Mi, Myself and I

A load of balls. In a good way.
The splendidly named Constantine Gominyuk mailed us to tell about his indie game Mi. In its currently available alpha version, it’s the absolute definition of minimalism. Both in the graphics, but also in its mechanics. It has literally three controls: one button splits your blob in two, one button restarts the level and one more quits the game. It’s all tension, timing and the mechanisation of mitosis. You can get it from here or see a video of it in play below..


  1. Howard says:

    That’s quite nice, design wise at least. Unfortunately I don’t have much patience for games that are won by luck not judgement. After trying to beat a level (level 6 I think? The one with a circle of bubbles and no cogs) for about 10 minutes it kinda got dull.

    Like I say though, nice design

  2. AndrewC says:

    Watch it without the sound on. The music is oh dear. I really like the super-austere design though.

  3. anotherman7 says:

    An interesting design, but I agree that it’s a bit too luck based. I got stuck on the level with the death lined path and the red exit thingie and gave up. I did adore the music.

  4. Heliosicle says:

    I ran into a bug where sometimes it doesn’t allow you to create another bubble, especially annoying on the lelvel with the really fast cog where you need to go around it

  5. Heliosicle says:

    and its over, good fun!

  6. MrFake says:

    Interesting puzzle mechanic, but far too twitchy. All of those pixel-perfect margins just make the challenges feel too contrived.

    I do love the balance between single blob and blobsplosion challenges. It keeps you enjoying creating a chaotic mess, without it becoming too routine. Challenge and puzzle games could learn from this–no, make that all games. Sometimes you have to let the player go apeshit for a while.

  7. cm7 says:

    It’s not that hard. Actually is very forgiving if you know what you are doing.

  8. Jazmeister says:

    Some feedback could spruce this up, but I’m happy for it to be what it is, I think. That level with the circle was just too much of a shot in the dark for me, and I gave up. I didn’t mind the puzzle levels.

  9. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    I can’t beat the second level. I mitosisize at the right time and dodge the big cog, but then I hit the light circle and one of the two little balls goes away and I can’t beat the level.

  10. D says:

    You can press again Mad Doc!

    The music and all is brilliant

  11. Mad Doc MacRae says:


    That’s pretty clever.

  12. EyeMessiah says:

    I muted the sound and listened to kelper by Nobukazu Takemura. Much more suitable imo.

  13. Sagan says:

    Impressive how much he gets out of one mechanic.
    Since this is an alpha, I guess I can add one more suggestion to everything that has already been mentioned: I would really like to know the system behind the delay between splits. Sometimes you can double click and it will do two splits. Sometimes you have to wait half a second before you can split again. Especially in the later levels, I would really have liked to know the system, so that I can develop a feel for it.

  14. Thants says:

    That music in that trailer really doesn’t fit. It’s begging for something by Autechre.

  15. Sonic Goo says:

    Someone get that singer a rhyming dictionary. Also, what Thants and EyeMessiah said. Something electronic and abstract.

  16. cowthief skank says:

    Maybe Aphex Twin.

    I liked it anyway. Until I got stuck on the red level. A few of the earlier levels had felt a little like trial and error, but the only way I could get to the gravity well type thing was to just hammer the button, sometimes I would get there, sometimes not. Then, when there, I could not figure out how to get into the red circle without my ball dying. I managed it once, then the ball joined with my white ball and I wasn’t red enough to get the circle. Of course, I am rubbish at games.

  17. Hypocee says:

    I couldn’t make the Javascript at the linked page work. In case anyone else has the same problem, here’s the actual download site. link to inogame.ru

  18. Sinnerman says:

    Need to change the background music to something like Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno and add some effects like cycling the colour palette and motion blur.

    That and work on the levels so the solutions are more obviously rhythm and logic based. It is good though.