Fallen Earth Open Beta, Now, Er, Open

The post-apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth is slowly trundling towards release, and the beta, hosted on Fileplanet (HISS!) is now open to all. Nothing much more to report at present, but I’ll be delving into it myself over the weekend, so perhaps I’ll see you in there. From what I heard from my mate Dan, it’s “mmkay, spose.” So that’s interesting.

Oh, speaking of betas, thanks to everyone who showed up for Section 8 this evening, it was a blast, even if my connection was a bit wonky.


  1. CMaster says:

    Played the beta fairly extensivley.
    It’s got it’s strengths, but doesnt do any of the things I wanted it to well, gives the impression it is very hackable (huge amounts of things are clientside) and doesn’t do anything espcially too well. There’s also a fairly powerful lobby of players and designers in the game determined to make playing the game an awful lot like hard work. The mutations (magic) are somewhat overpowered at the moment too, sadly for a sci-fi ish game. Still, I had a fair bit of fun and would suggest people who like the idea check it out and see if it is for them.

  2. Stupoider says:

    Ooh, I was looking at this after seeing a comment on the AoC expansion.

    So, does it play like any other MMO? Is there dungeon crawling and what not? Is it a “press these buttons, determined by which cooldowns are active and what not” MMO, like WoW?

  3. CoarseSand says:

    Right, might as well give this a go while all the Brits are asleep. S8 was just too much fun today, I lost three hours to it. Sprinting, jetting over, locking on and spraying a ton of machine gun ammo into someone’s head never loses its flare.

  4. Cutman says:

    MMO overload.

  5. Llama says:

    Played it for 30 minutes then immediately uninstalled it. Ugly, awkward controls, uninteresting world. I’ll pass on this one thank you.

  6. mandrill says:

    Yeah me too, I got on the closed beta of this and wasn’y impressed.

    Sorry I missed you on Section 8 this evening Jim, I saw some other RPSrs though.

  7. Stromko says:

    I played this for about three weeks solid, which is more than I’ve given to any other MMO. The quests and environments in ‘Sector 1’ (levels 1 – 20 essentially) were overall quite good, and I always felt a good sense of progress with either the crafting system or the regular combat track of character development. I found it acceptable to be both a crafter and a combat character on my main, though min/maxers can point out (correctly) that to be the best at one you have to forgo the other.

    There’s a pervasive stealth system where you can move much much closer to enemies than you otherwise would, modified by whether you’re crouching, crawling or attacking and the enemy’s facing.

    Combat is significantly FPS-style with a much more narrow firing cone than Tabula Rasa. It’s playable from either first person or third person, interface-wise.

    Instead of entirely missing because your stats aren’t good enough, if an enemy has much higher stats than you you’ll be more likely to do ‘glancing’ hits that do half damage, and this can be modified further by armor vs attack type. Aiming for head shots (and pulling them off successfully) does about double damage.

    Equipment instead of being level-locked is stat-locked, meaning if you use all your AP (Advancement Points) to raise Strength, Dexterity and Melee you’ll be able to use a new melee weapon much much sooner than otherwise.

    It’s kind of unfortunate they have to rely on an abstract game mechanic like that, but it’s rather necessary due to the player-crafting system. Anything worthwhile can be player crafted, and as you move up to more advanced areas you’ll have an easier time finding rare components, so it would be far too easy for a high level friend to make a superb piece of gear for you and then you’d miss out on the chance to advance through the dozens of intermediate versions of gear as you advance naturally.

  8. Stromko says:

    Correction, I think Melee is based on Strength and Coordination, not Strength and Dexterity. It’s been awhile since I’ve played. Ultimately, after getting two characters to =< level 20 on two different servers (they closed down Casta Gaunt, the other server, about a day after I hit 20 there), and finally going to Sector 2 with my main character, I was just getting burnt out on the tail end of those three solid weeks of playing.

    I think part of getting burnt out was there weren't very many players to team up with in S2, and a lot of the more interesting missions were frustrating without at least having a duo to team up with. Sector 2 is where people start splitting up based on which faction(s) they've allied with, so it can be harder to find a group. I didn't have much to do with the PvP system so I'm not sure if you can be attacked anywhere just because you're with opposing factions, but since different missions are for different factions, there'd be little point in teaming up with somebody if they were opposed to the faction you were doing it for.

    It also felt like content in Sector 2 was still being finished and it just didn't hang together well compared to Sector 1. I'm not sure how much that's true or if it was just me being burnt out. Development seemed quite active for the period that I was following it, so it might be less true now than then.

  9. Simon says:

    link to thepiratebay.org
    link to mininova.org

    ^– Skip File Planet’s long lines.

  10. Nimdok says:

    Or, rather, skip the game; the devs have a tendency to add new content without making the previously existing content actually, you know, FUNCTION. It’s a mess of half-implemented features and buggy, laggy code. Worse, the devs tend to not give a shit and would rather throw together a half-assed testbed for their code and graphics engine (which is all FE is, a benchmark test so they can sell the code) than make a decent, WORKING game.

  11. PaulMorel says:

    someone else said “beta overload,” and I just wanted to echo that.

    I have been playing a TON of the Champions Online open beta, which is good.

  12. ksjhjd says:

    All roads lead to Rome.

  13. StalinsGhost says:

    I might give it another try. When I first got into the Beta I wasn’t overly impressed, but looking at the patch notes, it seems they’ve tightened up the engine and some other stuff.

  14. Heliosicle says:

    Downloading now, I have no idea what it is or what its about, yay me!

  15. CMaster says:

    No, it’s a pseudo-FPS system. You control from a 1st or 3rd person viewpoint, and click when you want to fire a gun/swing a melee weapon. It’s not true FPS however in terms of having hitscan etc so it can sometimes feel a bit odd. You do have various abilities with cooldowns on top of this, but basic combat is much more engaging than typical MMO fayre, however decidedly more pedestrian than the tamest of FPS games.

    @Llama – sadly, they haven’t yet (and maybe never will) got the first hour or so right. The game does get better 1-2 hours in once you get the hang of it, realise how to not die etc. It’s worth persevering if anything about the game appeals to you. It certainly isn’t for everyone mind.

    @Stromko – in contrast, I preferred S2 to S1 by quite a bit. The factions made things more interesting, the mutations give you a LOT more options in combat and the challenge level increased to something where you at least notice it, rather than cakewalking everything. However, I played the game exclusively with a friend, and with 2 complimentary characters, we never struggled for help or companionship, or found any mission that we couldn’t do (save an escort mission where NPC health was very, very low). Also, S1 is technically levels 2-15, although most people are somewhere around level 18 when they actually move on to S2.


  16. Tei says:

    Map is big. Crafting is complex.

    You can mount a horse (horses work much like in Oblivium, are separated entities, with his health bar), set it to autorun, and go to watch a movie.

    S1 graphics have a tendency of repeating the same props.
    You lost any hope to see grass in the game Lots of quest in S1.

    S2 has grass. And for that, is awesome. Have new more varied enemyes, and seems designed for gruild vs guild combat and faction grinding.

    I don’t remenber S3, but Is probably more of S2.

    Also, Imagine crafting a horse, while you travel in a horse. Crafting can be done anywhere, but needs resources and time. So you probably move while you craft, with a eye to avoid any dangerous mob.

    The game feels like Anarchy Online.

  17. superking208 says:

    Ha ha, I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates FilePlanet…

  18. Paul says:

    FilePlanet 0/10…. Pathetic download speed but got there eventually.

    Game looks interesting – LMFAO at the lifenet ‘so you died’ bit :D

  19. neofit says:

    “LMFAO at the lifenet ’so you died’ bit :D”
    There are quite a few humorous bits throughout the game. I remember one of the things I saw in the tutorial, you loot a helmet and the description says: “Combat Helmet. Makes headbutting all the more enjoyable”.

  20. neofit says:

    And I like hearing all the negative opinions. Means that for once I won’t have to deal with overcrowded newbie areas on release day.

  21. matte_k says:

    Anybody else have problems with downloading the client? Spent ages waiting for the download to finish, only to discover that the zip file is incomplete or corrupted. Tried it again overnight, same thing. And the torrent version does it too. Would really like to try it, but i’ll be buggered if i’m wasting any more time on a broken download…

  22. Paul says:

    matte – I would suggest you try the latest version of 7-Zip to extract the zip file. They did say it had to be the latest version of Winzip (but 7-Zip is totally free, open source and way better – worked fine here). As you’ve had it with 3 downloads I’m thinking your version of winzip / archive program is the problem.

  23. ZIGS says:

    Well, after playing this game for about an hour, I can safely say this sucks behind

  24. matte_k says:

    @Paul: Ok, giving it a shot tonight, i’ll see how it goes. Ta for the tip!

  25. fuckoff says:

    i played the fallen earth beta open and closed
    steer far away, its simply a fallout 3 clone, online, and its done poorly
    champions online however, is an excellent coh replacement.
    but as luck would have it, i’m not interested in half finished crappy titles that would be better off left in the recycle bin on my desktop, should i ever feel the need to use it.. i just shift delete :P but seriously section 8 is dirt, just a ut3 clone, champions online is just a hero clone, and fallen earth is just a fallout 3 clone with bio-hazards thrown in
    this is kinda disconcerting for me, i was expected semi polished software with a few glitches that would need beta testing to get out
    i was treated to the biggest pile of grab age full of 1’s and 0’s that i have ever had the misfortune to install on my hard drive.
    both the champions online and the fallen earth betas are complete failures..
    the only compelling point t hat champions has is the fact if you buy at least 6 months you’ll get the star trek online beta.. BUT SINCE I AM A FILE PLANET SUBSCRIBER, WHY WOULD I EVER DO THAT?
    i’m waiting, with baited breath, on the savior of mmo’s Star Trek online, but i know it will probably end up being garbage too..
    its a sad time to be a pc gamer. seroiusly.

  26. CMaster says:

    If you think FE is a Fallout 3 copy, then you didn’t really get what either game was about.

    One of the underlying concepts of the FO universe is that is is “as if the 50s never ended” – this drives the characters, history, graphical styles, music, locations and technology throughout.

    FE, if anything has something of an 80’s style going on. The humour in both games is very different too.

    It’s not just style either – the gameplay, while revolving in both cases around questing and shooting things differs pretty strongly, especially with the way the two combat systems work and FE’s big, big focus on crafting.

    That said, FE is of course far from entirely original and is packed full of references to other things. Also, while I had fun in the beta for a couple of months, the game does have plenty of flaws. One thing I would say is – play the game with a friend (or group thereof) and stick to doing things together. It’s much better and much more manageable that way. Also, realise you will have to figure a lot of things out yourself. For various reasons, I won’t be buying (at least not at launch) but a lot of people don’t seem to give the game a fair chance (of course, if they improved their newbie experience…)

  27. Jayt says:

    The problem is that any game thats post-apocalyptic setting in gaming post-fallout is now deemed a fallout clone.