Highly Acceptable In the 80s: Majesty 2 Retro Trailer

The Majesty guys really should stick out some better screens of this.

One of our Unknown Pleasures for 2009, Majesty 2 once again makes our heart happy with their latest trailer. It’s done in the style of an 80s made-for-TV serial. It also features an impressive technical feat by creating a soundtrack which sounds identical to Dallas, but probably not in a legally infringing way. You’ll find it below…

While Paradox had mailed us anyway, Bill Meltsner wrote to us excitedly about the Majesty trailer, pointing at his own favoured 80s-TV-drama, Magnum PI. Which is quite the thing…

And since we’re talking credit-sequences, it gives me a fine excuse to link to the wondrous opening for Stingray.

Which remains awesome on about eighty levels.


  1. Chris Evans says:

    Ah Stingray really does have some great lines in its intro video :D

    Very amusing Majesty 2 trailer, just lacking something on the ‘ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN THE NEXT HALF HOUR’ style!

  2. Sly_Boots says:

    I don’t have impressive technical feet.

    That’s why I fall over when dancing.

  3. LeFishy says:

    I fear I have been hit by the Stalin Vs Martians effect. Though hearing that this is actually has helped.

  4. mesmertron says:

    What’s with the ‘anything can happen’ tag?

  5. LeFishy says:

    Er… is actually a good game.

  6. mesmertron says:

    Ah yes… best if I watch the clips before commenting, really…

  7. Benny says:

    I wish real life was filmed in Supermarionation. Though the strings could get a bit anoying getting in and out of doors/cars/pretty much anything.

  8. Heliosicle says:

    Stingraaaaay Strinraaaaaay….

  9. Gothnak says:

    Magnum’s theme tune is only bettered by The New Avengers…. Although, come to think of it, why doesn’t any channel show Magnum anymore, i’d definitely watch it if it was on.

  10. Lintman says:

    I never played the original – I had thought it was a standard Settlers-type city-builder, but I’m really looking forward to Majesty 2.

    Magnum PI was a great show.

  11. Sly_Boots says:

    Aw… you corrected it.

  12. Xercies says:

    Even though i hated Dallas the Tv show that theme tune is just so great…god damn it you’ve put it in my head again. Only Brain Scrubbing will probably get it out agaian.

  13. Joe Doe says:

    I prefer this one

    link to youtube.com

    but nice try

  14. Heliocentric says:

    Majesty actually has more in common with an open plan dungeon keeper than settlers logistic-em-up. Lots now i think about it.

  15. demonarm says:

    I feel violated.

  16. Wolfox says:

    Cool video, but the idea itself is nothing new:

  17. robrob says:

    Stingray and Terror From the Deep had the same opening credits

  18. Carra says:

    I replayed Majesty for the empteenth time last month. It’s still one of my all time favorite games.

    That dallas clip teaches us youngsters important history lessons. In the 80’s people used helicopters to herd cattle!

  19. Rosti says:

    It always upsets me how many of my buddies look blankly at me when I assert that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN THE NEXT HALF HOUR.

  20. Heliocentric says:

    It so could though, half an hour is ages.

  21. Vinraith says:

    Ah Majesty, how has it taken almost 10 years for someone to get around to making a sequel? Why has no one else taken the core gameplay mechanics of the original and done something with them? How is this not its own genre by now, in short?

  22. Professor says:

    link to youtube.com
    Reminds me of this too, possibly because it’s obviously taken from the same source.

  23. moyogo says:

    I love when Stingray blows up that fish just because they can.

  24. Professor says:

    Here’s a more topical version of aforementioned video:

  25. Urthman says:

    From Erik Wolpaw’s <a href="link to quartertothree.com of the original Majesty: “If you don’t get a thrill from watching stat bars rise, then it might be time to start considering a new hobby altogether.”

  26. Berzee says:

    This pleases me!!!

    I played the Majesty Demo for like 80 hours, and the full game, oh, countless dozens of hours. (I was an obsessive 12-year-old). For all its flaws, it was phenomenal and utterly unique in my experience! Also charming. And alternatively very Easy, and very Difficult.

    I am excited! Especially seeing as how the developers seem to possess a sort of sense of humor.

    But — I see there are Archers of Helia. I will be VERY VERY SAD if my Solarii are gone! (Also here’s to hoping we still have Adepts).

  27. Zindaras says:

    So that was a cute idea and all, but is that the full cast of characters? No Cultists, no Warriors of Discord, and the awesome Solarus replaced by some sort of “Archer of Helia”? What with the Sisters of Krypta dressed in their Easter best instead of red and black robes, it seems like this game is doing its best to murder my enthusiasm out of existence in the fastest way possible–doing away with ALL my favorite characters! :( The new Rogue looks pretty cool, but no way is that making up for losing all the most fun Temple units!

    Say it ain’t so!

  28. Wolfox says:

    @Professor: wow, that’s pretty similar, indeed.

  29. Hot Diggity says:

    Loved the first game, loved the trailer (and on an aside, loved magnum PI too)

  30. Bill Meltsner says:

    Re: Helia, Paradox has been messing around a bit with the Majesty pantheon. Lunord is gone, as are his Adepts (give me speed, Lunord!), leaving Helia and Krolm as enemies. Agrela got renamed Agralia for some reason. And yes, it looks like Solarii have been ditched in favor of Archers of Helia. Which is lame.

    Also I have my name in an RPS article, I feel so Internet-famous! Especially since Kieron didn’t put my last name in the Champion of Guitars article >:(

  31. Kyr says:

    >Agrela got renamed Agralia
    Is not. Agrela is still Agrela in the game, it’s a typo in the clip.

  32. Bill Meltsner says:

    @Kyr: Really? Okay. That makes me feel a little better. I’ll miss my armies of dagger-wielding Healers, though – overrunning your enemies with Clerics doesn’t sound nearly so hilarious.

  33. Kyr says:

    You can overrun your enemies with parties of rogues. They’re greedy and fast. And cheap :)

  34. no says:

    That is not the intro to Stingray. This is.

  35. Berzee says:

    Adepts! Noooooo…

    not that I ever used them if I wanted to win. =P But they were still my favorite.

  36. Levictus says:

    Looks awesome, this game is on probably on the top of my must-buy list. I loved the original Majesty. I am even more excited about this that L4D2 and I a huge fan of Valve’s work.