potentially untrustworthy version of yourself.

  9. Saul says:

    Looks wonderful.

  10. Scarves says:

    This seems delightful. Or agonizing.

    Probably both