There’s Money In Them Hills: Borderlands Footage

A montage of Borderlands footage has appeared at Games Trailers. It doesn’t look the most official of videos, but it contains excellent examples of the frenetic nature of the game, as well as showing off the concept art-style graphics at full speed. Borderlands is one of the games to brave the pre-Christmas storm, set to appear on the 23rd October, which is four days before my birthday and thus ideal. You can see the frantic action below.

You can read our interview with project lead Randy Pitchford here, and check out Alec’s hands on experiences with it here.


  1. The Fanciest of Pants says:

    Can’t bloody wait.

  2. Jon says:

    Everytime I see a trailer for this, I keep thinking “That looks just like Warsow…” But looking at how many people seem to think the art is innovative, I feel like I’m the only person who ever played it.

    That’s not saying I don’t like the art; I love it. The cartoony style really makes it easier to spot enemies quickly, and you aren’t left shooting at a brown blob hiding behind a slightly darker brown blob.

  3. RGS says:

    @Paul Moloney

    “I do finally have a real comment to add now that I watched the video; I really do hope the game’s options including a “Minimised HUD” checkbox, as ALL THOSE CONSTANT NUMBERS are really distracting.”

    Yup, I agree with that…

  4. Quests says:

    Seems too much addressed to console action-retards.

    Those(like this TotalBiscuit there) who play videogames to “blow shit up”.

    Frustrated anger, i’d say.

  5. reaper47 says:

    I don’t like the black outlines and the DX:IW style HUD. I do like the numbers, though, probably because of some oldschool SNES action-adventure flashbacks.


  6. Surgeon says:

    I really don’t mind the numbers, plus when you find an awesome randomly generated weapon that does shed loads of damage, you can be like “Whoah! Massive numbers!”

  7. Aphotique says:

    Even if I somehow weren’t excited about this game, which is impossible for me, I would still buy it to support the push toward games developed with co-op in mind instead of as an after thought add-on. I say its impossible because with the exception of Diablo III, no other game has gotten me so amped up to play with my friends than this in a long time.

    I think far too many people are focusing on the wrong things. This game is clearly meant to be fun and feed the addictions of those Diablo-spawned treasure hoarders, not to test your crazy skills, or push the boundaries of the FPS or the RPG.

    I imagine this will take over my small-scale lan parties until D3 comes out. So I am pleased.

  8. Vinraith says:

    I wonder if that clip’s from the console version, the FPS seems a bit low. It’s particularly noticable on the reloading animations.

    Anyway, Howard’s right, the game looks worlds better in motion than it does in still frames. I was already interested conceptually, but was struggling a bit with the art style. I’m not struggling anymore, which is nice. I’m not sure WHEN I’ll buy this, but there’s no longer an “if” in there.

  9. CMaster says:

    Found the answer to my earlier question from the offical Borderlands forums.

    There is not a separate multiplayer component to Borderlands. The game is the same game, co-op or singleplayer. You can drop in and out of other players’ games at any time to help them or just complete missions and collect loot together.

    “Multiplayer” has a general connotation of being a separate game component – different than the singleplayer experience in a game and usually a “versus” mode. The pvp options in Borderlands are a part of the game world and are not a separate component. Whether you are playing alone or co-op, you are playing the same game, which contains these “pvp” offerings.

    There is also a fast-travel system that will allow players to move with ease about the world.

    Which sounds great. Provided it plays well, could definitley be me and my friend’s on vent game of choice for a bit.

  10. coko moko says:

    Looks like a regular fps
    but i hope the rpg elements will make it better

  11. Shalrath says:

    “I really hope I didn’t just see the car go straight through those rocks at about 30 seconds…

    Yep. I did.


    Yeah, fuck this game, you can clip right through rocks!

    What the fuck is wrong with you people?

    I love the art myself, and the game looks like good shooty fun with 3 friends.

    I swear to God this game could give you a free coke every day and people would bitch it wasn’t Pepsi.

  12. zakkmiester says:

    the UI looks NAAWSTY but still, I was undecided before, but now it looks GREAT.
    Methinks I shall get it :P

  13. Markoff Chaney says:

    I hate Pepsi and wouldn’t drink it if it were free. I do anticipate this game and will play it even though I have to pay for it. Bless free enterprise!

    I like the numbers, love the art, and would hope for some UI customization. Even if I can’t turn things I dislike off and move other things to where I want, I think I can still have a good bit of shooty fun with my friends. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Having fun in the game, the more friends around the merrier, unless we want to go it alone? This is, currently, the only must buy game I have for 4th quarter. DA:O is very close, though…

  14. Nox says:

    Sorry, but that rock-clipping is actually pretty worrying. If they can’t get something like that right, which is pretty much expected in any contemporary release–just like bodies no longer being bisected by walls if a slain enemy happens to fall next to one–then I fret over what other ‘insignificant’ oversights they might have made. Also, what if players can walk through the same rock? What if they can crouch, hiding in the rock and snipe without being seen?

    I don’t think anyone’s jumping to conclusions here. I understand that we’ll be lucky if the occasional (and hopefully unintentional) breaking of the continuity and believability of the environment, where other rocks or physical objects are solid, is the only problem the game has. If so, I’ll be delighted. But it’ll still bug me.

    Doesn’t mean I’m canceling my pre-order. Only now I’m going to be going into the game with my expectations slightly lowered. Which, in the long run, might be a good thing.

  15. Gutter says:

    What the hell is all the crap on the screen? Is it what passes as a UI these days? Holy crap, it will feel like playing Quake while surfing the net!

    Can we add RSS feeds in the game or something?

  16. Hmm-hmm. says:

    @Shalrath: Who in their right mind prefers Pepsi?

    Anyway, looks quite fun. Nothing too complicated, nothing too serious. I’m not sure how old this footage is and whether it’s from their latest build or not, but it’s certainly possible things will change somewhat.

    Now I’m not one to deny people’s criticism on games, but this is just one trailer. It’s easy to point out what you don’t like but that doesn’t mean you’ll dislike the final product. Or am I just being too optimistic here? If not, then patience may be useful. News will come forth.

  17. GameOverMan says:

    @Jim Rossignol “There must be an FPS that has used numbers like that before. Or is my sense of familiarity just MMO-residue?”

    Call of Duty 4 Arcade Mode? :P

  18. Shalrath says:

    “Sorry, but that rock-clipping is actually pretty worrying. If they can’t get something like that right, which is pretty much expected in any contemporary release–just like bodies no longer being bisected by walls if a slain enemy happens to fall next to one–then I fret over what other ‘insignificant’ oversights they might have made.”

    I am willing to put every penny I own down on the fact that there is no game with a world of approximately this size that does not have that problem. In fact, lets run through games I’ve played recently that do: Fallout 3? Check. Mass Effect? Check. Stalker? Check. WoW? Check. Section 8? Check.

    Seriously, the idea that small, C/D class bugs somehow meaning there will be a tonne of A bugs is ridiculous.