PopCap Unveils Zuma’s Revenge


PopCap have just released the chains holding us back from letting you know they’ve a new game on the way. A follow up to Zuma, called Zuma’s Revenge, it’s a reinvention of the frog-spitting ball-matching puzzler that PopCap say has lots of new bits and bobs in fancy new graphics. New modes, new mechanics and new power-ups. Possibly new contention from Puzzloop fans. The original sold an incredible 17 million, which by our calculations means everyone at PopCap is carried to work on golden thrones, where they spend their days playing real-life games of Bejeweled with real-life jewels, which they then stuff down their pants while laughing. Video and full press release for the new game below.

PopCap Games, the leading developer and publisher of casual games, today announced that Zuma’s Revenge!™, the sequel to the original hit game that has sold 17 million copies worldwide, will be available next month for the PC and Macintosh. Zuma’s Revenge! reinvents the ball-blasting bliss of the original Zuma® with high-resolution graphics, wild new game mechanics, all-new modes and power-ups and much more. Zuma’s Revenge! will be available on September 15 at retail (U.S., PC only) and via download at PopCap.com and key portal partners (PC and Mac). Beginning today, video sneak peeks and other advance information about the new game can be found on PopCap.com.

“The original Zuma has millions of fans around the world,” said Jason Kapalka, co-founder and Creative Director at PopCap, “so there was a lot of pressure when doing the sequel to really deliver something they’d love, without wrecking the classic Zuma gameplay. Zuma’s Revenge! adds a ton of variety to the mix, with over 60 new maps, all new power-up balls like the Laser Frog and Lightning Color Nuke, and a half dozen custom ‘boss battles’ against giant, evil tiki spirits. Plus we’ve added several new modes, including a speedy ‘blitz’-style challenge game and the fearsome Iron Frog gauntlet for the most elite players.”

In Zuma the player takes the role of a fearless ball-shooting frog, exploring ancient temples and ruins. By firing colored spheres into an advancing chain of balls to make matches of three or more, the frog blasts his way through a series of arcade challenges. The sequel brings the player to an all-new setting, the Polynesian paradise of Zhaka Mu, and ups the ante with nearly triple the screen resolution of the original game, cool 3-D particle effects, and support for widescreen monitors. A full list of new features in Zuma’s Revenge! will be available at launch.

Rick Fortin, whose score of 3,384,820 (with 34 extra lives!) in the original Zuma is the highest known, has been beta testing Zuma’s Revenge! and feels the new game lives up to the high standards of the franchise. “From the spectacular visuals and 3-D effects – which work great even on an older PC like mine – to the new game modes such as the maddening (but beatable!) Iron Frog, PopCap has actually improved the game in every respect. I have to say that the wait was well worth it for this game. It’s all that I expected and much more!”


  1. Bobsy says:

    Oh, you bastards. I hated Zuma because it was, despite everything, fun and compelling. But it was a lazy, cynical game, a match-3 that rested lavaciously on its inherent Popcap charm without putting any real effort in. You ended up playing the same levels over and over and over again with the only variation being ONE new ball colour each time.

    I mean clearly they’re trying to avoid that by mixing up the formula but still. THE TRUST IS BROKEN, POPCAP.

    *runs off crying*

  2. Bobsy says:

    In fact, I even wrote up about the original Zuma here a while back. I get the feeling I was pretty much the only person in the universe who played it.

  3. John Walker says:

    Just you and 16,999,999 others, Bobsy.

  4. terry says:

    How much is a Zuma in Peggles?

    Never really got into this game – just too repetitive. I’m not convinced added shiny will improve it any.

  5. Dave says:

    ::goes off to play Zuma::

  6. Clovus says:

    Zuma is one of the few games I bought for my basic cellphone, so I’ve played a LOT of it. It’s still good for wasting time when you unexpectedly find yourself waiting somewhere (cause if you expected to wait you would have brought your DS, of course).

    Anyway, it is a really repetitive, but fun game. It has that, “Arrggh, these levels are getting almost impossible” feeling, but they can later be mastered. That’s the only place it stumbled for me. Once I could breeze through the entire campaign, I started trying for high scores, but I don’t really like the scoring system.

    Also, unlike other PopCap games, it doesn’t have a bunch of fun minigames.

    I don’t think I would ever consider owning Zuma on something that I can’t carry around in my pockets. (Yes, the DS fits in my pocket. I’m a fat American and I need fat pockets).

  7. Ben Abraham says:

    Where’s the Hypnotoad mod for this that it is so CLEARLY crying out for?

  8. skizelo says:

    Zuma’s Revenge? As in ‘Zuma’s Revenge? As in diarrhrea? Keep it classy Popcap.

  9. Sagan says:

    If it sold 17 million, then someone will have to update the Wikipedia article about the best selling games.

  10. Theory says:

    …they spend their days playing real-life games of Bejeweled with real-life jewels, which they then stuff down their pants while laughing.

    Either you’re a victim of creeping Americanisation, or you have some very funny ideas about sex.

  11. Lanster27 says:

    The clearly lack of explosions in the trailer puts me off.

  12. Optimaximal says:

    Wow… PopCap in non-800×600 shocker!

    But how will it run on my 386?

  13. Bobsy says:

    John, those 16,999,999 other people WERE ALSO ME. I was playing it so goddamn much that I ruined statistics forever.

    I take pride in this, as in all things.

  14. KilgoreTrout XL says:


    i really liked zuma.

  15. Dave says:

    Either you’re a victim of creeping Americanisation, or you have some very funny ideas about sex.

    There’s a difference?

  16. Vinraith says:

    Hmm. I liked the demo for the original, but didn’t think it quite justified the price tag. If this adds a little more variety into the mix I may find it hard to resist.

  17. Wooly says:

    “…the original sold an incredible 17 million…”

    O_O Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

    That’s… that’s… DISGUSTING! The worst part being, that I tried it… and LIKED it!!! D:

  18. Serondal says:

    Zuma on my cell phone was 60% of the reason I got fired from my last job, Tetris on my cell phone was 30% and the fact that they fired my pregnant wife just before she delivered her baby was the other 10% ;P (but I told her it was 100%)

  19. Serondal says:

    Correction, I QUIT my last job, but I was GOING to get fired if I didn’t quit.

  20. mandrill says:

    I am still trying to beat level 12 of this damned game. How dare they release another one to suck my time before I have completed the first one :/

  21. Serondal says:

    I updated the Wikipedia page :P It is my first time changing anything it will probably last all of about 5 seconds before someone finds a reason to remove my change lol.

  22. Serondal says:

    For one I probably put it in the wrong place since Zuma isn’t only sold on PC

  23. Max says:

    Zuma is the casual game for FPS players. Lead your targets!

  24. Serondal says:

    and my edit was reverted, ah of course :P They don’t believe the 17 million number because I couldn’t link directly to the press release above , I just linked to the games home page. Ah well, it never said they sold 17 million PC copies of the game any how