Earth’s Write-iest Heroes: RPS Assemble!

Cryptic’s Champions had its fast start over the weekend. Being the biggest MMO launch for a while, we thought it’d be a good idea to form a casual guild, so RPS readers can get together and act like vigilantes, performing harsh street justice against the dregs of society. And in the game, etc, etc. Keep an eye open for ViolentTrevor, the.poisoned.sponge, stevetheblack or The_B in the in-game search and we’ll hook you up. And I’ll add more Guild Officers as I get permission to stick ’em up here. While I’ll be writing some more Champions stuff soon enough, for more organisation and chat, I direct you at the RPS Forum Champions Thread.


  1. The Poisoned Sponge says:

    Beware my schizophrenic tendencies!

  2. Cutman says:

    Is there gonna be a more openy beta before the game releases or something?

  3. Lobotomist says:

    I would not recommend nobody buying this game without at least leveling one character to lvl 10.

    Because Champions Online pulls sort of “Age of Conan” trick – where first 20 levels delivered polished and fun experience while rest of the game was left undeveloped.

    Its shallow console like MMO , 100% solo oriented that will keep people occupied for a month at most , before we see a massive fallout of subscribers like in WAR and AOC

    Again this is mine experience and judgment based on time spent in beta testing.

    If you dont feel like burning 50$

    Demo first (till level 10) or wait one month … to get real picture.

  4. Bobsy says:


    The open beta is over, and the game is officially launched. Those who have preordered get an early headstart.

  5. kai says:

    Does anybody know if there will be a trial or something…?

  6. The_B says:

    I am almost hurt that I wasn’t included in either the photo or the post. :(

    Either way, as (unsurprisingly) The_B I am also happy to help!

  7. Sagan says:

    Obvious choice for heroes:
    link to

  8. Freudian Trip says:

    I’ve always wanted to have a go at one of these superhero MMO’s but I’ve never had anyone to play with. I needs me one of those client download, 15 dollars for the month thingd with this.

  9. Kieron Gillen says:

    The_B: You weren’t online! I wasn’t going to stick you in a post without asking.

    (Composition in the picture didn’t really work that well, so I had to cut it)


  10. Freudian Trip says:

    Is there a way to have a go at the character creator without buying the thing?

  11. Finstern says:

    Yes, yes, I shall join thee!

  12. The Pink Ninja says:

    Hmmmmm, yeah, the talk about Champions hasn’t been hot enough for me to buy it without trying it first. An MMO is an investment.

    I think I’ll just wait for TOR (For which I am no longer looking at any previews or videos for since I want it to be a pleasant surprise).

    And maybe The Secret World if the unveiling at PaX looks nice. The ARGs have been fun but the ARGs aren’t in the game itself.

  13. Vasagi says:

    MR Majestic approves this thread!

  14. Baris says:

    So, if I buy Champions Online right now, when is the soonest I get to play?

  15. Bigfoot_King says:

    i’ll join when i’ll get the game

  16. The_B says:

    Kieron: Hehe, I just got online as you left, ironically. (and no worries – heck one of these days I’ll have a genuine grievance, and everyone will just tell me to fuck off :P)

    But yeah, I saw one of the pictures, and I looked a little creepy superhero with my arm on Warwytch. And lets not mention the wrench incident. Ooerr.

  17. Jimbo says:

    I ordered this on a whim earlier (I rather enjoyed CoH), so I may see you gentlemen in-game.

    For anybody that hasn’t bought it yet, it can be had for cheaps (£17.95) from Zavvi.

  18. Lafinass says:

    Wonder if I’ll ever manage to actually run into you folk, being timezone challenged and all.

    But good lord the game just gobbled up my weekend, it still feels like Friday.

  19. Lobotomist says:

    With all due respect to RPS people. Dont believe the hype – never. Especially not when it comes to MMOs.

    Wait 1 month , than play trial. And only than buy the game.

  20. Lafinass says:

    @Lobotomist – Give it a rest mate. You got your one ranting comment in, move on.

  21. Lobotomist says:

    You are right. No harm intended. Just a fair warning

  22. eyemessiah says:

    I don’t fancy this, but I would like to see screenshots of everyone’s characters.

  23. Kieron Gillen says:

    I think some manner of gallery in a bit is inevitable.


  24. Blast Hardcheese says:

    American and Euro servers are the same, yes?

  25. Jimbo says:

    Everybody can play together.

  26. Tei says:

    It seems D2D customers are trash, so no Head Start for us.

    link to

    Seems for some executives opinions, our money is not as good as others. Oh executives, adding “value” to our society.

  27. MWoody says:

    Lobotomist: I could not disagree more. I almost quit playing after the boring, lackluster first 10 levels or so in open beta. Character creation was an absolute blast, so getting into the game proper and discovering it was a WoW-like quest grind just bored the hell out of me. And the spawns were poorly designed, overcamped, and often buggy, making questing an absolute chore.

    But as I got higher in level (up to 27 now), things got much more interesting. Many of the quests end in “lairs,” which are essentially single-player (unless you want to bring a friend) instances, complete with their own level design and minibosses. It’s exactly what I wanted from MMOs that no one would ever do: focused, instanced quests without the need to LFG unless you WANT to kill stuff with a friend.

    What’s more, there’s a randomly generated quest system that I find really fascinating. If you see civilians cornered by monsters, you can beat their captors and they’ll sometimes tell you of random happenings in the city/zone you’re in. You then have a half hour to stop whatever group it is from doing whatever they’re doing for a little XP boost (and possibly some nice items).

    The Nemesis system (started at level 25) is hilarious, and though that fucker likes to gank me when I’m afk, I can’t really fault an evil mastermind for deciding to strike when my character is just standing around like an idiot. I’ve yet to figure out how the nemesis points system works, though.

    One caveat for any new players: GO TO THE DESERT. The alternative zone, Canada, is stunningly poor by comparison. The quests are less creative and often buggy, the landscape is boring and confusingly put together, etc etc. At later levels Canada gets a bit more interesting – getting teleported to an evil castle run by demons and undead was certainly a suprise – but it still doesn’t beat fighting in a ghost town or hanging out in a robot cowboy bar like in the Desert.

  28. Post Maker says:

    Hearing that Canada is being beaten out by a desert is hilarious. Hearing that it’s buggy, confusing, and boring confuses me into thinking I’m reading about the real Canada, though.

  29. Grey_Ghost says:

    I had a level 40 by the end of closed beta. It’s a fun single player game, and I really enjoyed it. I found the few Team required missions to be a real drag honestly. I won’t be picking it up though, as I just can’t justify the monthly fee for what it is.

  30. Zyrusticae says:

    I just wanted to mention that I think Monster Island and Lemuria have been some of the most fun I’ve ever had in an MMO in recent memory.

    I also want to mention that the game does little to encourage you to team up. But I think it works well enough if you have some buddies to play with, thanks to the reinforcement system an’ all that jazz.

    It doesn’t do much to encourage teaming, but it does accommodate in the event you do. Whether or not they do it well is beyond my experience – I teamed only intermittently in my time in CB, mostly to test the group instances (which are all awesome, btw) and a spot of duoing with a friend – duoing 3-man instances is a real pain in the hiney, heh.

  31. Wulf says:

    @Lobo “Turbintern!” Omist:

    Back at you, I honestly don’t believe that you’ve played past level 10. In open beta I was almost at level 18 even before I went to Millennium City, having romped around Canada and the Desert first. And with my headstart character I’m well on my way there again!

    So I’m calling your bluff, I’m calling you a liar and a cad! The one thing you said that I agree with is that people should play the game for themselves so they too can be irked by how dishonest you’re being. I like how you tossed that in though to try and make your post look more convincing.

    Want to counter me? Give me an example of how the content drops off, just one. And moreover: link your Champion profile, a Champion which is 20+. If you provide a post with both of these then I might be willing to give you the time of day. Though I’d be amazed if you link to a Champion at all though, even a level 5 one would make me raise an eyebrow.

    Good grief, you’re going on about the game and I’ll bet you haven’t even seen the Nemesis content, have you? Of course you haven’t. If you had, you’d realise how ludicrous your entire post is.

    It’s so easy to toss around baseless claims about how MMO x is like MMO y and that MMO x will fail because MMO y has. Anyone can do that.

    The thing is, you could even have mentioned a real problem with the game, such as the AI of the pets being buggy in the latest patch. And you would’ve known about that if you were playing the game (since it’s the talk of the town), as you claim to be.

    So, yes … a nice try, but no dice. You made it painfully obvious to me that you’ve either never even installed the game, or you’ve never made it out of the short, starter tutorial area. I’m betting on the former.

    @Not Lobotomist

    Am I being a bit nasty? Maybe. But he proved himself to be a pathological liar in a recent Champions Online comments thread, and he had one motive in mind: Slam any MMO developer where that slamming benefits Turbine, slander and poppycock too where necessary.

  32. Lobotomist says:

    Well @Wulf

    I admit. I didnt play pass lvl 10. I did however level 5 characters to lvl 10 cause i am what they call “altholic” and enjoyed finding how different power sets work.

    At level 10 i did cut leveling up. And just went exploring. In order to see as much as possible. Just flying around every bit of map and every zone i could.

    And as further i went the quality of textures and level design declined. I found that quite disturbing.

    As for game itself. Its not that bad.

    Its slightly updated version of City of Heroes. That did some things better and other worse.

    I just found it hard to justify being 50$ + subscription game.

    Perhaps Cryptic should have considered alternative financial model ?

  33. ad_hominem says:


    I bought from Direct2Drive, and I’ve been in the early start from the off, and the beta before that. Although from that link it appears I shouldn’t be :S

  34. Stromko says:

    Re: Headstart — You only get in on the headstart if you pre order from Gamestop or Best Buy, or, if you’ve gotten in on closed (NOT just pre-order) beta. My brother foolishly ordered from D2D as well, but since he’d been in closed beta, he’s somehow able to log in to the Headstart.

    Me, I’m going to have to wait until tommorow, a day when I’m going to be busy. Frankly, I’d rather wait a few months before using my serial key so I don’t have to deal with server crashes and newbie zones being packed beyond capacity when this thing ‘officially’ opens.

    I hated Champions the first few days I tried to play it, but since I was already locked into paying 50$ I kept at it. It seemed to me that there wasn’t enough variety in terms of Powers, especially when you’re just started out. Powers were the only way characters were really differentiated in City of Heroes so I figured that was that …

    But when I put more time in, I realized the attributes like Strength, Dexterity, Ego, etcetera were another very real way in which characters were different from one another. One character who was all into Dexterity and Ego would crit like mad, but even when he picked up a defense power it didn’t do much good since he wasn’t high in Endurance or Constitution.

    There’s also the ‘Role’ system where you choose from one of four roles you play at a given time. It starts out in the balanced role, but there’s also a role for tanks, support, and pure damage dealing.

    Since the balanced role was the best thing for soloing (it allowed a Defense self-buff passive slot which you really need to have in order to solo effectively), that’s really the only one I ended up using. The end-of-beta event where robots were all over MC and we had to team up to fight them just wasn’t a focused enough group experience to make the other roles seem attractive. Nobody could really tank since those Super-Destructoids could kill us (probably thanks to our crappy gear) with one good shot, and the constant stream of footsoldiers coming in to assist them made it hard for anyone to run support.

  35. Elyod07 says:


    Ha! i laugh at people who say CO is an update of CoX, you can’t experience a game just by exploring, play the game hit lvl 25 at least, make your nemesis, start doing Dungeons, try the high lvl Open missions, form a group and try kill Grond or Kigatilik then you can say the bad or maybe the good things about CO which is a freeking nice game.

  36. Zyrusticae says:

    “Slightly updated” CoH?

    In a game where you can cherry-pick your powers from all over the place, set their emanation points, and change their colors?

    Not to mention the combat system alone…

    Seriously, “slightly updated”? It’s a very different game, man. Very different.

    Also… judging the game solely on the visuals seems like a scummy thing to do.

    Even more lol-worthy is judging an MMO based on the first 10 levels. Yea, because experiencing 10% of the game’s content (I’m serious – the leveling curve climbs steeply after the first few levels) surely makes you more than qualified to judge the game as a whole.


  37. Lobotomist says:

    I was playing and closely following almost every MMO since 2002. So i know how to gauge this things.
    But people get excited with new released MMOs. I understand you.
    It happens every time. First they praise it like its made of solid gold.Than after mere month (in cases of games like this) the fallout begins. And the same people are then silent, not willing to admit to no one they claimed its the best game ever, just a month ago. Its always the same…

  38. Buceph says:

    I’d be all up for joining in with an RPS thingy, but I can’t get the forum to work in Firefox.

    Also, Direct2Drive is incredibly slow. I’ve been getting about 50Kbps all night on this download, terribad.

  39. Diji says:

    I bought from D2D as well, and played during the head start. I thought that might be because I sprung for the lifetime sub though.

  40. Duke Nasty VI says:

    I’ll probably pick it up when I can afford it. Looks fun

  41. Simes says:

    Gah. So many people saying it’s great, so many saying it’s terrible. Should I get this game or not?

  42. Stromko says:

    I think one would be well served by waiting several months and letting Champions get patched up and redesigne.

    In my experience it’s quite stable, but the power retcon system is currently borked (it costs all wealth that you could possibly accumulate to go back 3 choices) and it’s really easy to make a character that doesn’t scale properly and has to be abandoned.

    It’s just too easy to make a character that’s great at low levels, then 40 hours later you find out they can’t handle 3 henchmen, let alone the supervillains that solo missions throw at you, all because you picked the wrong Power Stats at level 5 and 10-ish and you need the GNP of a small nation to fix it.

    Around level 15 the grind also hits rather hard. There’s tons of quests, this is true, and you have to do every damned one in every zone available if you want to get to level 20. The game should get interesting at higher levels, letting you find new areas, design a nemesis, all that stuff, but it’s stuck behind a week of solid grinding for any character you want to get to level 25, let alone the level cap.

    That said, it’s a really fine game sometimes, and it’s definitely a very evolved game from City of Heroes. It lacks some standards from other recent MMOs (like multi-targeting to allow a specific friend and enemy target, crucial for support classes), and the interface is sluggish, but underneath all the warts they’ve taken some big steps.