We 30,000 Could Be Heroes…

Not an actual screenshot. No, really.
…just for one Beta period. Matt Coddington gave us the heads up on this. Heroes of Newerth are giving 30,000 keys away via Facebook. There’s 27K odd left at the time of writing, so time for you all to get into this videogame thing. If you don’t know about it, it’s another of the Defence of the Ancients derived games which are appearing this year (See also: Demigod). Anyway, go get your code here or watch some manner of footage below…



  1. Kerotan says:

    I’ve been a the beta a while, and having not played DOTA, this game is great fun 5v5, but I expect that it could start to grate a little for DOTA veterans, and also, if possible, play with friends, since pugs have a habit of being dumb as hell.

  2. Scorpi says:

    I’ve played it – it just doesn’t seem quite as “user-friendly” as League of Legends is so far, so for now, LoL is going to be getting my cash-vote.

  3. Butler` says:

    I reakon HoN is going to be a big deal. The WoW community are getting wind of it and everyone I’ve given a key seems to love it — from DoTA pros to people who’ve only played a few RTSs.

    It really is pretty well done. I myself am not a DoTA fan (I played it about once) but, strangely, HoN has me and a bunch of buddies hooked.

  4. l1ddl3monkey says:

    I’d rather vigorously bang my cockend with a hammer than sign up for Facebook.

    Social networking should involve actual socialising.

  5. Mike_in_the_USA says:

    that would leave a mark for sure.

  6. KikiJiki says:

    @Scorpi League of Legends is by all accounts from people I know in beta a horrible mess, and the servers are run by GOA in the EU, so I doubt they are going to go anywhere fast.

    Regarding HoN, been in the beta a while and am loving it coming from a Dota inhouse background. It’s a little bit of a disservice to compare HoN to games like Demigod or even LoL as although they take elements from Dota they are pretty different. HoN is a direct Dota clone/successor with a lot of reworks and new heroes.

  7. abhishek says:

    Yup, I’ve played the beta as well and I’m quite impressed with the game.

  8. Zenanon says:

    If I wanted to play DotA I would go play DotA. This “genre” is doomed from the start if the best people can come up with is a direct clone.

  9. JonFitt says:

    I’ve signed up. Will report back.

  10. Xocrates says:

    @l1ddl3monkey: As far as I can see, no facebook registration is needed.

  11. Lafinass says:

    Played it, but went back to League of Legends. I think the biggest issue for me is that it’s basically Dota. It’s not a spiritual successor, it’s a clone on a new engine. Which would have been great for me, but they also renamed all the heroes, spells, and items. So while it has almost the identical setup, it has the learning curve of learning it all again.

    If I’m going to have to learn all that stuff over again, it’s going to be in a game that has made improvements beyond the graphics.

  12. Lafinass says:

    @KikiJiki Been playing League of Legends for a while now and would heartily disagree. Though I can’t speak to how it’ll be in the EU market.

  13. Butler` says:

    There’s plenty of improvements beyond the graphics, but I can see your frustration as a DoTA player.

    The ones I know, however, have got used to it pretty quickly. It’s certainly easy to learn a few name changes than learn DoTA from scratch…

  14. rei says:

    Looks potentially fun, but I’ve never used these Facebook/MySpace/Twitter things and I don’t want to ruin a good thing now :\

  15. rei says:

    Addendum: No use of Facebook actually required.

  16. Lollercaust says:

    I’m still confused as to why anyone would play this over the original DoTA let alone pay for it? HoN replicates almost everything from that game down to the exact viewing angle and viewing size (to the pixel!), similar HUD, same heroes with same abilities.

    What am I missing out on other than pretty graffix and having to re-memorize hero names?

  17. Bossman says:

    There are plenty of new features such as better matchmaking, better anti-cheat, new heroes & maps, stats and ability to reconnect to a game if you get disconnected.

  18. Shalrath says:

    Why would anyone pay for Halo 2, when it simply replicates everything from the origina- ok, bad example.

    But frankly, people would buy it because it probably has more levels, new stuff, new characters, etc.

    This is coming from someone who has both never played DoTA, nor this game itself. I will check it out though, as the art is gorgeous. I hated WC3’s ‘3d models’ that managed to be worse than the old sprite portraits of Starcraft, but htis game actually looks quite pretty.

    Basically Warlords Battlecry 3 if it was made today.

  19. Vinraith says:

    Am I correct in remembering that (unlike DotA itself) there are no AI opponents/allies in HN?

  20. l1ddl3monkey says:

    @ Xocrates: Don’t interrupt me when I’m hammering.

  21. GlobalFrequency says:

    @Vinraith – There is no AI yet, but its planned. Also planned is a customizable practice mode where you can play offline, adjust starting gold, heroes and such, so that you can, for example, see how well a particular character handles himself in the jungle at level 1 or whatever.

  22. Bigfoot_King says:

    i’ve played one game and so far its a thumbs up. There lots of little changes from dota that makes it seem fresh but still has enough of the original to not seem radically different but there is a few fixable things about it one is that fact the same sound for moving your hero is played over and over again and when you click over 1000 time and with only 2 sounds files it can get annoying and there no offical online list of heroes so i can’t read about them and build up a tactic

  23. Feintlocke says:

    Great Success! (according to the signup confirmation at least).

    Always wanted to give DoTA a whirl, Demigod was fun so I’ve got high hopes for this and LoL.

    @GlobalFrequency That’s the kind of game mode I can get behind!

  24. Tei says:

    “League of Legends is by all accounts from people I know in beta a horrible mess, and the servers are run by GOA in the EU”

    Thats bad news here.

  25. KikiJiki says:

    @Lollercaust – Except that the UI is vastly improved and simplified from the clunky WC3 one, and there are very few ‘direct’ Dota ports.

    Poor troll is poor.

    @Lafinass I think I see HoN as a closer spiritual successor to Dota than LoL, in that it’s not mixing things up too much, but it is changing how the core gameplay works. What I’ve heard of the LoL gameplay doesn’t really interest me but I could see why some people would prefer that to a more ‘straight up’ Dota clone.

  26. Bigfoot_King says:

    I think i would buy this game for £5 maybe £10

  27. Xocrates says:

    Just played one game. And yeah, it’s dota with slight improvements (and sometimes not) and most of what I hated about it.

    I’m probably going to stick with the more casual friendly Demigod.

  28. The Pink Ninja says:



    And I say that with over 300 hours on WC3 custom map mode.

    Also, I’m just speaking from the concept art, but this game looks identical to Warcraft (World of or otherwise) right down to the logo.

  29. Eplekongen says:

    First match I play I get yelled at for being a “noob” and told to “stfu”, then I’m told to leave. I ask how it would help the team that I leave, I get told to “just SU”. After several minutes with a lot of back and forth – people trying to votekick me or just yelling at me – someone finally says something to me using more than just 2 words and an abreviation. And I’m explained I’m feeding the enemy (xp and gold), so I leave.

    Not returning.

  30. Sagan says:

    Is this by IceFrog? Because if not, that is a very brazen rip-off. It looks exactly the same. It looks so similar even, that I think IceFrog could sue them for compensation.

  31. St4ud3 says:

    The developers said, that IceFrog is ok with them making the game.

    @Eplekongen: That sounds like a horrible experience. Maybe you should try a noob only game :D

  32. abhishek says:

    Eplekongen : Sadly, that’s the downside of these kinds of games. I haven’t run into any in this particular game, but Dota is filled with whiny, abusive people who ruin others’ experiences. And it seems it’s this particular sub-genre of RTS that attracts those people who ultimately make the communities look bad.

    If at all you thought the game was interested, I would suggest trying again. It’s a pretty nice game that can, unfortunately, be spoiled by the players. If you do try it again, in the server browser, right at the left side before the server name, there is an icon which shows whether noobs are allowed or if the game is specifically for noobs. If you join those games, you are usually met with a slightly more tolerant bunch of players.

  33. Lollercaust says:


    Vastly improved? They took out a few buttons that were leftovers from having to make a custom map based on WC 3.

    Poor shill is poor.

  34. Sporknight says:

    Never tried DotA, due to fear of people screaming at me for being a nubtard. Still, I’ll take a crack at this I suppose.

  35. rivalin says:

    I’m reticent about even trying games in this genre, as almost everyone seems to note the unpleasant types who populate them.

    Is there something about dota esque gameplay that such people find particularly appealing?

  36. Soogan says:

    After being in the Beta for a few months now, I’m in the thumbs up category. HoN is very much a DoTA clone, be that what it is. It has pros and cons like anything else.

    I’ve been fairly captured by the gameplay in DoTA, having played it for a number of years. It’s like a good board game in that the layout never changes, you have a limited amount of options for in game variation, but you have a wonderfully dynamic game, given the human element. (Unfortunately the average maturity level of your standard DoTA player is somewhere between a salmon and a monkey in most PUGs.)

    I think that HoN as a commercial venture is an improvement in a few areas. Mentioned before is the UI, persistent stats and matchmaking improvements. These are certainly a boon to usability, and a area of frustration that is uncontrollable by a custom map in WC3.

    Another area that has improved due to a pay model is having s2 host the games. One area of much bickering in DoTA games stems from the reliance on the host of the game to have a decent connection, and be able to host a low latency server. Taking this out of the hands of the players and into the hands of the hosting company makes the playing field more even, and quells the cries of “lag pwnd me omg”.

    Another benefit is the support team behind the software. DoTA is an amazing accomplishment, and a wonderful example of a the versatility of Icefrog, and the W3c engine. But with little to no profit involved, it’s a part time endeavor. I can see that an actual development house being involved in the upkeep and revisioning of the mechanics and game, and adding new content and new heroes, it will allow the “genre” to continue to stay fresh. (i know it’s too small to be really called that; and yeah, I know that an exact gameplay clone in inextricably meshed with it’s progenitor.)

    In reality, DoTA is hardly free either. If you were interested in playing it, you have to at least pick up the Battlechest for War3, and until a few weeks ago that was still going to set you back 40 bucks.

    (though someone told me that a pretty cool RTS came bundled with it)

  37. Waku says:

    Same thing that turned me of from Dota in WC3 is happening again in here. The people are just vile, unhelpful and pretty rude to anyone that hasn’t spent 300 Hours on this Game allready.

    Kick Votes are handed out like kinda. How are you supposed to improve if you are getting kicked after 5 Minutes? :/

  38. Vinraith says:

    I only ever played DotA coop against AI with friends. That was always enjoyable, and nicely avoids the general nastiness of the wider community.

  39. Tei says:

    I have played with myself, in a server with only me. To learn and stuff.

    Well.. is very.. warcraft3-ish, I suppose already everybody know this. Is playable, and has AAA quality. I don’t buy the “sides”. Seems theres a “Necro” side, and a “Nature” side.

    I have not played with humans, but I suppose is doable. With my experience in coop vs coop games where If you feed, you are killing your own team, I suppose I could survive to a DoTa-ish community.

    My problem is that this feel like limited. Every character has like.. humm… 3 or less skills, maybe 2. Or is me?
    Demigod have much more skills and flexibility.

    But having “”played”” this thing, I think I respect Demigod more.

  40. cyrenic says:


    I think it’s not so much the people finding the gameplay appealing as the gameplay itself prompting abuse. In DotA type games, dying helps the enemy team quite a bit, so you’re actually hurting your teammates if you’re new and die a lot.

    It’s not as big of a deal in something like TF2, where if you die you’re just setting yourself back, not buffing the other team a bunch.

    Not that any of that excuses such ridiculous behavior in a video game. I’m just guessing that’s one of the main reasons why the communities for DotA type games tend to be so toxic.

  41. Xocrates says:

    @cyrenic: Quite frankly I think the reason is because DoTa style games is both competitive AND team based. TF2 overall is an exception because the in the regular pub based experience the teams are so large that it’s hard to pin the blame on someone specific.

    On the other hand I stopped playing L4D with unknowns because I was getting vote-kicked within a couple of minutes of joining a game out of ludicriously small mistakes

    I admit that Dota clones can be a bit worse mostly because it’s extremely hard to play well so the skill gap is often very evident.

    @Tei: I think the true advantage of Demigod is that it actually tried to do something with the “genre”, as opposed to LoL and HoN which seem/are essentially comercial Dota versions (hence the huge number of heroes with few skills). On top of which Demigod at least tried to be somewhat noob friendly (not losing money on death helps a lot. That really annoys me on Dota because not only am I getting cumberstoped as I’m also unable to save to buy better equipment)

  42. Butler` says:

    The community does kinda maks Counter-Strike’s seem tame. The fact that it’s in beta doesn’t really help matters as most people in it are DoTA/quite hardcore, but it should open up – especially post retail, withhopefully more room for noobs.

    It’s a product of the highly competitive game design / scoring system.

  43. RyePunk says:

    It is DotA, given a new engine and name changes. That is all. I like it, because it is DotA, but it is not even trying to even differ from it. Its like they wait for Icefrog’s patch notes and then do that.
    LoL at least takes the concept and runs with it for a bit, introducing new features, (like ability power and cooldown buffs so casters core spells do not become useless against late game tanks), and created their own heroes.
    As it stands now HoN is a carbon copy. That they want money for. Its not bad. But you can get the exact same thing, albeit not quite so pretty, by getting Warcraft III, and then you get Warcraft III as well.

  44. Jules says:

    the playerbase are largely a bunch of autists that have learned a routine and repeat it game after game. if you try anything new dummies are spat. this is why new players are ripped to shreds. you’re causing very real distress just by being there. so, be kind and learn to play before you get into anything but a noobs ONLY game.

  45. Anon says:

    There has been an error in your submission!
    Please fix the following issues and re-submit.

    Limit: Invite limit reached. Sorry, only 1 per IP address.

    I guess that’s a disadvantage of using an ISP that shares a few IP addresses among a whole bunch of people.

  46. Xocrates says:

    @Jules: That’s not nearly enough. In every noob game I played people complained if you sucked.

  47. Railick says:

    I remember playing N00bs only games back on Starcraft and WC3 there were always at least some leet players in there slaughting everyone else lol.

  48. jarvoll says:

    As well as a [NOOBS ONLY] tag for games, there should be [DECENT FOLK ONLY, SWEARING JERKS BANLISTED]. The idea for DotA is great, but the community completely ruins it. I’ve been reamed out for being a noob IN A NOOB GAME. I didn’t enjoy being around mindless, testosterone-poisoned 12-year-olds (or 18-year-olds, for that matter) in high school, and that hasn’t changed.

  49. Railick says:

    I’ve always found it odd to be called a n00b when you’re playing a game that is less than 15 days old.

  50. St4ud3 says:

    Ok, I think I played about 7 rounds now. I think I played Dota maybe once or twice, so I’m not really good at this game. I only played in the noob only games and I had quite a good experience. I got some kills some assists and many deaths and ended up with a total K/D ratio of 0.6.
    Even with me playing that badly, nobody ever kicked me and the only people that were commenting on my playstyle at all were some Italian dudes, who said, that I should try not to die that often.

    If you like the concept of the game, but didn’t have a good experience on your first games you should really try the noob only games. The people in there are generally quite undestanding.