Norse vs Horse: Mount & Blade Warband

Here’s a certainty to go along with death and taxes: there are going to be RPS community battles on Mount & Blade Warband. Oh baby, are we going to get our horse on. If you click below and check out the trailer for GamesCom, you can see why: detailed Medievalism and mounted combat. Not much more information at present, other than to say it’s got an overhauled graphics engine, 64-player fighting, and the ever-lavish single player campaign. And we’re going to play the crap out of it.

I’ll be the dude with the axe.


  1. Marty Dodge says:

    Ooh I hope I get to play the Normans though… playing a Saxon is less satisfying.

  2. h4plo says:

    Dibs on the horse that comes with the lance.

  3. Heliocentric says:

    I will be wearing the most majestic hat. And probably not much else. Budget limits and all that.

  4. Lu-Tze says:

    I hope you like having arrows in your face.

  5. Kotti says:

    I can’t express my interest in any way understandable by a living creature.

    Single played campaign? Never heard that one mentioned before, just one more reason to buy this. Revamped combat system? I really want to see how they can improve it, it’s already the best I can think of.

  6. Sweedums says:

    i can see this being awesome to play in a clan or team or something, especially if they let players design like a cloth pattern to put over their armour, so you get big 32 player armies all using the same design :P

    i’ve only played the demo of mount and blade, and while i found it fairly enjoyable, i haven’t bought it yet, mostly due to lack of money, but i think this game has to warrant a purchase simply for that multiplayer

  7. Clovus says:

    This does sound nice, although 32 people standing on a ramp fighting 32 other people standing on a parapet isn’t so nice. Hope they fixed sieges.

    Also, I like to stab people with long pointy things whilst on horseback.

  8. Devan says:

    Awesome! This is going to take up a lot of my time when it comes out.

  9. HidesHisEyes says:

    The first one was so good, I won’t hesitate to buy this.

  10. Arnulf says:

    That last guy must be Maxwell with his Silver Hammer.

  11. damien says:

    this trailer made me giddy.

  12. Heliosicle says:

    I’m imagining 64 player reinactments of Helm’s Deep and other battles of note ;)

    Looks aweeeesome

  13. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Everything about the changes I have heard so far just makes me shout “Fuck yeah”

    The first one was pure win, if a little on the fugly side but this one looks as if they have made every change you could have possibly wanted…. except I don’t believe they have introduced the ability to pimp out wenches yet, maybe the next one.

  14. Railick says:

    I’ve never had more fun play a game than I had in mount and blade. There is just something about riding past someone on horseback and flinging a freaking axe into his skull that I’ve never seen in any other game. I normally get as many thrown weapons as I can and run out to the battle tossing them then go back and switch them out in the battle chest then go out and do it again until I run out (Or I win the battle) Then finally switch to a lance and sword (incase I get dehorsed which happens from time to time)

  15. Tei says:

    M&B is a game that I play wen I want some singleplayer braincandy. Now a multiplayer version mean I will play M&B wen I want some multiplayer too!.. It will be delicious. CAN’T WAIT!

  16. idmmao says:

    Though I’m excited about this game, it’s more in spite of this trailer than because of it. Aside from “You can choose equipment from a menu, and the the kill messages now include the weapon type” it doesn’t really convey anything being different in this version aside from the text. I guess the implication is that all those guys are controlled by people instead of the AI, but they don’t seem to be behaving any smarter. The first minute in particular is maddeningly irritating the way it doesn’t ever actually stop to focus in on any particular event and doesn’t show anything you couldn’t see by having a camera follow a totally random path through any large scale original mount & blade battle. Might as well show a video of a guy reading the changelog, it would at least be more informative.

  17. xaphoo says:

    I remember when I got Left 4 Dead and Mount and Blade at the same time and all ended up playing was Mount and Blade (losing track of time, staying up until 4), finding L4D just somehow less engaging. I’ve since learned to appreciate the zombie game, but it took much longer. Mount and Blade combat is just really fun, a new *mode* of action gaming on par with the shooter, I think… it all just works.

    This is definitely promising, and I’ll be buying it immediately.

  18. Orange says:


  19. DarkNoghri says:

    I may finally have to pick this up. Hmmm.

    Don’t suppose they have LOTR mods, do they?

  20. kevinn says:

    Looking forward to this.

    You can forget the game for some time due to work/family/etc.

    For some reason you’ll only have 30 mins. of free time away from work. You boot the game up for a couple of raids and be an annoyance to the Nords, you’ll notice that you’re playing it for 5 hours straight! :O

  21. bergotronic says:

    You RPS folks should setup some Steam Night Events (like you have for TF2) once this comes out! yeah?!

  22. Latro says:

    Mount & Blade, oh, what an addicting thing. Even if it gets boring after a while, ITS A LONG WHILE.

    And after a couple of months you can go back, check if there is a nice mod, and if not, well, what can be more relaxing that throwing an axe to some punk and then impaling another while riding like crazy?

  23. JonFitt says:

    Ooh looks good. Does anyone know if you can have AI and people for massive battles?

  24. FP says:

    I’ve probably spent more time playing M&B than any other single player game, really looking forward to this.

    Hopefully it won’t get hit with so many cursory and unfair 50-60% reviews like the original did.

  25. mbp says:

    When I heard about Warband I booted up plain vanilla Mount and Blade for a bit of horsey action. I was amazed at how badly I suck after not having played for some time. I have a vague memory of vanquishing hordes of armoured opponents with precision skewering on my couched lance. Mow I am struggling to hit a single ragged looter while his opponents pelt me with stones.

  26. Über Nerd says:

    Ya think some players are not smarter the AI…
    check this link to

    Basically they figured armour saves a hit or less and the less weight you carry the faster you move. If you somehow get into beta, you will find more then half of the Nord players are naked except a fancy hat…

  27. Richard J says:

    I wonder how they’re going to nerf horse archers so they’re slightly less lethally untouchable.

    (Mind, given that they were pretty much untouchable in real life, this might be tricky.)

  28. los says:

    “Don’t suppose they have LOTR mods, do they?”
    They have a very active mod community and one of the biggest and best mods is a LOTR one.
    here’s a small preview of it link to

  29. MacBeth says:

    Bought M&B when it was on offer… I loves me a bit of medieval combat.

    Yet it’s still sitting there in my Steam list, unplayed… I really should fire it up and get stuck in. I am shamed.

  30. Clovus says:

    @Richard J: They’ll keep it accurate by requiring that all horse archers fight amongst themselves every 5 minutes.

  31. damien says:

    that youtube video with naked fighting – darlfall flashback.

  32. damien says:

    however, seeing a woman get knocked down by a horse, then get up and punch it in the chest (2:12ish) made my day.

  33. Dan says:

    Armor does save at most one or two hits, however since you can take three hits at most, it does make a difference.

    Also horse archers aren’t as overpowered as you would fear. Most classes have a throwing weapon that can take the horse down in a few hits forcing them to fight on foot. One hit with a lance or spear and they’ll go down also.

  34. Railick says:

    I love the animation for the dehorsing it is so brutal :P

    Of course horse archers will be more powerful if those playing them use proper tactics such as NEVER getting close enough to get speared or have something thrown at them. Circling in to take a shot then ride away after you fire would probably be best and of course you’d have to avoid other people on horse back (Choosing the fastest horse you can over a heavily armored one so you can out run those knights)

  35. Dan says:

    True but they have more disadvantages. If you’re circling while firing, you can’t see where you’re going and it’s pretty easy to get blindsided by another horseman. Also you can carry two shields, one on your arm and another on your back, which stop most arrows.

  36. TheArmyOfNone says:


  37. Railick says:

    Not to mention it is a lot harder to hit people while you’re riding and since they’ll be humans they’ll probably dodge and try to avoid getting shot :P It will certianly be something you have to have skill to be any good at. Still horse bowmen helped Genghis Khan destroy a good portion of the world so if you are able to employ them correct I’m guessing you’ll be able to win battles a bit easier.

    Of course the proper employment of formation and team work would probably be a lot more effective with a flanking strike from a bunch of mounted horsemen for good measure.

    I wait to get this an experience a good 100% Player Versus Player mounted charge into he thick of an enemy force. That is my favorite part of most battles as it is when both sides are still fresh and your group of horsemen and their group of horse clash head to head with many people dieing over the span of a couple of seconds.

  38. sinister agent says:

    Don’t suppose they have LOTR mods, do they?

    It’s fan modding of a fantasy game. What did you think there’d be, something original?

  39. jingo says:

    This looks sweet. I’ll be keeping an eye!

    When is this supposed to be out, BTW? And is it a sequel to M&B, an expansion, or what?

  40. Sunjammer says:

    Isn’t this game made by like a turkish man and his cat or some such other ridiculously small team?
    It looks quite good!

  41. Scythe says:

    @Clovus: Classically, sieges weren’t very nice.

    I played the HELL out of M&B, helped capture a castle and the king granted me a fief.

    The fief was a run-down, rat-infested stinkhole, but it was MINE.

  42. Railick says:

    @sinister Agent = There are actaully a LOT of really good origonal mods for it as well. I think one is called Sword on the Lake or Shield on the Lake or something like that and it was REALLY good when I first played it.

  43. Chiablo says:

    I’ve been playing it quite a bit lately, and I’m really looking forward to multiplayer. My biggest concern is with Steam. Steam has a tendency to update the game to the newest version without the user being able to intervene. This will invalidate all of the mods I’ve been using. :(

    Hopefully there’s a way around it.

  44. idmmao says:

    Right click on the title in steam, pick properties, pick “Updates”, pick “Do not automatically update this game.”

  45. Hackworth says:

    Great animation, especially fun to watch the mounted guy swinging his sword back an forth through his own horses neck…

  46. Reiver says:

    The first one’s “fugliness” allowed a lot of flexibility with troop numbers. Using the battle sizer mod 600 men epic set pieces were possible. I’d urge everyone to hunt that mod down and give it a go. There is no gaming experience that quite hits my buttons as much as forming the point of a 200 horse wedge charging into a 300 viking shield wall!

  47. jankenbattle says:

    oh dear LORD yes. i would’ve just been happy with a little upgrade and some new features but this is ridiculous!

    MAN is my girlfriend gonna be mad at me.

  48. Tei says:

    @sinisters: “It’s fan modding of a fantasy game. What did you think there’d be, something original?”

    On any game, users want derivative mods, and newbie modders want to make a derivative mod (often, based on a movie). But some experience modders will do his own thing. M&B has very good mods that are not derivative.
    Also, random comment, popular != good.

  49. Catastrophe says:

    ooo M&B, the best £20(?) I have spent in the last 10 years :] M&B-WB is a must buy :)

  50. mike says:

    Are they really including the horse armour for free??!