Time Gentlemen, Please: Half Price For You Lot

The handsome men (man, really) of Zombie Cow have decided that fiftyish Rock, Paper, Shotgun readers should have the chance to purchase a copy of the most splendid Time Gentlemen, Please for half price. It’s not a competition, just a first come, first served sort of deal (our lovely subscribers got first dibs on the first round of discount copies yesterday), so if you’re after one of the best, funniest, and smartest adventure games in many years for the ludicrous price of £1.50 (that’s around $2.50), click here. Once fifty are gone, they’ll revert back to the still incredibly reasonable regular £3 ($5ish) price, and Zombie Cow’s Dan Marshall will have some money to spend on sweets and developing more games for us to play. Or maybe he’ll even extend the deal if demand’s high enough.


  1. DM says:

    £1.50? I would purchase half a lung for that kind of money and be confident I’d gotten my money’s worth!


  2. groovychainsaw says:

    Also bought – thanks a lot! Looking forward to this…

  3. JuJuCam says:

    Taken. I was gonna get in anyway soon as I got round to finishing Ben There, Dan That, but why wait at half the price?

  4. DM says:

    Hm. Slightly embarrassing. Can’t actually work out how to download it. Have the encroaching terror that I’m accomplishing one of those ‘CD-drawer? Don’t have one of those, but the coffee cup holder snapped off’ scale idiot-moves.

  5. RLacey says:

    I will buy (almost) anything for £1.50. Or even £1.72 post-VAT.

  6. Colthor says:

    Check all your email accounts – when I bought it the “download from here” email wound up in the wrong one because the form remembered it despite changing it to match my PayPal address.

    This is cheap at twice the price, and a jolly good game.

  7. Howard says:

    Umm…thanks for the offer and all but your online purchase system screwed up and I have no game.
    I paid through PayPal and sat and waited on the page as instructed. After about 4 minutes though it just went blank. I have received no email regarding my download but you *have* received my money (PP confirmed)


  8. Mike says:

    This is seriously worth it. Please just go and get it now and don’t buy lunch.

  9. Nahkatakkimies says:


  10. Alec Meer says:

    Howard: suggestions would include dropping a line to the folks who make and sell the game, as we’re not involved in any way bar linking to it: link to zombie-cow.com. Let us know if you don’t hear back from them

  11. Lewis says:

    Howard: exact same thing for me. Will have to email about it.

  12. Mahti says:

    Howard & others who didn’t receive the email:

    Had your “problem” too, but the mail arrived after ~30 mins or so, so it’s not instantaneous.

  13. Adam Szedlak says:

    Bought, had to wait a while for Plimus to crunch the numbers, and finally got download link. Thank you Zombie Cow and RPS.

  14. milko says:

    I got same problem as Howard. I’m sure Dan will sort us out just fine, but maybe people should be wary of the Paypal option there for now.

  15. Iain says:

    Same for me – I paid by paypal and it took a little while for the email to come through, but it did appear eventually.

  16. Acosta says:

    Taken, and received the mail (payed with CC). But I’m a day one subscriber of RPS and didn’t receive any discount copy announcement, did you send them through email? Where is the love? *cries*

  17. zipdrive says:

    Done, waiting for it to be processed.
    I’m actually feeling a little silly using a credit card to pay 2.5$ – the foreign currency transaction commission is probably higher than that.

  18. Tiktaalik says:

    Hmm – I paid by credit card and after a couple of minutes wait I was just sent to the developers home page with no download link in sight. I’ve just got a receipt in my email though, so hopefully a download link will be forthcoming at some point!

  19. Lewis says:

    Yep, mine just came through.

  20. Alec Meer says:

    Acosta – yeah, it went out by email. Drop us an email from the email you set up the paypal sub with and we’ll see what’s what. Sorry about the muckup.

  21. milko says:

    oh yeah, so the email did make it through. Just the blank page instead of an ’email coming soon!’ which is the problem then I guess.

  22. MD says:

    Tiktaalik, that’s the same as happened to me (though I paid via PayPal). I left the room for a while and the link was in my inbox when I returned. Took a bit over 5 minutes.

  23. Acosta says:

    Haha, ok, done, but don’t worry about it Alec, if I’m subscriber is to give something in exchange for your excellent work here, not for the Club Discounts.

  24. DM says:

    Indeed, same problem as everyone else. Even pestered the poor chap about it. To think, apparently making miniscule budget hyper-indie(™) adventure games and then selling them through your online site at a tiny price with almost no advertising other than word of mouth, actually isn’t all fun and games.

    …Well, technically, I suppose it is all fun and games. In the sense of it actually being fun and games though, the fun and games business isn’t very fun. Or game.

  25. Subject 706 says:

    Bought this, loved this. Much more fun than I though it would be. “Ve vill shoot you in ze cock, old man” had me almost doubled over with laughter.

  26. Fede says:

    Thanks a lot.
    I was just waiting to finish other games before getting it, but this was an offer I couldn’t refuse :)

  27. Senethro says:

    Claimed! I was waiting until I had more free time, but this promotion made me buy it NOW. Cheers, ZC and RPS.

  28. Rosti says:

    Done (hopefully!). Zombie Cow can have the other half if it’s ace, too…

  29. FunkyB says:

    Nooo, it was there but then I switched to Paypal and it disappeared. Looks like they’re all gone. Now I have to pay the totally unreasonable price of £3 ;)

  30. Horza says:

    Bought this a while ago (immediately after seeing a screenshot with a nazi dinosaur in it). Excellent value for money at full price so not buying this with discount would just be stupid.

  31. Martin says:

    damn! its gone!

  32. Popabawa says:

    Boo! Stupid IE (I’m at work, I have no option) crashed while I was paying and it looks like the offer has now gone.

    Full price it is then.

  33. El_MUERkO says:

    Buy it for it is good, even if some of the puzzles are a total ball ache and the ending is great :D

    In the threequel Ben definitely needs to kill more people, his murderous blood lust was lacking in this game.

  34. sfury says:

    …but I’d feel awful paying only half of the even now ridiculously low priced indie game.

    Oh wait, it’s full-priced now so I guess 50 RPSers already bought it? That was fast.

    Seriously though – the only thing that has stopped me so far from checking it out is my lack of time and no amount of (resonable) pricing will keep me from eventually doing that.

    Well-timed promo though – if they do it with other blogs they can generate some good post-release publicity and purchases. :)

  35. Adam says:

    Bought it using your link. Thanks!
    Should I start this straight away or finish ben there dan that? I just got to the “british” bit if you know what I mean.

  36. Professor says:

    Thanks RPS, bought it while the deal was up.

  37. Andy says:

    This game is just brillo, bought it a few weeks ago it is so worth playing.

    They need all the support they can get so we’ll eventually get to play another fantastic adventure like this one!

  38. abhishek says:

    Aww damn it’s over. Curses on the RSS feed which takes so long to show up in the reader :(

  39. mbp says:

    I still remember reading Dan’s Marshall’s series articles in PCZone where he volunteered to write a PC game from scratch as a kind of dare. I thought the whole thing was a joke and that Dan who could barely code “Hello World” hadn’t a hope of producing anything playable. Now here we are several years later and Dan is creating well regarded games and making a business out of it. Fair dues I say. Well done sir.

  40. airtekh says:

    I already bought and played this two weeks ago when it was full price and it was worth every penny.

    Possibly more ;)

  41. Howard says:

    Well I gave it an hour or 2 to see if the email turned up but no dice.

    Have emailed the chap to see if he can fix it for me.

  42. Howard says:

    All sorted. Dan was all over this like a cheap suit. Will be installing as soon as this bloody beta for Section 8 FINALLY finishes titting about…

    Thanks again to Dan for the offer and his speedy reply!

  43. Alex says:

    Totally worth full price – I loved it!

  44. wiper says:

    *is a little bit miffed that, despite being a subscriber, he got no dibs at all*

  45. wiper says:

    ^on further inspection, it appears that my payment for this month, which should have gone through on the 11th, ‘failed’ for no apparent reason, and is being automatically reattempted on the 14th. Figures that my subscription would bizarrely lapse the one time something awesome was offered :(

  46. Ginger Yellow says:

    Bah. Bought this a little over a week ago for the exorbitant £3 full price. Still, I’m perfectly happy to give the developers more money. Awesome, awesome game.

    It really doesn’t like Alt-Tabbing in Windows 7, though.

  47. skizelo says:

    I seem to have missed out on this one. Shame. I was just saying to the missus the other night that I wanted to jump on, but £3 seemed a bit steep.
    Science has proven that the only way Zombie Cow could make their game any cheaper would be to write a virus which installs it on thousands of unsuspecting computers. I “bought” Ben There, Done That because the asking price for TGP honestly seemed like an insult.

  48. JonFitt says:

    I missed the deal, but bought it anyway since I’d been meaning to do so but hadn’t got around to it.

    Hurrah for successful indie marketing!

  49. Alec Meer says:

    Wiper – drop us an email from your Paypal email address and we’ll get you added to subscriber list. There’s a few gaps in it due a tech foul-up a while back – sorry about that.

  50. thezombiecow says:

    Wiper – also, drop me an email and I’ll sort you out with a half-price copy, somehow. :)