Nanosuit 2 = Crysis 2

The Crysis 2 teaser site is up, and it’s quite an entertaining idea: it’s a brochure site for the Nanosuit 2, the next version of the powered armour worn by the super-soldiers of the original game. At the time of Crysis I felt as if the Nanosuit was the best idea, with its constraints actually being a little too tight on the player and hampering the hilarity of carrying opponents around by the throat. Hopefully this time we’ll see less limits on super-soldier action, and a more over-the-top deliver from the super-punching, super-jumping, cloaking death-armour. Anyway, there’s nothing of the game to be see yet, but the PDF leaflet detailing the capabilities of the new suit is fun. It possibly gives away some features of the game, too: “with Crynet’s optional Necro-Organic Metabolites plug-in (NOM), the N2 can even extract usable energy from battlefield carrion.” Hmm. Icky.


  1. The Colonel says:

    Will there be a brand new CryEngine for this one?

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    I believe so, there were some tech demos from Siggraph.

  3. Inigo says:


  4. Howard says:

    Isn’t the is just going to be Crysis:360 though? CryEngine 3 has definitely been announced but it is actually a downgrade of Number 2 so that it functions on what 360 laughingly calls a graphics card.

  5. Jim Rossignol says:

    Well we don’t know any details of that Crysis 2 will support on PC. I can’t see Crytek radically reversing their previous philosophy.

    (I wondered how long before an OM NOM NOM NOM. That was fast.)

  6. Howard says:

    Well after what can only be described as the “huge hissy fit” Crytek threw when they realised that Crysis was being pirated (OH NOES!) they all but announced they would never write exclusively for PC again. With that in mind and when you consider that the 360 and PS3 have the awe-inspiring total of 512MB of RAM to use for physics, CPU cache and GFX VRAM and that Crysis is ALL about the textures, I cannot see how this will be anything other than a step back for PC owners unless Crytek create a whole different set of assets and textures just for us. Which they wont. ‘Cos we are eble piwates.

  7. tba says:

    I see no mention of stealth in this new suit?

  8. A Delicate Balance says:

    Well, I for one know what I want for Christmas now. That is the Nano-suit 2.0, not Crysis 2. Not that I don’t want to play Crysis 2, but… MUST HAVE SEXY NANO-SUIT.

  9. Metal_Circus says:

    I look forward to them ruining the end of this one with an utterly ridiculous alien/mutant sub-plot as they have done with all their previous titles which would have been great games if they had just stuck to soldier combat and replaced the crap aliens with, oh I dunno, a decent story? Sheeeeesh. [/rant]

  10. DrGonzo says:

    Sounds like your having a hissy fit now. Crytek in wanting to make a profit shocker!

  11. Heliocentric says:

    Eating corpses? Great. I knew crysis was missing something other than sex in its ratings board classification.

  12. Blast Hardcheese says:

    Actually the corpse energy stuff sounds a lot more like something from Metroid.

  13. Jim Rossignol says:

    Third time lucky on no crazy mutants, I guess.

  14. Howard says:

    Fine, be flippant and ignore the fact that Crysis and Crysis:Warhead WERE both profitable games. The crap they spewed in the press after the launch of Crysis was nothing short of a temper-tantrum

  15. Heliocentric says:

    The german board of censorship classification are gonna love that. So when are crytek fleeing that country? I hear israel is a good place for people persecuted by the german government to go.

  16. Persus-9 says:

    @ Howard: Crysis still sold well and it really only did so on the basis of being the most graphical intensive game money can buy. I doubt Crytek will want to give up the graphics crown so I wouldn’t be surprised if in spite of the fact they’re building a console version they also built the max settings for the PC high enough to make a 295 curl up in the corner and cry. I hope they do.

    I also hope the the Nanosuit 2 doesn’t use that awful mode selection wheel, that way it might actually be a fun.

  17. g-eJ says:

    Actually the corpse energy stuff sounds a lot more like something from LIFE!

    link to

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to hide in my cupboard from the flesh eating robots.

  18. AlexW says:

    IGN has three (last I checked) videos of CryEngine 3. Such as this one: link to

    The site points to a ‘20% increase in fuel cell capacity’, suggesting that the suit will have more energy but regenerate at the same rate as last time (meaning longer total, if my phrasing is as bad as I think it is). Hopefully there’s a longer time allowed on the night vision too.

    Also, you can pick up enemies in any mode, Jim. Even Cloak, if you really want to confuse their buddies for an extra second.

    Also also, Crysis is awesome. Thought I should just make sure it’s written down near the top of the thread.

  19. Howard says:

    Agreed. Both Crysis games are great. I recently played through them both again and was giggling like a school girl at finalyl being able to max out the details. Fantastic stuff.

  20. Jim Rossignol says:

    Persus-9: you know keyboard double-taps did the same thing as the wheel, so you didn’t have to use it?

  21. TheLordHimself says:

    I have to say for all the people who bash Crysis, aside from the Aliens, it is pretty good. The combat does feel really smooth and if you play it on the hardest setting and try not to use a gun, it becomes a great Predator simulator. The graphics are amazing even now.

    Compare it to Far Cry 2, which a lot of people said was awesome, but I found a bit of a let down, and IMO it wins easily. The combat in Far Cry 2 is so wooden, the movement feels like its out of a TES game and this so called freedom: drive unsatisfying vehicles from X to Y through wide corridor Z and shoot 11 bad guys… I know Crysis wasn’t open either but still, at least it had a kind of progression and a sense of place rather than this weird fake world of grinding…

  22. TheLordHimself says:

    But, those fucking aliens….

  23. Xercies says:


    That won’t happen since the aliens will be at the start of this one…so not liking there chances

    I loved the first Crysis really good balance between linearity and open world mechanics and very sweet graphics(Just got a computer that I can max it on…man that is beutiful) also has very good modding tools.

  24. Dorian Cornelius Jasper says:

    While lurking around from spot to spot with the Cloak-Recharge thing was fun, it really would be even better to just cut loose. I mean you’ve got wicked-looking nanotech powered armor defining your play experience, why not have some fun with it? That is, to say, I’m hoping for the exact same thing Jim is and am willing to say the same-thing-but-with-more-words.

    tba’s right on the no-stealth info but then again it doesn’t mention most of the other nanosuit powers so there’s no reason to assume they’ve gone and messed it up.

    And watching those videos on the site reminds me of those car commercials that are “too classy to show the product.”

    Which I think is awesome.

  25. TheSombreroKid says:

    cry engine 3 isn’t a downgrade lol, yeah it looks worse than cryengine 2 on a speced out pc, when running on a 360, but theres a lot of cool graphical stuff going on and on a speced out pc will blow cry engine 2 away.

  26. Flint says:

    Crysis is one of my favourite FPS games from the recent years so yeah, a sequel is going to be welcomed in this camp. The aliens didn’t bother me either, sure the stealth approach I loved during the first half of the game didn’t work anymore but the game was still great fun. Only things I could complain about were the VTOL sequence and how every single discussion on the game just turned into the whining/praising about the graphics rather than focusing on the actual game. An annoyance that still doesn’t seem to have ended and which will most likely continue to plague everything related to Crysis 2.

  27. Sam C. says:

    @TheLordHimself: Really, wooden? I personally enjoy the movement and combat – I though the running and sliding was fairly natural and smooth. Far Cry 2 certainly has issues, but I never felt that it was wooden.
    And the “drive unsatisfying vehicles from X to Y through wide corridor Z and shoot 11 bad guys” could be easily applied to Crysis, or almost any first person shooter, for that matter.

  28. TheSombreroKid says:

    it would be good if jump and stealth were combined to 1 power and strength, run and armour the other, that would make a hell of a lot of sense, since those powers go together well.

  29. A-Scale says:

    I really thought Crysis was quite shite but with a nice pretty veneer. I’m not terribly excited about this one except for how it might advance PC game graphics.

  30. Nimic says:

    I really quite liked Crysis, and Crysis Warhead. I’ve played both all the way through at least three times each, and if that isn’t a Nimic Seal of Approval I don’t know what is. There really aren’t a whole lot of games I play several times through.

    I even liked the Alien bits. Granted, not as much as the non-Alien bits, but I didn’t dislike it by any means. All in all I thought it was a great game, and I just hope that the second one won’t be console-exclusive. I’ve got a console, but I’d never dream of playing an FPS game on it, even a game which didn’t find its way to the PC.

  31. AlexW says:

    No, it really wouldn’t, Sombrero. Speed and Strength would go together brilliantly, and personally I’d prefer it if they removed weapon modification from the choice wheel (better with just its keyboard shortcut, in my opinion), but removing part of the strength-enhancing power to add to the opposite would dilute it down. It was actually quite fun to do a strength jump, immediately cloak while in mid-air, and check for any watchers on the rare occasion when it seemed necessary.

    Also, I should play it a third time, the Rambo route (rather than my two previous Predator-with-a-bad-battery ones). Delta, naturally.

    Also also, vague spoilers for fools/poor blokes with no Crysis finish under their belt: I don’t see how it would be possible to start the game with the N2, so there are three possibilities: first, continuity error; second, Nomad gets it later; third, there’ll be more enemies with NanoSuits, and they’ll have better ones than the player.

  32. reaper47 says:

    Here’s two tech demos of the new engine:

    link to
    link to

    I’m a sucker for global illumination. So warm and cozy…

  33. Persus-9 says:

    @ Jim: That does ring a bell but I don’t like double taping either so my predominant memory of the suit aspect of Crysis is being really annoyed that you couldn’t remap the controls to anything that made sense to me.

  34. DMJ says:

    I for one welcome our new nanite-based flesh-eating overlords.

  35. Bib Fortuna says:

    The design of the new nanosuit is UGLY!

  36. Azhrarn says:

    @Jim & Persus-9:

    Good mouse, “wheel” bound to thumb-button. Press, twitch in right direction, release, mode changed.
    Made shifting modes as natural as could be, for me anyway.

    Will be keeping an eye on this, I quite enjoyed the first game, although by the time this comes out I may actually own a PC capable of turning up the graphics anywhere above medium. ^_^

  37. subedii says:

    Big fan of the original games, so I’m looking forward to this. I’m not really worried about CryEngine 3 being configured with consoles in mind. It’s pretty likely that it’s going to be heavily scalable, I would expect high-end computers to be able to take advantage of graphical features just like before.

    One thing I really hope they remember to include (given the new console emphasis) is the .ini configuration files. Pretty much any complaints about the nanosuits energy go out the window once you can manually tweak your settings by changing a few numbers.

    The more I played the game, the more I actually ended up preferring the default settings strangely enough, but it was fun being able to run faster than The Flash with little or no power drain. Although one thing I do keep is having infinite nightvision. Seriously, I don’t understand the point of having that on its own energy limit.

    I also agree with others that have said Speed and Strength would probably be better combined, those two would work so much better together for being able to navigate the environment.

  38. Taillefer says:

    Does the Nanosuit 2 include the self-destruct if you stray from the battlefield feature? That would be the danger of strength and speed combined; you’d be able to get to too many places you’re not meant to go… then blow up.

    I’d also like a city setting. Then I can be Predator 2 this time.

  39. troy says:

    what irks me about crysis (crytek) is they just dropped support the game. it had a great multiplayer element to it . and was probably the most fun i had in a fps . but then cheaters became so rampant that the games became ridiculous and crytek started yelling about piracy . then they screwed us who bought crysis by not fixing it basicly telling us to go take a hike .

    not to much latter crytek realeses warhead saying it is a better product and heck its cheaper also. so go buy it !! instead of complaining about crysis .

    well all i have to say is im not wasting my money on another one of crytek’s products. crytek burned me once with crysis and they are not going to regain my faith by releasing a cheap remix . I am not going to cough up 50+ for next gen titles either . I just wished their was more people who was less forgiving in this world so companies who pull the crap like crytek did feel the pain when they screw over customers.

  40. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    Who cares about stealth when you have a super soldier running around on Crystal Meth(or their variant) with armor tough enough to survive a nuke?

    ehhh, you’re right, that’s not fun.

  41. underposeductor says:

    …I would like to see a nanosuit designed for bodybuilders. I just hope they make Crysis 2 harder, the game was too easy even on delta. It all should be more… bloodthirsty.

  42. Krondonian says:

    I really loved the radial powerup menu for Crysis.

    On pretty much every other FPS I always panic, and over or under scroll, changing weapons too fast. If TF2 had that kind of menu I’d never be seen running out of rockets then frantically switching to the spade instead of the shotgun as Soldier.

    I’m very interested in Crysis 2, also. The more I played, the more I appreciated having limited resources in 1. Being forced to slowly waltz around a room full of alerted soldiers, angling yourself to take them all down before losing invisibilty is one of the greatest stealth feelings of a game.

    The fact that you could choose to grab one, throw him through the roof and jump straight through the hole after him is just incredible. I even loved the Alien bits.

    So, more of the same kind of thing, with imaginative set pieces would be dandy.

  43. underposeductor says:

    I still wonder where Crysis 2 will take place. Maybe Japan? Where was that alien fleet heading?

  44. whaleloever says:

    Does my bum look big in this?

  45. Berzee says:

    I came in here, naively hoping that nobody had said OM NOM NOM NOM. I was disappointed, and yet thrilled!

  46. Heliosicle says:

    they shouldve just made a predator mode, where enery is unlimited

    i enjoyed the first crysis despite playing through the WHOLE game at 20 fps on my crappy laptop that has a 256mb card, lovely

  47. tim says:

    “with Crynet’s optional Necro-Organic Metabolites plug-in (NOM), the N2 can even extract usable energy from battlefield carrion.”

    Yeah, this sounds like an excuse to have enemies drop life power-ups when they die.

  48. JonFitt says:

    Has anyone gotten into the mysterious login section of the teaser site yet? Possible ARGy-ness?

  49. Dominic White says:

    @tim – more like an excuse to let you EAT THE CORPSES OF YOUR FALLEN FOES.

    Cmon, it’s called the ‘NOM’ system. You’re eating em.

  50. Railick says:

    That corpse energy stuff is actually real. That is probably based on the new auto-mated robot coming out that is suposed to be able to burn battlefield carrion to power itself (Along with anything else it finds that it can burn) that would include the corpses of fallen enemies O.o