Dark Void’s GamesCom Jetpacking Footage

I probably should have linked my Brief History of Videogame Jetpacks up here at some point, a quick survey of the personal flight system which ends on an optimistic note: there are loads of jetpacks in games coming up in the near future, and the jetpack’s heyday is by no means behind us. There’s one in Red Faction Guerilla, many in Section 8, and yet more to arrive after Christmas in Dark Void. The Capcom sci-fi shooter has now slipped to 2010, and that’s reportedly all about getting the jetpack just so. Previously the had been more about jet-jumping and flying, as I understand it, but now you’ll be able to hang in the air “indefinitely” thanks to the hover-mode implemented during the extra development time. This is probably a case of a very necessary change to a game system that was fundamental and not-quite-right, so I’m glad it’s slipped in this case. This footage makes it look a little Gears Of War-with-jetpacks, but I’m holding out hope that this will be one of the all-time rockbelt experiences.


  1. l1ddl3monkey says:

    On the strength of the last trailer or two I have seen for this I am interested in playing it for the jetpacking aspects alone.

    I hope it’s as much fun as it looks.

  2. JKjoker says:

    so another one canceled xmas ? does this mean Resident Evil 5 is also a 2010 game now ?

    and did i hear that they are afraid of Halo 3 in that trailer ? wth, i thought the boogie man was MW2 …

  3. Don says:

    If it as fun as Tribes, I’m in.

  4. Sam says:

    Well, I hope they get the controls in better shape than it appears from that video! I noticed a few edits in the footage here and there and I wonder what they deemed bad enough to cut out if they left in all the flailing that they did.

  5. Bananaphone says:

    That, my friends, is why mouse and keyboard are vastly superior to a control pad. Unless the point of the game was to see how many bullets you could shoot into the scenery, in which case well done that man.

    Anyway. The jet pack stuff does look fun, but otherwise it appears to be a very generic 3rd person shooter and after Bionic Commando I fear they will do something to suck all the enjoyment out of the concept.

  6. JKjoker says:

    @Sam: im not sure if its the controls or the person playing just plain sucks, the AI seems a little flunky tho, shooting to the walls and getting confused when the player gets near

  7. Agrajag says:

    They admit in the first trailer that the difference between this and GoW is pretty much the jetpacks. I hope there’s some more twist to it, otherwise it looks like a hopping shooter.

  8. Serenegoose says:

    I really wish they’d actually use people who were at least not completely useless at a game to show it off. Their mouse sensitivity was so high they couldn’t hit anything, which made the jetpacks feel like a segment where you’d launch into the air, have very little control, be shot at because you have no cover at all, and then miss all the little guys down there thanks to the twitchy controls. Which didn’t entice me. I’m reserving judgement though, since it could actually be a decent game if they just fixed their control system.

  9. SAVBUT says:

    I wonder where people get the idea Section 8 = Tribes when section is more about assisted jumps instead of flying.

    There isn’t much in common between em anyways, the dudes are in powered armor (but who isn’t nowadays?), there’s some deployable stuff aaaand that’s about it.

    Somebody needs to refit Tribes 2 into some modern engine, I miss it and tirbesnext won’t ever attract enough new players to make it enjoyable to non-pros. :|

  10. Heliosicle says:

    I must say, the guy playing it seems to suck?

    Looks pretty fun, and has actually got me interested in it, I didn’t really know what it really was and thought it was completely in “flightmode”.

  11. tekDragon says:

    Giants: Citizen Kabuto had a decent jetpack and 3rd person game experience.

    The game was difficult and funny.
    link to youtube.com

    Also… besides the jetpack, the gameplay for this game looks utterly uninspired and repetitive. Watching the player fumble around to take out that turret was torture.

  12. pkt-zer0 says:

    “Just added this hover mode last week”
    “We’re not doing multiplayer because we need to figure out the gameplay mechanics in singleplayer”
    “All these enemies are actually running off AI”

    Not lookin’ good.

  13. Jim Rossignol says:

    The guy playing was pretty awful at it.

    “Somebody needs to refit Tribes 2 into some modern engine”

    Wasn’t that done recently? I can’t dig up the link, but I’m sure someone rejigged Tribes 2 for a modern engine.

    Or even Legions on Instant Action? link to instantaction.com

  14. Tom says:

    That looked dull.

  15. Jaffo says:

    Watching the way the player’s limbs flail around in the vid reminded me of the Rocketeer. Now THAT would make a great game; rocket belts, tommy guns, Hollywood starlets, airships, mutants and nazis. You’d only have to crowbar in some zombies and you’d make everyone happy!

  16. DMJ says:

    Wow. Game that looks sort-of-interesting has interest torpedoed by awful gameplay video.

  17. Tei says:

    I have criticized Third Person Shotters and this video is munition on my fight against it.
    For future reference, I will save my memory of this “sniper” forced to enter melee, to kill a guy because he was unable to do anything with the pad.

  18. Marcin says:

    That’s not looking good at all. I was hoping for something more like Far Cry 2 … with jetpacs, where preparation is just as important as the firefight itself – but now with a jetpac to help you obtain better tactical positioning (as well as serving as transport to base etc). Instead yeah, this is a run ‘n gunner … with hovermode :/

    Dang, dang, dang. I just finished Prototype too, so where’s my next vaguely open-worldly high-mobility freeform combat fix?

  19. Seth says:

    Jim: I don’t think so. Tribes Next is just a repackaging of the original Tribes 2 with a working master server and no need for a cd key.

    Legions is a new game, and plays more like Tribes 1 with a lot less content.

    And now the GarageGames guys say they’re working on a Quake Live-esque reboot of T1 in the near future now that they’ve got the license back. I’m guessing that means they’ll stop working on Leigons if they haven’t already done so.

  20. El Stevo says:

    The guy playing shot his ally in the first video. He got a good few rounds off before he realised he was shooting the wrong person.

  21. Caiman says:

    That looks neither dark nor voidy, which surely is the whole point of the game?! Actually it looks like it would have been quite progressive in 2005.

  22. Caiman says:

    By the way Jim, in that jetpack article of yours you’ve linked to what looks like the BBC Micro version of Jet-Pac – certainly not the original ZX Spectrum one, and clearly far inferior. Fortunately the XBLA version includes the original in all it’s colour-clashing glory.

  23. Schwerpunk says:

    That looked… not fun.

    Looks like Mass Effect, without the meaningful choices.

  24. mrrobsa says:

    “As designers, we want people to play the game the way we play it…”
    No thanks. Took him forever to kill the turret gunner and it looks like the ‘tactics’ for this game will mean just jetpacking behind guards and shoot/melee.
    Pity, I quite liked some of the art in the game.

  25. Scandalon says:

    Sometimes, y’know, people get someone who’s like, y’know, not the greatest person to be demoing something. Especially when, y’know, they sound like, 13 years old.

    Seriously, I felt sorta bad for the person giving the demo…He was so proud of the fact that they actually listened to playtesters…and that this wasn’t “a, y’know, a typical escort mission” because his buddy had a gun. It really does look like a Gears of War mod, with a couple cool animation bits.