Robo-War For All: Section 8 Beta

So the Section 8 beta has now opened up to everyone, here. We’re aiming to get a big RPS posse online over Saturday, and we’ll set things up in this forum thread. I’ve noticed some surprise from people about how good Section 8 is, so if you’re sceptical, now is your time to take a look and decide. I think it’s pretty damned good, and I’m looking forward to playing some games with RPS folks over the weekend. (Alternative download for file.) And, well, expect problems: it’s a beta. Other instructions on the official forum here.


  1. Howard says:

    Fantastic. Downloading now…

  2. Howard says:

    Yea gods I hate Fileplanet…

  3. Asskicker says:

    Any mirrors?

    I refuse to wait 2 hours to download something.

  4. Vandelay says:

    Downloading too (or more accurately, waiting in queue to download.)

    Think this could be quite good fun, a sort of Battlefield with jet packs.

  5. Howard says:

    Finally got tot eh end of the queue and stated the actually download. BTW, 2.1 gig? Wowsers…

  6. Lack_26 says:

    I guess I’ll download this one over night. I always over run my download limit, and at £1 a gig, it hardly seems worth it. At least 0AM to 8AM is free.

  7. Vandelay says:

    Finally started downloading and at a decent speed.

    @Asskicker – No, this is annoyingly exclusive to Fileplanet.

  8. Jockie says:

    Whats the speed cap on FP for a non subscriber? Downloading from the other link at the moment, but it’s not going above about 165kbs.

  9. Ansob. says:

    The Dystopia Global League is hosting a copy of the file, but I’d rather not put out the link publicly in case their server explodes (I’m not sure it can serve out 200+ copies of a 2Gb file and still run the DGL website), so I’ll post if I get the all-clear from the server admin.

    Also of note: FilePlanet’s CAPTCHA system seems to hate Firefox, so switch to IE or other if you get “INVALID CODE” consistently.

  10. Larington says:

    440 meg into the download. Part of me wants to hate this game because of what it isn’t trying to be, the rest of me says that it isn’t very fair of me to be so judgemental, so I’m going to give it a fair go.

  11. Jim Rossignol says:

    “because of what it isn’t trying to be”

    What isn’t it trying to be?

  12. paddytehpyro says:

    Managed snag it last night before the servers imploded it seems. But yeah, great fun imo. Not that dis-similar to ET:QW. A fair bit better though.

  13. Asskicker says:

    Thanks for posting the the mirror! :)

  14. Vandelay says:

    @Jockie – not sure if there is a limit. I’ve been downloading at 1.1 MB/Sec for the majority of the download. That is using their download manager though.

  15. Hermit says:

    if folks are having Fileplanet issues you could try
    link to

    This was the only other download location I could find, but I nabbed it from here last night and it works fine/is the correct version.

    Played about with it for an hour or so this morning. Once you get your head around the deluge of information the game throws at you on the HUD it’s highly entertaining. Especially the stompy mech suits.

  16. Hermit says:

    (Gah, lack of edit function)
    If anyone finds any download links elsewhere, the corrct filename should be “Section8-BetaTest-GS-7310F.exe”

  17. Brad Grenz says:

    I’ve downloaded, installed and tried to play and I can’t get past the log-in. Plays a nice little CGI video but then refuses my fileplanet user and password. Conveniently there is no in game way to quit the program if you can’t log in so you have to alt-tab out and kill it via task manager. Not a great first impression.

  18. Jockie says:

    @Brad – I assume you have to use the Fileplanet key to create a game account over at the website for the game, which is the first link in the article. I’d attempt to prove my theory if the bleedin’ page would load.

  19. Lilliput King says:

    I’m maxing out my pathetic 200 kb/s connection on the alternate link, thanks again Jim + Hermit. Really looking forward to this.

  20. blargy says:

    @ Brad
    I had the exact same problem with the closed beta.
    Hope it is not screwed up for me too….

  21. JuJuCam says:

    I’ve never actually seen my net connection maxed out via http… huh… *bookmarks*

  22. JuJuCam says:

    Oh I just realised it’s an Aussie server. So that makes sense, considering Australia is the country from which I am downloading from. I’m clever.

  23. Dominic White says:

    Just played my first round of this, and it’s definitely much more ET:QW than Tribes, which suits me fine. Nice to play something semiserious looking where you take more than one hit to kill.

  24. bitchtitz says:

    After a half hour wait in the queue and a pitiful 2 hour download time it is not accepting my username and password, and I have to CTRL/ALT/DEL to get back to desktop. As a demo, it works great, it’s showing me exactly what not to spend my money on.

  25. Dominic White says:

    I love how people are writing off a game based on the first hour of open beta. Does nobody even know what beta testing is anymore?

  26. Vandelay says:

    I had the same problem with the log-in, but discovered that I had to use a user-name that I haven’t used for about 5 years.

    Played a couple of rounds and had some good fun and was even managing to get a fair few kills. Need to play around with the different load outs to see what toys it has lurking about the place as I didn’t really get to try out any of that stuff, besides the grenades. On the whole, good first impressions and would probably be even better with a coordinated team.

  27. Alaric says:

    Are you guys able to play? I can’t see any servers for a few days now.

  28. Rabbitsoup says:

    better than QW:ET????

    right gogo gadget install!

    also is the pc beta meaning pc balance and focus???

  29. Ssonicblue says:

    Okay, no. I’ve had some interest in this game, but if the beta has SecuROM, I’m not screwing around: Instant permaban from my computer.

  30. Howard says:

    Okay, I’m lost. Can someone help my tired old brain

    It’s all installed and it has accepted my CD key but I cannot login. No matter what I enter in the user/pwd boxes it just keeps saying that if I don’t sign in, nothing will be changed and then boots me back to the login screen.

    What am I missing?

  31. Sartoris says:

    You’re supposed to register at GameSpy and use that information for login.

  32. Howard says:

    Register what? A new account? I already have 2 GameSpy accounts, one of which is attached to the email I used to register for Section 8. Neither logins or emails will work in Section 8

  33. Howard says:

    You have to go to Gamespy and LOG IN THERE, then log into Section 8!

    Did I say I fucking LOATHE FilePlanet?!

  34. MeestaNob! says:

    OK, before I grab the client from gamesOnNet, what will I require to get it going, CD key/account wise?

  35. Ansob. says:

    I finally managed to find one of my many GameSpy/FilePlanet accounts and get the game to recognise it. I think Howard’s right; you need a GameSpy-activated account for things to work (I recently activated one so I could play R6V2 online, and that was the only one that worked).

    In other news, client’s installed and works. I’ll go post in the thread and hopefully I can play with everyone on Saturday. :D

  36. Ansob. says:

    Also man, I totally have an email from Jim Rossignol himself. It’s a bit like an autograph but less awesome.

  37. Llama says:

    im getting 3MB/s on this one

    link to

  38. DarkNoghri says:

    I had problems with the userid/password thing in the closed beta. It’s not actually the userid (which would be your email), or it wasn’t last week. It’s the name that gamespy greets you by. It’s odd, but the name that fileplanet greeted me by (darknoghri) didn’t work. I had to configure a gamespy login with a unique nickname, or whatever.

    Gahh, gamespy integration.

  39. Baka says:

    Just tried a round, it’s a bit clunky and at least as an Assault Class with Lock-On not much aiming is required but it’s rather fun.
    Will take a closer look with my TF2 buddies the coming days, we will see how the game’ll hold up then!

  40. Flappybat says:

    Badly needs the sniper rifle nerfed, the rocket launcher buffed and the robot armor suit to actually be good at something other than melee.

  41. Howard says:

    Hmm… interesting. Definitely more ET than Tribes (the jetpacks are pretty much decorative) but still a pretty good game.
    Agree with Flappybat about the weapon balancing – something is definitely off there.

    So, this RPS bash on then?

  42. Hermit says:

    For anyone struggling with the login (like I did), you need to goto first and login. Make sure your Username is still active (In some cases, you’ll probably find it’s “in use”, in which case you have to pick another). Once you’ve got that working, login to the client with your Username (not email) and password.

    Yes, it is a right faff.

  43. Azazel says:

    This looks enough like the kind of thing I’d want to play for me to go through the rigmarole of involving myself with Gamespy. Which I will do later tonight.

  44. aldo_14 says:

    Is there a torrent or anything, or is one of the sources resumable? I’m not sure I’m going to be able to download all in one go…

  45. JuJuCam says:

    Speaking as someone who hasn’t had a great deal of experience with online FPS (the only two I’ve ever played with any regularity were Natural Selection and TF2) I’ve enjoyed the hour or so I spent playing and could see myself playing more. Probably will tomorrow.

    Favourite moment was dropping in right behind a sniper who was giving me grief and slaughtering the dude.

  46. tekDragon says:

    They had me until the second registration just to play.

    Next game please.

  47. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    This registration nonsense (which I’m hoping to defeat using bugmenot) won’t be part of the actual game, will it?

  48. Rabbitsoup says:

    how the hell do I log in?!?!?!

    is this is broken?

  49. Alex says:

    Might I suggest this site link to as an alternate download.
    The speeds I am getting are quite alright at 900 KB/sec.

  50. mandrill says:

    Apprently I do not meet the screening criteria. Some open Beta.