Men Of War: Red Tide Trailer

One of the last bits of video material to turn up from GamesCom is this trailer for Men Of War’s expandalone, Red Tide. This is interesting purely because it’s more Men Of War in the form of twenty-two more missions, but the lashings of new vehicles, sea-based challenges (including six landing assaults) and some unusual combat scenarios mean it’s rather alluring for Men Of War vets. I’ll be particularly keen to see how they handle sea-based fights. The original game was so inventive with the way it brought battlefields to life that I can only assume a similar level of detail will be in evidence here. No release date yet, but we’ve been told that will be confirmed “soon”.


  1. Lack_26 says:

    Ohh, this should be good. If they keeping improving Men of War this could become something spectacular.

  2. Sp4rkR4t says:

    More Men Of War and more beer make michael very happy,
    more men of war and more beer…..

  3. Heliosicle says:

    I must buy this…

  4. destroy.all.monsters says:



    A nice dramatic trailer for what looks like an excellent expandalone. DMS’s expansion should be coming along next year as I understand it. Both of which I will likely buy.

    When I called Aspyr about it they said it would likely ship without DRM.

  5. Dood says:

    Yay, more MoW. I’ve played all the missions several times with friends. Coop is where this game really shines. But now we need more! We even dug out Soldiers – Heroes of World War II and played the shit out of all the missions there.

  6. Owen says:

    /is excited

    Wonderful little game, although my playthrough has been currently put on hold as I bone-crunch my way through the marvelous Trials HD (360) and Wurm Online….which is happily devouring my very soul.

  7. jackflash says:

    Ooh yay! I hope they add the ability to slow time down in co-op mode, some of those battles are a tad hard at full speed. :)

  8. Wooly says:

    HooHOOhhoOHOO. Great trailer!

  9. ChampionHyena says:

    Eight comments? That’s it? Where’s the love?


  10. PleasingFungus says:

    Excellent! Excellent excellent excellent. Loved Men of War, despite its occasional bugginess (tended to crash rather too often in multiplayer); wasn’t sure about the expansion, but this was a very convincing trailer. Will have to keep an eye out!

    (Men of War is the only game for which a subtitle “RED TIDE” wouldn’t be intended to convey a sense of TERRIBLE MENACE. Hooray Soviets!)

  11. Railick says:

    Sea battles in my Men of War!?!! AWESOME!

  12. Gabanski83 says:

    Money on one side especially for this already. Bloody awesome game, MoW.

    Although I’m ruddy stuck on the first of the Allied missions still; plays like a Commandos mission.

  13. The Innocent says:


    I am uber-excited for this one, and I’ve just been waiting for a release date so I can set aside the cash for that month. Day one purchase for me!

  14. The Innocent says:


    Yeah, I think that first Allies mission was the hardest mission for me in the entire game, especially once I actually took the Arsenal…