Guildhail: First Guild Wars 2 Footage

Party! Party!

The RPS-chat-room is broke by the cry: “Guild Wars 2 has splendid terrain!”. As we all know terrain is the single most important factor in PC Gaming. As such, I continue to be excited by Guild Wars. The first half of the video is slightly animated versions of the always beautiful Guild Wars concept art, so when the actual game footage arrives… well, it’s both a surprise and a joy. Clearly, I’ve taken a grab from the concept art section to avoid ruining the segue for you. The footage itself follows…

I think that’s neat. I think Guild Wars was the bravest and most interesting fantasy MMO design of the 00s, on every level. And before anyone says anything, I think that it’s even a question of whether it’s an MMO or not says more about how useless almost everyone else has been than Guild Wars itself. Everything which I’ve heard about Guild Wars 2 sounds like it’s a worthy successor, and even its retreats from some of its more radical stances sound intriguing. I really can’t wait to hear more.


  1. Dominic White says:

    Echoing what m.p. said, albeit in a less wall-of-textish way.

    There will always be the everpresent hardcore grumblers who will NEVER be satisfied with anything, who will swear blind that the game has gotten worse with each update, or has been abandoned by the developers.

    These people should usually be ignored. There was a major patch released for the game just last week, rebalancing swathes of PvP and PvE skills, addressing bugs, and added some minor bits and tweaks.

    The game may be past its retail prime, but Arenanet are still heavily supporting it. I really do reccomend that anyone who hasn’t played it yet get the Complete Edition pack (again, £25 for the whole series) and give it a spin. It’s soloable if you want, but best played with at least one buddy.

  2. mehh says:

    Except for the cute chibi race, this trailer had me floored. Those environments looked awesome.

  3. Sonic Goo says:

    Great to see that GW still has the gorgeous art style.

    I used to play this a lot before WoW spoiled me with its sheer depth and quality. For those who don’t want to pay a subscription or just want to dip their toe in the world of MMOs, GW is definitely the best place to start. :)

  4. suibhne says:

    GW has among the best art direction and world design of any game ever made.

  5. britter says:

    this better not be another instanced game… and it better not have invisible walls everywhere, i’d like to explore wherever I feel like…