Spank Rocks: First DeathSpank Screens

If only you could play wisecrack fencing with the monsters. Now that would be something.

1UP only have a bloody exclusive, so we’re going to have to link to them. Curse them and their exclusives and their fashionable haircuts. They’re doing a week of DeathSpank coverage starting with a preview, including the aforementioned screens. Ron Gilbert does an Adventure Game/Action-RPG cross-breed based on an office running joke which just wouldn’t stop. I’m excited by this. More of this kind of thing. And more when we know anything which isn’t based on 1UP’s bloody exclusive. Bloody 1UP.


  1. The Hammer says:

    Oh my. I kinda like that artstyle. It looks like a pop-up book.

    Might as well read the preview as well. SORRY RPS!

  2. Springy says:

    You accidentally cropped out the 1UP watermark on the pic.

  3. skizelo says:

    Yay Ron Gilbert! Booooo 1UP!

  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    This does look ok. I’ll be interested to see it first hand. I don’t trust these 1upians.

  5. GJLARP says:

    “DeathSpank — the character — starts the game at what he thinks is the end of his lifelong quest to find an item known as The Artifact. He’s gotten a clue about where to find it, and seems well on his way to happiness. As with any good adventure game, though, things like this don’t just happen the way they’re supposed to — they happen halfway, or get sidetracked; anything to give the player another thread to chase.”

    Awesome. My type of game. Also the name is fantabulous.

  6. Lobotomist says:

    Oh, oh. Waited for some more info on this game since they announced it year ago (or more)

    But the screenshots really left me disappointed.

    Oh well… :(

  7. WittyFellow says:

    Looks like they got one up on RPS.


  8. Sabre says:

    Please Gilbert, give us a PC release! Don’t abandon us like Schafer did!