Attention Class: Left THEN Down


Threadless makes some nice t-shirts. It’s a sort of community submission thing, where designers send in ideas, the audience votes, and the popular ones go on sale on the site (they also have real life shops in America, apparently). Which seems a good system. I mention all of this to link to a particular cute videogames-themed design. Cute! Full pic below. Oh, and of course if you want another super-smart t-shirt, don’t forget to get yourself an RPS torso-coverer!


Thanks to Kim for pointing this out.


  1. Christian says:

    Hehe, I like how scrolling that image up and down gives you the illusion of it zooming (getting smaller & larger).

    Also: nice idea for a t-shirt. And knowing that delivery to Germany doesn’t cost that much, I’d order one of those..

  2. roBurky says:

    Medium and large are sold out already.

  3. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    I love you, Threadless!

  4. MacBeth says:

    My there are some nice t-shirts on that site…

  5. distended says:

    @ Christian

    Heh, I spent 2 minutes just scrolling my mouse wheel back and forth before I read your comment.

  6. JonFitt says:

    Threadless is great, and an absolutely genius business model.

  7. fishyjoes says:

    I love threadless, I live in Germany and they still ship them all the way to my home :D

  8. Gabanski83 says:

    Beware though, English buyers; Customs sting quite badly if you do decide to buy off Threadless, as it’s only really worth it if you buy 2 or 3 shirts at once.

    Hate UK Customs, stupid import charges…

    I love Threadless; checkout the Communist Party t-shirt, one of my favourites:

    link to

  9. drygear says:

    I really want this one. Too bad it’s out of print. link to

  10. mysterylobster says:

    Cute. It reminds me of the Futurama episode, where Earth is attacked by “invaders, possibly from space.”

    “Sir, what are your orders?
    Increase speed, drop down, and reverse direction!”

  11. Stu says:

    @Gabanski83: I have that shirt! Although due to the crappy exchange rate I don’t think you can buy more than one shirt these days without going over the £18 Customs limit; not at their regular, non-sale prices, anyway.