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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Magical Pixie Dust!

Cheap is cheap! La la la!

Imagine a world where things cost less than they normally do. Go on, try. Unicorns prancing from floating platform to grinning mushroom, fairies casting spells of happiness over the children, and gaming at a more affordable price. There’s a man who brings you such a world – his name is LewieP of the SavyGamer nation. Below lie the secrets to such mystical joy.

Beyond Good and Evil – £4.24/€4.88/$6.99
Gorgeous action adventure stealthy photograph em up game, brought to you by Michel Ancel. BG&E is the ultimate racially ambiguous posterchild for “cult classics worth revisiting”. A range of factors meant that this was not the success it absolutely deserved to be when it first released, but thanks to the magic of the internet, if you missed it out first time round, you can remedy that right now with just a few clicks. It plays in a similar fashion to the Zelda games, and just oozes charm and style. The GOG version comes with the soundtrack too, but if you already have the game from elsewhere, the soundtrack is a free download here.

Prince of Persia: Sands of time – £4.24/€4.88/$6.99
Far better than the terrible, awful, 8 hour long QTE that was the 2008 franchise reboot, this one actually has a game in it. And what a game it is. Clever platforming, responsive controls, and story and combat that are absolutely good enough to not get in the way. You play a young Jake Gyllenhaal, who has the power to rewind time, in realtime, with the press of a button. It’s a mechanic that quite a few games ‘ripped off’, and a lot more could really benefit from doing so too (Mirror’s Edge is a perfect example). The puzzles are mostly interesting, and if my memory serves me well, it’s a very pretty game.

You can also get both of these Ubisoft games for £6.05/€6.97/$9.99 when bought together.

AI War: Fleet Command – £9.08/€10.46/$14.99
Kieron had a bunch of interesting words to say about this one on Monday, and conveniently it’s on special offer this weekend. Methinks there is a Stardock spy in our midst, someone initiate the Hunter-Seeker Algorithm. This looks like an ideal game for those of you who’s hunger for control is not satisfied by controlling mere hundreds of units in most RTSs. Demo here.

Droplitz – £1.59/€1.79/$1.99
This has been on the Bargain bucket before, at nearly double the price. No one seemed that bothered back then, so maybe now that it’s gone from being “Slightly more than a pint” to “Slightly less than a pint” it might be more within the impulse purchase range. It’s a fairly well reviewed puzzle game, published by Atlus, developed in Warwickshire. Looks like a modern update to Pipemania. Apparently the iPhone version is on special offer too.

Deal of the week
Anno 1701 Gold Edition – £12.49/€13.99/$14.99
This is the 2006 entry to the Anno series (although it is called different things in different places), and the prior entry to RPS favourite 1404. This one is (obviously) set in the 18th century. My only experience with the Anno series is the Wii version, which is a tonne of fun, but from the looks of things, the PC ones are much more grown up. You essentially have to successfully balance the running of settlement(s), and it’s more Sim City than Total War. This package comes with the Sunken Dragon expansion, which adds a bunch of ‘stuff’, so you’ll be getting plenty of game for you hard earned. Demo here.

Also of note:
Classic Interplay games now on steam
UK only Sega Sale
Another Meridian4 sale – UK/USA (this one seems to include Pathologic though, which I don’t think others have)
Space Rangers – £6.05/€6.97/$9.99
Hero’s Tale Enhanced Edition – £3.63/€4.18/$5.99
Kingdom Elemental: Tactics – £9.06/€10.43/$14.95
Zeno Clash – $7.50/£6.95 (activates on Steam)
Recently updated, Killing Floor – £13.49/€16.19/$17.99

If that lot’s not enough for you, do check out for constantly-updated bargains across all formats.

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