Floaty Robot: Little Space Duo Demo

This is the only way to travel.

IndieGames spots an intriguing puzzle game called Little Space Duo. It’s a cutesy puzzle platformer, in which a mistakenly imprisoned Earth child helps a small floaty robot to fix the alien ship that errantly kidnapped her. However, the child-friendly look of the design does not belie the tricksiness within. It’s fairly traditional in its idea: two characters, each with defined abilities, having to work together and independently to escape each level. However, within these walls it’s smart and interesting, and surprisingly tough.

It’s created by someone/some people called Jugilus (their website gives little away), who explain the motivation is to take classic ideas and present them in a modern way.

It seems to work pretty well, if looking slightly too smooth and flat. (Also, the girl, while well animated, looks like one of the creepy no-soul children that would appear on the covers of books my little sister would read – books about having a pet horse, and maybe going on holiday.) The only real criticism I have of what’s on offer in the demo is the waterfall of tutorial pop-ups that attack you incessantly for the first two screens. I might have figured out the yellow switch/yellow door thing for myself.

Have a look at the demo here, before deciding if you want to spend an extremely reasonable £6.84 on the full 40 level game.


  1. Bhazor says:

    Why that was delightful.
    Brought Head over Heels to mind to boot.

  2. Rosti says:

    A curious take on platorming featuring a girl and a robot? Am investigating now.

  3. The Pink Ninja says:

    One half of Royksopp seems to have really been behind the door when hair was handed out…

  4. Villane says:

    The fifth level was quite hard. I wonder how difficult the rest are.

  5. Saul says:

    @John: Surely it does belie?

  6. Alex says:

    Too bad the child isn’t keeping a grip on the robot with a towel.

  7. Ffrank says:

    Is one of ‘classic ideas being presented in a modern way’; Impossible Mission on the Spectrum? Looks like it, and if so, cool!

  8. Joe says:

    @saul yeh I thought that too..

  9. DrazharLn says:

    Damn, my link tag was wrong and the edit system seems broken.

    It still points to the right place, I just forgot a

  10. Vagueism says:

    Love the graphics and that it runs beautifully on my 800 x 400 px Linux netbook!

  11. Shadowcat says:

    link to gamedujour.com has this for US$4 for the next 9 hours or so…