Guildhail: First Guild Wars 2 Footage

Party! Party!

The RPS-chat-room is broke by the cry: “Guild Wars 2 has splendid terrain!”. As we all know terrain is the single most important factor in PC Gaming. As such, I continue to be excited by Guild Wars. The first half of the video is slightly animated versions of the always beautiful Guild Wars concept art, so when the actual game footage arrives… well, it’s both a surprise and a joy. Clearly, I’ve taken a grab from the concept art section to avoid ruining the segue for you. The footage itself follows…

I think that’s neat. I think Guild Wars was the bravest and most interesting fantasy MMO design of the 00s, on every level. And before anyone says anything, I think that it’s even a question of whether it’s an MMO or not says more about how useless almost everyone else has been than Guild Wars itself. Everything which I’ve heard about Guild Wars 2 sounds like it’s a worthy successor, and even its retreats from some of its more radical stances sound intriguing. I really can’t wait to hear more.


  1. abigbat says:

    I’m moist with anticipation.


  2. Gurrah says:

    I’m still disappointed we won’t be able to play as the Tengu, which, frankly, are the best race in Tyria! Still, the footage is amazing and I can’t wait for it to be released.

  3. Jim Rossignol says:

    Cor. You can see the influence of main concept art chappie: link to

  4. EvilMonk3y says:

    I never played the first GW and I am unlikely to play this one due to my aversion to MMO’s in general. However I must say I love this art style, looks like the type of game I would love to watch over the shoulder of someone else playing.

  5. LeFishy says:

    I loved Guild Wars until all my friends left to university and I jumped ship to WoW. This probably won’t make my jump back but it will certainly get a purchase and a lengthy play from me.

  6. Heliosicle says:

    oh my thats purty

  7. M.P. says:

    Looks absolutely amazing, shame there isn’t any actual _gameplay_! If it’s anything like the first one it can do no wrong though. I’ll miss click-to-move of course, it was very nice to have even though I rarely used it, and all because some idiots didn’t take to the first GW because they weren’t able to jump! You can see people merrily bunnyhopping across the landscape at several points in the trailer. Intentionally aimed against those specific people? :p

    @ EvilMonk3y: If it’s anything like the first one, there is no grind. The grind is imaginary. Embrace the Guild Wars, and ascend above the grind to achieve enlightenment.
    It’s more like a competitive FPS, except with an 8-icon skillbar instead of a stable of different guns.

  8. Kester says:

    So what’s being retreated from on this one, seeing as I’m too lazy to go and look it up? I hope they keep the multiplayer as is, Guild Wars is criminally underlooked as one of the best MP games on PC. (It’s just a shame you had to play in a guild to get the most out of it.O

  9. Riotpoll says:

    Excited. Also this trailer shows how important good art is for a game to look pretty.

  10. Rabbitsoup says:

    Well I think I am more or less sold. Guildwars did so much right this sequel looks great and actually fresh, also is it still priced in the same way?

  11. cyrenic says:

    That looked great, but what I’m craving is gameplay info. I loved the PvP in GW, but it was so inflexible if you had an odd number of people. So I’m hoping the fix that somehow. I’d love to see random “world” PvP, for example.

  12. Pzykozis says:

    Oh my, now this looks interesting, after beta testing the first one I never picked it up, it didnt draw me enough from whatever I was upto back then… but! This does indeed look interesting, seems like i might be doing a combo of GW2 and FF14 in the not so distant future.

    My social and studying life isn’t going to fair well methinks.

  13. somnolentsurfer says:

    That does indeed have nice terrain. Looks much more interesting than all those boring Aion videos.

  14. Arnulf says:

    I did not expect that. Was quite enjoyable to behold.

  15. Torgen says:

    I want to be a polar bear man.

  16. Ansob. says:

    Please tell me those armoured polar bears are an actual playable race.

  17. seras says:

    that was drool worthy!

    the asuran city looked to wicked. still not sure how the payable races will work out..but i’ll definitely be buying this on release day =)

  18. Bigfoot_King says:

    Me and my friends had a great time in guild wars and some still play it now. It will be great to show them this footage

  19. Riotpoll says:

    @Cyrenic; there’s a preview article over on eurogamer, it mentions massive world pvp, as well as there still being premade pvp chars to use in arenas style organised pvp.

  20. dan says:


  21. Howard says:

    Christ on a bike! That is genuinely stunning!

    My interesting this game just went from zero to 100 in a 4 and a half minute trailer.

    So, how does Guild Wars work then? I’ve never really looked into it. What separates it from the other MMOs?

  22. Wolfox says:

    Wow, fantastic trailer. Arenanet knows how to do trailers and CGI animations.

    Looking forward to it; I loved the original GW (with all campaigns/expansions), and I trust Arenanet will make GW2 even better.

  23. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Mmmm, that’s one lovely aesthetic they’ve developed there. I’m almost tempted to pick this game up just to stroll around those beautiful environments.

  24. KindredPhantom says:

    Fantastic. I have been waiting for GW2 news for quite a while. I look forward to seeing some in-game footage videos.

  25. Heliocentric says:

    The main difference between most mmo’s and guild wars is that guild wars has no fee’s. Also you are within 2 dozen hours are at maximum level, its less grinding and more tutorial for that class. With nice quests. Also, everything is instances apart from cities. Meaning noone griefing but also kinda empty and personal (its mixed).

    Certainly try it though.

  26. Rinox says:

    Looks incredible. Not sure if I’d be up for any non-Old Republic MMORPG anytime soon though.

  27. abigbat says:

    Yeah, Dociu is one of my favourite conceptual artists; the stuff he did for the original GW is astonishing.

  28. Jesrad says:

    It looks very nice. Graphically improved while still recognizable as part of the same world. Guild Wars and EVE are the only innovative MMO’s around so I’ve been waiting for this for awhile.

    The only foreseeable problem is that most of the GW players I know are refugees from Diablo 2 who are currently salivating for Diablo 3. Launching this first may be rather important.

  29. schizoslayer says:

    Very Pretty. Looks like better art in a slightly Tweaked Guild Wars engine. The last update was similar levels of vastness in the areas.

    Things I remember from old interviews about GW2:

    Less instancing and more single world (like WoW)
    They were considering a subscription fee.
    The gameplay will be largely the same as Guild Wars (Which is no bad thing)

    Those are from OLD interviews though. How much will come to pass I have no idea.

  30. cyrenic says:


    I had heard a bit about the world PvP, but I’m left wanting specifics :). That Eurogamer preview was great, though. Here’s a link for anyone that hasn’t seen it, lots of good gameplay info: link to

  31. Dominic White says:

    For anyone who hasn’t tried it yet, get this now:

    link to

    Guild Wars: Complete Collection, £25. Contains all the core campaigns (Prophecies, Factions & Nightfall, and the expansion campaign Eye of The North) and all you really need is a buddy.

    Just one, really – while you can play with up to 8, the Hero system (whereby you can build your own party of customized AI characters) lets two players cover all eight roles very adequately.

    As others have said, there is no grind. The rate of levelling varies between campaigns, but as the most extreme example, if you choose to start off in the chinese-inspired Cantha, you will be almost at maximum level (20) by the time you’ve finished the tutorial island.

    Yep, you’re fresh out of the tutorial area and as tough as you’ll ever be. You’ll never have more HP or MP, and the best armor in the game isn’t too much further away either. For other games, this would be ‘endgame’, but you’ve probably not even seen the first fifth of one of the four main plotlines.

    This is why Guild Wars is fun. It’s an actual *game*, rather than an exercise in having higher numbers than the other guy. The only way to beat the enemies (who can go WAY over level 20) is to have a plan, good team coordination and a well thought out skill setup. You’ll often find yourself reworking your character every other mission to try and find that right combination of tools for the job.

    While the game isn’t technically amazing anymore, it makes up for it with fantastic art direction. It still looks very good – great in places, even – due to Arenanets fantastic art team. The music is fantastic as well. You’re also getting a lot of RPG, with interesting places to explore and fun monsters to fight, for £25. This is a very fair price, believe me.

    Just get it. Bring a buddy and have fun. Not that the buddy is REQUIRED, but it means that with only one player, you’ll have to bring Henchmen (Second-tier ‘quickbots’) along, rather than having two carefully build player-run parties.

  32. Rabbitsoup says:

    @Ansob – yes

    also pricing is the same as before :D

  33. Bobsy says:

    Good gracious, that’s absurdly pretty. I know nothing about GW2 though, so please forgive the query:

    Wasn’t the first Guild Wars pretty much entirely instance-based? Is that going to ring true for these fantastic environments, because if so… that’d be a real let-down for those environments.

  34. Lack_26 says:

    Ohhh, I’m excited, I played a hellov’a lot (by my standards), about 400 hours (although my FO3 time stands at over 100 hours, and I still feel I’ve barely scraped it. Although a lot of that is thanks to mods). So I’m definitely looking forward to this.

  35. Theoban says:



  36. Solaris says:

    There certainly was griefing in guild wars 1. I remember people abusing the /report because it let to brand people with “dishonorable” or something and prevented them from playing pvp for a while. This was automatic and Anet made no moves to check the legitimacy of these reports as far as I know. The most effective way was to have your team report the other team for inappropriate language after losing in a pvp match. This would keep them from playing for the rest of the night automatically. Their chat longs would be gone through and even if they swore in guild chat they would often get banned. If you honestly felt like it you could probably warp into a district with a couple guild friends and chain report people until they got banned with little fear of repercussions. There were also instances in pve where there were individual players could get a the reward at the end of an instance called the Underworld and then aggro all nearby monsters so other players couldn’t get it.

  37. seras says:

    the first Guild Wars was entirely instance based but they’ve said GW2 would have more persisted zones(though the focus would still be on instances…and thank god for that). not sure how it would be a ‘let-down’ for the environments though.

    oh and yes…the bears are the Norn and they will be playable.

  38. Asskicker says:

    Amazing trailer, can’t wait for this one.

  39. Bob says:

    Looking forward to this! I clocked over 2000 hours on GW1, but gave up when they said they were making gw2, as I didnt see the point playing anymore

  40. The Great Wayne says:


    Been playing the first one for a while, along with EvE (thanks to no subscription fees in GW), however as much as I trust the guys from ArenaNet I’ll have to see the new gameplay in action to be convinced.

    That said, am I the only one the see an obvious resemblance between the GW 2 logo at the end of the vid and the Dragon Age one ?

  41. Bobsy says:

    Two more foodstuffs for thoughty-thinks:

    1) That’s surely the delightful Queen of Game Ladies Jennifer Hale there, isn’t it?
    2) Interesting timing for this trailer. It’s genuinely stunning, and comes out just in time for a Blizzcon where the new WoW expansion is to be announced? I sense marketing strategies, but I cannot comprehend them.

  42. A-Scale says:

    I LOVED being a mesmer/elementalist (or visa versa). It was the only MMO experience that I ever enjoyed. Lets hope they can fix the issue of not having a persistent PVE world.

    That said, I hate hate HATE giant things that rise out of the sea. That goes for ANY giant thing that rises from the sea.

  43. Prowlinger says:

    Looks amazing! If you notice, you will see the areas of the 5 races… Human, Asura, Norn, Charr, and Sylvia. What seems new is that the Charr are now advancing heavily into industrial technology while the Asura are still old relic magic technology. The Sylvia look like a cross breed of a druid and a fairy/elf .

    The world looks fantastic as always as does the whole art style.

    Everyone notice the jumping and swimming? :)

    It is amazing how popular GW1 was (still is) and it isn’t a pay to play design. That alone right there still and always will have staying power.

    GW2 will be awesome!

  44. Hyudra says:

    I think a lot of people dwell on the ‘no fees’ thing, which IMHO isn’t the biggest thing about Guild Wars.

    10 classes, and each class could thereafter pick a secondary class, getting access to their skills, albeit with less power. 1200 skills in total, of which you could only bring 8 into an instance/pvp match. This created a kind of ‘deck building’ situation where you’d have to carefully select skills to create maximum synergy within the build and the group, with incredible flexibility overall.

    The game as a whole avoided the pitfalls of PvP MORPGs – For better or worse, PvP was structured with teams being matched in numbers (and oftentimes in skill – as with Guild vs. Guild), so you didn’t have the 10 vs. 20 autofail that you see in games like WAR. No stealth, CC as a whole being fairly minimal (Slows, ‘daze’, 1 second knockdowns, interrupts, but no being stunned for 7s or frozen in place for 10s). Aggravation is minimal, teamwork paramount.

    GW was exceedingly forgiving – You could redo your build from scratch in a matter of seconds at no cost. Only character appearance was irrevocable (and they recently added a fee-based appearance changer for their 4th anniversary).

    Probably some of the most balanced PvP I’ve seen in an MORPG. There were ebbs and flows, but pvp remained pretty healthy for the most part. There was a half-year where the metagame got fairly stale following the Nightfall expansion (Every GvG team running pretty much the same build, with maybe 1 skill different)

    That said, there were flaws. The first & foremost among them? Note how I used past tense throughout this comment – Following the Eye of the North expansion, the game pretty much stopped getting updated, beyond general skill tweaks (and one late revision to set a divide between PvE versions of skills and PvP versions of those same skills). Such is the price of the ‘no subscription’ payment scheme. Someone who buys/returns to the game today shouldn’t expect to see any major patches.

    I was personally rather ticked off when they released Eye of the North expansion – textures for many of the new armors and environments were taken wholesale from previous content. The expansion turned out to be 40% of the content of the previous ‘chapters’ (of which there were two – Nightfall and Factions) for 75% of the prince. Ultimately, the ‘expansion’ turned out to be little more than a last ditch cash grab & ad for GW2 before they announced (Not long after) that they were stopping work on GW to work on GW2.

    In short, GW2 is going to have to ~really~ sell me to make up for that.

  45. says:

    Dociu is the man! I’m glad hes still working on GW, i really think his vision is what has led to to look so damn imaginative. A little prog perhaps but thats fine by me.

    Oh and PS… PLEASE LET ME JUMP!!!!!!

  46. Stupoider says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot about not being able to jump in Guild Wars. Does anyone know if they changed that? And please tell me they’ve cut down on all the instancing, that drove me crazy. :/

  47. Xercies says:

    The instanced thing isn’t actually a bad thing, some of the enviroments are quite huge(espeicially In Factions my god some of those areas are sprawling and you can get easily lost) and sometimes it feels not very good but sometimes its great because you can basically play it on your own time. Sometimes i would do a couple of quests with the henchmen and just go through it. Guild Wars was a great RPG and an MMO. Which is something you can’t really say about a lot of MMOs.

  48. jalf says:

    Looks delicious! And thanks for putting a name to the awesome GW concept art. /me bookmarks Dociu’s site.

    I never really got into GW PvP. Seemed too rigid for me. Arena battles get old after a while (although I did have fun in the ones I played). I loved the coop campaigns though, especially in the first game. (Don’t know what it was, but the expansion campaigns just didn’t really grab my attention the same way)

  49. jalf says:

    Oh yeah, and that mission in Factions where you have two teams meeting up and playing together? Pure brilliance, and a good example of why instancing can be a good thing.

  50. GuiSim says:

    No elves, no dwarves..