All The Fear Of The Fair: New L4D2 Campaign

Here’s a first look at another new Left 4 Dead 2 campaign, this one set at a spooky abandoned fairground known as Whipsering Oaks. Also confirmed is the welcome presence of a Katana. Chop! You’ll have to wade through the constant noise and artificially-inflated enthusiasm of a Gametrailers TV episode to see it, but at least it also includes Gabe Newell responding to the whole boycott thinger and dropping an enormo-hint about one of Valve’s next games. Also: Chet Faliszek talking about how they’re approaching story this time, and the appeal of merry-go-rounds in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The video’s below.

Me, I’m just hoping TF2’s recent haberdashery indulgence spreads to L4D1/2. Zombies in hats would be wonderful.


  1. Stupoider says:

    I enjoyed all of the footage ‘n’ all, but the thing that I was -really- interested in was the talk about a TF2 comic.


  2. Sitting Duck says:

    reading ps3 fanboy rage in kotaku comments section makes me smile, after watching this there.
    I reckon more original Valve staff are working on this with the Turtle Rock team. They like their metacritic ratings and wont accept under 90.
    Also i reckon delays to HL2EP3 are due to the team building new email filtering tools for Gabe

  3. Chris R says:

    Hope no one has a fear of clowns…. haha. Anyone think Valve is going to have a sale on L4D2 soon? is having a 24hr sale on L4D2 for 20% off, so $40 US… That’ll probably be the best deal for a long time, yeah?

    On a side note, there is a great custom campaign for L4D called “Heaven Can Wait” that is splendid. It’s a full campaign, 5 maps long, has a crazy “gauntlet” style area (hint: just keep moving), and a great finale (5+ tanks in a row, be patient, and don’t fall into the pit). Play it with friends and you’ll have a blast.

  4. noggin says:

    please can someone tell me where in this episode the aforementioned enormo-hint occurs?

    busy day…

  5. Metal_Circus says:

    they’re boycotting L4D2? That’s very sad and depressing both at the same time. I was miffed at the announcement of it also but what the jabbering hell are these people thinking? Of all the things you can protest about in our world they’re chosing the release of a video game (something invented to help people have fun)?

    I despair at the human race sometimes. Good thing we have zombies to shoot to help ease our anger.

  6. Markoff Chaney says:

    Refreshing honesty there. Poor PS3 owners…

  7. Itchy and Scrotum says:

    I’m not sure how it is on the other side of the pond, but most of my nerd friends can’t stand anything to do with sports, or just plain have no interest. I am the exception, being interested in MMA, kickboxing etc but not the less combaty sports. So it drove me nuts and baffled me a bit the way the single interview that I wanted to see was constantly interrupted with ads for sports games. Do they really not understand that people who sit on computers all the time probably don’t care about sports? Is there really that big a cross-section of those who play L4d and TF2 etc and those who play Madden 200x? I am both confused and annoyed.

  8. Itchy and Scrotum says:

    To clarify, I’m in the USA.

  9. Alex says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how much this game changes between E3 and release. If you look at the shipped version of L4D1 and the preview footage it got, there are a lot of differences.

  10. Jad says:

    So, at work, can’t watch video: whats the enormo-hint?

    Also, Metal_Circus: more information on the boycott can be found in basically every single Valve thread for the past two months. Just click on the “left 4 dead 2” or “Valve” tags above and read until you realize that everyone on either side of the issue says the exact same things over and over again and they completely derail the thread and no one can talk about the actual topic at hand.

    So, back to the topic at hand: whats the enormo-hint?

  11. Corion says:

    “Me, I’m just hoping TF2’s recent haberdashery indulgence spreads to L4D1/2. Zombies in hats would be wonderful.”

    Only if there’s a stick-of-butter hat!

  12. Kamos says:

    Do you even know the reasons why there is a boycott? :P

  13. Concept says:

    God, how many breaks do they need. I know this is fake American TV, but they don’t need to put a crappy interlude in for no reason.

  14. Jad says:

    Also: yeah, its hilarious reading the Kotaku thread on Gabe’s PS3 comment. They are so used to the 360 vs. PS3 console war that a PC-focused developer like Valve baffles them. Gabe must be a 360 fanboy and hates Sony because he’s stupid and lazy. Also, Half Life 2 was a terrible game. Unless Left 4 dead gets announced for the PS3, at which point HL2 is a great game.

  15. Chris R says:

    I just pre-ordered two copies of L4D2 from the gogamer site… couldn’t pass up the 20% deal. I really hope the “free L4D if your buy L4D2” thing is real, because I’ve been waiting for L4D to go on sale so I could pick it up for the g/f…

  16. Gorgeras says:

    “Me, I’m just hoping TF2’s recent haberdashery indulgence spreads to L4D1/2. Zombies in hats would be wonderful.”

    You fool! That very dream was shattered the moment Valve decided to make Left4Dead 2. If something isn’t going to be in at release, either hope for it to be in the single content update putting in the missing stuff plus one game mode or wait for Left4Dead 3.

    Waiting for some real criticism of Valve from journos in 3, 2, 1…

  17. Sobric says:

    The enormo hint was CS2? (in the first few minutes of the video).

    Actually not sure on that, the end of the video suggests that it’s not actually in development yet.

  18. Krondonian says:

    I know this isn’t relevant, but Valve are practically giving away everything Half Life on Steam. Every Half Life game plus Team Fortress Classic for £10. Crazy. I got the Half Life 1 anthology plus TFC for £3 because I didn’t have them on Steam.

    More on topic, I still haven’t got Left 4 Dead. I enjoyed the free weekend, but felt I’d seen most of what the game had to offer within that time. A L4D + L4D2 bundle would certainly tempt me.

  19. Anthony Damiani says:

    Honestly, do you not feel L4D was worth the money?

  20. AndrewC says:

    The enormo hint in the last quarter is that Portal 2 is *way* higher a priority that counterstrike sequels. I think. I’m not sure as gametrailerstv has raddled my brain with so much ADD that I can’t even finish th

  21. Xercies says:

    A TF2 Movie or TV show…why? Its an online shooter with not much story or character. It couldn’t work.

  22. Jim Rossignol says:

    “Its an online shooter with not much story or character.”

    I guess you were playing the other TF2, where the animated short trailers weren’t the most popular thing on the internet.

  23. Jad says:

    Ah nice on the weekend deal. I tried putting my Half-Life 1 CD key into Steam once and it told me that my key was already in use. I could have argued it, but I remember that I gave my key to my old college roommate (uh-oh! breaking the law!), and maybe he already registered it. Anyway, for $5 I can get Half-Life 1+expansion packs! Does anyone still play TFC anymore?

    Also, if enormo-hint is CS2 or Portal 2, that’s a bit disappointing. I always consider sequels to popular games to be in the queue for development unless stated otherwise.

    I assumed they were working on a new post-apocalyptic FPS with open-world driving and RPG elements. Maybe a WWII game. Don’t see too many of those kinds of games around.

  24. reaper47 says:

    Yay, Portal 2!

    Also: “[…]I despair at the human race sometimes.”

    Who’s doing the drama in this thread? There are far more stupid things to protest. Healthcare, for example…

  25. jsutcliffe says:

    One thing (one of many) that bugs me about the boycott whingers:

    You’ve got L4D and you have presumably been enjoying it since you’re paying attention to news about the sequel — you’ve frankly probably got your money’s worth out of it multiple times in terms of how much time you’ve put into the game. Why are you wailing and gnashing your teeth because Valve had the temerity to like what they made enough to pursue an even better version?

    A comparison: I don’t see Internet anger directed at EA’s sports franchises which come out with a new-but-barely-different iteration every year. How is L4D2 different?

    Also, Valve seem to have mastered how to market their games. I’d not be surprised to see some kind of incentive/reward for people getting L4D2, whether it’s something like a discount if you already own L4D or, the other way round, a discount for L4D1 when you buy the sequel.

  26. That Guy says:

    I liked the trailer for Fallout 3 racing near the beginning!

  27. Lilliput King says:

    Anthony – My brothers and I paid ludicrous amounts for three copies so we could play co-op.

    We played the four campaigns a couple of times, but the hordes and bosses always spawned in pretty much the same places, and the challenge wasn’t varied enough to keep the game interesting for long.

    In the end we decided it wasn’t really all that great and moved on. In my opinion then, probably not worth it.

  28. Kamos says:

    @Anthony Damiani

    Bad game. Expensive, no support for mods, missing content at its launch… wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s probably worth 10 bucks considering it has zombies and coop multiplayer. Actually, you should probably wait on this next zombie game, L4D2 and…

    OH WAIT! What am I doing? If I tell people the truth, there won’t be anyone playing L4D anymore.

    Yay, Valve. The only reason my friends haven’t joined that boycott is that they stopped playing L4D months ago and don’t give a damn about whatever Valve wants to do from now on. Valve fanboys can cry about “not giving this amazing company support and funds to create Portal 2 / Ep. 3” bla bla bla.

  29. TheArmyOfNone says:

    I lol@ the people pretending to have reasons to get indignant over one of the best PC development studios to date.

  30. Ian says:

    Don’t fairgrounds have COLOUR?

    Fuck you, Valve. Eff u, valv. Eff u!

  31. Eyre says:

    L4D is stale. I only enjoyed it when I could get 3 of my friends to play with me, and we stopped playing it months and months ago because of the lack of content (read: before DA and DT vs mode). It got old very quickly. Not worth the money of a full priced retail game for what was essentially a very cool mod. I preordered L4D 1 because of my love for Valve and Zombies. I maintain that I will try L4D2, but not until it hits a 50% off weekend on Steam.

  32. Starky says:

    Well cry into a teacup and call it a storm…

    Good game, cost me £20 (around 35 bucks at the time I believe – in the sale like 1 week after it came out – about right for a multiplayer online game of it’s size), yes there was content missing, but personally I’d have rather them released it with a bit missing (you can trust valve to fix that later for free) than have to wait another 3 months to play it at all.

    OH WAIT! What am I doing? if I tell people the (version of) truth (I believe), there won’t be enough bile for angry internet men to cry over.

    if you felt ripped off, then tough, happens all the time, buyer beware and all that – just vote with your wallet and don’t buy the second. That’s fine, no one cares if you do or not (not even Valve) just please have the good grace to shut the hell up about it and move on.

    there are those of us who got a good 100+ hours gameplay out of L4D and have no problem what-so-ever with that value for money.

    Was it worth £30($55)? No probably not, did anyone force you to buy it at that? No.

    All you need to do with the second one, (if you want it at all) is do what the more savvy of us did with the first L4D – wait a few weeks (maybe a month) until it goes on weekend deal.

  33. Wirbelwind says:

    Everyone, save L4D2 and boycot Crash Course!

    link to

  34. Lobotomist says:


    Why there is a Valve boycott and no EA boycott ?

    First , there is EA boycott. But that is beyond the point.

    Reason for L4D boycot is very simple.

    Before release Gabe Newell was very insistent to promise steady stream of free DLC for L4D. Including new campains, new weapons and new infected.

    Many bought this overpriced game, based on this promise.

    It turned to be complete lie.

    Not only that there was no new content (and i dont count bug fixes and lame 10×10 survival map) But the content promised is now sold as standalone 50$ game.

    I would expect this from EA. For when i buy game from EA i know i am buying from a crook.

    But never from Valve.


    Their loss. I will never buy another game from Valve. And many other people feel same way.

    over 50.000

  35. Kamos says:

    “if I tell people the (version of) truth (I believe), there won’t be enough bile for angry internet men to cry over.”

    Version of truth? Do you often mistake opinions and truth? Must be tough being you.

    Anyway, my opinion is as good as yours, except I’m not an idiot, i.e., I’m not telling people to shut up. What would the world be if we weren’t allowed to vote and express thoughts?

    Yes, I’m going to “vote with my wallet”, but no, I won’t “shut up”, because as in real life, I want other people to “vote” with me if they believe what I’m saying is reasonable.

  36. Wirbelwind says:

    That’s your loss Lobotomist because you will be missing out on great Valve games.

    You maggots easily exaggerate, as if every single of the whining customers read that cvg article prior to purchasing. Even then, you lads apparently made the assumption that “Free DLC” meant a) everything they released up until now (the new mode, code fixes and balances) and b) apparently an entire year of work from a full size team on new campaigns.

    I think you lads are simply being delusional. L4D2 is definitely not “the update that was promised”. It’s much bigger in scope than that.

  37. mpuncekar says:

    I have such a man crush on valve at this point, it’s just completely ridiculous.

    I don’t really care about l4d all that much, the gameplay just isn’t my cup of tea anymore, but it’s a decent game, but the very mention of ep:3 and portal 2… details or not… that excites me.

    Also, kudos to gabe for sticking with his opinion on the ps3. He clearly has never been impressed by that hardware.

  38. Nimic says:

    Yeah, Valve never cares about their customers. And they keep making stupid games. And TF2 was terrible. Half-Life 2 was too hard. I haven’t played Half-Life, since I’m 10 years old.


  39. jsutcliffe says:

    “L4D2 is definitely not “the update that was promised”. It’s much bigger in scope than that.”

    Precisely. I remember that point was made by one of the Valve folks when this controversy began, in fact.

    I feel dirty for contributinh to (yet another) “Grr L4D2” thread.

  40. Aversim says:

    The most interesting thing for me was Gabe trying to avoid revealing anything about HL ep3 then saying “cause I don’t want emails for a year”.

    It could of been a figure of speech but something in the way he said it made me die sigh and roll my eyes.

  41. bildo says:

    Speaking of GTTV, what did you think about the “news” GT recived on HL2E3 and Portal 2? Man, I hate GT some times : /

    This might be relevant to your interests then. complain here.

  42. Toby says:

    Mention of a counter strike sequel made me do a little poo.

    Yes please.

  43. Lobotomist says:

    Games quality is dropping every year. And its all because crowd (sheeps) will buy anything that is advertised well enough.

  44. Xercies says:


    They worked because they were short…try having a 90 minute movie or 13 hours of telly with the same thing. Like to see that work…

  45. TCM says:

    Can I boycott the comments about the L4D2 boycott?

  46. A-Scale says:

    With the exception of the new visual effects, this looks very much like a mod. The new zombies look a bit uninspired, and the new weapons seem to step all over each other’s toes (or have no particular purpose) just to satisfy the desire to shoot something new. I still won’t be buying it.

  47. Guy says:

    If they worked on the “content that was promised” instead of L4D2, we’d have… maybe… one campaign, a gun or two, and a special infected.

    And the forums would be full of people complaining about how the campaign is half-assed in these places, the gun sucks, and the special infected breaks these maps. Oh, cruel, vile Valve. How could you have spared us from that?

  48. Kamos says:


  49. JoeDuck says:

    Well, the marketing machine is starting to roll…
    It’s mid summer, the news trickle about L4D2 is starting to accelerate and it seems awfully soon to me.
    It’s interesting that they start so soon, specially now that in christmas the number of games has been greatly reduced.
    Does anyone know/remember if this was Valve’s strategy also last year (L4D) or the year before that (O Box)?
    And for the sake of the trolls, yes I’m buying L4D2 on release day, just so they know how to tag me. :-)

  50. Vinraith says:

    @Jim Rossignol

    Let me preface this by saying I quite like TF2, random drop nonsense aside, and especially enjoy the additional characterization Valve has layered onto it through the videos and such.

    That said, you can’t argue that TF2 isn’t lacking in story, since it obviously has none. I don’t think it NEEDS one, but if others do that’s their prerogative.

    As to character, it’s full of it, but an awful lot of it comes from sources outside the game (like those aforementioned videos). If one were to experience the game in a vacuum of other TF2 media (no comics, no videos etc) I’m not sure how much of that character would come across.